Y’all making abortion illegal but ppl killing living children and getting no jail time?? Make it make sense.
A mother accused of feeding her 11-week-old son breast milk that contained drugs, killing him, has accepted a plea deal and will not go to prison - 2wsb.tv/2Vhq5vb pic.twitter.com/YEdtTl00S2

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In reply to @___muthafcka
the majority of people that have already been sentenced for abortion and even MISCARRIAGES are also mainly women of color. let that sink it.
In reply to @___muthafcka
Her eyebrows alone should require jail time
In reply to @___muthafcka
because it was never about children’s life. it’s about having a gross amount of control over women’s bodies
In reply to @___muthafcka
well she’s melanin deficient so lets start there
In reply to @___muthafcka
The baby was out of the womb. They don’t care about it now.
In reply to @___muthafcka
She’s white I’m not surprised
In reply to @___muthafcka
They only care about the lives of the unborn
I know we don’t like talking about this but my own mother killed her 10 year old son and got less than 8 YEARS. She served less jail time than he got to experience life. Punish these kind of mothers.
In reply to @___muthafcka
This is a step in the right direction though? Incarcerating addicts will not solve any problems, they need our help and care.
In reply to @___muthafcka
Pro life stops the instant the kid is born.
In reply to @___muthafcka
Because one could argue it was never about abortion...
In reply to @___muthafcka
(( Protect only the Embryos )) cut off the aid and programs to real breathing kids .... which are not the government’s concern unless they’re unborn embryos... or orphaned violent minors
In reply to @___muthafcka
Shoutout Casey Anthony one time.
In reply to @___muthafcka
The government is more concerned about the unborn than the children that are actually at risk. pic.twitter.com/8n59jSi9nt
1) She’s white
2) Banning abortion isn’t and hasn’t ever been about “protecting life”
In reply to @___muthafcka
they only care when the baby isn't alive
In reply to @___muthafcka
this is qwhite interesting
personally, I would never get an abortion... HOWEVER I am a strong believer that it is every women’s RIGHT to make that decision. your body YOUR choice. It makes me sad to think of all the unwanted & neglected children that are going to be born.
i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again: pro-lifers don’t give a fuck once the baby is out of the womb
In reply to @___muthafcka
Both! We could just decide they both aren’t cool!
White privilege at its finest
America’s A FUCKING JOKE!!! I can’t wait to leave this stupid ass country one day
Lawmakers and enforcers are really on that fuck them kids BUT only after they’re born 🤡
also if you do ANY DRUGS, drink or smoke while pregnant you’re disgusting. it’s not hard to choose ANY other option besides consciously fucking your child up.
In reply to @___muthafcka
I’ve come to the realization that They don’t care about the kid once its actually here
In reply to @___muthafcka
White people can commit murder and walk free
Wtf is wrong w this rat looking ass bitch
Fucking ridiculous.
I hate the fucking system
America is “pro-life” only for the lives that white men in charge deem are important. That’s on everything
the laws aren’t about protecting children it’s purely to control women.
In reply to @___muthafcka
people just wanna strip women of all their rights wbk it’s straight
In reply to @___muthafcka
They don't care about them when they leave the womb.
In reply to @___muthafcka
Daenerys needs to just dracarys the entire government.
shit don’t add up, this is stupidity at its finest
it’s bc she don’t have the skin tone they’re going after 😗
In reply to @___muthafcka
... but she didn’t kill her child on purpose. She is a recovering addict and breastfed the baby instead of making a bottle because she was tired (a symptom of dealing with addiction). That headline is very misleading and refuses to acknowledge the bigger issue.
In reply to @___muthafcka
our justice system and priorities are all fucked up we can either complain or do something bout it. its up to us because these old people “representing” us dont have the same views and ideas as up
Wtf?!?!🤬⬇️please someone make it make sense.
In reply to @___muthafcka
Only white People get no jail time
In reply to @___muthafcka
The point of this is to increase THEIR Population and Nobody an convince me otherwise
In reply to @___muthafcka
Oh you didn’t know?? People don’t give a shit about babies after they’re born!! Duh!
In reply to @___muthafcka
& school shooters...but let me not comply to a cops every demand and I might die 🤔 even when the demand is irrational.
there’s really no hope in this world anymore...its really something worse everyday.
It's not "ppl" it's all the white people that get away with this kinda stuff
The lord is coming soon!! PERIOD
this is a drug abuse case. drug abusers shouldn't be incarcerated, they should be compulsively sent to rehabilitation centers when their own life of the life of others is put at risk or was compromised. this tweet is fucked up and you all shouldn't be afraid to say it
Abortion is still killing a living child ?? its the same thing
In reply to @___muthafcka
And the same ppl who SHAME the women for using food stamps and wanting free health care for the damn baby they wanted the women to carry. Like it’s my body can you not 🙄
In reply to @___muthafcka
Isn't that why they call them pro-birthers instead?
In reply to @___muthafcka
It doesn’t make sense to you cause you’re comparing two-different-STATE-laws... Realize what I just said there.
In reply to @___muthafcka
Should I point out the obvious or will someone else do it?
In reply to @___muthafcka
They only care about kids when they’re in the womb once they’re out all them pro lifers no where to be found
In reply to @___muthafcka
Because they don’t care about the kids once they’re here. It’s not about the kids. It’s about them controlling other people. Period.
In reply to @___muthafcka
In reply to @___muthafcka
I get what you mean, but this is an accidental death. She probably was devastaded over it... she's an addict and she breastfed her baby. Was she a great mother? No, but she didn't mean to hurt him.
Bc she white🤷🏻‍♀️
i’m so fucking SICK
Ayoo WHAT THE FUCK is goin on
Proof it’s just another law used to punish people just to get money out of them with fines and also to send the colored ones to jail. Smh
This is what gonna happen if abortion is illegal. She can’t take care of a child yet was forced to have one... do we see how this doesn’t make sense?
It’s almost like the “pro-life” movement only cares about life when it infringes on women’s bodily autonomy...
This mother claims she didn’t realize the drugs she was ingesting would kill her baby so this probably isn’t a person we should highlight as a murderer
Our country is a joke
WOWWWWW. Caption says it all. Damn...this country bro...
What’s wrong with the world man..
nah the kids don’t matter unless they’re not born yet. they only matter if they give the government a reason to further control women & their bodies
In reply to @___muthafcka
Cus she’s white
In reply to @___muthafcka
so ... just wanted to let you know :) our civil service has not been completed have a good one
In reply to @___muthafcka
Y’all act like Casey Anthony didn’t get off clean. Smfh.
In reply to @___muthafcka
Kill that Smeagol looking bitch !!
In reply to @___muthafcka
I mean the fact that a diagnosed drug addict was getting absolutely no support with her newborn baby probably didn't help this situation. If your a drug addict and everyone knows your a drug addict but does nothing to help you or the baby cope that's a societal failing.
In reply to @___muthafcka
That's because they are faux-life not pro-life! pic.twitter.com/qsCrZVKEOy
Because it’s not about about abortion. It’s about taking away women’s rights and controlling women’s bodies.
They only care about the baby when it’s on the womb but once it’s out they really could care less. Ex all the school shootings or unvaccinated kids or this
Because the bill is aimed to hurt people of color
F this trash bag
They got drug dealers and agg cases getting more time then fucking murder cases makes no kind of sense
This is it. This is the tweet
is no one gonna say shit about her nose? or?
I agree, Make it make sense! SMH
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