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How come the same lawmakers who say gun laws won't stop gun violence believe abortion laws will stop abortion?
Alabama will make abortions a felony, punishable by 99 years in prison, without exceptions for rape or incest.

It will be the most restrictive law in the country, voted into effect by men.

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They鈥檙e also now claiming that science has come a long way since 1973, while refusing to acknowledge that firearms technology has come a long way since 1773.
Oooh, I think I know!! 馃檵鈥嶁檧锔忦煓嬧嶁檧锔忦煓嬧嶁檧锔 Is it because they hate women and want to control us? Did I get the right answer?
I always think - why the hell are the 鈥渁nti choicers鈥 not focusing on contraception - it is so obvious that access to contraception along with education will do more to lower the number of abortions than these backwards laws will.
How come? I gotta go with the only real answer, and it's that they're ignorant, vile motherfuckers.
Because the cruelty is the point, and they鈥檙e not actually trying to stop abortions, they鈥檙e trying to control reproduction - who, when, with whom, how often - and specifically focusing on people of color.
Because the consistency lives in apathy toward the suffering of others as essential to dominion, and both are easy to sell to dumb people as intended for the opposite effect.
Could it be ... I mean, just maybe ... (whispers) it's not really about abortion and being pro-life?
It鈥檚 cruelly ironic that lawmakers want to protect the unborn but are OK with those babies later being gunned down in a classroom.
How come the same NRA people who say guns should be allowed everywhere don't allow guns in their own headquarters and offices?
You heard it here folks
Holy shit - 99 years in prison for having an abortion, as opposed to the several cases publicised recently of rapists pleading guilty and getting 0 time. The USA is broken...
If what they say is true about killing babies - how come they don鈥檛 care about our babies being killed by guns!
They don鈥檛. Their policies on both derive from a fundamental sadism.
I don鈥檛 think these shortsighted men understand the power of our collective rage.
Same ones who bleat constantly about 鈥渟mall government".
They don't. It's about rigging the justice system to incarcerate as many people outside their bubble as possible. Profits for private prisons and bonus, felons can't vore in most states. Grab power by taking others away instead of earning it.
Because having body autonomy gives women power. Having guns makes them feel powerful.
Something something "shall not be infringed".
They dont care if abortion ends. They just want women to die or get put into a for-profit prison and lose the right to vote.
The only thing that can stop a bad person getting an abortion is a good person getting an abortion.
So if I shoot myself in the uterus, am I standing my ground? Because lawmakers decided long ago that kindergartners are acceptable collateral damage for 2A rights but now a fetus is too precious for my bodily autonomy. Folks, that math just does not check.
And I鈥檓 pretty sure immigrant children have heartbeats.
Remember, life begins at conception and apparently ends at birth.
Because it has nothing to do with protecting life. It's about control and shame.
Remember when Republicans were yappin about "Sharia Law"? Well it looks like they were projecting. This is: American style "Sharia Law" ! American style "Sharia Law" ! American style "Sharia Law" ! American style "Sharia Law" ! American style "Sharia Law" ! "Sharia Law"
鈥100% of unwanted pregnancies start with a male鈥 Male dominated controlling, draconian BULLIES Its about the freedom to choose what a woman can do with her OWN body. Alabama women TAKE YOUR POWER BACK in 2020 Vote every Republican OUT
Because gun violence and abortion both disproportionately affect people who don鈥檛 vote for them.
They don't care about actually stopping abortion, they just want women to suffer
They don鈥檛 believe it. They just don鈥檛 care. As long as they can keep their guns and control women, they don鈥檛 care how many people die.
Because they stopped accepting reflexive moral outrage the moment they accepted marshmallow president as their white lord
Love for an "object" is far above humanity and Republicans can double dip with controlling a woman all in one despotic swoop. #VoteBlue2020
How about a #HeartbeatBill to protect children outside of our uteruses
The real question is why Democrats want to stop fetuses from having assault rifles.
louder for the people in the back
The hypocrisy and hate of women is as plan as day. Children who go to school, can be shot. Women pregnant, can be shot. Babies and pre-K can be be shot. But raped, incest ..babies must be born. But no healthcare, no better pay for women...
Because it's not about abortion or even sex, it's about criminalizing women who attempt to exercise autonomy (and those who would help them). It's all about control and maintaining power, privilege, and position.
Exactly put laws on guns and domestic abusers instead of Women's bodies!
this is such a stupid argument lawd 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆烩嶁檪锔
if i could emphasize this a million times i would. outlawing abortions only outlaws safe abortions
Why are they ok with destroying banked embryos? Ohhh, because they aren鈥檛 yet attached to a woman鈥檚 uterus.
I get that people like to draw this parallel to point out the hypocrisy, but the obvious answer is that they want to control women (esp women of color) and maintain the liberty of white men 炉\_(銉)_/炉
Don't forget they're also pro-life and support the death penalty...
Well Shannon, not to be a party pooper, but gun laws will stop gun violence, but abortion laws won't stop abortions. They are both lies they peddle that make no sense. pic.twitter.com/KJSC9OtmUO
You know, for people who say they're scared of Sharia law, Americans really love pushing their religious agenda through laws... 馃
Rape and incest survivors did have choices. Some decided to keep the baby, some did not. That鈥檚 where compassion steps in with giving them their own choice. Suicides will increase with the passing of these bills, there鈥檚 no doubt.
Brilliant question! And Repubs will not answer it because they'd look stupid! Period.
Because they don鈥檛 care about violence. This is control. This is women鈥檚 subjugation. The whole 鈥渆mbryo outside the uterus鈥 argument sealed it. Rape, incest, health of host? Meaningless. You are nothing but vessels to the @gop.
Women of Alabama you're OK w/old white men telling U what U can & can't do w/your bodies? I refuse 2 believe that's true. Who will have the courage 2 speak 4 you?Certainly your State representatives won't.I'm appalled by the small mindedness of AL. BOYCOTT ALABAMA!
It's a fair question.
Excellent point! In fact, abortions go down when Democrats are in charge. So... in a very real sense, they are not pro-life at all.
As we all know, it will only stop safe and legal abortions and not illegal, unsafe abortions and deaths. It's all about controlling women.
40,000 former fetuses are shot dead every year in America...
At least she sees the link... gun violence and abortion are both acts of violence. What she misses though is that abortion is the only one of the two violent acts that is legal.
It's all a game of hypocrisy
Lol don鈥檛 try to equate the two, shit is ignorant. How would you even be able to get the guns back? 0.5% of ppl with guns commit mass shooting. And you can鈥檛 go door to door checking if ppl have guns. Won鈥檛 know what psycho has it until they start shooting.
Deplorably and unfailingly, intelligence does not flourish in the infertile fields of utter ignorance, blatant absurdity, despicable racism, misoginy, insularity and bigotry so dear to GOPers and their sycophant lackeys.
How come old white men are so afraid of vaginas?
I posted this after the GA Bill regarding illegal miscarriage was being discussed this past weekend. This has to stop! twitter.com/LateTweeter/st鈥
How come Republicans whose traditional platform is less government intervention want to regulate my uterus and ability to make healthcare choices? We鈥檙e living through a hypocritical grab for power that鈥檚 attempting to reshape the US and backtrack progress.
Anyone who thinks that banning abortion will make it go away should read 鈥淓nd of the Road鈥 by John Barth. It was written the last time abortion was banned. #MandatoryVasectomies!
My girl Shannon coming through with the real questions
Yep. Criminals don't care about laws is their motto right? Good catch!
Omg I love this. Thank you @shannonrwatts (and thank you for coming to @LeviStraussCo to spend our community day with us!)
#RoeVWade under attack again ... used to be they wanted all women barefoot and pregnant. Now they want all women barefoot, pregnant and locked up
Maybe because they don鈥檛 care if abortions stop. They鈥檇 love nothing more than to punish poor women who seek back-alley abortions.
How come the same lawmakers who say all life is precious (when it comes to abortion) but support the death penalty?
It is being voted into effect by ASSHOLES - not men. Because any real man would not vote for this horrendous fucking bill.
Thank you for using your platforms to bring attention to anti-abortion legislation! Please support abortion funds like @YellowFund @ARC_Southeast @FundMSabortions and others that provide practical and financial support to folks seeking abortion services across the south!
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