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Thank you Joe and remember, the BRAIN is much sharper also!
Scarborough: @realDonaldTrump looks '20 years younger than a lot of democratic candidates' washex.am/2LTLn2i pic.twitter.com/ttYMr7i8Uw

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Yes, indeed! Trump’s brain is much sharper! Love my President!
Oh, honey . . . your brain isn't even sharp enough to figure out how an umbrella works. pic.twitter.com/qVV6Em0336
President Trump at 73 has super human strenth. He sleeps only 4 hours a night & still has amazing energy all with a great & positive attitude.
Your brain is a syphilitic cesspool carousel of broken thoughts, stupid fucking nicknames, & misspelled words spinning in a whirlwind of horse shit under a hazy film of toxic orange self-tanner, that only functions minimally & begrudgingly at the behest of an adderall snowstorm
No, baby. It atrophied from nonuse.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think President Trump would accomplish so much in so little time. He be must re-elected in 2020.
Not only does Biden look like walking death, his campaign has to chain him to a teleprompter because he’s senile and may wander off topic. So Embarrassing for Democrats that he is their front runner. GO TRUMP!! Keep America Great.
Your brain is about as sharp as a beachball full of sand.
“The BRAIN is much sharper also” Clearly… 👇 pic.twitter.com/ASHONbu3cZ
Always depends on the camera angle and Orange puff powder pic.twitter.com/XRxfoFOKD7
You are in amazing shape, mentally and physically @POTUS! pic.twitter.com/BJslsBr1ZC
We need to see a birth certificate to be sure Donald Trump was born and not summoned by Lucifer himself.
You look like orange feces.
I think he meant to say, “Donald acts 70 years younger than all of the Democratic candidates.”
A brain as sharp as a hamberder bought in Kentuky? @realDonaldTrump
When you have to tell people how sharp your brain is...

...your brain is not sharp.
Prove it. Ride a bicycle around the White House grounds without falling over. Spoiler...You can't.
Pelosi demands Trump apologizes to Tlaib for Tlaibs anti semitic comments What kind of backwards world is Speaker Pelosi living in? She doesnt have the stones to come down on Tlaib for being an anti semitic so she comes down on Trump because he does? magamedia.org/2019/05/14/nan…
Not as sharp as my cousin Shane’s. He’s gotten over 45 moving violations in his driving career (and has never had a valid license), and is yet to pay one. That’s ingenuity.
You know Biden has no chance when crazy morning Joe doesn’t have his back. pic.twitter.com/WtfN0rLK8z
Inside Joke...My Brother-in-law Has Always Called Me BRAIN...I wonder why...#HoHoHo...#SCOTUS
Why it hurt you feelings that @JoeBiden is smart and you are wellknown to be a dummie wit small mushroom?
So surprised you didn’t spell “brain” as “brane.”
Remember, while Donald Trump is bragging about his pointy brain...

...United States bombers are busy trying to provoke nuclear war with Iran at his orders.

Sharp all right. Like a knife in the back.
Says the guy that can’t walk 20 feet w/o using a golf cart, wears adult diapers (Depends) and can’t read a 3 syllable word off of a cue-card without a nose full of Adderall. You spend 2 hours a day getting a spray tan/comb over & makeup. You have ‘wet’ Brain Donnie. Fact.
Smarter, and less sleepy is our great President Trump. America judge for yourselves. #SleepyCreepyJoe pic.twitter.com/k0DMzd7tJe
🚨BREAKING: According to sources Former President Obama is urging every contact available to discredit and derail the Durham Investigation ASAP. Obama knows McCain confided the coup strategy to Lindsey Graham in 2016 and fears Graham is aiding the DOJ...developing #The200 pic.twitter.com/QAOlM2I5Sc
Trump's party is waging a massive national attack on women at the state and federal level, in legislation and the courts. Their despicable disregard women's Constitutional rights and liberties reveals the moral bankruptcy of their movement and must be resisted at every level.
You have a reanimated look. That 50-50 mix of embalming fluid & bronzer gives your face a glossy glow.
Without all the surgery that his wife had.
“In my country Iran #WalkingUnveiled is a crime. Authorities call us criminals just because of not wearing Islamic Hijab. We have to be brave freedom does not come with fear. Why is #IlhanOmar and #Democrats supporting the misogynists? #WhiteWednesdays pic.twitter.com/aYnMPjyHGE
you look like caca sir! you got a oatmeal ass!
#WhiteWednesdays - #Iran Watch the reaction of a 7 year old she doesn't wants to wear hijab in school. But she is forced because of the Islamic laws in #Iran. Tell that to the #Hijabbabes #IlhanOmar and #LindaSarsour! pic.twitter.com/iRvP1wOtDH
If you are anti-Trump and following me and want me to follow back, let me know. I'll like your reply after I followed. Please be patient. We can do this together. I block all Trump supporters who rear their ugly heads on my timeline. #StrongerTogether
"remember, the BRAIN is much sharper also!"

#SleepyJoe #humancloning #madeinchina
John Solomon says Horwitz and Durham has been working together for several months. As a prosecutor, Durham gives the Inspector General the power to get grand jury indictments. #The200 pic.twitter.com/lqIZSvwfcN
Watch how Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-CA) just smiles and ignores ‘Angel Mom’ Melanie Kortlang. The Democrats choose illegals OVER US Citizens! pic.twitter.com/D3f5iW2mPw
Meanwhile we are back to windmills and eagles now! You just can't make this shit up. pic.twitter.com/YbN0uEiha6
And the wife is much hotter.
Who has the sharpest brain? (Please help by retweeting and following after voting!) bit.ly/WhyPolls bit.ly/MAGASticker
Are you fucking kidding me, @realDonaldTrump? You’re an overweight unattractive orange turd, that can’t even complete a sentence without making a total fool out of yourself. @JoeBiden is all class, you’re just a complete ass.

Thanks for the laugh, however!
Being a creep ages you a lot! Keep your hearts pure!
This tweet right here is proof that you're not well & unfit for office. Concerns about your fitness for the officearose during the campaign & continue to this day. But now, in the #MuellerReport, there's new evidence that sheds light on these concerns. bostonglobe.com/opinion/2019/0…
If he pulled his pants up a little higher, we could see his knee pads.🤣😂 pic.twitter.com/JSdEfz1ZWn
Trump’s prized Doral resort is in steep decline, according to company documents, showing his business problems are mounting. "There is some negative connotation that is associated with the brand.” Ya think? #BillionDollarLoser wapo.st/2w0L7DW?tid=ss…
Trey Gowdy just named Hillary Clinton’s henchman as prime suspects in the crime of the century – the collusion hoax to take down Trump. Wow, this is huge! #The200 pic.twitter.com/ZgsgniclEr
Maybe our POTUS is on a mission from God to save our Republic - and he is super cool too 😎🇺🇸✌️#MAGA #Q @realDonaldTrump
John Solomon discusses the break in new evidence. A new witness has been identified. #The200 pic.twitter.com/alNIogxFKs
Saudi Arabia is playing you like a fiddle once again.
They sabotaged their own vessels. They blame Iran.
(Minor damage or it would have been at the bottom of the ocean)
They want you to go to War against their No.1 enemy, Iran using our Men & Women of the armed services
My command of unit of female elite infantry is on the #Gaza border and ready for anything ..... Support #Israel pic.twitter.com/gkrDgtG0ar
Le cacao la on fait comment en côté d'Ivoire
Do you support our POTUS? (Please help by retweeting and following after voting!) bit.ly/WhyPolls bit.ly/MAGASticker
Caution! Today, the Xinhua News Agency of the Chinese Communist Party has publicly praised Biden’s opposition to Trump’s policy of increasing tariffs to China. pic.twitter.com/sHZTkPgPnA
And it’s amazing because you act like a fucking 3 year old! Found that fountain of youth, huh?
You don’t look younger than anyone and your brain is a pile of mush. You can’t form a coherent sentence, think windmills cause cancer, don’t believe in science, and can’t spell words like “hamburger” and “Kentucky.” You’re also a sociopath with narcissistic personality disorder.
You misspelled “cemetery” yesterday.
I would bet a covfefe and a hamberder that your brain isn’t that sharp, Donald. Although maybe you have a smocking gun from Nambia that could change everyone’s mind. I don’t think you would get off Scott Free though. Maybe check with your legal council, stable genius.
We found the @JoeBiden supporters Russia China Iran Cuba Venezuela
LOL trump is FAT & LOOKS EVERY BIT HIS AGE. Look at Joe Biden compared to this lard ass. trump must eat a lot of fast food - as he PLAYS A LOT OF GOLF (something he LIED ABOUT & SAID HE WOULD NOT HAVE THE TIME TO DO) - but is FAT? BIDEN IS IN SHAPE! pic.twitter.com/hqWlsGa2fn
ジョー、ありがとう。頭脳ももっと明晰だ!#トランプ大統領 訳



ドナルド・トランプ 72歳
ジョー・バイデン 77歳
バーニー・サンダース 78歳
Normally, I would never comment on the appearance of people - especially comparing "looks". But think about this guys. trump scours the net looking for anything positive about himself. HE "CHOSE" THIS TWEEET TO RE-TWEET. That's who is at the helm? PATHETIC. pic.twitter.com/sHLi0SRP57
If you have to remind people that you’re smart, you’re not.
Hahaha, I have #FatNixons latest Brain MRI and his latest Photo from Pravda. #MARINESagainstTrump #VeteransAgainstTrump. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 pic.twitter.com/pe5ooIwUDG
The debates are going to look like a verbal assault 😂
IRI torture us by stealing our wealth and freedom they are Imprisoning us and even killing people in streets and still we are resisting but we need help... #NegotiatingWithTerroristsConfirmsTerrorism #TrumpOverthrowIRI #VOApersianAgainstPersians #IraniansAmericansDialogueMovement
Joe is as decrepit as he is perverted and controlled by China.
President Trump is doing something so revolutionary, something most politicians have never even thought about: Caring and Serving his people. As a foreigner, this is truly inspirational! pic.twitter.com/9VPOWUfnyw
Get 'em, @POTUS. #LockThemAllUp #MAGA2020! Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: dfeded No.6482810 📁 May 12 2019 19:26:01 (EST) Attempts by Dems, FAKE NEWS, and those 'guilty of TREASON' to shape the public narrative [prior to] by providing FALSEHOODS will FAIL. TRUTH TO LIGHT. NO SLEEP IN DC. Q pic.twitter.com/m6KnuIGE6g
From the We-haven't-seen-this-since-during-the-2016-primaries file...
Donnie, You say you are feel 20 years younger, your brain is sharper and you are fitter than ever before.

You want to sacrifice our men & women with a manufactured war with Iran.

THEN DO THE RIGHT THING! You dodged the draft, so enlist now with your boys to the front lines.
The Emperor's New Clothes (Silver Penny Sto... by Diane Namm for $4.95 amzn.to/2q67VQm via @amazon pic.twitter.com/9ZMXva5pHY
Mr President - Army grants first waivers for 14 enlisting Sikh students to wear turbans, beards in basic training americanmilitarynews.com/2019/05/army-g… Lamba, a Sikh, was granted a waiver by the Army to wear a beard and turban pic.twitter.com/Ha2r3Did7B
Joe Biden's Son Got A Dishonorable Discharge From The Navy For Drug Use.. Weeks Later He Was Making About 50K A Month.. I'd Like To Hear That Explained Too. pic.twitter.com/IYhkGVr7KS
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