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Part 3: Erotic Areas/ Importance if foreplay! pic.twitter.com/3a8VTTeMVs
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Quién pudiera tener acceso a semejante ESI.
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STAY SAFE AND STAY EDUCATED KINGS AND QUEENS! if you have any more questions she is AMAZING and my good sis is educated. pic.twitter.com/KbYWNE3Bjk
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This is what is about to happen to most of y’all females after guys watch this video. pic.twitter.com/ShgqtRR9zG
Os alunos em Portugal não têm maturidade enough p terem estas aulas
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how i walked away after Kathy read our sex education system AND our sex lives to filth. I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS QUEEN HONEY. I STAN AN EDUCATED QUEEN WITH STYLEEEEE HONEY pic.twitter.com/MV6JH0uLcy
sabem q isto é bue importante mas infelizmente em Portugal basta ouvirem “pénis” numa aula e desatam se a rir
I’m gonna need all the men on my timeline to watch this. Twice.
este thread es lo mejor que he visto en mi vida, ven como la educación sexual es entretenida (sin morbo) y MUY NECESARIA? acabo de aprender más en todos estos videos que en la tonta escuela.
This thread is life changing. Watch every video in it.
esto es super importante. la educación sexual es SÚPER NECESARIA para que las mujeres conozcamos nuestra sexualidad y la disfrutemos, normalizar la sexualidad femenina (parece q los unicos q se pueden masturbar son los tíos)... es q por favor dejad de tomarlo como una broma
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happy to educate 🖤 every chance i get to learn i try to share! i’m going to keep in touch with sis and post some more sex tips and educational tricks!
Watch this thread. Ladies, it’s time to get what ya need! Healthy & completed arrousal is so important and great for you! 💛💛💛
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I’ll be doing a collab with my good sis and we will be doing a series! Stay tuned.
In reply to @jordannjust
can she make like a youtube account or a show or smthn? bc I would actually watch it. I might give her a call, I learnt something today
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"Jacking off inside of you". Well then...... pic.twitter.com/I4Y46ROCks
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twitter.com/jordannjust/st… Also LADIES AND KINGS if you’re trying to get your health/ BODY right shoot me a dm! I train, help you reach your fitness goals and practice herbalism! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME. DM ME❤️
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Why don’t guys know this? Y’all literally never asked a girl questions about what turns her on ? How she likes her clit suck .. I mean she’s teaching some knowledge but some of its basic .. y’all niggas need to eat more pussy it’s simple
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Hold on tho I love this woman’s shirt omg
Muy buen thread para los que les encanta etiquetar a las mujeres de muebles, secas, frígidas. Si el 90% de las mujeres con las que has estado no llegan al orgasmo, el problema eres tu.Haga su trabajo bien y no habrá problema.
This whole thread is so important and im glad she touched on the hypersexuality of black men. I actually learned something. Wow.
"la gran mayoría de las mujeres nunca van a llegar al orgasmo por medio de la penetración"

lo dijo ella no yo 🤷🏽‍♀️
Remember I/we used to say that if you had sex with a man who didn't make you cum, you could delete him off your "body count"? Well, the good sis here has confirmed it doesn't really even count as sex.

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I went to a private school and all they taught were abstinence. I never even learned parts of the body like this I had to teach myself We werent allowed to talk about sex and I feel like that’s dangerous because it opens people up to STDs and teen pregnancy bc theyre not educated
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twitter.com/jordannjust/st… i’m a music artist too! I do it all honey.
boys better be taking notes on this entire thread
Culiado ustedes entienden la cantidad pero la cantidad impresionante de cosas de mierda que nos hubiéramos ahorrado si hubiéramos tenido esta educación desde chiques
For the men who like to do that in and out shit acting like fingers are dicks... watch this and learn how to finger your lady
In reply to @jordannjust
women trying to recalculate their new body count after listening to this gospel pic.twitter.com/nImm6gZw0Z
In reply to @jordannjust
"Dang, that's crazy" lol
In reply to @jordannjust
I have a vagina and I am confused by this
Why did a just watch this full thread
So this is basically saying we don’t need men to have sex???
This is good info that most young people never received plus she started talking about American racist sexual myths originating from enslavement and imperialism so I love even more.
y’all heard her? the ANGLE. the angle is what matters. y’all also heard how sis said most women don’t cum from penetration???
aside from this info vid, she just said “as fetuses, we all have clits. 50% of the population elongates to penises” This all i was tryn prove when i say men come from women and women were on earth first.
Been woke on this, but I’m gonna leave this here for some of y’all that lack the knowledge. Know your stuff and spread joy
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Is it just me that noticed her does blouse🤣🤣
Everyone MAN that follows me, watch this thread. Your lover(s) deserves a good orgasm.
I love learning more about the vagina because honestly I know so little about my very own coochie it’s sad.
In reply to @jordannjust
The way she pulled off the “hood” 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/p3taPg5uyf
In reply to @jordannjust
twitter.com/jordannjust/st… Here’s another singing video🖤 I’d love feedback 🌸
In reply to @jordannjust
This threads is by far one of THE MOST informative threads on twitter in regards to sexual education
Viele Menschen wissen nicht, wie Klitoris und Vulva aufgebaut sind.

Die Klitoris liegt zum Großteil unter der Haut und hat sich beim Fötus aus demselben Part gebildet, der bei XY-Chromosomen zum Penis wird.

Die Klit ist kein Beiwerk - sie ist Hauptakteur!

Learn your sex.
THIS WHOLE THREAD could change the game for men
So many guys need to watch this thread 😩😂👀
This would have saved me years of misery
I think the reason why a lot of men don’t sexually satisfy women is not only because they’re not educated, but because they don’t care
In reply to @jordannjust
Cant lie.. I already know more or less what im doing down there BUT this, this was very good knowledge to have and learned some things too
Only 11% of women in heterosexual relationships reach an orgasm bc you niggas STILL don’t know where or what a clit is. Please watch so you can FINALLY make a Woman cum.
This is why laying on your back is the most common squirting position. This thread is important, men please watch.
She said if they don’t hit your g spot it’s not penetration. So technically my body count went down
This woman has just saved so many ppls sex lives.
Retweet to save a life.
MIREN Y ESCUCHEN todo este hilo de información. No puedo creer la manera en la que se les enseña y se les informa, están mil años luz avanzados definitivamente
dios vean esto please la cantidad de cosas que no tenia ni la mas reputa idea a mi en las clases de salud y educación sexual me enseñaron a no sentarme en la tabla cuando meo nada mas
That’s why you when stroking missionary style you gotta lean back and stimulate the clit wit ya thumb. You welcome
always happy to share positive sex ed for vagina havers (and the people in their sex lives)💕
In reply to @jordannjust
Take a shot every time you hear “Daaang that’s crazy”
Say it again for the niggas in the back “the vast majority of woman won’t orgasm through penetration”
so I couldn’t find it bc the mf was hidin
In reply to @jordannjust
So why do females need dick if they can’t cum from it ? Seems like it’s only head needed .. dick does what for the pussy ? 🤔
ive never seen a pussy w a hat on
Pero mira lo que es esa ESI la puta madre la creó el mismísimo bien del universo.
this thread? AMAZING
Yooooooo ..to anyone that needs this lol
Men I BEG u watch this. I can not suffer one more guy rubbing my pelvis saying “oh u like that”
In reply to @jordannjust
I wanna know how the hell people be recording mfs and not making it obvious
straight men tell lesbians "you deserve to be fucked good" when they don't even know that penetration is useless😭
RT this so it shows up on spiderman blanket’s timeline and he finally learns
this thread basically taught me that dicks don’t do shit
This full thread is unbelievable man holt shit
In reply to @jordannjust
so basically this video taught me I’m still a virgin, thank you!!!!!!
all i gotta do is remove her clit durag and i’m in there like swim wear 😈😏
on god she just ended half of yalls sex lives
Long story short lesbian sex is way BETTER 😌😝
este thread, 100/10
By far one of the most INFORMATIVE threads on Twitter regarding Sex Education.
I’m not having sex with anymore uneducated men so here u go:
THIS WHOLE THREAD IS AMAZING ! I love everything about this !
and people think i’m crazy when i say most of the time finger fucking be feeling better than the dick
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