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I’m making a promise. On the first day of a Warren administration, I will sign a moratorium on new fossil fuel drilling leases on public lands. Climate change is here, it is real, and we need to do something about it.

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Contrast this to the incumbent, who promised on day 1 that he'd push through the Dakota Access pipeline. thank you!
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She should get more attention. Everyday she states a problem and then a solution . She is not all talk. Support our women nominees! They are not all rhetoric . Look at their voting records.
This is why the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge is key – it frees politicians to push big bold ideas.

Stopping Exxon & co’s massive planned expansion of oil & gas drilling is a no-brainer. But it takes courage by champs like @ewarren to start the conversation.

Can you do another drinking a beer in your kitchen video? But let's turn it up a notch this time, grab a 40.
Yes this! Fossil fuel drilling on public lands = 25% of US emissions.

This is real climate leadership from @ewarren. We need to say #NoToFossilFuels and yes to a bold #GreenNewDeal. If you’re in a hole, stop digging! #climate2020
So good. This is what a #GreenNewDeal should look like. This is #RealClimateLeadership.
✅Stop digging up fossil fuels. #KeepItInTheGround
✅Create jobs doing good things like clean energy & conservation work.
✅Make our public resources accessible to all.
Now here's something tangible. None of this 'I believe in science' but Dear God don't ask me to act on it!
This is what #RealClimateLeadership looks like: a bold commitment to stand up to the fossil fuel billionaires, #KeepItInTheGround, and treat the climate crisis like the urgent priority it must be.

Who's next? Asking for a couple hundred million friends. 👂👀 #ClimateTest2020
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Might it be possible to persuade the landowners to reforest their land? After all, how can we expect Equatorial countries to do the same if the Developed world won’t? #ReforestUSA
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Elizabeth Warren continues to put out meaningful policy positions as the rest of the candidates continue to talk about their "feelings". #WinWithWarren
I’m liking her more with each day
Elizabeth Warren, som vill bli demokraternas presidentkandidat i USA, lovar att stoppa nya tillstånd för fossilutvinning på statlig mark om hon kommer till makten.

*walks outside, starts pickup w/390 V8, walks back in*

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warren administration would be great actually, thanks lets do that
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You are currently my frontrunner for 2020. Seeing this post today rubbed me the wrong way, though. You are a sitting member of Congress. Which means that dealing with the crisis at hand > campaigning. Right now, it’s urgent that leaders like you discuss impeachment.
That's it @ewarren. Show some edge. Kick. Ass.
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I find it really hard to not love this enthusiastic power house too! We really y have so many wonderful candidates! Swalwell and Harris and Buttigieg and O'Rourke and Castro! I'd vote for anybody them! We shall see as time goes on! Biden will come out next week, they say.
The next climate negotiations should put a global cap on fossil fuel extraction. Don't leave it up to markets to cap markets.
I’m really starting to look forward to Jan 20, 2021.
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if you keep talking like this, chances are good that you’ll have my vote, and my support as a volunteer!
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No one is more progressive- no one is more learned- No one has more courage to just stand there & say what she’s gonna do. I don’t know if Liz/ (a white nerdy woman) can get elected- but she is amazing
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Thank you. *A national ban on fracking is also essential.* Go to Google Earth & look at California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado & other states - fracking pads are peppered across huge swaths. Damage to our air, water, land, agriculture, climate & families is horrific. @ewarren
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Please Dems pay more attention to Sen Warren. She is our best chance to beat Trump. She talks from her heart about issues that are important for us.
Tell me again, why do we need Bernie when we’ve got Elizabeth?
Warren outchea gettin’ it DONE. y’all need to STFU about Biden, Bernie, and Beto.
Sen. Warren has the right idea here.
Curb #ClimateChange and protect our #PublicLands!
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The United States is responsible for 15% of fossel fuel emissions world-wide. China nearly doubles the US. So your idea is to cripple the American economy to tackle an issue that, even if you succeed, you cannot solve? We should do our part, but we can’t fix this problem alone.
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Well said @ewarren ! Lots of other important things for you to do to solve the #climatecrisis too.
I so wish she were going to win. I'm at least hoping her presence in the debates sets the policy bar.
One of the very qualified women candidates for President.

I feel the need to amplify their voices because the media is swooning so over the men.
Thank you for leading @SenWarren

You are THE leading candidate & it's time for #MSNBC #CNN to take notice

If Costa Rico, Norway, others can go to all renewable so can we

We should be leading on #ClimateAction rather than pretending coal has a future

Keep oil in the ground
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Warren you had my support up until you said you wanted to divide and break up the tech industry. How does one break up Facebook? That’s not how it works with a social network.
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Imagine having a president who puts the climate over Twitter beef pic.twitter.com/5mDjBjuXBf
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Beetles are proliferating because it’s getting warmer in the forests and then they’re killing more of the pine trees! Love the idea of fixing our National Parks like a public works project!
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The great state of Florida CAN'T afford for OUR ecosystem or tourism to be destroyed because of GREEDY corrupt men who only want to become MORE rich!!! VOTE NO to ALL offshore drilling!!!
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Let’s all pray that never happens.
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You will get my support if you continue to talk about serious climate change policy!! Thank you!
It's tragic that the media doesn't cover Warren like they did Beto and do Buttigieg. She comes out with a great policy or position every day it seems like
Democrats.. the party of societal and economic suicide. Why do these people hate themselves and mankind so much?
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That’s a promise you’ll never have to keep
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People shouldn’t look for the perfect candidate but settle on a candidate who reflects their values in general and can be trusted to “do the right thing” when those difficult moments come.
Even if Warren isn’t the 2020 nominee, I hope the Dem candidate runs on most of her ideas.
Senator @ewarren setting the bar for taking on fossil fuel industry starting on Day 1!
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You barely have 7% and your numbers are dropping 😂 what are you doing taking money from your struggling supporters for?
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If you do that, make sure we stop importing it from the Middle East, otherwise you’re just lining other people’s pockets and continuing the dependency.
I know you seriously stick up for the ppl. Hope I see you President in my lifetime. #WomenFoePresident
👏🏻 this is what a president looks, sounds, and acts like👏🏻 #Warren2020
*This* is exactly the #RealClimateLeadership that we need to see from candidates!

Plans that take on the fossil fuel industry & its dirty ways by keeping carbon in the ground are precisely what we need candidates to be discussing right now.

#Climate2020 #NoFossilFuelMoney
I'm really loving how she's committing this early to many things I believe in.
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More importantly what will you do so that some ‘for sale’ republican coming after you will not simply reverse everything after 4 or 8 years. We’re spinning our wheels.
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Ok, so whose more brilliant, passionate and prepared with a plan than Warren? What a POTUS she’d be!
She’s on top of my list, even if she doesn’t make it through this crowded field of candidates and into the general, she’s going to have a positive influence on the other candidates.
Hi I literally love u more every day
I wish people could understand how the power that runs their tvs and their air conditioning actually gets there. Solar power is cool until you have a cloudy day and not enough batteries to back up the grid.
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Damn, I want the Warren Administration right now! Please! pic.twitter.com/nunIttZf1c
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We need to do a lot about it.
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In reply to @ewarren
That’s a specific realistic plan. Thank you.
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Mueller isn’t going to win the next election for the Democrats like some celestial birthday present. But I’m betting that putting in the hard work of creating a meaningful, progressive political vision with @ewarren will.
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It's a start but not nearly enough. Immense death and devastation is already baked in to the atmosphere and oceans. We need to keep fossil fuels IN THE GROUND.
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Whoa! 🤙🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ✌🏻
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She’s on top of my list, even if she doesn’t make it through this crowded field of candidates and into the general, she’s going to have a positive influence on the other candidates.
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My Candidate for President 💥💥
This is what I am talking about.
Can’t help but look at every Liz Warren post and not think “four years too late”. Shame she didn’t have courage to take on Clinton last time.
Again, she’s out front talking tremendous sense
This is one honest, hard working woman.
This is my candidate. She's not fucking around and I love it. 👇
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This lady seems to be the only one with the balls to fight for the people she represents and the rest of us have benefited from her work.
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Too late now. Earth has had it and is in process of acceleration to hot house.
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Socialism doesn't cure the natural earth's weather shifting patterns, nor does it change the behavior of sunbursts.
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You got my vote and my Hubbys.
Y’all remember that time Obama was going to shut down GITMO on day 1??? #Goodtimes
Good protect the environment, we hand that down.
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That was a very badly presented speech, and why are you out of breath?
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That will only hurt American citizens China and India will continue to pollute the world
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Rather than a moratorium wouldn't a better plan to launch large government infrastructure projects for clean energy? Massive solar farms and massive solar subsidies would be important. Also restoring tax credits on EVs and EV infrastructure. Redirect the demand...
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In reply to @ewarren
Call for Impeachment hearings to begin and you will get my attention. It is the DUTY of Congress to the American people. You all don't get to play politics with it.
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I LOVE MY SENATOR, @ewarren ! @SenWarren ! We're so lucky in Massachusetts to have her and @SenMarkey fighting for us!
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