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#AmericaFirst@MrsT106: In Nevada, we are getting ready to vote on whether the state should become a sanctuary state or not. We have MS-13 full blown & alive in southern Nevada. An illegal immigrant recently killed 4 innocent people. This has to stop. # MAGA #Dobbs

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Tell me again how a State and/or City can deliberately avoid/ignore Federal Immigration Laws.???
> @TheJusticeDept ??
> @realDonaldTrump ??
> @HouseGOP
> @SenateGOP
Taxpayers should have the ability to opt out of paying taxes to cities & states that promote the protection of criminals. The harboring of felons is a crime, it is also a crime for elected officials, being elected to office does not place one above the rule of law.
I live in Nevada, we already have a big illegal problem here. It plagues our schools to the point where we are last or next to last in the country. Not long ago, CCSD proudly proclaimed that our schools sanctuary schools. Its estimated that 20% of our students are illegals. 😔
If you ask me, Dems abet terrorism and crime in America with their rigid refusal to get stringent immigration laws! They’re abetting murders of Americans killed by illegals & MS13.😖😡 @POTUS Tell me that’s not a crime? @TheJusticeDept
Hopefully we can have a greater focus on this once our borders are secured 💪
I live in Nevada. You cannot keep up with the crazy crap these lawmakers are pushing. 150% pay raise, killing coyotes is = to killing people, mileage tax,removing Judges by elected officials, sanctuary state. Every day it’s a new BS bill to merge California into Nevada. So sad
And we still know nothing about the Vegas massacre.
I sure hope NV will not fall to the Sanctuary city...it will not be good.
Nevada used to be a Red state until all the idiots from Commiefornia flooded in
Nevadans, your safety is at risk. With the already high crime rate, our Congress is trying to make us a Sanctuary State. Take a minute to tweet them to tell them how you feel. No matter your politics, this will negatively affect all residents.
You are one crazy old man.
When you vote, remember the KIND of #Immigration we're getting today...and try not to be politically correct when considering it: commonsenseussa.buzzsprout.com/230506/873581-…
If Nevada goes sanctuary state, there is no reason for any Conservative, Republican or smart Democrat? to ever visit Las Vegas or Nevada, period
Arizona v United States (11-182, June 25, 2012) Opinion by Justice Kennedy “The National Government has significant power to regulate immigration. THE STATE MAY NOT PURSUE POLICIES THAT UNDERMINE FEDERAL LAW.”
Shocking that these states have been taken over by the radical democrat socialists. They will destroy this state just as California was destroyed.
#MAGA #KAG Agreed ... I live in Las Vegas and you see it everyday ... Your right it has to stop ... Make America Safe Again ...
Florida said no more 🙏🇺🇸😁
Mrs. T is right! This has to Stop! It has to Stop at the Southern Border where MS-13 Gang Members are coming in! Well, the people of Nevada put Dems in office, so I guess they have to suffer the consequences for their decision not to vote forConservatives who will support @POTUS!
Better vote the right way Nevada.
Right....!...and Nevada is much closer than Venezuela....
What is wrong with these politicians who think taking illegal aliens in by the thousands is a good idea! Are there not enough homeless that Nevada can’t help? How many more of our legal citizens do we have to bury because our government puts illegals before legal citizens?
What cartoon propaganda. Dobbs is so obvious.
You look unwell. Check CMP, CBC, T-SHIRT, PCR, CT, US, IGs, HIV, yadayadayada
Who is Congresswoman @IlhanMN representing? The people of the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota, who elected her to office. Why do you hate free and fair elections as well as our US Constitution?
Report: Dallas TX Tools stolen from truck home invasion's / squatters cleaning out property of second homes. DALLAS becoming third world.
They should vote yes, it will be a shorter distance for the illegal aliens to travel from the border instead of WA, OR, or CA. Much less than Chicago and NYC.
Nevada be smart vote NO on being a sanctuary city..
Nevada people need to restore sanity to their state. Vote out these crazy liberal Democrats who are only interested in getting a new voting block of illegals.
Don't do it Nevada. I don't want to see Nevada become Calif junior. Please vote it down
Yes, it has to 🛑
Well if your state votes for sanctuary status. We are all going to beg the @POTUS to send all of our illegals aliens there. Enjoy.
the SHUT the border NOW
Nothing but idiots and gullibles believe anything pathological liar @realDonaldTrump says. Sad!
To have a vote to be a sanctuary City or not you are all a bunch of fools! You deserve all what you get and I hope hundreds of thousands of illegals pour into your state it's already trashed anyway
I will never go there again
And Trump is letting more in every day. Trump refuses to even try any of the suggestions Kobach and Homan gave. He even gave Nielsens job to the architect of catch and release. Trump is open borders.
Immigrants built this country
hey, you twit. Ilhan Omar represents american citizens. which happens to scare the fuck out of you old racist and the entire GOP
So much for “no more tests” North Korea just did another test. The President is a moron who is allowing our enemies like NK, China, and Russia gain irreversible advantages on us while you sit there scared to call out his inaction. Traitor. twitter.com/washingtonpost…
It look like m-13 is running the state.
I lucked out on this one, again!
Why would that even be a thought?!
But for the Dems it still not a crisis on the border. There are not enough dead ppl at the hands of an illegal criminals. Unbelievable.
Vote open carry at the same time so. People can defend themselves. The criminal must fear his victim.
Has anyone born American ever murdered 4 people? Racist.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas send them all to Vegas!
And how many people have your white supremacists friends killed - oh don’t want to talk about that?
Beware America! Democrats, Muslims and Socialists are Hellbent to destroy America! If you trust Muslims then you must trust MS-13 toot! Perhaps it is time to announce “Enough is Enough” to the Muslims who pretend they love America while spewing their Hatred for America!l pic.twitter.com/JHTaQYFJl7
did you do any research on the racial diversity of Nevada ? Because your argument doesn’t hold weight to the numbers - honestly listening to an old white men shame immigrants and people of color is a telling sign that you need to retire
Thirty days before the election in 2020, close the borders. We need to identify every voting district that might have illegals voting and the day before and on Election Day, stage big ICE vehicles in front to deter the illegals from going inside and voting.
Nevada has been infected with the the socialism virus 🦠
If Nevada votes yes. How about we send you all the illegal immigrants.
Yes it does, the committees that get the petitions signed are usually not local, they hire people to stand in front of malls asking anyone to sign, and they sign to get on their way. Then in statehouses where the Dems rule, they pass it. It’s a sham everyone pays for.$ for Dems.
Vote no Nevada. Don't become a sanctuary city.
Do you really want your state to become a city that takes illegals and puts them first over your own citizens? m.facebook.com/story.php?stor…
There’s no decision. Sanctuary is bs.
LOL do you know how crazy you look to the majority
When do we stop it? We can’t sit back and watch anymore. #BeforeItsTooLate
All twitter followers, just click like if you agree. The power is in the purse. The hate Dobbs spread against Brown/Black has 2 stopped. You advertisers know t/truth & still run ads on Dobbs show/Fox Network. I suggest that everyone stop buying your products/using your services.
Sanctuary policies and programs undermine our nation’s sovereignty, security and safety; therefore, they are treasonous and those supporting such should be charged as traitors . . .
What's wrong with Americans. they vote to Bring crime in. just about Ever one has Family and Friends and Gang Members will kill murder And rape. Cut the throats of infants i just don't Understand it.
Nevada has always been a sanctuary State in fact, but no in law, that is how Harry Reid got elected to the US Senate, and why Democrats are "elected" in the State. Nevada does not care who votes.
How this is even a vote is amazing. What moron would vote for that.
Quick , get some people with brains to vote.
Nevada better wise up!
So stop it. Immediate Deportation. No trial. No processing. No separations. Etc.

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