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The abortion bans in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi are appalling attacks on women's lives and fundamental freedoms.

Women's rights are human rights.

We will not go back.

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Here's what you can do today to fight back: 1. Donate to @abortionfunds: abortionfunds.org/abortion-funds… 2. Support @EmergeAmerica, @EMILYSList, @runforsomething, and @TheDLCC, who work to elect pro-choice candidates 3. Join @supermajority to organize for the future
Could’ve just voted for the email lady, and we wouldn’t be here.

I can’t think of a better “poster hag” than you @HillaryClinton for planned Parenthood’s killing of babies.
That’s another reason they didn’t want a female President, you would never have stood for this. These men in power need to put their bibles down and pick of their Constitution of these United States.
I think I’m going to send the Governor of Alabama a coat hanger.... to be prepared for what will come.
Only someone Evil says protecting unborn children is an assault on a women’s right. May God Have Mercy On You.... Attorney Barr, not so much 😘
"The rights of unborn females need not apply"
Hildabeast you have NO conscience, zero moral fiber & are soulless. You murd@r men women & children without batting an eye. Your fat corrupt treasonous Seditious ass should’ve NEVER EVER had a platform of any kind. You are simply evil. I pray daily you pay for your crimes!
Aye @HillaryClinton??

🗣States have legislatures & Governors elected by the people, NOT YOU, who represent THEIR values & agendas, NOT YOURS!

🗣No one ASKED YOU.

🗣An unborn child has rights.

🗣Stop your demented obsession with infanticide.

🗣You LOST...TWICE...take a hint.
"I don't believe in Abortion..." ( Abortions don't really need you to believe in them. They're a medical procedure, not tinkerbell)
Just refer to Alabama as #Talibama from now on. Isn't this basically the Christian version of the much maligned and feared myth of Sharia law? It's tragic, but predictable: #RoeVWade now hangs by a thread. Its position as the law of the land has never been so precarious. pic.twitter.com/3nAilYUF1L
No Hillary,

The attacks you allowed on Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith in Benghazi were appalling!! What about their rights?

And how about we have a conversation about Seth Rich?
I have a lot of rage about everything happening but the fact that we could have had a president who truly cared about reproductive rights and access to reproductive healthcare is truly infuriating.
The bad thing with all of this is that the Supreme Court is now more conservative than liberal Sec. Clinton. So if this goes to the Supreme Court Roe v Wade or whatever may get overturned. Personally I think whatever a woman does with her body is between her and God.
Hillary Clinton was—and still is—right about everything. ✊️
Fixed it 👍

The support for abortion in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi (and elsewhere) are appalling attacks on babies lives and fundamental freedom's....
Babies rights are human rights!
We will not go back!

@HillaryClinton is a baby killer!
Abortion kills babies. Killing human beings will NEVER be a human right.
It is literally this simple. Women’s Reproductive freedom means... Financial Freedom which means... Freedom from Failed Relationships which means... Freedom from Abuse. It is all tied together.
This was the plan all along. It was set in motion the day Kavanaugh was confirmed. For those of you who didn’t vote for Hillary, this is what you have wrought.
hey thanks but we don't need a Clinton telling us about human rights. If we have questions about government corruption we'll make sure to reach out though.
And I thank God for this every. single. day. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 pic.twitter.com/UnceSInEri
You've killed more men than Cecil B. De Mille.

Maybe sit the infanticide thing out, Grandma Death.
to all of the purists who argued that Hillary was as bad as Trump so they voted 3rd party... you own these attacks on women’s liberty and humanity.
As always you went to far! Allowing abortions even beyond birth! They say that adoption doesn’t end the pain of pregnancy. Neither does abortion up to and beyond birth. Thankfully your evilness always goes too far and awakens the good. Oh and you should probably be in hiding
We are reading this because we were not aborted. Think about that!
In other words... the bitch wants her damn food!
Abortion is an attack on women’s lives.

100,000,000+ girls are dead today.

& countless women have been killed or wounded from their abortions.
Under some of these laws, women could get felony charges, causing them to lose their ability to vote. See the connection?
So why are so many women in those States supporting it? Maybe you should retract and be more clear like "it's an attack on the liberal freaks that vote for me". Better? By the way have you turned in your passport?
The abortion bans in Alabam, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi are wonderful life saving measures taken for unborn children. Womens fundamental lives & rights aren't lost bc their child has started.
Fixed it for you.. racist Margaret Sanger loving pos.
Babies have rights!!
THEM: Ending abortion is our greatest concern and we'll do anything to stop it. US: How about teaching non-abstinence based sex education in schools and providing free birth control? Both have proven to greatly reduce abortion rates. THEM: Lol no, how would that punish women?
If laws on the books against homicide were enforced they wouldn’t need these laws. Abortion = Murder. Half the genetic material of the fetus does NOT belong to the woman, so after conception it is no longer just her body. She has a right to conceive, not to murder.
Gosh, with all the $ millions you, Planned Parenthood, Soros, Global Fund, and countless others have extracted from our Government (taxpayers) for condoms, you wouldn't think their would be a need for abortion. 🤔
Killary @HillaryClinton

How is saving a babies an appalling attack on women’s lives

Oh right😳 getting pregnant is a liberal disease


You started with 👉🏻Benghazi and graduated to 👉🏻Babies 👶

Satan’s disciple Killary
Pre-born women are human & have rights too... such as the right to live guaranteed by the constitution.
Is it not an appalling attack on #babygirls to pay a male doctor to dismember them so you don't have to clothe, feed, educate, or laugh on the front porch with them? Much less be forced to take future grandaughters to eat ice cream or care for them when they get sick. #ProLife
And yet you stated that you look up to Margaret Sanger, a woman who created Planned Parenthood to exterminate who she thought was inferior, the black race.

Stop being a hypocrite and address why abortion clinics are predominantly in black neighborhoods.
We will not go back. ✊🏻
Please do explain why SO many women support these bills? This is not about men’s rights vs women’s rights. This is about us deciding if we’re going to be a moral society or not.
And yet you stated that you look up to Margaret Sanger, a woman who created Planned Parenthood to exterminate who she thought was inferior, the black race. Stop being a hypocrite and address why abortion clinics are predominantly in black neighborhoods. #eugenics
Long live States rights and the people who live there deciding what kind of world they want to live in! (Also cuz it pisses Hillary off)
Ending Freedom of Choice and another Middle East WAR? Not one US person born after 1973 has ever lived in a world without freedom of choice. But we'll ask our young to die in our wars (again?) How to hold those two thoughts in my head at the same time? #WomensRightsAreHumanRights
You know things are going well when Satan's sister is mad
👇this clown's still opening its mouth! 🇺🇸💪👍
Listen @HillaryClinton you’re a joke! Of Course you would say something like this, you looked up to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, the evil genius who created an organization that has killed over 18 million black babies!
Can’t cut off your supply now can they? You’re a vile, sick evil, demented individual. 😡

The abortion bans in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi are appropriate measures to protect innocent babies (humans) lives and fundamental freedoms.

Babies (humans) rights are human rights.

We will not go back.
But her emails.

GodDAMN, America.
Anyone else canceling plans to visit these states? Really wanted to visit Georgia this summer, looks like that's getting thrown out the window.
There must be a way to significantly reduce the number of abortions without taking away women’s rights because the number of abortions is in fact outrageous.
Are you being serious Hillary? At this stage of your life, are you still in denial of the absolute humanity of the unborn child? Unbelievable.
We could have had a president who centered women instead of one who put two men on the US Supreme Court who are anti-abortion ideologues who are salivating at the thought of delivering the death blow to #RoeVWade.

The Trump #SCOTUS will be in place for another 30yrs.
Hillary we already fought this. All those early days of VERY HARD WORK to protect women and get the rights we have! NOW election stolen. I really hope you will run for 2020 so we can finish this! MANY OF US do not want anyone but you! It was stolen from us too!
why would woman live in alabama anyway? we should be flying them out on c-130s
But @SusanSarandon is more frightened of you than she is of Trump.
So mad about 2016 she’s calling states out by name now
Oh Hill Baby worried about the end of Roe vs Wade with state rights - it’s a great #MAGA day for the unborn 😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥💥💥✌️@realDonaldTrump
Susan Sarandon, Jill Stein & Nina Turner must be so proud they helped defeat this monster monster.
We agree, @HillaryClinton. Women's rights *are* human rights.

But it is equally true that unborn babies' rights are human rights.
How is it an appalling attack to save unborn childrens lives? They too would one day grow up to be a woman or man. On average a heartbeat is detected at 6 weeks of pregnancy. Where are their rights?

It's appalling that you could care less about murder.

But we are going back — how do we stop it?
One small step protecting the defenseless unborn. One giant leap for human values. This is just the beginning. @LilaGraceRose
Still think Hillary would have been as bad as Trump? I guarantee you she would have protected Roe V Wade and wouldn't be putting children in cages.

Don't throw your vote away for a protest vote or split the vote because of ideological purity.

Pay attention, #cdnpoli.
The point is if raped or incest wasn't included they would all play that claim for an abortion card procedure. You people poked the bear with the full term infantacide campaign. Now you bastards will pay the price. Karma is a bitch Hillary and it to has you number, tick tock!
Any state that does this should not be paying for Viagra or Cialis.
Hey Felonia Von Pantsuit- you need to STFU and go back to the woods with your Russian vodka
I’ve been finding a lot of use for this one lately :/ pic.twitter.com/aF8UCNngBS
Not being able to kill an unborn baby is an “appalling attack on women?”

When I hear “appalling attack,” other things come to mind... like, for starters, #Benghazi.
This seems like a good time for a reminder that @HillaryClinton is a devout Christian and that theocracy and religion are not synonyms.
HRC would have replaced two conservative justices with two liberal pro-choice justices.

11-year-old girls are getting raped and pregnant and these bills would force them to complete the pregnancy. Tell those little girls it was worth voting for Jill Stein.
I am so angry at all those people who didn’t bother to vote and to the GOP that makes it difficult to vote. Canadian here...I wept the night of the election. I knew Trump would be a disaster. You were robbed and the world is paying the price.
I saw this tweet and almost cried
Some people see children.
Some people see adrenochrome.
There is a special place in hell for evil women like Hillary Clinton.
@meetjoenguyen is a proponent of murder. Typical of the #Left. #Abortions kill more minorities than whites... yet ANOTHER racist policy enforced by Joe.
What "Fundamental Freedoms"? The freedom of making a poor decision to have relations without protection? What happened to teaching women AND men abstinence until marriage, or when you are financially stable to raise a child?

I'll wait for your reply 😏

If we do, they'll be after our right to vote next.
If the conservative GOP is so hell bent on saving human life, they should look in their own back yard at the border of Mexico, and save these children from their suffering! They are hypocrites. Thank you Madame President!
It’s almost as if elections have consequences and the consequence of 2016 is now the current admin is dragging us backwards and empowering those who seek to drag us backward.
I’m still staggered and confounded by the percentage of women who voted Republican in 2016, and would still vote the same way.
Please run Hillary. Only you can heal this country. 🙏🏽💙
Woman can make choices but babies cannot. Babies rights are human rights. What say you about this Hillary?👇 "Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recorded 143 deaths between 2003- 2014 involving infants born alive during attempted abortions' 1 baby per mth left to die.😭 pic.twitter.com/vBOxDhCBOI
What about the baby's rights They are American citizens, yes? Then when their heart starts, so does life, just like life ends when it stops, therefore, the right to life and pursuit of happiness pertains to them as well. How would you feel if that were your grandchild killed?
Human rights, eh? 🤔

Abortion kills over 600,000 human souls in the U.S. each year (presumably over 300k are women)

Meanwhile these abortion bans will cause exactly ZERO people to lose their life (in fact, it will SAVE thousands)

So yeah - let’s talk about human rights 🤬
I had to have a termination at 17 weeks due to a severe abnormality called anaecaphely. No chance of life at all. It was my choice to terminate - not my husbands, not politicians and certainly not the idiots in office at the moment !! #AlabamaAbortionBan
Thank you!! Someone who has always fought for women’s rights. We need you as president!!!!
What Alabama is doing is barbaric and reprehensible. Lawmakers do not care about the physical and mental health of young girls and women, they’re only interested in control and its beyond disgusting. 🤡 #AlabamaHatesWomen
The right to life is the most fundamental freedom!

There is no right to an abortion anywhere in the constitution!
Trump administration has SEVERELY LIMITED rights of women to obtain a legal abortion. Same Trump administration has SEVERELY INCREASED rights of the mentally ill & everyone else to obtain a gun & other firearms. Terrified? Had enough? Push for impeachment. and Vote Blue in 2020!
Unborn human's rights to live are human rights, you witch.
And, the bans are unconstitutional.
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