Mueller makes it clear: Russia wanted to help the Trump campaign, and the Trump campaign was willing to take it. The report paints a far less flattering picture for Trump than the attorney general has offered.
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Mueller’s team couldn’t rule out that Trump criminally obstructed justice. The team members concluded they had to leave the decision to Congress about how to handle their evidence of Trump engaging in obstruction.

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Mueller’s report is clear in pointing to Congress’ responsibility in investigating obstruction of justice by the President.

It is our job as outlined in Article 1, Sec 2, Clause 5 of the US Constitution.

As such, I’ll be signing onto @RashidaTlaib’s impeachment resolution.
Trump urged White House lawyer Donald McGahn to fire Mueller, according to the Mueller report. Then he pressured McGahn to deny it.
Just look at who was working on this report! Democratic donors, if there was a slight chance to put criminal charges they would have. Now it’s about bashing him in a report instead! The hatred towards the POTUS and they made their thoughts known without prooof a crime.
This is in fact the bottom line.
Play on words! He was not on trial folks. It was merely a 2 year waste of time that provided NOTHING! Yet idiots like AOC want to waste more tax payer dollars. Stupid!!!
Barr is completely eliminated as a credible law enforcement official.

Everything he does from here on must be viewed as a potentially partisan act.
Sure sounds like a referral to impeachment.
Or, as @PreetBharara just noted on @cnn, left it for prosecutor to evaluate after Trump leaves office. Both avenues are available.
I for one will be glad when this whole hating on Trump is over! I could care less which hand he wiped his ass with, no one cares about what is or isn't in this Mueller report. The Dems are never gonna be satisfied, Suck it up and let him be president & go on about your business
Joffrey Trump: "You can't talk to me like that. The king can do as he likes." "I've been very busy. Many small matters require the king's attention." "I'm telling mother." "Everyone is mine to torment." Barr = zombie Mtn Kellyanne = "Reek" Ivanka = Cersei Sanders = little finger
Time to impeach Trump. Call @SpeakerPelosi to start impeachment. Call her office now: 202-225-4965. #ImpeachTrump
Actually that's not what it said. But stick with the narrative that fits you biased political beliefs.

Mueller did not leave it up to Congress. The report was not for Congress, it was for AG Barr. He left it up to AG Barr and the DOJ staff to make the determination.
We can debate whether impeachment is a good strategy, but it's beyond debate that Trump criminally obstructed justice

If we don't pursue #impeachment, we are enabling Trump's malevolence. Criminal behavior needs to have consequences, even when we have no guarantee of justice✊💙
This is the part Trumpers refuse to acknowledge...👇👇👇
A memo in DOJ that says a President cannot be indicted needs to be tested in court. The rationale that it would be too disruptive assumes that would be worse than allowing the criminal to stay in office. That is why there is a line of succession
Even after more than 2 years of watching an American President try to destroy every corner of our Democracy, this is just so hard to see in writing. The President “criminally obstructed justice.” And we are all paying for it. #MuellerReport
This statement clearly does not exonerate @realDonaldTrump -small wonder why the AG & other Trump appointees wanted to get in front of the bad news. Congress needs to continue letting Trump know that he didn't get away with anything this time.
The words “collusion” and “totally exonerated” are not at all in #MuellerReport
After all that time, Mueller couldn't prove the 2 things that Dems most wanted him to. So now they're leg-humping this "BUT HE DIDN'T SAY TRUMP DIDN'T!" nothingburger. Their pain is delicious.
And just like that—the WashingtonPost blew their third and final chance of redeeming themselves for spreading fake conspiracy theories for over 2 years straight—forever setting in stone their legacy of being a propaganda outlet. There is no coming back from this. It’s over.
And the last line of that sentence. “Everyone tells me .....
Please explain the “justice” the president obstructed.
That is not what Report did. Its references to Congress were concerning the ability to pass statutes criminalizing obstruction and how the obstruction statute that they analyzed trumps conduct under was a proper exercise of Congressional authority. This is woefully irresponsible.
On a spectrum with "Hail Mary" on one end and "punt" on the other, Mueller was a lot closer to the punt side
this is the staid Washington Post recounting what, if bloggers said it, would be labeled "hyperventilating"
Do your job or set aside so more progressive Democrats can be elected. #ImpeachmentNow
So what we have is the “thought police” someone tells someone to do something but then doesn’t follow through you still get in trouble for just thinking about it - better watch what you think about
As I'm reading through I'm finding NO MENTION of t in any of the IRA Retweets. a couple of "harm to ongoing matter" redactions..hmmm nothing mentioning t retweets at all and the "ongoing matter" hints makes me wonder if there's still a counter intel inv. going on
So everything that has been stated by the GOP up to this point and the Trump administration has been false, regarding the president being exonerated, and the statements about “No Collusion” so often repeated by trump and his supporters. Time for political revolution. Thanks @AOC
Ummm... can you point to where Muller states he wants Congress to make the determination? I have read the report and didn’t see it. I could have missed it though.
This is incorrect. The Mueller report was written to the Attorney General, not to, or for, the Congress. If the Washington Post does not like the facts it invents them
So it’s up to Congress.
did you see this part? It’s pretty important.
I don't see the word congress highlighted
Sounds like a bit of the old pass the buck and dodge the bullet.
If I had found enough evidence to charge or convict of a crime I clearly would state that! This is obviously a political ploy to create doubt for future political reasons including to further undermine the Trump administration and aid any democratic hopeful for president!
#indict T and Pence who have to go too because he lied. @SpeakerPelosi would become President. By that time a new election would be held. As a safeguard future candidates need to be vetted by the FBI down to the last 4 top contenders. Prevent this
#FakeNews no where does it mention Congress. The decision to charge a crime is up to the DOJ. And the decision has been made.
One thing Mueller has done. Now that Trump’s relation to Russia has come clean publicly, one move could get him arrested.
it's not like the public didn't realize that Barr did a white wash just maybe the 60% of non racist america is not so stoop ID hope mulled around in the US those so many more rons lol
its clear you can lead mainstream media to facts. but you cant get them to admit to them or properly report them.
But they couldn't say that he did, either. We really hope the Dems continue to dig this hole. 2020 will be a beating of mammoth proportions.
“Hey um I don’t know how to tell you this but your house definitely is not not on fire but I’m not the Fire Department so maybe they should make a decision” #Obstruction
The report doesn't say Mueller left the decision to CONGRESS. It doesn't say it was left to anyone. You even put the quote attached to the tweet. Making stuff up like this is why no one trusts the media! #FakeNews
But they couldn’t prove it legally either. Hillary was guilty as hell, but got off scot free.
"While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him." In law, a tie goes to the defender due to the presumption of innocence. This is basically Meuller surrendering his balls to avoid either side coming down on him.
It’s hilarious to me that Trumpers think people just wanna impeach him because they have a distaste and want rid...Mike fucking Pense is a far scarier leader of the (ahem) ‘Free World’! (1)
This dishonest dishonorable man @POTUS is guilty as sin. It is shame he has blinded so many with his immoral and unethical ways. So much collusion and corruption that he excelled in deceiving the citizens of this great country. Simply disgraceful.
Trump is guilty of Obstruction, and since he successfully obstructed the Mueller investigation, we cannot know with certainty if he did not conspire with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. A hearing on impeachment is mandatory. #TrumpColluded #MuellerReport
"presents difficult issues" wait!what!?
But if #Trump has to go due to crimes committed, he has to go...and we get to live The Handmaids Tale! (3)
SDNY should just start getting this over with, please.
Mueller went a little further than not ruling out impeachment
Article I, Section 2, Clause 5
If the House drops the ball on this, it will set a very bad precedent.
Bush W used to be pro-choice. But @noamchomskyT was incorrect about the futility of the Russiagate. The report reveals that #45 did obstruct. It is important for #congress to act to prevent further harm and to create precedence. They should challenge DOJ
Obstructed the investigation of a non crime? Loooool
Like it or not, Congress has the constitutional duty to investigate and if there is substantial evidence the President has broken the law and has acted unconstitutionally, they must hold an impeachment trial to decide whether he is a danger to our democracy. Country over party.
Yes, they left it to CONGRESS. Not to the Attorney General.
Looks different in context.
It doesn’t say anything at all that is conclusive. Some of you should get a GED. And for the record I don’t vote
I have a question, how exactly, as a prosecutor, can he “rule it out”? All a prosecutor can do is determine if there’s enough evidence to charge someone with a crime. That’s it. Mueller CAN’T exonerate anyone for anything.
If the Mueller report were a radiology report, every doc worth his or her salt would do the next confirmatory test to try to rule out such a serious disease.
This is crazy. Mueller specifically asked Congress to determine whether Trump should be impeached for obstruction. But we have the Democratic Majority Leader essentially saying “fuck that.”
So Congress, GET MOVING!
Hear that Barr? Mueller left it to Congress you liar!!! #ImpeachTrump ##ImpeachBarrNow
Quit cherry picking what suits you. I suggest adults take the time to read it & digest it for themselves as opposed to relying on media, of whom Mueller also revealed were less than honest, to run their selective spin on it. Bezos must be in the Dem's pocket. Really sick of this.
Impeach. Please, impeach. The GOP will hold the White House for the next thousand years.
Suffered thru 5 minutes of Hannity. The extensive mischaracterizations is why Fox News is anything but
No, they left it up to the attorney general to decide. Not Congress.
How can Congress make a decision on how to handle the evidence found if they're only allowed to see the redacted report? Mueller had to know Barr would pull a stunt like this. I fully believe Barr shut down the investin before it was completed.
Mueller's team = Greatest agnostics of all time.
The #MuellerReport specifically does NOT refuse to weigh in on the obstruction question; the language is pointed and clear: Congress should act.…
The burden of proof was on Mueller. He failed. Trump does NOT need to PROVE his innocence. That’s not how any of this works.
It's worse than "couldn't rule out" obstruction. The special counsel's wording strongly suggests that--if anything--they leaned towards concluding PORKUS et al. DID criminally obstruct justice but that they didn't expressly say so because in their view a POTUS can't be indicted.
It’s over. Nobody cares. Go ahead and fold up shop.
LOL. Spin it a little faster, and you can skip the dryer function.
This is what total exoneration looks like.
Naturally the press and the failed Democratic Party will hope to keep the wildfires well as the networks.... meantime the biggest violators of all -Bill and Hilary go free sitting on billions in their trust- and shredded emails
Well then ... Geee.... It makes perfect sense that Barr won't give Congress the unredacted report.... 😩
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