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Deeply sad about Notre Dame, but shocked at the hypocrisy of humanity.

We destroy over 150 acres of rainforest every minute and do not give it a second thought, yet fall into mourning at the loss of a building.

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In reply to @BellaLack
And let鈥檚 not forget about the ocean acidification, the loss of coral reefs, the draining of peat bogs, melting ice caps etc.
In reply to @BellaLack
I find it incredible that the money to restore it was there almost instantly yet suffering and poverty in the world goes on. About time we got our priorities right !
In reply to @BellaLack
The irony: they need to cut down 1,300 large oak trees to rebuild the Notre Dame roof in original state, they just don't know where to find these.
Watch the poor animal under such stress and tell me Bella doesn鈥檛 make a salient point. It鈥檚 all just incredibly sad, of course. Interesting viewpoint, is all.
In reply to @BellaLack
馃挴 This tweet will be judged. And I will defend it to the end.
In reply to @BellaLack
You can care about both. And it's not "just a building" 鈥 therein lies the problem
In reply to @BellaLack
Could not agree more. It鈥檚 a shame about Notre Dame but it is bricks and mortar, no lives were lost and it can & will be rebuilt. Whereas time is ticking for the environment and wildlife - what a shame history is more odds priority than the future
#鐠板鐮村 銇汉闁撱伄銇涖亜
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What a profound comment, simply put but so true, something I wish I said
In reply to @BellaLack
Oui Mademoiselle ! Au jardin des Plantes de Paris, 脿 800 m猫tres de Notre-Dame, un petit singe rescap茅 d'Amazonie l猫ve les yeux au ciel, nous regarde, juge les Hypocrites. Il a mal. pic.twitter.com/Q6xpBSjnfx


In reply to @BellaLack
Just think what a billion dollars would do to save the rainforests from destruction
Every day some of us see our place of worship destroyed. We see lives damaged. We watch in horror as the few make profit from the destruction of the sacred. On a global scale.
Bella has something here. Something to ponder. Something to change.
In reply to @BellaLack
I really am hoping your generation becomes the first one to make hypocrisy unacceptable. I know my generation and all previous ones have failed, and maybe my generation is the peak of it. Keep it up!馃憦馃憦
In reply to @BellaLack
I just watched planet earth on Netflix and was so astonished with the simple solutions that were available to turn things around with our habitat and climate but how few 1st world nations are doing anything to combat it.
In reply to @BellaLack
Yes rain forest are the l lungs of the earth and its destruction impacts heavily on weather and climate.
I鈥檝e said it before and I鈥檒l say it again - PLEASE reconsider buying palm oil. If my 6 year old step daughter can suggest making our own chocolate covered pretzels vs buying premade to avoid it I鈥檓 sure you can manage too.
people take this shit for granted man. Nature is 10x more beautiful than any building or sculpture made and this shit can鈥檛 ever be recreated
On the heels of some nasty local news about some newly planned clearcut of old-growth forest here in BC (only 2 hours drive from my parents home), this feels especially pertinent.
In reply to @BellaLack
I had similar thoughts although I鈥檓 a Parisian and love Notre Dame and am really sad about what happened. Mane-made things are rated so highly.
In reply to @BellaLack
Climate change, clean water, affordable healthcare, mental illness, poverty & homelessness are all FAR more worthy of financial help or a few billionaires to help alleviate, if not eliminate, these ongoing issues. The rush to rebuild Notre Dame seems petty doesn't it?
Whole species dying off completely, deforestation, ocean acidification and dying reefs. So many problems with our earth were causing but 340 mil gets raised for a building and the real problems remain. Yes culture is important but without a world we or culture don鈥檛 exist馃し馃徏鈥嶁檪锔
In reply to @BellaLack
I'll be completely honest and say it pisses me off big time. To put a building before our planet and it's animals is nothing short of criminal. Absolutely sickening
In reply to @BellaLack
Freakin horrible! Can we stop destroying this earth and all its beautiful creatures good lord greedy world leaders can you open your eyes and hearts !when will we stop this?Once again we only have one damn planet 馃寧 we have to save it馃が馃が馃様馃槶馃檹馃挃 GREED KILLS EVERYTHING
In reply to @BellaLack
I mourn for both; the one does not exclude the other. I am also an organist and to me the preservation of the magnificent instrument in the Notre Dame, the fact that it remained standing is a reason for celebration. I am also an animal activist.
In reply to @BellaLack
It feel very sorry for Notre Dame it鈥檚 a historical treasure. But the pouring of millions is unseen when it comes to the thousands that are dying of hunger around the world
In reply to @BellaLack
And $1 billion to reconstruct by billionaires who will not pay taxes on donations. .what kind of world has been built?
Fuck that church. This is a real issue.
we got a whole ass planet given to us & what do we do? destroy it.
humans have all this mental capability yet we are THE stupidest fucking species to walk the earth
This is spot on! When we care more about history than about the future, our future is doomed
Bigger things to worry about than some shitey old building
In reply to @BellaLack
That is down to mass media and what they choose to expose us to.
We've lost a true sense of what is sacred. Indigenous people hold water, air & earth as sacred & all creatures as our relations. We:ve commodified it all & think we live outside of Earth's ecosystems. Nothing we have wrought is more beautiful & useful than what we find in nature.
Let's all cry about a stone building while the Earth dies.
#extinctionrebellion #notredame #vegan
If the Notre Dame fire has show me anything about the human condition, it is this....
Sad that more rainforest will need to be cut down to rebuild its roof, no doubt. What a fucked up world we live. Makes me ashamed to be human. 馃槩
In reply to @BellaLack
Exactly let鈥檚 throw money at fixing something to worship someone that doesn鈥檛 exist and ignore the things we can actually see happening around us! Religitard logic that is!
As a whole human race we need to get our priorities straight. Without rain forests, the ice caps, or the oceans, we will not survive, and without the animals Earth as know it will not be here. Everyone needs to wake up and we all need to start taking action towards greater change
Most deforestation happens to clear land for cattle so y鈥檃ll can eat meat, a great step to help stop this is to STOP EATING MEAT!!! Whether just one day a week or going completely vegan- it will help our earth!!!! (Not to mention the amt of pollution the animal industry produces)
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This Video made me cry 馃槪

Orang utan fighting against destroying of its habitat.
i, more than others, care about our environment since it embodies my career

but notre dame, not only being an architectural wonder, is a place of worship, & a historical monument for the french, you are doing NOTHING by comparing the two
In reply to @BellaLack
A building that probably cost the lives on many of it constructors.

Please stop and check the ingredients on your food. People are hurting innocent creature just for their sake and luxuries. @recycle_now @flossiebeachcl1 @StepAgainstCC @GretaThunberg @TheIndGroup @350 @euyouth4climate @edinstrike @fff_europe @pullthebrakes @campaigncc
Notre Dame stood for 800 years, yet we cut down forests and ecosystems that have been held in a balance for millions..
In reply to @BellaLack
Something we all need to think about.
we do need to love and mourn our natural world like we do european historic monuments. most of the canadian rainforest is gone. the great barrier reef bleached. they are ancient and beautiful too. and lots of lives and whole species are lost forever in these destructions.
Who the fuck is this "we"?
In reply to @BellaLack
Although I am sad over what happened at Notre Dame, I never hear anyone speak up about the rainforests as much as I have heard as a kid. Oceans, yes, as well as pollution. It鈥檚 like people don鈥檛 care anymore.
In reply to @BellaLack
Agree with all you say, the amount of money pledged to re-build notre dame, would be better spent on sorting our planet out 馃憤馃槧馃槧
Man fuck Notre Dame, that has nothing to do with the survival of mankind and our future, save the wildlife and nature
So many problems in our world..
In reply to @BellaLack
People raised 300+ mill for a tourist attraction but wont even look af deforestation. This is sad 馃槥
Say it a little louder for those in the back 馃棧馃棧
I鈥檓 writing a paper on Palm Oil and you wouldn鈥檛 believe how incredibly greedy we are. We are driving elephants, orangutans, and tigers straight into extinction. There are LESS THAN 400 tigers left! Me vale madre k digan, BUT FUCK NORTE DAME, MAN.
It's sad that we lost a beautiful building, but let's wake up and realize we're going to lose EVERYTHING if we don't pay attention.
Lets mourn the cathedrals of the Earth.
Que triste!
Nos estamos cargando el planeta 馃寧...
We deliberately burn down the forests that keep us alive and don't replace them, but when a Cathedral accidently burns down the money pours in to rebuild it, how strange humans are.
LOUDER 馃憦馃徏 FOR 馃憦馃徏 THOSE 馃憦馃徏 WITH 馃憦馃徏 HEADS 馃憦馃徏 IN 馃憦馃徏 SAND.
this is wha the fuck i鈥檓 talking about. it鈥檚 a joke we pick and choose what we want to save. a huge fucking joke.
Fuck notre dame, nothing but history. Our environment is our future. Yall niggas killin off animals by destroying habitats n shit like that. This our earth we gotta take care of this mother fucker and consider the life around what you destroy
there is nothing i hate more than the human species
In reply to @BellaLack
Exactly what I've been saying, it's very sad that I historical building was destroyed but no one was hurt (thankfully) and it is just a building. Life is more important than stuff!
In reply to @BellaLack
I understand your post, but feel that we can mourn both. We should be preserving our natural environment and our cultural history.
Yes! We need to start putting this energy into preserving wild life!馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴
It's not hypocrisy to be sad about more than one thing, however.
Bu g枚r眉nt眉n眉n ad谋 zorbal谋k, istil芒, barbarl谋k de臒il de nedir? 馃様
In reply to @BellaLack
This fact is why I always get angry at climate change deniers going "CO2 is plant food" We are killing off plants at a staggering pace and the animals they sustain with them
In reply to @BellaLack
Bella, donations are personal choice - rightly or wrongly. Someone gives 拢5 to a Big Issue seller but walks past the Greenpeace chugger looking for another membership. 拢10 a month to the local animal sanctuary but nothing to the local homeless charity. There is no right or wrong.
This video should be played in EVERY School. The children need to see this at an early age. Our educational system is so far behind, I compare it to the 1980's. It really is that boring and outdated. Children are not stupid.
In reply to @BellaLack
馃敶 S T O P #ClimateChange #PalmoikKills #Orangutans #Habitat 鈬 CALLING OUT 馃棧The #Candymakers馃崿馃嵀 鈬 Pls 馃檹馃徎Tell .@Nestle .@HersheyCompany .@MDLZ#SaveOurPlanet #EARTH 鈬 STO P #Deforestation 馃尡馃寧鉂岎煂嶁潓馃審馃尡 鈬 Stop Killing #Animals #Wildlife twitter.com/gambino_gm/sta鈥
!!!!!!! Seriously !!!!!!!
There will never be enough attention to go around for every incident/tragedy at hand in the world, today. Racism, Gay Civil rights, animal extinction, terrorism - ALL EXISTENT, IMPORTANT, & PRESSING. Best thing to do is to never stop wanting to learn about it all 馃棧馃實
Honestly people, cmon get your priorities straight
Wouldn't it be great if those who care about the environment which gives us all life would donate the amount of money to the best NGO's they know to protect & regenerate it that is being pledged to rebuild a very historic building?

We can do both.
I hate humans.... 馃槥
In reply to @BellaLack
Wholeheartedly agree. A Catholic Cathedral by accident burns and the world grieves yet Nature鈥檚 Cathedrals have fallen and will continue to fall without one word of complaint, sorrow or grief. pic.twitter.com/mPWYrmpxYY
jak mo偶esz p艂aka膰 nad budynkiem kiedy lasy Amazonii
jak mo偶esz p艂aka膰 nad lasami Amazonii kiedy ludzie 偶yj膮 poni偶ej poziomu ub贸stwa
jak mo偶esz p艂aka膰 nad ubogimi kiedy dzieci umieraj膮 w Jelenie
jak mo偶esz p艂aka膰 nad dzie膰mi kiedy planecie grozi katastrofa
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