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being a senior at jesse bethel high school i am truly disgusted.

natalie is a very close friend to me and this what her and her mother had to say:

“it’s not just about me it’s about all the black and brown kids who will come after me at Bethel.”

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hmm funny how the people at my school see a problem w natalie “blowing this out of proportion” when she’s literally worked HARD all FOUR years of high school to get into top colleges AND be valedictorian BY HERSELF. wrong is wrong and i said what i said.
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Are these the kind of people teaching your children and leading your community? Blatant racists? After speaking out, she is now suddenly ranked third in her class? People who don’t like brown and black children shouldn’t be NEAR SCHOOLS. IT IS 2019.
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Who are the other 9 students? THATS who should really be speaking up about the situation. If he’s trying to give those students the honors as well...hey should speak to him and explain that Natalie should get the honors since SHE is the Valedictorian. Kinda bullshit Bethel on🤦🏾‍♂️💀
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aye bruh how we get ur principle fired
Share valedictorian with NINE people?!?! NINE??!?

That principal on every drug he ever confiscated
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I’m not even in high school anymore but I will be making calls for sure because this isn’t fair and she deserves what she’s worked hard for
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The entire graduating class and student body should back her up. Start a petition and get every senior to sign.
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Contact the school district and superintendent too!!! vcusd-ca.schoolloop.com/complaints
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I bet she worked so hard to be #1 why tf should she share HER spot with kids who CLEARLY didn’t make #1 idc if they’re 2nd or 3rd. They’re NOT the 1st
racist asians (the principal) are the fucking worst. how u gonna be a poc & treat other poc unfairly just bc they’re darker?? i see this in my own life all the damn time. we need to do better
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currently drafting an open letter to the principal + vallejo times herald, is Ramos natalie’s last name? I want to refer to her properly!
4.27 and she number 1? Bro what school is this
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Do you still need calls?
This shit sucks because she worked her ass off to be #1 and that proves a lot about black and brown excellence. She deserves her spotlight !
how can 10 people share the spot of valedictorian without having the same gpa ????
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drop the principles email, ima have a talk with them 🔫 this is so ugly, they really hate seeing poc strive & out beat the colonizers
how is this even being tolerated
She worked hard and she earned her spot. She’s valedictorian and there is absolutely NO valid reason she should have to share it with people who didn’t work as hard as her.
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Y’all don’t even know how upset this makes me, LA LUCHA CONTINUA. We making progress and ppl w higher power try to tear us down. I love that she’s thinking about future generations! CONGRATS TO HER y por todo su esfuerzo!
I was number 1 with a 4.29 and there was no way in hell I was sharing. This is disgraceful on the school. KICK THEIR ASS NATALIE
This guy used to be the principal of Vaca Pena
this is some bullshit. vallejo is the most diverse city of its size in the nation and this school, my fuckin alma mater, needs to step the fuck up and not be a barrier to these amazing accomplishments
So Jesse Bethel still whackkk
How often is a Valedictorian position shared? And if it is, with 9 fucking people? Are you kidding me? Give her the fucking place at the top. She worked for it.
the other nine students should be speaking tf up against this.
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like vallejo, ca jesse bethel?
meanwhile@lynbrook with 928173841 valedictorians per year
Fuck that
You either bust your ass or you don’t. She deserves that #1 spot.
she earned it! give it to her!
Yeah this is not okay, let me talk to mr. cusi
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sent my email, keep me updated babes 💋 pic.twitter.com/5F0CmGsYpA
i know valedictorian is very different than prom king but the year i graduated this black boy got voted prom king and one of the teachers literally made it so that our school president was prom king too which has never happened before?????
high school principals are always the worst people
Vallejo is the last place I expected this but here we are. she busted her ass to be valedictorian what a coincidence that the first time a brown person gets it it's also the first time it has to be shared fuck this
we ain’t even get acknowledged as top 10 🤷🏽‍♀️
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@sabreeloves went through the same thing at NE but my girl couldn’t be stopped !!!
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lowest of the low honestly. scamming her out of the shit that she has worked for & earned over the past four years😤😡. I’d take it to the district office, immediately.
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this is insane, there’s 1 valedictorian, and she earned that wtf
Absolute TRASH. It’s an HONOR to be top of your class not something that’s handed. She deserves to have her recognition BY HERSELF.
This makes my blood boil.
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what’s the school district superintendent’s contact?👀
being a citizen of #NBATwitter no one gives a flying fuck about yo makeup wearing ass
Man this would be in Vallejo smfh... I was like no way you talking about the high school I lived right next to... This girl paid her dues why can’t you reward her?
Retweet the fuck out of this
It’s just crazy that people go out of their way and create more work for themselves to be racist and ignorant... don’t even make any sense
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earlier today, i tried calling the school but no one will answered.
Everybody get a trophy these days
This thread! And I plan on calling the school like I’m somebody’s momma!!!
as a brown person you have you work twice as hard to get the minimum of what the whites get.
share the spot with NINE OTHER STUDENTS, wtf
School system is just as fucked as the justice system.. this world is slowly but surely turning hateful & complete shit.
Same shit happened to me....I knew I was at the top of my class... I had a 4.0. They selected a valedictorian, and 3 salutatorians, but told me I missed the selection by a FRACTION OF A POINT....
Jesse Bethel? The one in Vallejo? What??
Congrats to her and don’t let them steal your shine.
this is really disgusting.
Wow this is fucked up
throw the whole faculty in the trash
idk if it’s just me but I get so warm inside when Latina women do dope ass things like this
Just let her be #1 she earned it, it’s not that deep
let me send this email real quick .
White ppl blow my shit to the max 🙄
That shit crazy white ppl will not literally let u win anything bro u could of work your all but just because a white lady don’t like it something gotta change shit sad
Puras mamadas, fuck all yall racist fags
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