Sarah Carter lights into Hillary Clinton. Then Sean Hannity says expect the lot to happen in May.

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"It's going to be an avalanche."
Oooohhhhh this is exactly why the Clinton Cabal is pulling out their false, half ass UFO disclosure as quick as they can!!

May is gonna be cray!
🤔8 criminal referrals, declassification of FISA applications and FBI 302's, Inspector General's report...and a partridge in the Tree of Liberty! This is going to make "Crossfire Hurricane" seem like a warm summer breeze. 😂
Again, the devil took Hillary to a very high mountain and showed her all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. And he said to her, “I will give you all these things if you will fall down and worship me.” - And Hillary said, "DEAL!!!"
The “Dirty” Truth (@MrDirtyTruth) Tweeted:
Sarah Carter lights into Hillary Clinton. Then Sean Hannity says expect the lot to happen in May.…
I was gonna tell you here’s another timeline but it seems like you beat me to the punch.…
"[Hillary Clinton] is going to be investigated and all the people that supported her are going to be investigated as well." 🤔 I wonder why Podesta & Co. are pushing that secret plan distraction now.
You could present factual evidence, video and recordings and the dense HRC will STILL defend her. If there was solid evidence against Trump on anything nefarious, I'd be furious and be ready to take action. But this isn't a common mindset. HRC should have been hung decades ago.
Can't wait to see her go down
They need to stop using the word 'indicted' and start saying 'thrown in jail'. #WWG1WGA
April Showers Bring May Flowers.. Let it Rain 😁🔥⚔️
Speak @SaraCarterDC but don’t you think Americans are running out of Patience with Hilary Clinton and all the Democrats who Broke Laws and are walking FREE? @MrDirtyTruth💕
Hillary Clinton’s days are numbered.
The avalanche is coming in May 😉

FISA Declass
OIG Report
Huber aka the Stealth Bomber..

I for one can’t wait.
#WWG1GWA #HuberTime #Qanon
#GreatAwakening #PSBArmy
#PatriotsFight #LockHerUp
HRC commenting on indictments that should be handed out? Is she high or having another stroke?
I honestly have no faith in our system, except our President. Truth!!
F May. Let's light 'em up in April. Just release the FISA warrants. Lots of stock in rope because anons already know. #Qanon. Let the truth out Mr. President.
He said "Avalanche" as in D5 May-day can have many meanings. Pain is coming!
HRC has been Covered/Protected her whole Career. She is likely now as well; and she may “Assume” she still is. Remember the Move, “A Few Good Men”? “You can’t handle the truth.” How fitting!
Hillary Clinton simply could not handle that Bill Clinton had an affair with an intern and has held on to the hate for all men and anyone that does not bow down to her since. She has made all US citizens pay for Bill Clinton's choices because she couldn't handle being 2nd choice.
These people have been untouchable for so long that their arrogance has gone to their head.
Sarah and Sean have predicting the shoe will drop for 3 years now. I’ll believe it when they see it.
Hills looks very smug......what is she planning????
Did she ever fix that falling down thing?
As predicted, May is the turning point.
So that means that April showers, bring May Orange jumpsuits Right? Something like that...
Well I wish they would get on it...
May can't come soon enough!
We've heard this for a couple of years...still nothing is done.
It’s coming because the truth always comes to fruition
“Just relax. Expect in May a lot of things will happen.”
Hannity says, "Expect a lot of things to happen in May."

Julian Assange will be in the U.S. in May!
I'm pretty sick of Hannity. His constant tick tock BS is getting really, really old.
Now that you mention it, I have always loved the month of May!
Lock her up already. Cuban sandwiches for her and her friends
Interesting most of this fake news post is fake accounts 🤪
The new Book Hillary and the Submarine is about a ladybug who lives in the future after WW3. Hillary must make her way thru destroyed city's filled with mutant insects and carnivorous plants. Did someone say Animated Movie, Video Game, Comic Book! @JongleurMusic @DisneyAnimation
Typical propaganda bullshit, nothing will happen to this useless piece of shit,. If she ran for prez again all of the females in the country would rally and support her.
Spring Cleaning. 🍿
Lock her Up. Sourpussy
We the people can only pray 🙏
Treason should be rewarded with public execution
"Expect a lot to happen in May"
I hear this over and over and over again. Don't say this sh... unless it is happening.
Excellent! Excited for something good to happen.
Horowitz is a pathetic nothing. I expect nothing from him!
#QAnon #MAGA #TheAwakening #TakeBackControl #FactsMatter #SheepNoMore @realDonaldTrump #MSAGA #QAnonSouthAfrica

"Stay tuned...relax" Get the popcorn and enjoy the show. Coming in May at a theater near you.
Sean & POTUS are good don't suppose Sean's been given a hint, do ya?
If all of the crimes of Hillary and Bill come to light...they don't have enough life left to pay for them all.
I’m not going to hold my breath.
Yes, I do believe May will be an exciting month this year. #MAGA #Trump2020
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