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She’s slow. Baecation is vacation with your S.O, 💰 doesn’t have anything to do with it
Pleas keep those types of females away from me amen
People talk about wanting people to pay for thei lives wayyyyyyy too much online lmao nobody cares
I may be wrong for this post according to twitter standards but I’ll Foot The Whole bill If My Guy Is Loyal
You bitches are birrrrdddsssss ; a baecation is a vacation with your boo ; my bae is not my dad if i wanna travel I’m paying too ; sis sounding like she tryna take a trip with her sugar daddy and that’s fine but don’t call that a baecation .
Broke bitch foshooo. Bae + Vacation = baecation. Why bitches always want a nigga to pay for shit? those are the same bitches that have nothing when the nigga leave them. Smh.
Bae payed for our trip to Bahamas so I decided to pay for our trip in August he didn’t ask me to , but I wanted to . we do what we can , we take care of each other & help each other every way possible ❤️ and it’s a BAEcation .
Y’all can never pay for shit on y’all own smh like enjoy the damn vacation, don’t matter who paid for it
I am fully convinced that when my son begins to chase pussy (he only 9 now), I will encourage him to avoid ANY AND ALL women that use the words, sis and bloop. Just seems they’re usually trash hoes.
If she feel that way leave her.
But how you know she broke tho??🤷🏾
Wait, what was the tweet? It was deleted!!
😭😭 y’all swear bitches be broke because they ain’t tryna go halfsies with their “ man “
A wise man once said "fuck a baecation we going to Tennessee"
y'all love calling women all types of names bc they have men in their lives who enjoy paying for things lololol...
Y'all love calling women broke for having standards.
No wonder the bitch don’t have any vacation pics on her shit 😂😂😂
I mean yeah but she did take herself🤷‍♀️
what’d it say? the tweet says deleted
There’s women really out there that think like this
Wtf is wrong with these bitches
She isn’t lying tho 🤷🏾‍♀️ I pay to go on trips with my girls but when my man pays for us to enjoy something together I feel so special 😊❤️
Facts like wats wrong wit going half nerd
Yhall dumb if you don’t think going half is okay.
Well broke bitches is me I am broke bitches .
How do I retweet this louder. Like how do I turn the volume up on this?
My response: She chose to pay and i went along. Mind yah business jealous thot
Why even comment on stuff like this? What people do ain’t your business wtf
Roland told us "Its not about how much you make, its about how you spend it" Rob said "Thats broke nigga talk" I said "Thats what someone who never buys tacos but takes tacos says" Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
I bought my ex a trip to Italy and that was the best Bæcation i ever took so you can fuckkkkk off
@FleXXinOnEm my god i love twitter better then channel 2 news 😂😂😂
Yikes 😂 entitled asses
corny broke bitches be like
A baecation is time alone with your significant other no matter who finances the damn trip. You bitches are so entitled to shit that y’all can’t understand going half on shit is healthy.
Broke af tf she talking about
RFT 😭😂😂😂
Def some broke shit to say
She tried to delete the tweet 😂
lol but that's the truth
Poor hating much? Putting aside that unfortunate comment, is distasteful and I disagree with it. But why do hate poor women?
Yea fr sis tweakin if me AND bae go vacation, than me AND bae payin unless it was as a gift or sum
Lmaooo bitches swear they deserve the world n more just cause they got a clit n boobs
😂😂😂 read between the lines sis
She either a broke bitch or her man is 😂
Facts 💯💯💯 these hoes be so broke and quick to call the dude broke ..
No one:
Dumb broads:
Fuckin clown lol

Baecation is simply being with him somewhere nice. Who spent what isnt important but yall helping each others pockets, why is it an issue? twitter.com/jeskamedeiros/…
right like whattttt? dummy
idc about going half😂 as long as he look out while we there, i don’t see a problem
I wouldn’t mind paying half going on a baecation 🤷🏾‍♀️
Some females go half , some don’t .... Y y’all pressing
Damn so we gotta go broke behind a woman that’s prolly cheating?
🙌🏾🙌🏾😂😂 I love how she coming
There’s truth to what she said tho😭:
Thank you. Leave both the sisters at home
Lmaoo, so you can’t take care of yourself? Need me to supply you with spending money as well?
😂😂🙄 fr man 🤦🏾‍♀️
The brokest of all bitches.....
y’all be going half on trips with a man ? whew.
Hahaha I hate bitches like her. She’s probably unemployed, has a premium snap, daddy issues and at least 2 old men that give her money and pay her phone bill😅👴🏽
What happened to women enjoying quality time with they men??
I’m all about going half and half or even I spot you once and you spot me once.

But if you think about using me as a paycheck/credit card, well I don’t fuck with dependent bitches.
Only Independent women who don’t see a guy as a wallet
Mind you.... Those are actually the coined out bitches
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