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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told investigators she lied to the press after Comey firing

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The White House Press Secretary admits under oath that she lied to the press.
Every question at the next White House briefing should be a request for Sanders to explain and apologize for lying. Repeat the question until she says sorry or walks out.
"Sarah Sanders acknowledged that her comments were not founded on anything" should be on her tombstone.
Sarah Slanders came by her nickname organically.
She should resign immediately after this.
I, for one, am shocked that Sarah Sanders is a liar.
Because @PressSec lied to the Press Corps and therefore, the American People, Auntie is calling on all members of the press to boycott any further press briefings at the White House.
Useful context for whenever Sarah Sanders says... well, anything
White House Press Corps,

Ask Sarah Sanders about this outrageous lie she admitting telling you, so you could mislead and misinform the American public.

Read back her words to her if she doesn't recall.

Hold her accountable publicly.

Pretty fucking wild that we're paying @SarahHuckabee a six-figure salary to knowingly lie to us.

She should be forced to resign for this alone.
White House Press Secretary admitted under oath that she lied to the press.
With Sarah Sanders admitting she lied to the press and public...making up a specific story out of whole cloth... how can any reporter give her future statements any credence whatever
I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e all shocked.
she was wearing a particularly smoky eye that day
If Sanders ever decides to have another press briefing, someone ought to ask her about this.
Sarah Sanders lies?
White House Correspondents Association should call on Sanders to resign.
Bring back the press briefings so Sanders can make up shit again
Sarah Sanders admitted to Mueller that she鈥檚 a liar. @PressSec
Remember when the DC press got so mad at Michelle Wolf when she called Sarah Sanders a liar to her face
Okay, here's @PressSec *admitting, under oath* that she makes up bullshit lies during press conferences. Will this change the way journalists report on what she says?
Sarah @PressSec Sanders: "I hope people remember me for being transparent and honest."

Also Sarah Sanders:
Today is the day @PressSec Sarah Sanders must resign. Repeatedly lying to the press and the American people to protect Trump is reprehensible and repugnant.

Let it sink in. The White House Press Secretary intentionally LIED from the podium.

"Sanders acknowledged that her comments were not founded on anything."

Lying to the public is the main strategy of this Administration.The American people deserve better. #MuellerReport
鈥淚 actually really like Sarah. I think she鈥檚 very resourceful. Like she burns facts, and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. Like maybe she鈥檚 born with it, maybe it鈥檚 lies. It鈥檚 probably lies.鈥

-Michelle Wolf, White House Correspondents Dinner, 2018
...鈥漮nly the best people!鈥
That鈥檚 why the Red Hen denied her entry into their establishment
not very christian of you @PressSec
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Shocker Sanders lied! 馃檮
From the report: "Sanders acknowledged to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything." That's why you send the interns. pressthink.org/2017/01/send-t鈥 That's why you don't defend her integrity when a comedian, speaking more bluntly than you can, delivers a cold truth.
This one feels good to see in writing.
So many lies.
So much smugness.
So much rudeness.
So much (what we knew to be fake) righteous indignation.
#MuellerReport #TrumpColluded
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
鈥淚s this statement also founded on nothing鈥 should be included in every response to any words Sanders ever speaks again.
Her comments were not founded on anything. Like every single comment that ever comes out of her mouth.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Actually she did hear from countless FBI agents. They couldn't be counted if they didn't exist.
She can keep her job, but I don't see how she does another briefing.

"Sorry for lying to y'all."
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Sarah Sanders is the very definition of fake news.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
No Easter Basket for Sarah.
In any other parallel universe, she'd have to quit right now, but who are we kidding?
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Just curious, but is anyone going to ask her about that?
鈥淚 think she鈥檚 very resourceful. But she burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. Like, maybe she鈥檚 born with it, maybe it鈥檚 lies. It鈥檚 probably lies.鈥
Lesser Clampett Admits, 'I A-Fibbed, I Reckon'
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In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Taxpayer funded public servant lies. Nice.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Put her under oath and her story changes. Color me shocked!
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
That's the least surprising revelation in the entire report ...
Mueller report also includes an excerpt from an interview with the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, where she admits she lied to the press when she made up accounts of FBI agents saying they wanted Comey fired.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Future required boilerplate for any of her quotes, "Sanders, who has admitted lying to investigators in the past, did not indicate whether she was lying now also."
鈥淪anders acknowledged to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything鈥 鈥 should be engraved on her WH podium
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
None of her comments/responses are ever "founded on anything".
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
But please continue to write stories about how no one should be allowed to be rude to her at restaurants.
Someone, bring me some garment to rend
Sarah Sanders needs to step down.
I know I've said this before, but it really is striking that a member of a family that can't stop slapping you in the face with their religion sure seems comfortable af bearing false witness against her neighbor.
So @PressSec is a liar. We all knew that already. At least she admitted it
Den aller minst overraskende delen av Mueller-rapporten: Det hvite hus鈥 pressetalskvinne er en l酶gner
So many people should resign immediately. @PressSec first.
Holy shit, why are we still paying Sarah Sanders with taxpayers鈥 dollars? 馃檮
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
"But the evidence does not support those claims." Pretty well sums up this entire presidency.
Cast the White House press office into the sea
The WH press corps must really be taking this hard, knowing that Sarah would knowingly lie to them.
I asked Sarah that question on May 10, 2017.
This is could be grounds to never grant her background status again.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Anyone who criticized Michelle Wolf for her jokes should never be taken seriously as a journalist or thinker ever again.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
This is the least surprising thing I've read so far
America's collective jaw drops at learning Sarah Sanders is a liar.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
OMG!! Now I'm sure the Trump base will abandon him, after demanding Sarah depart! Insert sarcasm font size 62
But smokey eye joke, though, so everyone apologize to her.
I am shocked. Shocked!
So Smokey eye literally confessed to the FBI she lied in a press conference
And still had the guts to walk out each time after that with a nasty sneer and chip on her shoulder

She is reallly an awful excuse for a human being.
Confirmation that this cock-eyed bitch has been lying to us all along.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
鈥淗er comments were not founded on anything鈥 would be a good epitaph for Sanders.
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
There鈥檚 something in the Bible about that, right @PressSec? pic.twitter.com/YajuFmL2Wn
this was an attempt to dismiss comments from Andrew McCabe, claiming she had an equal sense of the FBI, and they would鈥 have to agree to disagree."
it's gonna be great when Sarah Sanders leaves the administration for a cushy job at a lobbying firm or whatever, and gets invited to speak at political science and journalism schools
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
Sarah Sanders lied!!?! .. Next headline should be "water is wet"
This is proof that @PressSec is a hypocritical liar. I'm sure leaders of the religious right will call out her sin & hold her accountable for her non-Christian behavior.

HAHA! Just kidding! Lying, cheating, and adultery are A-OK with the #MAGAts as long as they can own the libs!
and white house reporters will still show up and lap up everything she says without caveat
In reply to @DoreyScheimer
She must have been low on "smoky eye" that day.
It is worth remembering always that the administration simply fabricates things if the truth is even remotely inconvenient. They cannot be trusted on anything.
Sarah Sanders should resign immediately.

In reply to @DoreyScheimer
That's so strange that @presssec would lie like that. That is so unlike her. 炉\_(銉)_/炉
WH Press Conferences gonna be awkward. First question at the next presser should be: "Since you're an admitted liar, why should the American people believe anything you say?"
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