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On April 21st I smiled in the face of bigotry and walked away feeling the greatest form of accomplishment.

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The photos are not photoshopped btw.
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As a Christian, I wish people would recognize that the extremists of Islam are not any different from the extremists of Christians and that the two religions should work together to celebrate the peaceful worshipers. I don’t have to follow Islam to respect y’all.
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
Sis, the fact that you can smile & take selfies in the face of bigotry still proves they are tolerant & not bigoted enough.

Now attempt this stunt in Saudi Arabia for real accomplishment points. I triple dare you. 😁
Can’t see a Christian trying this in Kano sha. Go and selfie one anti-infidel march. We’ll just hear that they killed one girl like that, then Buhari will give a speech about respecting people’s religion, and then we’ll forget.
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They always have that Mondoshawan posture. pic.twitter.com/9KPIDlTUG8
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i hope they aren't trying to trick people into thinking that sign is what John 3:16 actually is, cause thats not the fuckin case. racists are already bad enough, but the fact that there's racists that try to switch shit for personal gain is absurd
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The hero we deserve. So dope.
Okay, let a Christian go wear bum shots in Iran, Madina , etc and see if she isn’t summarily executed. That is the difference between Christianity and your own religion. One is tolerant and is generally peaceful. The other is majorly violent and does what it won’t tolerate
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
You’re doing amazing sweetie
Idiots that preach religion as a justification for their bigotry have me the most fucked up. Jesus never spoke with hate. He was a chill ass dude who walked around, just helpin motherfuckers who needed help. I can’t imagine he’d find shit like this to be very cash money yknow
همین امثال ایشون که وظیفه‌ی خودشون می‌دونن هرجا به اسلام نقد یا اعتراض میشه، با شکلک درآوردن اون اعتراض رو به ابتذال بکشند، در مقابل خشونت آشکاری که اسلام‌گرایان در نقاط مختلف دنیا انجام میدن، مطلقا سکوت میکنند، توگویی اون خشونت هیچ ارتباطی با گرایشات اسلامی اونها نداشته
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Ooo another to add to my collection. pic.twitter.com/Wt7oiTwzPE
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
u have a 1200% perfect smile
This is a brilliant response to bigots.
lol this is sick. Just take my guy Jesus name off this. This not the gospel.
MAGA Hicks look sick 😂😂😂😂😂
Caption for the third picture

"Who cares bout what they are doing, all I needed was a good background for my picture" 🤷‍♀️🤪
Jsp vous mais j’la trouve grave mim’s
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
Since the dawn of time religions have been fighting over who has better imaginary friend... Stay woke people!..we are in 21st century ..you can live without myths and superstitions from religions
Love how this is the extent of Christian bigotry because if we start giving 2019 examples of Muslim bigotry, oh boy, there's no smiling in the face of that one. I know a beautiful girl Leah who is still captive today because of her faith. She didn't even smile in front of a 'mob'
Okay. Any time I hear a bigot complain about hijabs, I’m going to show them the first photo and say, “You can hang out with the woman in the foreground or the dudes in the background. CHOOSE WISELY.”
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
The last pic screams “and whatcha gonna do about it?” Iconic amazing wow pic.twitter.com/AsIgjcIVys
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
Oh my god I can hear that guys lazyboy screaming from here. Congrats! The only strength to hate comes from smiling it down.
the “if Mohammed were alive today” sign.... ok werk
Put this in somebody museum.
These are the type of Christians that give other Christians a bad name. No, I wouldn’t even call them Christians. This isn’t showing Gods love
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
Man said "HOW MANY SOLDIERS YOU GOT FOR ALLA" pic.twitter.com/CvGzKvGpV0
Just a PSA that Jesus loves all people !!!!!! You can’t hate people in the name of Christ
Une autre débile mentale. 😏une bigote qui accuse les autres de ses propres maux. Mais le chameau ne voit pas sa bosse.
This is hands down the greatest thing I've ever seen in the history of the internet.
Mais les racistes ont vraiment tous les mêmes lunettes ça me dead
Dearie, that’s a Metropolitan Police Car. It was your guarantee for safety no matter what.

If them born you well, wear bikini and dare anti-christian protesters in Saudi, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, North Nigeria or Pakistan, let’s see what your selfies would look like.
why is it old fat white men with those shades ever preaching disunity ?
I wish the hate between Christianity and Islam would STOP. If y’all was really Christians fr yall would know that the 2 religions CAME FROM THE SAME BLOOD 😐😐😐😐😐. You not a Christian if you can’t love the person next to you 💯 goofies
Najlepsza metoda na protesty radykałów? Trollowanie ich tak jak to zrobiła ta dziewczyna w Waszyngtonie. Nic ich tak nie wkurzy jak śmiech i bycie cool.
Uczestnicy marszów równości 🌈 w tym roku - tu dla was inspiracja jak radzić sobie z patryczkami.
One thing I CANNOT STAND. Is when people use Christianity to support hate and intolerance. Keep my bible out of your bigotry kmt
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
Idk wtf these guys were doing, John 3:16 does not say any of that at all lmfaooo
Funny Fact:

Shaymaa would be punished in many islamic countries for not wearing a proper hijab.
This is great, it shows American bigots can be civil enough to let you do this without attacking you. Don't try this in Saudi, your head will be on a pine.
They’re always wearing the same glasses lol
Just outright hate being masked as religion. That is not Christianity, and that is not cool. Lots of love to you for shining through it abeg 💕
Why that mf in the back look like the SHSL fisherman
Fearlessly Muslim till my last breath 🤙🏾
Try that in the face of Islamists (extremists) and lose the smile.. and the head.

An opinion.
It is silly to attack people pointing out that they would most likely get killed if they tried this in a society dominated by those of her own religion..

You people have identified one religion as SAFE to criticize and you do it regardless of whether or not it's called for
Y’all I haven’t been to church in a rlly long time but I don’t remember John 3:16 being about Islam
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
Trying to imagine what would happen if a Christian tried this in a Muslim country, what would the sentence be? Hanging or beheading? Y'all can play the victim all you want, but the world is in chaos cos of you people. Y'all need a world of your own, cos the rest of us are tired
I love the freedom of expression of both you and those bigots.
We, living in muslim majority countries, envy you all for having such a privilege 😂
these are the wrong types of “Christians” ://
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
But...being trans isn't even allowed in Islam! So why do they have that slanderous poster up of Muhammad being one? These people have clearly never read the Qur'an before!
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
The few, the proud, the....... marines???? 🎣🖍 pic.twitter.com/YKd8sFZvKl
AS YOU SHOULD. be safe out there though ❤️
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
I want to apologize on behalf of those who carried those signs. I am a believer in Jesus but I'll just say these people aren't believers. Jesus was & is about love mercy and not about judgment or evil. I respect your beliefs and I am so sorry there are people who do this.
Best picture you will see today!! ✌✌🙌🙌
Vous avez pas remarqué tous les racistes sont d’une extrême laideur sa mère
I find things like this so ironic. The Christians were exiling and killing Jews and Muslims hundreds of years before they arrived in America. And when they did, they murdered and converted natives of this land. And then they use Jesus to justify their narrative... Ridiculous lmao
Lmao ???? “Twitter do your thing” merchants
I’m so proud of you. This shit scares the fuck out of me though because white people are crazy
I get so mad when "christians" try to take scripture and twist it for evil. Like did yall forget who Jesus is
Интересно, как далеко ушла бы местная девушка БЕЗ хиджаба после дурашливых селфи на фоне исламистской демонстрации в мусульманской стране, и как велико бы было её чувство удовлетворения? 🤔
this is what I mean when I say I can’t let go of the chance to piss racist ppl off even more. I’d pay top dollar to be milly rocking on these pictures too
the guys shirt says “you need jesus”... as if we don’t believe in jesus...as if we don’t have the highest of regards for him because he’s one of our prophets...
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
"Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven." Luke 6:37
a melhor sequência de fotos que eu ja vi
publicly tearing down other religions does not make you a good christian thank you for coming to my ted talk
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
twitter.com/BenjaminNorton… You always play victim when in minority and oppressors when in majority. That you did this freely shows they are tolerant enough girl. Some of opposite faith can't do that in Saudi Arabia and get away with it. So sad how far People go to look oppressd.
youre doing great sweetie!✨
i fucking LOVE THIS i wanna frame these
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
ok wait. They did that on E A S T E R??? I am so sorry. This is the most disrespectful thing. FIRST OF ALL I just simply don't understand the minds of people who display hatred like this and also i can't imagine what kind of christian would behave this poorly on easter. 1/2
some real boss moves
hold up,,, says islam is a religion of blood and murder, then references how Jesus had to be MURDERED for us ????? you can’t make this shit up folks
In reply to @ShaymaaDarling
‘My friend over there thinks you’re cute’ pic.twitter.com/43PLa1xy62
The people holding up those banners irrespective of their white supremacy, racism are more tolerant than this lady and her types. A non muslim doesn’t have this type of freedom in a Muslim country.
La photo est tellement de bonne qualité que j’ai cru que c’était un montage waaah
She fr said “who’s gonna check me and my hijab tho”
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