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For someone who thinks Joe Biden is sleepy, you sure spend a lot of your work day not working.
Looks like Bernie Sanders is history. Sleepy Joe Biden is pulling ahead and think about it, I鈥檓 only here because of Sleepy Joe and the man who took him off the 1% trash heap, President O! China wants Sleepy Joe BADLY!

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Everyday I fail to understand how anyone supports this man.
"Executive time" 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
It鈥檚 always about projection with Trump. I鈥檇 add that Trump is 鈥渟leepy and creepy鈥.
I鈥檓 with @ElieNYC. I don鈥檛 get used to Trump鈥檚 insults ever. It鈥檚 too bad so many people have. This tweet on Biden is disgusting.
I鈥檓 more scared when he isn鈥檛 golfing or rage-tweeting to be honest.
Sophomoric, predictable & Increasingly stale. Expect the ad hominem attacks to increase. It鈥檚 all he鈥檚 got.
What a bizarre choice of attempted insult: I鈥檓 sleepy right now and not a bit bothered by it
The laziest POTUS ever!
Or thinking, telling the truth, exercising, reading, learning, or paying attention to anything of importance. Whining blob in the WH. pic.twitter.com/UjBTKh1QFM
The press repeats and subtly laughs at Trump's childish name calling, but if any of his rivals call him names, the press is quick to report how childish that person is acting.
Con Don, Joe Biden is going to kick your Phat lazy ass in 2020. We remember your Cons: Shutdown government, Siphon $ from the military to build the wall, Kids in cages, Eliminate pre existing conditions, Obstruct justice, Choose Putin over our hard working intelligence community
Says the man who has spent 1 out of 5 work days golfing, takes EVERY weekend off and spends approximately 14 to 20 house of every work day watching television!
So, so busy working for you - NOT!

Tweetngolf; Golfntweet; Nazirally; Tweetngolf.
He spends a disproportionate amount of his work day cheating at golf.
When does he actually work at all?
People think he is being insulting but literally the only way he remembers who is who is by his staff giving nicknames that trump can understand. youtu.be/Vhyh-OFjM4w
He called Jeb "low energy" and now he's calling Biden "sleepy." Seems like Trump is beginning to repeat himself.
Every mention of sleepy candidates should be met with this: twitter.com/atrupar/status鈥
Is it me or does he sound even more unhinged than usual?
If Biden is Sleepy, then Trump must be Dopey
Both of those slobs don't deserve to be POTUS but while you're talking shit about "sleepy" you always look like you just shot up heroin ready to nod off.
And....golfing EVERY weekend! #SoBusy
Each & every time the imbecile @RealDonaldTrump speaks - or tweets - I cringe with embarrassment & disgust. How is it possible that this abomination is representing our country??? A national nightmare.
Donald always regresses to the 2nd grade playground mentality when he's scared.
His name calling is embarrassing for every adult American.
Tweeting, 鈥榚xecutive time鈥, watching Fox News...,,
Unfortunately......most of Congress is guilty of the same.....especially leading Democrats.
I think he goes with "Sleepy Joe" because it rhymes with "Creepy Joe" but he knows he can't get away with calling out anyone for being creepy. pic.twitter.com/aW6bOolhwc
Shhh Trump doesn鈥檛 wake until 11am
I don't think it matters when pussy grabbing traitor Trump calls Joe Biden sleepy. 馃
Best economy and lowest unemployment in history
Mr. President, I would be willing to help you with your word salad. I'd consider it a patriotic honor to do so.
is a very very busy guy. Look at what he has to do. That orange glow requires lots of time in the tanning booth while basting his face in what could only be bbq sauce. Then the hair. Then Fox for his schedule. We should give him a break. He needs to rest.
Do you also follow him when he brushes his teeth? Creepy?
Lol of course @neeratanden is out defending moderate un-progressive Joe Biden. Of course.
He works his ass off, idiot! Hes been making America better and better everyday and the world knows it. Your insults are a sad reflection of your character. You're a loser
Tweeted President Eye Bags
Seriously! If he got any lazier, we could pour salt on him and watch him dissolve.
Sitting home watching Fox & emoulments grow. Lately WH wanted reg shipments of immigrants 2 Fla. Mayor there said Open Mar-a-Lago 2 them &WH backed down. pic.twitter.com/lNDRUjgSCK
We should all call him LAZY TRUMP every single time we mention him. Make it stick! Since he鈥檚 so fond of nicknames and doesn鈥檛 seem to have one yet!
Trust me I do a lot less. Spent most of my days just pointing a gun at the mirror trying to look like Dirty Harry.
I rather have sleepy than crazy
Lazy-Ass Don Trump.
everybody wants anybody but trump, that treasonist lying jackass
All that executive time, you see.
It no longer amazes me, that such childish and immaturity could come out of someone as the President of the United States. It appears that Child # 45 may of missed his childhood, and is living it out now. Never seen anything like it in my lifetime, even from true Dictators.
Neera, you are the most worthless neolib trash in the world. You are more worthless than Jared Kushner.
Sometime I wonder if trump smokes pot or takes pills that have the same effect.
Pathetic fake president.
How many tweets has Trump blasted out? At about 30 seconds apiece, he's probably wasted several weeks on this platform. That's not including his golfing, his entertainment of sports teams, etc.
A 60 second tweet doesn't constitute an entire day...just FYI.
And of course you know this how?? Get a life both of you!
Bernie can beat Trump. Biden will lose to Trump. Hillary 2.0.
CommieDon hasn鈥檛 worked a decent day in his whole life.
Don鈥檛 you have something better to do, Neera? Like hold a corporate fundraiser and look at bomb videos of Yemen and Syria, and Palestine?馃馃が馃ぎ馃あ
Sick burn there Neera
The POTUS is lazy.
He鈥檚 a lame candidate that鈥檚 for sure. A repeat loser of 2016. As dumb as Trump is, he鈥檚 outsmarting people like Neera Tanden and baiting them into rigging another primary for their corporate puppet. #Bernie2020 #NeeraTandenSucks #DonaldTrumpSucks
That's the only thing that he ever said that I hope is right, BS is done! I'm really sick of his BS!
I think they mean sniffy joe
Trump never sleeps, that fuels his psychosis. Adderall Don.
And a lot of his nights not sleeping but throwing Twitter tantrums and showing himself to be shut scared of his rivals.....no wonder he needs the Advil
he鈥檚 gonna be the grim reaper for you Dodo...fuggetabout! pic.twitter.com/kt189cLNP9
The laziest @POTUS in history. Quite a legacy he is building.
I don鈥檛 even know where Trump gets Biden being sleepy. Makes no sense. But then doing childish name-calling when you鈥檙e 70+ makes no sense...
So are you American or indian?
And Obama worked tirelessly?...at basketball, #propaganda, late night TV show appearances, enabling our enemies/terrorists, releasing terrorists, stoking/inciting racism, interesting how he sealed his college records, etc., #Benghazi #unusualBirthCert numerous vacations #spying
鈥淲ork Day鈥...that鈥檚 hilarious....
Do you want @realDonaldTrump to work harder, presumably to further policies you oppose? Wouldn鈥檛 you want your opposition to be lazy? @realDonaldTrump received a wonderful gift from @HillaryClinton, per @amychozick. @RobbyMook ran a lazy campaign. Wisconsin, anyone? Very sad
This President is full of Irony, that he doesn't "get"馃槒
鈥渟leepy鈥 is never going to happen pic.twitter.com/1azAweTFpv
Trump is like an 8 year old, calling Senators names because he thinks they might beat him! All Trump seems to do every day is stay on Twitter, and play golf at one of his golf clubs! His behavior is so undignified, and is damaging the office of the presidency!
This guy has LOST IT!
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