Great meeting this afternoon at the @WhiteHouse with @Jack from @Twitter. Lots of subjects discussed regarding their platform, and the world of social media in general. Look forward to keeping an open dialogue!
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Did you ask him why I got suspended for simply calling Kevin Spacey a scumbag?

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Because you鈥檙e an asshole?
But Twitter allows video of Syrian men kidnapping kids and taking out their organs. I saw that doozy yesterday and couldn鈥檛 believe me eyes. I was physically ill from the thought after just seeing for 10 seconds. I didn鈥檛 even watch the actual act but could see it was being done.
Yeah, he probably asked him.
I don't know who this guy is or why he's blue checked but @ ing the president asking him to ask the head of Twitter why he got suspended for abusive behavior and then posting a picture of the obvious abusive behavior is like, the lowest weird beta move I've ever seen lol
I think you were being fairly polite too. 馃ぃ馃憤
You're lucky; a friend of mine got a week for posting FBI crime statistics (available online) about a certain segment of our population.
I got suspended for seven days for saying that 鈥渢rans women鈥 could not have periods because they don鈥檛 have uteruses鈥 Who would鈥檝e thought that biological facts would be hate speech? This world is insane
I was suspended for a week for calling Faith Goldy a 鈥淣azi bimbo鈥, which she undoubtedly is. Stop whining.
And yet you wear your harassment as a badge of honor. Kudos to Twitter -for getting this one right.
aww poor marky. dark micey. snow flakey. crying for a tweet being removed of you name calling someone. aww.
Maybe @jack has a very special relationship with @KevinSpacey!
Because of the it takes one to know policy.
Maybe you should have shown a picture of him with a severed head. Twitter approves of that.
Meanwhile Chelsea Handler or Sarah Silverman or that crazy redhead chick can say much worse and it gets ignored... Really makes you think. 馃
It's the "burn in hell" part i got temporarily suspended for that
Spacey is a homosexual pedophile.
It was probably not that part.
Aren鈥檛 you the guy who called the cops because some kids in Baltimore made a rap song you didn鈥檛 like?
Because that鈥檚 against twitter guidelines, what don鈥檛 you get?
Trump doesn't care about you bro.
Yes this is of a concern to the the President of the United States worried Mark Dice got suspended from twitter. On second thought he worries about other insignificant things so he may have asked.
WTH @jack 馃憞馃徎 he raped boys. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 and you wonder why we fight you.
That doesn't seem very honest. Telling someone to burn in hell is literally wishing endless suffering and torture upon them. That's certainly more than simply calling s.o. a scumbag.
They are probably friends. And doesn't want to be left out for Christmas gift exchange.
Join the club! I got suspended for calling Mitt Romney a political 鈥渓ady of the night鈥, but I used a different word of course.
You were suspended for who you are, not what you said.
I got suspended for calling Tomi lahren a stupid bimbo when all I was doing was simply pointing out the obvious. So go cry a river about bias against conservatives to somebody who cares cuz I'm about as far from a conservative as you could get.
Calling a pedo a scumbag gets you suspended from Twitter? All woke and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
It was just too much of the truth for twitter to handel. They must love Spacey so you upsetted the Twits as they needed a safeplace with puppy's, box of Juicy Juice, coloring book and crayons. You hurt their feeling Mark. 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ
They should suspend Trump too, he's the bully in chief. #BeBest.
Umm you told him to burn in Hell... are you simple, son?
I've been suspended twice for calling Alyssa Milano a stupid bimbo.... and we all KNOW she is a stupid bimbo!
& why I got suspended for calling Nancy a Crack Whore.
You were temporarily limited, not suspended... because you're a satanic scumbag who should burn in hell.
It鈥檚 in the fine print. Something about a scumbag calling someone else a scumbag.
Hey, @Twitter Mark Dice @MarkDice didn't do any of those things you have listed. So why did you suspend him like that? I honestly want to know because I have seen many many tweets from leftist saying things much worse.
Damm you got suspended I called Andrew Cuomo the same thing but in Italian and no suspension. Guess they did not have a translator.
Because Spacey is gay...they have special rights ya know. Like the trans who populate about .000001% of America have special rights. That's illegal too btw.
No rhyme or reason ever. It was just because you called Spacey a scumbag.馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅
Congrats! I've been banned three times, the longest lasting a week. It's funny, I call someone a name- get banned. The Prez?; calls people names all the time.....NOTHING.
Oh @MarkDice You should鈥檝e learned this by now: 1. You ARE allowed to be an ISIS member holding a gun on Twitter. 2. You ARE allowed to be anti-semetic IF you have dark skin & wear additional clothing. 3. You ARE NOT allowed squat if you鈥檙e white, Christian & a man. #JackSux
I am trying to figure out which one of those categories you supposedly attacked. They've done the same to me and I was trying to figure out which category I supposedly violated, too. They won't answer you when you appeal.
see my Twitter page IF you can. Totally censored
I was suspended for calling Demi Moore a washed up old hag. No joke.
Too be fair, what you did was harassing, but still, there's some terrible bias in favor of leftists and it has to be stopped.
What I find the most hilarious about @MarkDice鈥檚 tweet.....the fact that he thinks he鈥檚 high enough on @realDonaldTrump鈥檚 radar to be brought up in ANY MEETING by ANYONE. I DESPISE TRUMP, but find Dice鈥檚 tweet absolutely hilarious.
It was because the truth hurts!
I don鈥檛 know, scumbag. Burn in hell.
You were suspended for "hateful conduct" Einstein, can't you read?
Wow, I see so many hateful words out here & those same PPL are out here every day cursing & threatening PPL including our president. We all need to take the time to report PPL who break the rules. That's what the haters are doing to us. That's the only way it will be fair.
Because your post was pure projection.
The fact that you even keep this screenshot is pathetic.
Because someone read your tweet, didn't like it and reported it. The person at Twitter who reviewed the report agreed with them and shut you down. Jack Dorsey would claim an autonomous AI algorithm is responsible but that is a copout.
I got jail for calling Alyssa Milano Satan's whore.
Waaaaahhhhhh 鉂勨潉鉂勨潉鉂勨潉鉂勨潉鉂
I received 4 days for less than that Please note Democrats can say anything Not Even a slap on the hand
I got suspended for telling rude Cher she reminded me of 馃椏 Easter Island
I got suspended for asking @brianstelter if he was going to learn how to code 馃槀
I like Kevin Spacey. He is another person being ACCUSED of something that has not been proven. I support him.
Did the same to me saying that about Chelsea Handjob! You aren't allowed to criticize ANY of the leftist heroes! Obviously this is the right thing to do in a "free society" OBVIOUSLY!馃檮
And why I got put in the corner 12 hrs for calling Ann Coulter a old bitter w3nch! 馃槤
Yes, according to the press pool, 95% of the meeting time was given to discussing how unfairly the world has been treating Mark Dice.
Because that's an insult to all scumbags around the world to be associated with the words kevin Spacey!
It was the 'S*tanic' reference that got you. S*tanism is a religion.
You said Satanic Scumbag . Burn in Hell. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ Don't feel bad I just got another strike for speaking against the religion of peace .
Maybe it was the "Burn in Hell." part. 馃槈
Just a hunch, but it might have been the 鈥渂urn in hell鈥 part? Lol
All these hollywood asshats are satanic.
ya he's going to ask about you. you're a rockstar in your own bedroom kid. smh #deluded
I got suspended for calling Laura Ingraham stupid. But President Trump @realDonaldTrump harrasses folks everyday all dam day.
Well, you didn鈥檛 鈥渟imply call Jevin Spacey a scum bag鈥. Per your own picture if your post, you called him a 鈥淪ATANIC scumbag鈥, and told him to 鈥渂urn in Hell鈥, which is a threat.
Maybe "Burn in hell" was harassment, and "Satanic" is a religious designation. You know, like "Halloween worshippers".
Or why I did for calling Cher a retard? She clearly is.
It was a bit more than 'scumbag' lol. I've seen worse go unpunished though
You told him to burn in hell nice! 馃槀
Have you read the comments when the President posts? Twitter has no problem with the left harassing, cursing, and threatening the President of the United States, but God forbid you call a Hollywood actor a (demonic) scumbag, which he is.
Spacey a scumbag? 馃憤
Hey mark I got one also for calling Ivanka a c*nt!
This sux.....scumbag was always my "go to" they are banning people for it. Time to make up words for them again.
Yo, @CIA, can you chemtrail this guy? #nodice
Mark Dice!! 馃槉 I鈥檓 so happy to see you back in Trump鈥檚 tweets. I thought you got tired of all your conspiracy theories was instantly debunked? Sooo is this Spacey thing all you got today or is there some golden nugget of crazy coming?
Maybe because you鈥檙e a flippin鈥 idiot 馃槈
Maybe you should admit that's a bit more than just just "scumbag".
You insulted bags filled with scum.
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