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I love when the president takes a break from just being racist to remind us he’s also dumb as shit
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Jared's getting really good at Microsoft Paint.
Replace “president” with “my drunk uncle at thanksgiving” and now we know why we no longer invite uncle randy to holidays anymore
Just think. In 50 years if we're no totally obliterated by climate change, children may get to see this image in their history books. Amazing.
Whoever's in charge of his optics is not good at the job.
Thank you for taking screenshots and not retweeting!!!
LMFAO “For the haters” like our president is some over privileged frat boy😂😂😂😂😂😂
"Radical left". I'd like to think it's the 90s meaning of "radical" 🤟
also let it be known that I identify as both a hater and a radical left democrat
Wild to think this will be in children's books in the near future if we don't fkn die from climate change.
A smart politician would show word clouds that make clear how corrosive and negative his words usually are. So much he does is so constant+overblown that normal looks boring and nice gets ignored and decent isn’t heard under the noise of constant verbal abuse
Weird to think that Donald Trump tweeting a game of thrones meme to signify the end of a treason investigation will be part of the United States presidential archives.
Trump is going to end the left and his haters with freshly sharpened minecraft diamond sword
2 obvious clues trump never saw even a briefing on G.O.T.: 1) he wouldn't keep memeing it if he knew how the wall collapsed as if trump had built it. 2) trump's head would explode like in the movie Scanners if he heard the phrase "always pays his debts."
And let's be honest here. I simply can't believe he even knows what this means, because there's simply no way he has the mental capacity to follow Game of Thrones. pic.twitter.com/ZMt1Cs5Buu
but he's doing a great job with the country! the best! pic.twitter.com/uhDsRhS3v0
“For the haters” this fool
His night is dark and full of terrors.
While all his closest advisors are indicted, jailed, etc.
I’m old enough to remember when “radical left” meant moderate.
I feel like this will be looked back upon as his "George W. Bush Mission Accomplished Banner" moment. Or like when, 45 minutes into the first Lord of the Rings movie, Frodo says "I am ready to go home."
That's why he can't look anyone in the eye anymore...
What a complete and utter fucking imbecile.
god this presidency is such a joke
he still will do nothing work related and just golf, he's so useless,
I wish we would just see the back of him.
2 things:
1. Who is the Bad Taste Machine designing these clearly copyright-infringing, dopey posters.
2. I you saw this and thought or shared some variant of "That's pretty badass," you are the definition of a tool. Please report yourself to the nearest Ed Hardy factory store.
this why i dont watch GOT
Trumps a racist bc MSNBC told me he likely is. Orange man bad. All the sudden your POTUS is a racist? Was he a racist when he won an NAACP award? Turn off your fucking TV, open your fucking mind, Jess. You’re (probably) better than this.
Mr Trump has never played video games. Therefore he does not know what he is talking about.
Trump pushes the envelope. Now that he thinks he's safe, he's going to go wild. Kind of feels like OJ after the acquittal.
You libtards are the reason why Trump won.
I had the funny thought today that we elected King Joffrey as President.
What about us semi-radical left Democrats? It's the game still over? Centrist Democrats? Can we still impeach Agent Orange?
yes, "radical left Democrats" is hilarious
I love how “Game Over” would also be appropriate if he WAS charged with collusion and obstruction
Even the worst GOT characters have more honor and values then you will ever have. But Joffrey is almost as horrible as you, Almost.
With all the "corrupt as shit", "cruel as shit" and "racist as shit" stuff he does, we can't forget to laugh as the "dumb as shit" shit.
i’m heartened by the fact that Joffrey was taken out halfway through the saga
He is so, so, fucking stupid. Doesn't understand this whole time he should've AT LEAST given the appearance of an independent justice department.
Could you imagine being the person in charge of making this awful graphic? Lmao
1. I really wish Tribbles would t appropriate nerd culture for his “brand.”
2. The ironic part is that the actual Game of Thrones is fucking pointless because they’re facing a severely more deadly threat in the form of a devastating climate war.
I blocked as much Trump as I could, but every know and then something is so fucking stupid that it breaks all barriers and gets through... the fucking President of the United States of America right here... Jesus wept 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
as vezes me conforta saber que não é só o meu pais que elegeu uma merda dessas
Decades from now, after the dust of ww3 settles and technology has been reduced to sticks and fire. Someone finds this image in the rubble and says, "Hey! The president had a mixtape."
Like is he even working ever? You can’t make this stuff up 🤦🏽‍♀️
I just had to re-tweet this one. Blunt and hard core bit true. Even his supporters know it but would never admit they elected a demon.
Believing that the Mueller Report was going to do something for literally 700 days in a row is what the smart people do?
Ah yes. When all else fails, just call him racist. Good play clown.
That will not age well for Trump...
It’s unbelievable, incredible.
He’s so dumb. It’s quite impressive
So talented. Can do both at same time.
see you're tweeting and the rest of us are reading. @realDonaldTrump
Can't even face the truth. He has his back turned to everyone. Yup. Sounds like him.
And your definition of dumb is?
Wasn't he threatened with legal action over his GoT graphics?
What this image tells me is tha even @realDonaldTrump can't stand to look at himself.
Did he post this today? LOLWUT?
I love it when ignorant liberal “journalists” write things they want to be true, but have no actual evidence to back up their claims. Poor journalism.
I thought he was told not to use the Thrones lettering.
I’m pretty sure he’s multitasking
Dumb as shit is his go to.
I mean I'm 20 pages in the the report, I'll let you know.
He probably believes dragons once existed too.
is ironic, but never on purpose. He loves Game of Thrones, and is also a big "wall" proponent who denies that "winter" is coming.
Maybe it’s game over for you and your cohorts.
But he’s still your president
Cersei Lannister sipping wine as the white walkers breach the wall
Are we 100% sure no one got to Mueller!?!?
When I see this, all I hear is Bill Paxton from Aliens “Game over man! Game over!”
It's like he cant be happy just being king dick head of one thing. Noooooo he has to be the asshole supreme of every bad quality.
The @TheDweck has some hurt feelings bc the collusion she was promised for 2 years was nonexistent.
He’s a billionaire and most power man in the world and you’re poor. Whose be dummy? Dummy
I'm wondering what character he thinks he is... guess it doesn't matter. Whoever he says he thinks he is today won't be the same one he claims he always thought he was when the series is over.
.@realdonaldtrump haters, left dems.....oh and don't forget the Republicans that don't want a cheating. lying, racist, immature, classless, and total dick as President
Do we really need reminding?
???? Really? Hahahahaha you are a sad example of those that cry when they don’t get there way.
The phrase 'radical left democrats' is literally a shit post in itself
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