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AOC thinks the VA is quality care. This veteran thinks you’re an idiot. #MABA

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This is the stone cold reality! @AOC I HIGHLY recommend u keep ur ignorant mouth shut! You continue to embarrass yourself! #MABA Stick to mixing drinks, ppl who drink actually like moronic bartenders b/c ur entertaining! Not so much in Congress! #RoseDC11
So @AOC what is your response to this? You know it all, so you must have an answer, explain how he is wrong about the VA.
God Bless Our Veterans! They need our help and @AOC doesn’t understand that
This guy says it perfectly
Let's All help spread this message by @Rambobiggs RT far and wide
What would've happened in the cases of gross malpractice of psychiatric medicine had I not intervened? In one case, the VA reduced a bright person to an angry minimally functioning child through use of medications. I had to sort through medications. determine the issues and redo.
#AOC = What is wrong with America. Vets can go F-UCK Themselves & Upper-Middle Class Hipsters are Entitled to 'Safe Spaces' so not having to hear any other views that might offend them. People like AOC believe they are morally superior that all other sides should be censored
"What they do is drug, drug, drug, drug, drug, drug, drug, drug, drug, drug. They never get to the root of the problem. And most of us don't even live near one of these major facilities. Some of us only live near a very small clinic that's only able to do certain things..."
We the Veterans, who are enrolled in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare programs have long complained of receiving inadequate treatment at poorly funded VA facilities. 🤔

What is wrong with AOC?

Check out @Rambobiggs response
Truth! It breaks my heart every time I see a veteran on the streets struggling, wondering if they’re even going to be alive in the morning. They gave up everything and I feel guilty not being able to give them more. She’s a spoiled brat who doesn’t care about anyone but herself.
Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for TRUTH. I pray our country does not fall into the hands of these socialists! We need to come out in droves in 2020.
Where did you get that shirt??
nothing better than to hear someone tell it like it is !
Thank you for saying it. And thank you for your service to our country.🇺🇸
22 per day. This is a very serious issue that needs attention!
Wel said!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Get her idiotic azz out of Congress..get all the dumtards out! Tired of all their shit! #MABA
AOC thinks the VA is quality care when she's speaking to the union that provides the care, and will lose money if stuff is privatized. Let's get her up in front of a vets organization.
She’s clueless about the real world...
Must see. I do agree.. Honor our veteran's. #MABA
I'd love to see @AOC try and debate you on this topic. But she'll probably virtue signal or cower down to your tweet/video.
Tell her Joe. We have brothers and sisters committing suicide right outside of these VA clinics.
#MABA Make Alexandria Bartend Again
SPOT ON!!! This actually made me tear up. My husband is a a vet, so I’m very familiar with the level of healthcare that AOC wants us all to have. It would DESTROY our country. She has NO CLUE what she’s talking about. #MABA
AOC is a duly elected member of Congress. Her take on the VA system is very out of touch. Specifically, psychiatry in the VA hospital system is poor. I've had enough experiences in VA hospitals where I have taken responsibility for the person and sign them out under my authority.
Pills pills right yep and ever try talking to a therapist that you can barely understand?? Or have 5 in 3 years because they all leave and have to keep starting over???
The VA is not quality care. I worked with a man who waited for 3 YEARS to get HEARING AIDS for a sense he lost while caring for jets in the 70s & sound protection wasn’t enforced.

He had to go to the governor & get a letter for the VA to push him through.
Very well spoken Joe!
I was waiting on you to sound off.
AOC is so ignorant she probably doesn't even know there's a VA hospital by Ft. Hamilton, one boro away. Even if she did, she has no reason to visit patients there before she opens her big, stupid mouth. That 8yr kid who parodied her prob knows more about the VA and vets' needs.
You nailed it!! While Intern as a doctor at VA, I witnessed the terrible care Veterans received. I was so ashamed and disgusted with the system. AOC knows NOTHING!! Shame on her!
Me: Hey AOC..I am a veteran! AOC: Great! What would you charge for neutering my dog?
Joe Biggs is awesome. I’m so glad you left infowars.
Lets propose a bill that all of our elected officials are required to use the VA for all of their healthcare needs as well as their families! @AOC step up and push this, lets see how that goes.
Can someone crackdown on Foreclosure Fraud by Wells Fargo? We are losing our health, quality of life, etc. CFPB does NOTHINGand disgustingly, the VA DOES NOTHING although they back the loan! Who is supporting veterans?
I have a solution, all of Congress gets the VA for their family’s medical care no other option since they all think government run healthcare is the silver bullet let them lapels by example.
Joe Biggs @Rambobiggs is as real as they get.

The only time I ever saw my father cry was at the Kansas City VA where he was treated so rudely and with so much disrespect by the staff that he nearly died in the waiting room. @DeptVetAffairs needs to be cleaned out and their staff trained to serve the vets in their care
You the man Joe...love seeing you on air brother..speaking Truth as always..!!
I’m no fan of AOC; but, I have to say I’ve received extraordinary health care support from my VA Primary Care Doctor and a whole host of Doctors, Nurses and other VA healthcare professionals at the Northport (NY) VA Medical Center. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @RepLeeZeldin
My grandpa received care from the VA. I took him to countless appointments, for tons of various procedures & he always received excellent care.
Hard to argue with this Hero! 👏
and ALL her staff should immediately use the VA, in less than a week they’d be screaming to fix the VA!
I wish with all my heart this video could somehow be bronzed and then shoved up @AOC's dumb f**king a**.
Well done Joe Biggs! Well done!
In a socialist's world, it's the Mayo clinic...
Make Congress get all their healthcare at the VA and you will see things change real fast
AOC is only reciting what Cenk Uygur tells her to...... She herself has no idea what she's saying or especially why she's saying it.
One man understands all veterans healthcare needs....while wearing a Guy Fieri costume. #clown
Preach my brother!
I’ve known Vets who had to use the VA it is BAD sure if you have a good one near you it might be better IF and I still wouldn’t call it good. People who sit on their ass & have done nothing get better health care then those who are willing to give their lives to the USA Messed Up
There's still plenty of work to be done to get the VA up to the standards our vets deserve. In 2011 I documented the problems at the Phx VA noting the horrible conditions & care my dad received for 33 days prior to his death in that hospital. What I saw will haunt me forever.
Are we ALL willingly to stand up and fight with patriotic people of our government who are with the American people. DEMAND to remove anti American anti semitic attempting to DESTROY America? Are we Seems like drastic measures but Has to be done ! NOW
Exactly!!! Our #Veterans need to come first!!
Make congress and their families use the VA and see how fast it gets fixed
Great video, sir. I know the feeling of many meds. Good luck to you.
Joe please help! The president is about to sign a 10 year Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico. This will cripple the American Maritime industry and kill thousands of American jobs. The deep state sponsored by McCain tried to kill it for many years. Please help!
Even McCain would not use VA. That should be telling enough. Should be.
WADR, Sir, I think your people are giving you bad information.
My cousin killed himself in the parking lot of a VA. This maddness needs to stop. Thanks for your video
😂 How would @AOC know the first thing about whether the VA is quality care?
This might be the best thing you watch all day.
@AOC Obviously you don't give a rats ass about Veterans and our medical care, or you would at least visit a VA Clinic and learn something!
Government has NO PLACE in healthcare. My mom is a retired VA psych nurse. She witnessed with dismay the shift to the "medical model" as they called it, essentially dismissing the root of the issues. Pills don't soothe the soul, only Jesus Christ. 🇺🇸✝️
Tending bar CAN be a real job btw. I wish people would stop associating AOC's idiocy, ignorance, lack of worldly and pro experience w/ her past job. My friends and I (bartenders/cooks/servers) have owned businesses, bought cars, homes, had families, served in LE, mil, politics...
Love this man! Truth, straight up!
Thank you once again for serving.I hate the fact this happening to Vets being a VFW son.
Thank you for the video. AOC needs to take questions from actual soldiers on how "well" the VA has peformed over the years. #ParkingLotSuicides #VA #SocializedMedicine #CentralPlanning #SupportOurTroops #SupportOurVeterans #USVeterans
doesn’t consider you a real person, being that you are a white male. You also fought for the US. But I should point out that she is not only blinded by her ridiculous ideology, she’s clearly the dumbest person to ever win a congressional seat. She’s extraordinarily stupid.
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I still shocked she ever bartended, 🙄 #MABA #SupportourVeterans #PTSDAWawareness #ThankaVet🙋🏻‍♀️🇺🇸
#MABA - Make Alexandria Bartender Again ...lol VA lets Vets die that refuse to participate in Gang Stalking or spying on Conservatives, Christians, gun owners & Constitutionalist. #GangStalking #Zersetzung
The VA Healthcare System is a 💩 hole. Close it down.
Her base aren’t veterans or patriots, they are brainwashed youth, they don’t know the truth, they can’t take the truth
The VA in Phoenix neglected by father's complaints about pain, the pain was from cancer, which because of the VA's runaround, was not discovered until it was Stage 4, he died six months later in July 2015. I lost my best friend. #VAkillsveterans
VA Prisons Reservations...are govt care, they don't care! Now add: - assisted living facilities and - K-12 Ritalin....it Rx Rx Rx @Rambobiggs is RIGHT! #DMVHealthCareLess ______|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|______|______|_____|_____|#FinishTheWall___|_#VoterFraud #KAG2020
AOC is a gift that keeps on giving
Make her and all the lawmakers go there for care and see how fast it improves.
So true my friend. My hubby is a disabled Vietnam Vet & is in a constant fight for treatment & benefits. The VA is broken & vets die daily waiting for treatment or being told there’s nothing wrong. Barfly broad AOC is a total idiot who doesn’t know her a$$ from a hole in ground
Hey @AOC, I believe he nailed it!
Well said Joe, thank you for your service
You are not alone. You may feel lonely, but you are not alone
Start selling those shirts. I’ll take one, you’ll make a killing
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