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When Lindsey Graham told Donald Trump Jr not to comply with a Senate subpoena, he was obstructing justice. Retweet if you agree. I know I do. #LindseyGrahamObstructed

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We The People, Agree Senator Lindsey Graham Has: Obstructed Justice & Has Witness Tampering With Don Jr.!
Tampering with a witness!
Of course #LindseyGrahamObstructed Justice the entire GOP in congress obstructs justice every damn day! We should be in the streets like South Korea did and was successful at removing their corrupt leaders!! I'm fed up with taking anxiety medication every day since tRump 2016!🤦🏻‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/EEE28EGPhv
If we are going to expect anyone to have any respect for the senate, Lindsey Graham must be removed #LindsayGrahamResign
He is so desperate that he completely lost his mind ... I just hope one day we will know what he did to make him loose it! 🥴#LindseyGrahamObstructed
I think whatever Putin has on @LindseyGrahamSC is way worse than we figured. Like, worse enough if we even hint at it we’d be sued into oblivion.
#LindsayGrahamResign #LindseyGrahamObstructed #LindseyGrahamIsATraitor
I wonder how John McCain & Ted Kennedy would react to @LindseyGrahamSC encouraging DTJr. to ignore a Senate subpoenas? He shed crocodile tears when they passed. They were guiding forces in his life and career. Now @realDonaldTrump is his mentor & #LindseyGrahamObstructed justice!
There has to be accountability #LindseyGrahamObstructed
Miss Lindsey needs to be jailed.
Virginia, DC and SC bar associations are going to be quite busy in June...
They seem to operate like a modern day mafia.
Who's running against Graham in 2020? I'll contribute to their campaign. I've contributed to #DitchMitch
Lindsey Graham has lost his mind. His behavior has undermined the institution that he used to love. The @GOP is destroying congressional norms. For what, a no class grifter who endangers people all over the world. #LindseyGrahamResign
You can add witness tampering to the obstruction....
remember, it's not obstruction if they do it in public! /s
Why was Lindsey allowed to obstructs justice, @SpeakerPelosi? Why are you playing politics and allowing America to be destroyed, @SenSchumer? Americans cheered when the Democratic majority was won for the House. Why are @TheDemocrats allowing tRump to continue destroying America?
When you encourage anyone to break the law, that is "obstruction of justice" !
committed not only obstruction of justice, but witness tampering as well. For knowingly and willfully committing those two crimes, @LindseyGrahamSC should be expelled from the Senate--and disbarred.
This bunch obstruct justice like some tumors obstruct the bowel.
They should be dealt with the same way, so we can survive.
I just watched Drumpf’s speech about immigration (“watched” sound muted as usual) but suddenly seeing Lindy having obvious orgasm,turned sound on in time to hear DT praising her. 🤮🤮🤮 Blatant recognition for Lindy’s devotion is nauseating 🤮🤮🤮 pic.twitter.com/WcZzZISDfu
Should be arrested and jailed for that advice
Under any other decent Senate, Graham would've been investigated!
.@Lawrence said the same thing last night.
It's not wether you agree or not, the FACT is he obstructed justice.
He also issued a thinly veiled threat about Bidens son if this continues
100%...the sad thing is he knows it. @SenateGOP know it and not a word. @GOP are a lost cause. It’s time to #VoteBlue not matter what.
How can you tell the difference?
Cohen should stand as a horrible example of what happens to ppl who stand by trump, putting their own standards aside to do his bidding, putting themselves in possible legal jeopardy. Lindsey Graham knows better, not sure wtf he’s thinking.
#LindseyGrahamResign #LindseyGrahamObstructed

If him, Trump, Barr and other Trump and Kushner CRIMINALS do not follow law and CONSTRUCTION, why would ANY AMERICAN follow law and CONSTITUCTION...Democracy in USA IS DEAD
Graham should be removed from the Senate
Graham should be immediately impeached. He has broken his oath of office. Obviously this has no meaning in the US these days. The US is no longer a country under the rule of law.
What do you call it, what is the legal term for telling someone not to obey the laws of one's country? #ObstructionOfJustice
Right! It's a crime deserving of punishment the law provides.
Tired of reading these tweets. They are all obstructing justice, and the democrats aren't doing a damn thing about it.
I bet a whole lot of nothing will happen because of it! #spinelessdems
Agree he should be removed from Senate‼️
A senator telling someone not to comply with a Senate subpoena? Really?
What the people want is that #LindseyGrahamResign because #LindseyGrahamObstructed an ongoing investigation. Why he do it you ask? Well that's because #LindseyGrahamIsAnIdiot
I hate graham but this is not true. He told him to plead 5th which is controversial for other reasons. We need to tell the truth and argue with facts.
We are getting used to them gettimg away with everything ..it's sickening
Totally agree. Is it witness tampering that Graham is telling him to take the fifth? He's not Jr's lawyer.
It's also called witness tampering, which is a Federal offence punishable by imprisonment? Will our Democratic leaders seize this moment to remove Lindsey Graham form the equation, I think not, they are to weak & complicit?
If I didn’t comply, I’d go to jail.
So should trump
When a US Senator urges a govt witness to refuse a legal subpoena, it’s a crime. Obstruction of justice. G’bye, Lindsey. #LindseyGrahamResign #LindseyGrahamObstructed
These people should be jailed. If Democrats were doing this, there would be complete outrage and Republicans wouldn't fail to take swift action. I'm getting tired of our side looking like complaining wimps.
willfully interfering with the process of justice and law especially by influencing, threatening, harming, or impeding a witness, potential witness, juror, or judicial or legal officer or by furnishing false information in or otherwise impeding an investigation or legal process
There is a disease going around Washington. McConnell caught it,Graham caught it and it seems that most Republicans have also come down with it. Hopefully there will be a vaccine found in the near future so all these creatures can find their souls again.
Agreed fully that @LindseyGrahamSC must resign, he violated his oath.
#GrahamResign , he is now in TREASON mode, operating against the best interests of USA.
It boggles my mind to know how anyone in a decision making position for the Federal Government has the audacity to disrespect our Constitution. It is my belief that anyone who has the nerve to do this needs to be stripped of their rights and imprisoned!
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