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Oí nomás ese cumbion.

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Hasta ganas de bailar me dieron alvvvv
Someone get this man a spot on “Tengo Talento, mucho Talento” 😂
10 seconds into the video and I spit my drink out
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.....apa?...eres tu???😳😳😳 pic.twitter.com/C1W43ielZo
Oi nomás ese cumbión!
This man is more talented then El Famoso Damian.
A man who can sing 😍😍
Me : I’m going to bed early tonight
me at 2:00am :
This dude is something else lmao
I’m trynna sing this to oomf 😭
It’s 3:09 and you just got out of school. You turn the radio on to La Ley and they have this joint playing😂
You never cease to amaze me @phreddiekings
This nigga finna take all the musicians jobs 💀😂
Lmao this guy a legend
Imagine if your mom saw you fucking with her cepillo like this.
Me in the car, hitting every vocal and instrument in the car ... not one note left behind
When he brings out the cepillo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
My niggga lowkey hit that hoe 😂
Omg I can’t breef 💀 🤣 that ending tho 😂
😂😂😂 i fucking love this songgg lmao
I said it once and I’ll say it again, this guy right here is my idol
Yo llevándole serenata a mi crush
I’m dead asf I love that song 💀💀😭
Whenever I listen to this song I think of blanca sksksk
Natalia Lafourcade who???
Como que me gusta esta version🤩😂
If he don’t drop this hoe
If you know you know 😂🙏🏻🔊🕺🏻
Someone sign Saul ASAP
My moms favorite 😂
The homie at it again with another banger‼️🚫🧢
It’s funny how 99.9999% of us paisas only needed the first 5 seconds to know what cumbia it is 😂
This is @perez_1oo on a Saturday at Taft at around 1:26 Am when we’re up late with nothing to do
We need him at knightchella
Los Angeles Azules Ft. Natalia Lafourcade Is My Shit !
Here’s a sneak peak at @IsaiahDeLeon007 new music 🤯🤥
this is why i dont finish my homework
He’s playing our song @acevesmaritza 😍
Right in the feels 😔😔
I’m so tired of this fool LMAOOOO 💀😅
He hit that hoe 😂
Me in my room at 3am:
La pinche libreta 💀
it gets funnier and funnier 😂😂 aye he barred it out though
In reply to @CorridosYBandas
me when I get fucked up in LA
Lmffaaoooo 3 seconds in and I’m dying already 💀💀
In reply to @xKevenchi
@xKevenchi didn’t have to do it to us like that
Lol I love this guy
This was Ralph in the studio with y’all @310APEX 😂😂

Me: *Singing in the Shower*
ok but king snapped
The fucking brush 😂
I’m ready to book el compa para mi graduation party
I heard he coming to bams 👀
damn he remind me of Kelvin
Follow my boy @najera75 he’s very talented 🙏🏽💯
Ulhu bergggga🤣🤣💀
QUEEEVVVVOOOO!!! Tiren el aux cord ALV!
He’s at it again 😂
In reply to @CorridosYBandas
His instruments 😭😭 @Acsah_
Mexicans stay undefeated
Me and Gemma's first dance when we get married.
suddenly ik what i’m gonna sing for pop show 😳
Natalia lafourcade who? 😳
i love this 😭😂
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