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Crowd count for @PeteButtigieg's morning event is 115 people, excluding media.
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Oh my god. The protester has a fake @PeteButtigieg whipping Jesus on a cross. I have no words.

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Homophobes think about gay sex more than gay people think about gay sex which is really f-ing weird.
Imagine being so homophobic you resort to theatre
Everyone knows we Jews killed Christ. Why can鈥檛 we get credit for anything?
you ever notice how media just kind of lets the right wing describe democrats as deviant and weird while they鈥檙e out here doing shit like this
氙 雽靹 於滊鞛 欷 旎る皪鞎勳泝頃 瓴岇澊鞚 頂柬姼 攵韹办歆 歆 鞎烄棎 順鸽韽箘鞎 鞁滌渼鞛愲摛鞚 氇半牑霌れ棃電旊嵃 頂柬姼 攵韹办歆 旖旍姢頃 鞁滌渼鞛愱皜 鞓堨垬 旖旍姢頃 鞁滌渼鞛愲ゼ 毂勳皪歆堩晿電 韻柬彫毹检姢毳 氩岇榾瓿 鞐嫓 順鸽韽箙霌れ潃 霐旊倶鞚挫柤 氤韮滊澕電 韼戈铂毵 臧曧檾霅煒鈥
it鈥檚 like a ben garrison cartoon come to life
Thankful for the crazy Christians that make the crazy Muslims look less crazy
Always nice to see local Fetlife groups at political rallies.
Well, the Jesus crowd showed up to Mayor Pete's campaign event this morning to make their homophobic objections clear. 馃憖
These people think two men in love is perverse, and that this is not.
It feels like the stupids are winning
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.@PeteButtigieg on stage now. Crowd size is a little under 200 right now.
I'm worried this is only the beginning. Christians, please don't distance yourselves from this stuff. It's violent and dangerous. Speak out against it. Talk to people in your circles about the dignity of LGBTQ people.
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Well, Mel Gibson really decided to go low budget with The Passion sequel
This is what happens when the local theater bans you from performing your one-man show entitled: "Is the Friendzone Terrorism?"
Jesus died in the suburbs so we wouldn鈥檛 have to
I don't have an answer on this, but there's a serious conversation to be had among journalists about how to cover blatantly homophobic displays like this (or racist protests at a black candidate's event!) without acting as a megaphone/viral engine for hatred.
Why do homophobic Christians always make being gay look so fucking hot?
Conservative protestors are all failed drama majors.
Homophobes are far more extra than gay people could ever dream of.
Not to kinkshame, but LMAO
Terry is a bit of a clown, but the National Org for Marriage is also bashing Buttigieg. There was an idea, which Trump made use of, that the gay rights battles were over after Obergefell. Trans military fight/Buttigieg candidacy putting the lie to that.
Either Pete himself hired these people or they are the dumbest protesters ... ever. lol
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Another great reply by @Buttigieg - 鈥淭he good news is,鈥 he said, 鈥渢he condition of my soul is in the hands of God but the Iowa Caucuses are up to you.鈥
It's really hard to get together when you're adults. Everyone has so much on their plate...
It has to be said that hardcore religious people are VERY good at making time and organising things.
鈥淓very vote is a lash on the back of Christ!鈥 This is like so many terrible church and kids鈥/youth mission trip dramas. Peak #HowToEvangelical

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
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Lol it鈥檚 like cheap community theater!
For those who think anti-gay bigotry ended with the SCOTUS marriage decision.鈥
Not a Gucci belt in sight
why are they trying to make me like this guy
I'm the son of rage and love, the jesus of suburbia
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This is a great opportunity for someone to get a loud speaker and play @rihanna's "S&M" back at them.
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This the worst production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" I've ever seen!! 馃槀馃挋馃彸锔忊嶐煂堭焽吼焽
You people need to get a fucking life.
鈥淚s He Gay Enough鈥
Are the Christian straights OK?
I'm curious...what were these adult losers up to when Buttigieg was serving his country in the Armed Forces?
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Pete shouldn't worry but the protestors should: they could be sued for intellectual property theft of a Monty Python skit.
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These guys do a fine job of discrediting fundamentalist Christianity.
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What in the world is the "Freedom Caucus" doing in Iowa.
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Is that supposed to be the devil or a pro wrestling manager?
I can't help but think this is just an excuse to practice their BDSM fetishes in public. 馃し
I鈥檝e had dates like that.
I鈥檝e paid to see something like this, except a whole lot nakeder and oilier.
This is somebody鈥檚 extremely specific fetish
I nominate Jesus for Equity Deputy.
The Republican Party is clearly dominated by reasonable people who we can work with.
To utilize Jesus' crucifixion as a vehicle for hate and persecution fundamentally betrays the paschal message:

Jesus was executed because he stood against unjust power on behalf of oppressed people. This grotesque display deploys homophobic violence to infllict more pain.
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We too need gay presidential candidates, so we can have some right-wing Christian theatre
> This is why an openly gay man running for president is so groundbreaking. A not insignificant chunk of Americans believe gay people to be tools of the devil. The question of "gay enough" obscures the larger point: that being openly gay is *radical* in some areas of the country.
This is profane and, in our opinion, violates the Third Commandment.
It's weird how often right-wing bullshit seems like a repressed sexual fetish gone wrong.
Jesus is my virtue, but Mayor Pete is the demon I cling to
In reply to @TylerHuckabee
Every time I think American fundamentalist idiocy has for sure hit rock bottom, it screws on a new drill bit and tunnels down a few more feet with terrifying abandon like Ben Affleck in Armageddon.
Girl. So much to unpack here
Look, I don't like to kinkshame, but maybe keep your freaky Jesus fetishes in the bedroom.
Why can鈥檛 dems ever actually be as cool as their haters portray them
This is a sex thing isn鈥檛 it
Is there a variation of horseshoe theory where sufficiently radical religious rage becomes indistinguishable from BDSM
I have new fetish.
In reply to @marcusdipaola
If you photoshop that "Mayor Pete" cardboard sign out, it's just a friendly insurance salesman going off.
Every. Single. Democratic. Candidate should be calling this out. This is about hate. It鈥檚 more than about a candidate.

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Now now, let's not kinkshame these fine gentlemen.
Narrator voice: the cishets were in fact, not okay.
Really hope this in-kind donation is appropriately reported to the FEC
So, so weird. Can you imagine...

Can you imagine the torrent of bizarre displays of homophobia (like this) that will be unleashed on this country if @PeteButtigieg gets the nomination?

It will be horribly sad.
Oh my god @tapley_kate just called this 鈥淢ormon BDSM鈥 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
[NPR news host:]

"That was the latest in our 'Keeping It Civil' series on how Americans can reach across the aisle without letting things turn ugly."

"And now, let's go to Iowa, where 鈥"
This is literally a scene from Glen or Glenda.
Just. Wow. I have no words either.
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I'm no authority on Christian belief, but this performance seems sacrilegious? Even the devil costume lacks reverence.
now taking you live to Satan in Pawnee, Indiana
The way to handle these clowns is to point and laugh.
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the kind of political spectacle i've been waiting for.
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Let me guess. Same people that worship Trump though? 馃檮
LGBTQ people have reason to beam at the fact that, less than 4 years after nationwide marriage equality & 8 yrs after the end of DADT, a married gay veteran is a serious candidate for president.

But also are nauseating thoughts of the naked bigotry to come鈥攆or some, from family.
anti-buttigieg people: wow i hate this guy

also anti-buttigieg people: i鈥檓 gonna help give him more coverage hold my whip
It's like they're roleplaying a Ben Garrison cartoon. They even have the labels.
One of the many reasons why Mayor Pete鈥檚 candidacy matters. 馃彸锔忊嶐煂堭焽吼焽
This feels like a false flag. Who cares this much about Mayor Pete
This is not Christianity

This is hate
Homophobes are dramatic and flamboyant as hell
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