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Every woman sobbing on election night knew what was coming.

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And every woman who voted for this terrible person sitting in the Oval Office should be ashamed as well.
I actually stopped seeing my therapist because of his reaction to my reaction.
We aren鈥檛 sobbing anymore. And that should terrify them. 馃敟
My wife did. Many liberal men (even gay men that I knew) kept saying "give him a chance" "it's not so bad" "what's the worst that can happen?" Growing up conservative I knew what was the worst cause it was in our plan. But naive leftists didn't want to believe.
Yes. And I blame every single Sanders/Stein voter for the suffering women will endure.
how about the ones crying tears of joy? odd bunch that ...
I was sobbing and smoking a cigarette and I don't smoke and I still didn't imagine just how bad it would be.
We were actually sobbing about our family members getting deported but go off
sigh. yes. I cried for my teenage daughter's future and the future of all women.
I had cried so much that night and the next morning that when I stopped at Starbucks on my way to work the barista looked at me and said 鈥渋t鈥檒l be ok鈥. I鈥檓 thinking, 鈥渋t won鈥檛 but thanks鈥.
And every woman sobbing when Christine Blasey Ford began speaking into the microphone felt the rumble of these footsteps
I should stop going on about this but I am still having conversations with centrist people who should know better, who think there is room for reasonable debate with the far-right. The other night I had to say "they are trying to introduce policies that would actually kill you."
Yeah - women men brothers sisters gay straight Black brown white Muslim Christian Jewish Buddhists
Us - them
Yes we did. My 16 year daughter knew. She sobbed in my arms. I will never forget it and I will never forgive the people that have allowed and enabled this to happen.
and every entitled white lady who voted for Trump did, too.
F*ck every woman who voted for the orange dingleberry
My mom told me the way she felt that night was worse than when JFK & MLK were assignated.
When my cousin and I participated in the first women鈥檚 march and I posted about it I had men in my family asking me 鈥渨hat are you protesting about?鈥 ...鈥淲hat do you think you鈥檙e going to lose?鈥濃 鈥渨hat do you think is so bad about this?鈥. smh
Honestly - that night was the second worst night of my life. Second *only* to the night I learned my first husband had been killed in a car accident. It felt deeply *deeply* like a death. And unfortunately I was right - it was the night the US as I know and love it died 馃槶
Every man: "But he hasn't done anything yet! Give him a chance!"
When women marched and everyone mocked them, focused on their hats, laughed as they asked, "what rights do you actually think they're going to take?" We were right. It's started.
Except for the 53% of white women who voted for Donald Trump
I am post menopausal. I have no children of my body. I had two abortions.
I will stand in this maelstrom to do everything I can to protect the right of women everywhere to make the same choices I did.

Every woman who voted knew the stakes.
#KeepAbortionSafe #RightSideOfHistory
She鈥檚 so fucking right.
I cried too - and I'm Welsh and live in the UK!
Remember all the shit that women got for freaking out when trump was elected??? Because I fucking do. Y鈥檃ll said it wasn鈥檛 that serious. It鈥檚 always been that serious! Now our bodies are under attack, but men aren鈥檛 gonna care until it鈥檚 about their guns.
And they called us 'hysterical.'
I found out while working a flight from New York to London. Out of 13 FAs, 9 of us were in the back galley crying. Some sitting on the floor. When we landed the pilot made a PA that he was happy to announce our next president. He did not have a pleasant bus ride to the hotel.
I was called overdramatic. No; my father taught me to study history.
I couldn鈥檛 imagine things would be this off the rails in so many areas of life, but I spent the entire first week after the 鈥渆lection鈥 randomly bursting into tears because I was so completely horrified.
We knew, that鈥檚 why we did the women鈥檚 march, we knew.... I remember my friends and I messaging each other after Hillary鈥檚 concession speech to use long term birth control to outlast this administration and others wanted to leave the US because we fucken knew!
I鈥檓 one of them that sobbed. Not only did the woman I鈥檝e always dreamed would be POTUS not win, I knew that the horrible person that would be in the WH would be the worst in all ways. And now we see so much damage, including the attack on women鈥檚 rights.
Yes, yes, we did. Neighbor mocked me for it. We don't socialize anymore.
I wasn鈥檛 sobbing, I was drinking & planning subversive actions with other Indigenous women. White women need to catch up cuz y鈥檃ll who got us here.
I sobbed for hours & still haven鈥檛 recovered. I am so angry.
I remember waking up about 3 am and seeing results. I started to cry. Like when I wake up the next day after losing a loved one. I still cry every time I listen to HC鈥檚 campaign song. #thisisourfightsong
Man, some people are like, I would say to an unnecessary degree, upset with Game of Thrones.
Not just crying. Had a fight in a bar with some redneck hick and destroyed my I phone. More crying and two Xanax. Still crying add anger, rage and a terrible tummy.
And every POC. And every latinx person. And every LGBTQ. And every immigrant. And every disabled person. Everyone. We all knew.

Except for white men, and the women who support them. They weren鈥檛 afraid to try him out. And they were right! Their power has never been safer!
Yep. And sobbed for weeks thereafter, then filled with rage, then grabbed the pitchfork and started organizing.
First they said it wouldn鈥檛 happen, then they said it won鈥檛 be so bad
Cried and told I was overreacting by my psuedo-progressive boyfriend at the time, who had voted for Jill Stein because he "just didn't like Hillary" and "We should just give him a chance, maybe it won't be so bad"
This hit me right in the gut. This WAS me and for days after. I knew. So many of us knew. Now I have to virtually escape my state.
That hopelessness I felt that night and the morning of will always stick with me.
Something something 53%...
this is happening because that was the first time any of you gave a shit
Yes. This is not a shock. It's not a surprise. We knew, and we were mostly patted on the head and told we were overreacting.
A few months and your red robes will be in the mail
I tweeted something about this that night that went viral, and will never forget the glee and the vitriol of Trump voters coming into the mentions making fun of the humanity of this reaction. Will never forget it. Ever. This mania is not normal. It鈥檚 not. It can鈥檛 become normal.
You mean the AL law that was: - written by a woman - championed by that same woman - signed into law by a woman That law? What鈥檚 the problem again?
the governor of alabama is a woman. just saying.
I really hope we all remember this moment next year when it鈥檚 time to vote... #AlabamaAbortionLaw #RoeVsWade #ElectionsHaveConsequences #LivingInAHandmaidsTaleEpisode
It has always been about abortion.
This man sobbed on election night - because it was clear this was Trump was an orange wrecking ball to women's rights, the constitution, LGBTQ equality, the environment, financial regulation.... #StillWithHer
In my grad class the following day, we read Langston Hughes' poetry, most of us near tears, & had a conversation filled with long, horrified silences. Now, I'm so angry & so tired of having to fight so hard for basic human compassion & empathy. All this hate & terror...
For a quick pick me up, read the replies 馃槀馃槀馃槀
So did the white women clapping
Barring all the gleeful white bitches that voted for this bullshit.
My fianc茅e and I almost broke up the night after the election because she was crying and I didn鈥檛 get it. I get it now and we鈥檙e getting married in September.
And the fact that it is worse than we imagined has made the past two years insufferable. Too many "norms" not enough rules & laws, & most disturbing, too many in power who simply don't care to do the right thing.
Just going to put this right here because Donald Trump is not in the Alabama State Legislature or the governor of Georgia or literally anything that has anything to do with this and we need to understand where the real problem is. twitter.com/KatCalvinLA/st鈥
I cried myself to sleep that night. The next day, my daughter (then 14 years old) burst into inconsolable tears on the ride to school and had to be taken home. She may not have been able to completely grasp the details, but she knew it was bad.
Absolutely. I'm just stunned how many safeguards have failed us. I hope the eventual outcome of this horrible era is that people don't take their rights for granted. Democracy has to be fought for continuously.
That was me. Can鈥檛 remember the last time I cried that much.
Once again, sad and disappointed in humanity. It鈥檚 a sick world we are living in and I鈥檓 scared for my daughter and her future on so many levels. I keep thinking the old, white, male dinosaurs will die out and this will change, but will it?
I know this, because I was one of them.
52% of white women voted for Trump.
And additional sobbing when Kavanaugh was appointed 馃槶
"indelible in the hippocampus"...
My mom and I held each other and cried in the parking lot after we left a watch party. I went home and cried myself to sleep. We knew what it meant.
I鈥檓 Canadian and was living in the UK during the election, and even I cried. This will have repercussions across the world.
i remember people in my high school making fun of me for crying in class and being visibly upset the day after the election. crazy how now women are losing their rights everywhere you turn, just like i knew we would. just like i cried because i knew we would.
Every person of color sobbing on election night knew what was coming. Every LGBTQ person sobbing on election night knew what was coming. Every immigrant sobbing on election night knew what was coming. Every person of conscience sobbing on election night knew what was coming.
Tell this to @maggieNYT and 鈥渂ut her emails鈥 hype
Yep. No small wonder 3m turned out to protest the inauguration in the largest demonstrations in US history.
I cried all day. My husband said I was overreacting. He now acknowledges that I was not.
Will never forget coming home on election night sitting in my bed crying my eyes out because I was so scared of all the things that would happen under Trump, and bit by bit they鈥檙e all coming true
I dont want to 鈥渓ike鈥 this tweet. It鈥檚 truth. Nearly 100 years since we gained access to the basic access to the polls. And THIS monstrosity criminalizing women. Theee are no penalties for the offending penis. No financial obligations Any claiming morality in this is bankrupt
And every patronizing asshole who told us we were being dramatic should line up first for a vasectomy.
I remember how scornful & mocking men on the right (and certain segments of the left) were of photos of women crying on election night, and the sick fury in my stomach that burned even hotter in response. It wasn't because we "didn't get our way" - it was bc of this.
& I had guy friends like 鈥渋t鈥檚 not that dramatic鈥
Can we count on women to mobilize in 2020 in full force and help defeat Trump at the ballot box?
My roommate at the time was less politically active than me, so she was the calm one hugging me while I freaked out. Just yesterday she said I was right to cry that night.
Hi Jen. Unfortunately this happened during the Obama years in the south as well. Remember Wendy Davis that was before Trump. Planned Parenthood was attacked when Obama was President
Never let these ghouls take power again.
53% of ww knew what was coming too and their vote was a direct attack on woc who鈥檚 actual lives will be in danger bc of this
Yep. I actually said this to my sons today. They鈥檙e 19 and 20 and new voters. I told them vote Democratic if you ever want your girlfriends or wives to have a decent healthcare and rights
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