“He (Jerry Nadler) wants a show. He wants to use Mr. McGahn as a prop to spend three hours claiming that Mr. Trump tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation. YET MR. MUELLER WASN’T OBSTRUCTED IN ANY WAY, HIS COPIOUS REPORT WAS RELEASED FOR ALL TO SEE, & THERE WAS NO COLLUSION..
@realDonaldTrump | 61,057,275 followers
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..BETWEEN RUSSIA AND THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN. Mr. McGahn can be forgiven for declining the honor of appearing in Mr. Nadler’s pseudo-impeachment drama.” Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Today - May 21, 2019

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Jerry Nadler is a fraud trying to get his 15 minutes of fame... Ignore his futile antics, Mr. President. You’re doing so much good for this country, he can’t stop you🇺🇸
America is watching disgraceful democrat “Nadler’s pseudo-impeachment drama” with disgust!
Yea, subpoenas don’t work like this. You can’t just pass.
"FAT JERRY"Nadler should recuse himself from anything pertaining to @realDonaldTrump. Their long history disqualifies him. Last month Trump dubbed Nadler “fat Jerry” in a conference with house Republicans. FAT JERRY needs to go! magamedia.org/2019/05/03/fat…
️This is why people like me who are not Americans love your nation! A black Trump supporter helps an Asian patriot with her car and finds out she is also a Trump supporter🙏🏻 America is NOT a "racist country"! pic.twitter.com/xKQsS4CbMV
yes, this is exactly how innocent people act, by throwing tantrums and hiding documents and ordering people to ignore subpoenas. clearly yours is a life without blemish, mister president sir. whoops, I think some of your laundered Russian mob money fell out of your pocket there
President Stable Genius doesn't know what day it is.


Am I the only person to notice this?
Anyone who pulls their pants over their manbreasts should never be taken seriously. pic.twitter.com/DnhBdjFnVw
Nadler is a nasty, disrespectful, power hungry despot that only wants to re-do the witch hunt. They do not accept the Mueller report. pic.twitter.com/2wyVKtdl20
It’s obvious, you haven’t read the Mueller Report. No amount of spin will change facts that intelligent people have read for themselves. You’re scared & now mad that the truth is about to come out. You’re #Unhinged &, like a petulant child, throwing a temper tantrum. #Coverup pic.twitter.com/YOsId7JwHp
Mr. Trump. Had ordered more than 10 people to fire Mueller. When they refused to do it. He fired them. Mr. Trump tweeted about the Mueller investigation almost every day. He tried t0 set road blocks. He tried telling people who were being interviewed what to say. Obstruction!!
He didn’t “decline”...you told him not to go
From the Mueller Report: "the president sought to use his official power outside of usual channels...These actions ranged from efforts to 𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗹 and to reverse the effect of the attorney general’s recusal;" No attempts at obstruction?
..在俄罗斯和川普竞选活动之间。 麦克加恩先生由于拒绝出现在纳德勒先生的伪弹劾剧中的荣誉可以被原谅。“

今天 - 2019年5月21日
He didn't decline. You won't allow him to testify. Yet another episode of you and your admin of obstructing justice. And for the record, today is May 22, 2019. #dotard
impeach and charge trump's asap
Trump is terrified.
Nadler is a do nothing corrupt fat slob . Who is working with Steyer and soros
Do you ever wish you could take the caps lock a step further? It must be frustrating not having more options.
「続き。。。マックガン氏は、ナドラー議員による見せかけの弾劾ドラマに出るのを辞退しても許されるべきだ。」ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナル編集委員会より #トランプ大統領 訳
You know and he knows that you know that we know you are fucked pic.twitter.com/gQYm3N0ZOF
Really? That’s how Rule of Law works now, @WSJ? Folks just ignore a subpoena and then we check the op-Eds to see if it’s forgivable?
I stopped my subscription to the wsj because the editorial board is biased AF and I did not want to continue subsidizing right wing crap that makes Alex Jones look like MSM.
once you cut an arm of terrorists,there will be 2 growing back, but once you cut its head off,there wont be any regrowth #NegotiatingWithTerroristsConfirmsTerrorism #TrumpOverthrowIRI #VOApersianAgainstPersians #IraniansAmericansDialogueMovement
the more important document that says he must appear is the constitution
I didn't know the Wall Street Journal had a comics section.
Its an editorial, knucklehead. Opinion not fact
Do you even read the report? What are you hiding And afraid of?#UnfitToBePresident
But its already been said and Mueller outlined at least 10 ways (times) that YOU OBSTRUCTED!! So quit saying there was no OBSTRUCTION!!
Mueller found 251 contacts between your campaign and Russia All 251 in the Mueller Report are WRONGFUL, many of them ILLEGAL Mueller found 44 people who have been INDICTED Every one of those that has gotten to court, was FOUND GUILTY or CONFESSED to crimes You'll be impeached
FYI- the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board is owned by the same man that owns . . . FOX NEWS. ---- . . .
the wall street journal editorial board doesn’t speak for the country
Thank you President Trump!!! Best POTUS EVER!!!❤❤❤❤❤ pic.twitter.com/ut1xfOYq1f
The radical left needs to be medicated! We should demand to see their financials, let's see who's payroll @RepJerryNadler is on! #MAGA #trump2020 #WINNING pic.twitter.com/0OYvvVXWtm
Declined the honor? You slapped a legal gag order on him. That's not what innocent people do.
No, he can't be forgiven. Congressional subpoenas aren't optional, no matter how much you and the Journal would like them to be.
He didn't decline. You OBSTRUCTED his appearance.
“...declining”??? He defied a SUBPOENA.
What happened to "No Obstruction"? Ohh. Moving those goalposts again. Gotcha
Heard you just screwed over 200,000 vets with your "for profit" BS. FRO Doni washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds…
.. 在俄罗斯和TRUMP竞选之间。麦克加恩先生可以被原谅, 为他拒绝了那份因为出现在纳德勒先生伪弹劾剧的荣誉。”
WSJ - owned by your mate Rupert Murdoch.
Iranians are suffering from IRI too, mullahs killed at least 35 persons and arrested more than 5000,in out protests. #NegotiatingWithTerroristsConfirmsTerrorism #TrumpOverthrowIRI #VOApersianAgainstPersians #IraniansAmericansDialogueMovement
The dirty DEMOCRATS are trying to flip your colleagues to help then in their FAKE and hostile agenda, to remove a fairly ELECTED ELECTED POTUS!
We have had enough, but democrats want to continue down this road. #DeClassFISA pic.twitter.com/FTMNvUJTyr
Iranians don't want any kind of radicalism in their country We want our main identity, the Cyrus Empire by Restart #SEYED_MOHAMMAD_HOSSEINI #Restart_Opposition #Cyrus_empire_by_RESTART @VP @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @AmbJohnBolton @IvankaTrump pic.twitter.com/ZWHhQUM1GA
👁🔱👁They've had thousands of years to play out all the drama they wanted. Now is the time for truth to shine, and JUSTICE to Reign. No more energy should be given to their childish 'game of thrones'. Enough is enough.⚡⚡⚡
You know what's FUN? Watching you crack into pieces each day, you Giant Ferret Stapled to a Hair-Weave! :) & MORE fun things are coming from the NYSD such as indictments for you and your profoundly creepy family of ghouls.| extranewsfeed.com/its-just-trump…
Trump opened the door for Congress requesting McGahn to testify. Trump claimed McGahn lied to Mueller. Congress needs to find out the truth
Trump has left it up to the press to decide where his salary will go. I vote for Planned Parenthood! Retweet! If Republicans want to close down #PlannedParenthood so badly, why don't they just rename it to #TrumpUniversity? #DerangedDonald
Then let him testify!! It'll make you look good pic.twitter.com/E03exzin9S
“I love golf, but if I were in the White House, I don’t think I’d ever see Turnberry again. I don’t think I’d ever see Doral again. I don’t ever think I’d see anything. I just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off.” DJ, February 2016. Currently golf costs are at....
Hey MAGA traitors, ask your judge to be "forgiven" next time you decide to violate a subpoena and see how that goes...
No no Donnie,it’s contempt!
Just resign already and it all goes away.
سد سانسور اپوزیسیون میلیونی مردمی #ری_استارت ب رهبری #سیدمحمدحسینی باید شکسته شود #ری_استارت_تنها_راه_نجات #سیدمحمدحسینی #پرشیا_آمریکا_اسرائیل #Restart_opposition #RestartMIGA #Media4RestartLeader #Seyed_Mohammad_Hosseini #Trump2020 @restartleader @SecPompeo @AmbJohnBolton
Russian oligarch gets released from sanctions. Russian oligarch gives huge donation to Mitch. Russian oligarch buys huge mine in Kentucky. Wake up America. #ReadTheMuellerReport
Will McGahn also be willing to be disbarred, along with Barr, and face a hefty fine?
Release all the documents, America has had enough of these criminals in the Democrat party. youtu.be/MSAN5CRzG-A
You can't impeach a President when the whole 4yr investigation orchestrated & designed by angry Dems to segway into Impeachment was a sham from the start & concluded nothing happened.. #MAGA #Trump #GOP @realDonaldTrump @GOP @SpeakerPelosi @DonaldJTrumpJr
It’s called the WALL STREET Journal. Of course they’re in your corner. pic.twitter.com/pig6JbU4Mt
Thank you Mr President for all your dedication and hard work to keeping our country great and out of the hands of the demonrats. pic.twitter.com/CbRmEPt18r
Why would we care what Rupert Murdoch thinks? He's been meddling in our elections for decades.
Team Trump has more Russian ties than a Nordstrom in Moscow...Can someone ask @MerriamWebster if the definition of "Winning" has recently been changed?
Current: Partly cloudy with scattered tweets; 1% chance Donald Trump wrote this himself. This is tweet number 395 mentioning Russia from Donald Trump -- 306 since inauguration.
Best Russian Agent Ever
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