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Every person with a uterus

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In reply to @AlannaBennett
Also YES to saying 鈥減erson鈥 not just 鈥渨omen鈥 with a uterus! 鉂わ笍Inclusive language鉂わ笍 pic.twitter.com/ZFw6Zato8Q
In reply to @AlannaBennett
I can't use mine anymore so I guess when someone asks me what my plans are in 5 years I can now say in good conscience, "Cooking and cleaning for an upper official while wearing various shades of beige and gray."
Ok, this is so clumsy I don't know where to begin. Firstly, not every person with a uterus can become pregnant. Secondly, it's offensive to those without a uterus who will never be able to experience an abortion, whether it's legal or not.

Think before you post next time.
I guess RIP referring to women in any biological sense as women.
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Thank you for being inclusive with this. It is exhausting watching so many trans men and nonbinary peeps being locked out of talks and getting shouted down for wanting space to be seen and heard
In reply to @AlannaBennett
I wish Twitter had sad reacts
In reply to @AlannaBennett
This was an actual take from someone in my class pic.twitter.com/fB89bVDQva
In reply to @AlannaBennett
I got mine taken out 2 yrs ago, fairly young bc of lots of issues. Ppl laughed when I said I was taking it out while I was still able to. Who knows, in the future, those with a uterus may be forced to keep those too.
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Either way, it calls for some special type of juice boxes to recover. pic.twitter.com/hIKez8ZkIA
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Everyone who opposes these laws should refuse to travel to/through, do business with or live in these states. Obviously easier said than done but definitely possible for some.
In reply to @AlannaBennett
There are enough children who are unwanted as it. why add to this problem..i don't know how people can say a feutus/unborn baby has a voice..it doesnt even breathe until the umbilical cord is cut..so how can people think that it can think and decide if it wants to be born or not
In reply to @AlannaBennett
I know it'd be a major upheaval... but.. just a thought.. and not one I expect to happen... all women move to a state that isn't a neanderthal as Alabama
Wait LMAO but like o h n o
Finally, an inclusive joke about this hellscape. See how easy it is?
First it鈥檚 the antivaxxers now y鈥檃ll are taking away my reproductive rights ???? A baby in this economy ????? Craziness I鈥檓 never leaving my house again
Yeah, remember when @HandmaidsOnHulu seemed like a crazy, scary thing to happen but we told ourselves it wouldn鈥檛? Hmm.
Every baby in the womb
on some handmaid鈥檚 tale shit 鈽癸笍
I鈥檓 scared at how much this made me laugh ... 馃槄
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Every sane person in the US right now...
I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this
fr im genuinely scared
In reply to @AlannaBennett
The UK have a programme "are you smarter than a 10 year old", America has a programme "are you smarter then the men in charge of America"
In reply to @AlannaBennett
But also, if Congress would realize that a woman's body is a woman's body.... That's all I have to say. Women have rights. If a man could get pregnant, this wouldn't have passed as a law. It is insane how unfair men are to women.
If you have no uterus or never had to carry a child your opinion about abortion is used to wipe my ass.
In reply to @AlannaBennett
I feel sorry for anybody that believes this. You are not in danger. Don't believe those lies.
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Every person trying to defend the heartbeat bill. pic.twitter.com/uRrzmKGzp2
I wish... this was a joke
Not white women. One helped author the Alabama bill (or could be Georgia) and another signed it into law
can an intelligent person give me a call and explain the babies aren鈥檛 real people side of this debate???
Loving the meme, not loving the fact it鈥檚 true
In reply to @AlannaBennett
People are okay with penalty, and putting women who get abortions to death, and probably support cops that shoot innocents saying 鈥渋t was a stressful situation鈥 AND the killings of people in border captivity. but getting rid of something unborn is their ONE issue.
In reply to @AlannaBennett
If we take birth control or have an abortion or a miscarriage are we even allowed to visit those states now or will they arrest us? How far are they going to carry this under his eye insanity? pic.twitter.com/lYfNcmIyr3
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Sorry to ask this but what happened?? I don't live in US. Someone please tell me, thank you.
When you're laughing at abortion memes but also high key scared for your life
I鈥檓 willing to bet none of them said this when they voted in 2016
In reply to @AlannaBennett
You realize there鈥檚 a lot of women out there that or pro-life right?
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Don't make me laugh, dammit! This is serious!
In reply to @AlannaBennett
I think it鈥檚 so sad that this made me laugh a little. It鈥檚 all too real
In reply to @AlannaBennett
I don鈥檛 have a uterus anymore and this is me. Please @AnnaKendrick47 don鈥檛 accept any work in Georgia or Alabama
In reply to @AlannaBennett
But not anymore every person INSIDE a uterus...
I don't have a uterus but

1) restricting abortion rights also permits doctors to feel they have control over our uterus in other ways; i.e., the decision to have it removed.

2) restricting abortion access spills over into limiting liberties of non-men in other ways as well.
I鈥檓 actually really compatible with a Taurus. Now Aries on the other hand, that鈥檚 a different story.
We don't have kids. I have an IUD (for medical reasons, PCOS takes care of the fertility issue) and live in one of the most liberal states in the country - and we are STILL talking about emigrating for my safety. This shit is real, folks. Don't let Gilead start in your state!
Yup. So scared to be alive.
I already thought I was in danger all the time but now...
It鈥檚 funny bc it鈥檚 true.
Finna start robbing pharmacies for birth control 馃槀馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔 this getting out of pocket
"why do you keep talking about politics" they said
High levels of oestrogen and ...
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Just finished watching the ted bundy movie staring @ZacEfron. And boy did those woman relate to this post.... Oof i can't forget jack the ripper. pic.twitter.com/1CsTfEm62B
In reply to @AlannaBennett
The babes in the womb won't be saying that.
aplica para cualquier situacion, cualquier dia y a cualquier hora
Conversely, every person IN a uterus
I kinda hate that I laughed at this but it鈥檚 fucking true
We鈥檝e been in danger LONG before this week.
馃槀 the situation is obvs not funny but this got me 馃槶馃槶
In reply to @AlannaBennett
If anyone is interested in helping the people of Alabama who need access to abortions, donating to @YellowFund is an incredibly productive way to help. They鈥檙e a grassroots org who fund abortions and fight for abortion access in Alabama. You can donate at yellowfund.org
In reply to @AlannaBennett
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Please everyone!! Protect the liberal sacrament of baby killing!!!
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Yes, lets reduce women to baby making factories with terms like uterus havers and gestators to pander to the gender cult led by narcissistic men. By all means, why don't you wear your red cape and white bonnet while you're at it. The only term to use is WOMAN. #peakmisogyny
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Where's the marches?
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Naa, 鈥渆very person who is not a white heterosexual male鈥
In reply to @AlannaBennett
Don鈥檛 forget the people with penis鈥 too
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