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high school teachers: “this stuff won’t fly in college, you need to be more professional”
college professors:

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“I’m not feeling that good today.. this is how I’m teaching today” pic.twitter.com/mQgh4FGMN7
teachers in high school: you need to know the answers to questions, you can’t say “I don’t know” in college, professors wont accept that my professor last week: I don’t remember how to do this, so looks like I have to end class early because I can’t teach y’all anymore right now
My professor brought in cake for Shakespeare’s birthday 😭 pic.twitter.com/elGV1qPdFQ
He deadass played/sang for 30 mins of class. This was in Physics lol pic.twitter.com/vW7lVjCVCz
my biology professor rolls around in heely’s before he lectures us pic.twitter.com/4UZWbGrygw
also one of my professors took up a whole class looking up his name on urbandictonary pic.twitter.com/YPHQ3a61o2
First day of class in an African American studies class pic.twitter.com/lzBwTyHenq
How my CrJu professor was demonstrating a scenario 😂 pic.twitter.com/NWJg9A5IYW
She speaks (well tweets) truth. Enjoy this clip of my chemistry teacher geeking out over magnesium last semester! pic.twitter.com/xFBnvZd4Dv
My molecular biology professor is an otaku pic.twitter.com/sTiFjyVq85
It’s even better if you know that this man was a Marine infantryman in Vietnam, retired from the military, and now teaches just for the love of teaching and for his students
Tenure is one helluva drug
Yesterday, my Calculus professor said, "I see confusion, depression, some fear, and a little apathy. Fantastic!"
>GRADE SCHOOL: "No, you can't write about superheroes or cartoons, pick some real subjects! >UNIVERSITY TEACHERS READING MY PAPERS ON VILLAIN/HERO DYNAMICS AND THE COMEDY STYLINGS OF REGULAR SHOW TEN YEARS LATER: "Nice stuff, have an A."
Why are none of my professors like this, most exciting thing mine does is say a cuss word here and there
i remember when my professor would pass time talking about his get away trips with his “best friend” and being a sugar daddy aaand his wife was fine with the whole thing
We fucking love our jobs and go through a lot to get to you so we can teach you what we spent years studying because we have a true passion for it!
i always know the semester is coming to an end when i start to see these videos of my grandpa dancing on his desk with his tambourine popping up on my social media
The difference between observations/evaluations and freedom to run your room as you want. College profs can say/do a lot more (or less) when you don’t comply. HS is both you and teacher responsible college it’s just your problem
My finance professor found out he was going to lose his job, walked into class the day of the final exam, wrote down the answers on the board, and then walked out.
My two favourite teachers would literally always tag team on me for banter... nothing serious pic.twitter.com/tMWhl6prAI
q feliz me ha puesto este hilo
Everyone at A&M should take Dr. Collopy at least once!!! To say he is the most genuine professor here is an understatement!
Dr. Collopy...
the man, the myth, the legend.
I wish I had a dollar for every time my high school teachers were wrong about stuff that would happen in college
high school teachers told us all THE FATTEST lies
this is me teaching my friends about the traveling wilburys
Laughs.....then cries in Ikens. 😭😫
The best college professors are the ones that make your college experience fun and less stress free. We appreciate them :,)
College profs really be the wildest mf I’ve met
That tenure hits different😂
I really should have gone to uni in America
yall say this then y’all say college hard asl so idk wtf to expect
we’re learning about evolution in my dinos class and today my professor showed a slide that said “it started out with a fish, how did it end up like this, it was only a fish, it was only a fish”
My one professor ends class early every day because she doesn’t feel like teaching for the whole lecture and today we talked about what cocktail she’s having after class
This is totally how I teach my Biology classes!!!
My fav professor of all time! I see he added a tambourine this semester...nice touch
This is college, kids. I swear.
Literally Mr Solis tried to scare us lmfao
Where do y’all go to school? NONE of my professors are like this 😒😒
sis you really out here trending on twitter
I had a professor in college, PUT MY SOFTBALL PICTURE ON THE SCREEN AND I WALKED IN LIKE????????????
What college y’all be going to?
deadassss college professors are sometimes wayyy more easy going than my high school teachers were
100% así eran las clases con pepe petancas
Please sign me up for whatever this class is
‘End of the Line’... hell yes. Sign me up for college brother
My college professor cancels class just to have a party and Watch Jane the virgin or game of thrones
will shuester @ the glee club
Went all four years learning MLA now it’s APA man fuck highschool I’m glad I skipped most of the time
He is by far one of the best professors at A&M!!! 👍🏼
I had a professor last year who played Elvis everyday before class... he would often tell me that the songs were dedicated to me and even made a day of the week “no messing with Chris day” not sure if I should’ve been worried but that man made class alittle more enjoyable 😂
This is literally why i listened to nothing my teachers said 😂
Lmaooo if this ain’t the realest tweet I’ve ever seen 😂
this is so true im upset
My math professor was a drug dealer so
Honestly tho high school was a waste of time
College is better than high school PERIOD
The most accurate shit I’ve seen on this app
where y’all going to college
dhdhdhd honestly my 3d professor nearly cut my legs open and all he did was laugh and said oops
I am really weak af at this bc this college shit is indeed a joke😂😂
I once walked into my lecture hall and my prof goes “nope! Turn around I don’t feel like teaching today”
This is my 8am history prof y’all... he’s clearly the most entertaining history prof in existence😂
A&M profs always keep it interesting!!!
this was literally kling’s psych class
I made a deal with my students to let them pick what color i dyed my hair if 80% of then got b's or above.
this is not an exaggeration
Mr.Castro standing on the tables like
Dude even got the skateboard against the desk. He cool af
Yeah have high school teachers never heard of tenure??? These professors do whatever they want
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