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This morning, @HouseJudiciary has issued a subpoena to the Department of Justice for the full the Mueller report and the underlying materials. DOJ is required to comply with that subpoena by May 1.

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Chairman, we鈥檝e seen over 90% of the report. The remaining few pages won鈥檛 save your credibility or change the outcome.

This is just sad to watch.
Nadler issues the subpoena for full Mueller report:
You鈥檙e a two-faced lying hack.

Here鈥檚 proof:

Nadler issued a subpoena for the full Mueller report as soon as Barr made clear he intended to withhold important information from Congress.

Savvy move by @RepJerryNadler to wait for Barr to show his hand.
Demanding DOJ turn over to your committee of committed leakers a fully unredacted report containing grand jury material from on-going investigations? LOL. Good luck with THAT, Jerry. The R-run DOJ told the then-R-run House & Senate committees to pound sand for TWO YEARS.
You and @AdamSchiff both know this is nothing more than theatrics for your liberal constituents and the lying, liberal mainstream media. You鈥檝e both been outted with your groveling drivel about collusion and obstruction. IMO you are embarrassed and only trying to save face.
You are aware that grand jury testimony can鈥檛 be shown.
Besides didn鈥檛 you scream like a little girl about not having the Starr report made public?
Hypocritical you are.
This morning, @RepJerryNadler and the @HouseJudiciary took the critical next step to subpoena the DOJ for the full, unredacted #MuellerReport and all underlying materials. Deadline is May 1.
Good. Let鈥檚 see when Mueller knew this was an empty bag of marshmallows..there鈥檒l be a charge of interfering with 2018 midterms pending.. thanx NumNums馃榿馃憤馃徎#Genius
Actually, the DOJ is required NOT to comply with this subpoena. There is no exception for Congress in Rule 6(e), so it is ILLEGAL to give you "the full the Mueller report."
This is an essential next step. Thank you, @RepJerryNadler for continuing to search for the truth.
#MuellerTime was a flop but I鈥檓 sure #NadlerTime is really gonna find that missing collusion:
Essential. It will go to the courts. But the full report is owed the Congress and will be crucial to the ultimate administration of real justice. Well done, @RepJerryNadler
Does anyone want to tell him? I know 12th graders who know the law better. None of them can accept the fact they are not privy to such information. Maybe, use that, 100% cover all health insurance "we" all pay for and seek help.
Good Morning, Friday.
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This man hates Donald Trump. His mission is to destroy this president and his supporters. Nadler does not represent the American people. He represents the Liars and Leakers Club. Can鈥檛 wait to see how short a time it takes to leak all the redacted info.
The highly intelligent, and way out of your league, @RealCandaceO treated you like a ragdoll recently. You鈥檝e been exposed as a mental imp. The DOJ, with Barr鈥檚 guidance, will manhandle you even further. Your fellow imp, Ted Lieu, is still licking his wounds.
Oh how things have changed in a little over two decades. Or does it just matter the subject of the report? 馃 #NoIntellectualHonesty #TDS #KnowTheSigns pic.twitter.com/dNvYYKPHpt
Thank you! Let鈥檚 get this train rolling! 馃憤馃従
Thank you @RepJerryNadler. History has its eyes on you 馃幎
Jerry Nadler go ahead and again another investigation wasting taxpayer money. You are living in the past and want revenge on Republicans well you need to get over it. President Trump already has and will continue to run this country by the will of the people, which you don鈥檛 have
Start the Impeachment process. It鈥檚 about accountability. Clinton was impeached for consensual oral sex. Trump openly obstructs justice and worked with a foreign power to steal an election.
It's no surprise to me that Rep. Nadler or any Democrat is willing to break the law to get what they want. We the people are tired of the left's shenanigans. Congress need to be cleaned out of swamp creatures on both sides.
Finally! The Democrats are on their way in doing what they鈥檙e voted to do. America can鈥檛 afford to wait until 2020. Each day keeping Trump in office means empowering him and his cronies to inflict more damage to America and American Democracy. #Impeachment
Why is it representative @JerryNadler that when Clinton got in trouble your opinion of what should happen with the AG鈥檚 report is 180掳 from what it is today. You鈥檙e nothing but a hypocrite and you know it
It's about time. And, yes, they are entitled to all grand jury materials. That's the essence of Haldeman v. Sirica, 501 F.2d 714 (D.C. Cir. 1974), re-affirmed this month in McKeever v. Sessions, No. 17-5149 (D.C. Cir.), slip op., p. 9, Fn 3.
Quit using 鈥渇or the American people鈥 as your lame excuse to continue this harassment of the President. You鈥檙e doing this to hide from the embarrassment that you are. Take whatever dignity you have left and run. You might be respected for it.
It truly is Good Friday.
Democrats searching for something that never existed keeping the clown show going as though the waste of $30-35M in taxpayer monies & 2.5 years to produce the Mueller Nothing burger馃崝 that they planned on rebuking if it didn鈥檛 come out to their satisfaction. May Mueller馃挬on them pic.twitter.com/MbHhZDX1Tr
Good luck with that subpoena haha
It鈥檚 time we put you and all of Congress under the same scrutiny
You have to be one of the dumbest Reps alive, you are demanding that the DOJ break the law that has been well established because you lost an election. I will give you a hint run with a candidate that is not a criminal and you can win back the White House. Good luck idiot
But Lindsey Graham and the GOP put Barr in that position in the first place to do exactly what he's been doing... That's WHY he was selected. Why would they remove him for that...?
They are also required to redact certain info, unless a federal judge signs off.

By the way, you can waddle your fat self over to the SCIF and read the unredacted report.

Too much trouble?
"Required to reply by May 1st." Thank you Chair Jerry Nadler.
Thank you. And please start impeachment hearings, regardless of what may or may not happen in the Senatr. You are constitutionally obliged to do. 鈽猴笍 thedailybeast.com/mueller-report鈥
Funny how Obama knew about this Russian election interference since 2014 and he did nothing. Neglect of duty! Maybe u should investigate that. Since there no evidence of trump Russian collusion!
Go for Contempt of Congress next. Enough of these Wise Guys.
Why don't you & the rest of the Congress stop wasting time & tax payer $'s & get back to basics? Represent the people, concentrate on the needs of the American people! We need better healthcare (like you get), take care of our veterans & homeless, stop w/ the BS!
Denied .. Presidential Privileged Communications can not be subpoenaed !~!~!

Poor Jerry. If his mind was 1/1024 the size of his stomach he would have a start at something .

Looking forward to your leadership in the impeachment process, Congressman. 馃崙
I anticipate them letting it head to the courts, but I have faith in you guys. If #Barr thinks we鈥檙e going to be complacent about him being complicit with trump, he鈥檚 sadly mistaking.
Go Jerry Nadler & Juicary Cmte members.
This is nothing more than a BS witchhunt you piece of dog crap. Bow Wow. DO the job you were hired for and serve the American people- quit wasting our time and money on these frivolous subpoenas! FULL SPEED AHEAD IN EXPOSING OBAMA!
Remember folks, they've invested 2 years and put their credibility on the line and it's all slowly going down the toilet for them. Look for more desperation and triple down attempts. Fact of the matter is Hillary was purposely cleared and Trump was targeted in a coup. #MAGA
鈴癢e need to picket @TheJusticeDept every single day, all day, between now and William Barr's resignation or removal. He will obstruct, cover-up and stonewall every investigation into every criminal involved in this treasonous conspiracy. #PicketBarr pic.twitter.com/sJqR5H5jjj
The next step needs to be Robert Mueller testifying in front of Congress and the rest of America.

Call your Representatives.
THANK YOU Representative Nadler. On a side note, PLEASE don't have AG Barr at a hearing. NOBODY wants to hear from here again. Why provide him with a platform AGAIN to lie and spin for the public
The DOJ must comply. We need transparency. There are far too many unanswered questions.
Thank you for doing your job.
Give it a rest Nadler!
This is ridiculous! Time to move on. This has been a total waste of taxpayer money and Congress should be working on issues not a witch-hunt! If you investigate Trump more, then investigate Obama, Hillary and other Dems too on interference! Please move on!!!!!
Your an idiot. Have you happened to look at your old statements regarding this very issue. Such a hypocrite. Time for a change and vote you all out.
Excellent and I also liked that you鈥檒l have Mueller speak too. Probably only 2% of Americans will actually read the report - is Americans need to see it on TV . Thank you - 馃攩you are a light in a dark time of democracy. Light wins馃攩馃攩馃攩馃攩馃攩馃攩馃攩馃攩 pic.twitter.com/C8cwb5g7HM
Respectfully, it seems clear DoJ will not comply. How much time can we afford to waste with a clear national security threat in the WH? There are other clear paths to impeachment available NOW. Don鈥檛 let them hijack this situation more than they already have.
This is the kind of action we're looking for.
Jerry No Nads is so evil, he's beginning to resemble The Count. pic.twitter.com/3tIWJw8vni
What an ass wipe U R Jerry ! Is yr subpoena going 2have U doin the same thing u've done 4 2 years sayin @POTUS COLLUDED &then when u LOSE go2 #FakeNews days later & say "Dah ? Well, collusion isnt a crime !" STOP WAISTIMG R $ & START COLLUDING w/ @POTUS & R AMERICA ! & @#MAGA !
The public demands to see this entire report, hold public hearings and hold people accountable.
So you ordered AG Barr to break the law by releasing evidence protected by 6E grand jury provisions And you have no issue with Mueller smearing Trump as guilty until proven innocent The absolute contempt of the modern Democrats for the Constitution and rule of law is horrifying pic.twitter.com/Jci8cvZe9h
cc: @thespybrief
It's official. House Judiciary subpoenas full Mueller report and underlying materials w/ deadline,of,5/1.
Actually, you can not see the redacted parts that are required to be redacted by law. But then, you knew that before you issued this ridicules statement.

Grandstanding for the sheep will not help you stay out of prison.
It鈥檚 a start. Now get Mueller on the stand and start impeachment. Why do you guys shadow box while Orange Julius is the one in the ropes? Play offense for a change. Knock him out. 馃
America is being invaded by drugs and illegals, and @RepJerryNadler, is still wasting time with this nonsense!! The American people have had enough! It's time to move on and deal with the issues that matter this is a bunch garbage and you know it you pathetic coward!
What is an idiot like you doing in charge of anything. Apparently you don鈥檛 know any laws that exist about redaction, you can鈥檛 read or understand no collusion and you are deaf to truth. Someone vote him out of office
So you ordered AG Barr to break the law by releasing evidence protected by 6E grand jury provisions

And you have no issue with Mueller smearing Trump as guilty until proven innocent

The absolute contempt of the modern Democrats for the Constitution and rule of law is horrifying
Robert Mueller Did Not Merely Reject the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories. He Obliterated Them. theintercept.com/2019/04/18/rob鈥
Disgusting behavior on behalf of Nadler. Nader does not care about this Country. Let鈥檚 move on and govern for the People and not for yourself. The need to drain the swamp seems to be getting more and more obvious.
Now we鈥檙e talking, Jerry.
Isn't it hilarious to know that the Russian interference in our election was planned and executed during the Obama Administration, who did nothing but appease Vladimir Putin? Remember Crimea and the flexibility he would have after the election? #MAGA
They will appeal through the court system, and win at the Supreme Court if it goes that far. You keep providing Trump with opportunities for media victories
Do u kick dogs and throw stones at the homeless? You have to be the nastiest man in WDC. If Republicans destroyed evidence , I highly doubt, Hillary and the Dems taught them how.
You are a crybaby. You didn鈥檛 get what you wanted! You people have wasted so much of our money & time! You were elected to work for the people of our Great Country. Stop being a selfish child!!!
It doesn鈥檛 take 15 days to make a copy of the report. Why even give them that long to whine in the media about evil Democrats? It鈥檚 not like they are going to give you it at the end of the day. Why delay taking them to court?
No collusion, no obstruction. NY why do you and CA give us such stupid, amoral congressmen.
The Congressman seems to not know Robert Mueller assisted Barr with the reactions. Give it up already.
Go on a diet you are a disgrace to The human body. Ugh. When was The last time you walked up a flight of stairs?? Fourth grade??? Fat between the ears describes you! Dopey Dumbocrat!!!!!!!!!!
Can鈥檛 wait until we get our hands on the unredacted FISA application that started this entire HOAX! Additionally, let鈥檚 see all the unredacted 302鈥檚 from Page and Strzok. We can play your game as well Jerry!
If you have the security clearance, view it in the SCIF. And when the leaks come, and they will, the Justice Dept will have a suspect list of who to prosecute. Just love how you politicians are above the laws set forth for the rest of us 鈥減easants鈥.
Well Amen and Hallelujah. Nader has issued a subpoena.
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