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In reply to @belheir_
I think its cute how he didnt give up on you after your criminal confession.
In reply to @belheir_
In reply to @belheir_
That would lowkey be attractive hypothetically
In reply to @belheir_
so u playin and he probably rob corner stores fr fr pic.twitter.com/PbhuCyT01C
In reply to @belheir_
If you really wanna scare him, tell him they're trying to decide whether to put you in the male or female prison because of your "condition".
In reply to @belheir_
I know ALL ABOUT men who cant catch hints. pic.twitter.com/2Q2xZOgDt0
Wonder if hes a Pisces or Gemini lol. Maybe even cancer they a little clingy
In reply to @belheir_
Based on ur profile Id do the same
In reply to @belheir_
Im sorry but you have to give him a chance now
Brb my hearing is at 9:30but he still tried to lotion LOOOOL men are mad不
In reply to @belheir_
He thought he was being cute until the FBI started knocking
I read this at 6:30 this morning and I'm still laughing at it lol
In reply to @belheir_
LMAO you really thought
who wants to bet he's a pisces
In reply to @belheir_
you should have told him murder
In reply to @belheir_
Yo blocc option aint working??
Nah maybe he just down for you like frr frr down like every girl begs for on Twitter and you just making a fool of him
In reply to @belheir_
You should've said "I stole. And I robbed. And I kidnapped... the President's son. And held him for ransom..... And I never got caught neither!" pic.twitter.com/IbiSB74K6z
Where yall finding people that reply back like that? If I told someone I was going to court theyd be like shiity Lmao
In reply to @belheir_
You could have told him you were pregnant, or needed money, or had an incurable sickness...
who wanna be my little Bonnie to my Clyde??
In reply to @belheir_
Or block him....
Guess I found the Bonnie to my Clyde 不不不不
In reply to @belheir_
Damn Girl , that was clean , funny he came prepared
Bitch hes a keeper wtf he trynna hold it down while u jammed LMAO
In reply to @belheir_
My lil Bonnie and Clyde
Why do girls give their numbers to people they dont want having them I dont understand lol
You can only scare a man away w cash requests and babies. Crime is an aphrodisiac for most.
Brooo this shit is hilarious
Give that man a chance 唐不不
Bitch 不不不
In reply to @belheir_
In reply to @belheir_
he matching your energy lmao keep the dude! this rare nowadays
You thinking robbing a store
Is gonna stop a man
From wanting some pussy

You gotta send a pic of you shitting on a table to really scare someone away
In reply to @belheir_
Tell him you used to be Clyde.
Lmaooo little Bonnie to my Clyde
In reply to @belheir_
Just want the attention, its easy to block someone or tell them the truth
Anytime someone post screenshots of them dubbing people I automatically assume theyre not use to attention.
And here your ass is still replying and giving this nigga hope and shit like the block option dont work on your iPhone you bird ass bitch
In reply to @belheir_
Bonnie and Clyde is also a respectable historical reference. He is smart too. He has all of the tools to be the one
i hate when people complain that someone wont stop texting them... like if you want them to stop, have you tried like maybe idk NOT replying back? 仄賤儭
This would be me. Cant ever have too many shooters on the squad
Girl run. He thinks he got him a ride or die Chick that'll do crimes WITH him. ABORT MISSION
Grown ass woman. Don't give your number out then.
In reply to @belheir_
In reply to @belheir_
Little Bonnie to my Clyde hahahahaha
You might want to actually give him a chance LOL
Lmfaooooo the Bonnie to my Clyde niggas will stop at NOTHING
A block option exists, girls are so weird
Why did you give him ur number then if you are going to act up after ?
Crying 唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐
I guess I found my lil Bonnie this nigga is sprung 不
Why dont yall all just block people if you no longer want to converse with them and they wont leave you alone?
Yo my dawg out here trying frfr, give him a chance
Guess i found my lil Bonnie to my Clyde LMFAOOOOOOOO
You found ur Clyde sis lmaooo
I will never understand why people just don't block people lmao!
In reply to @belheir_
I mean...thats lowkey a turn on. You shoulda said you had a surgical appt to get your dick tucked
niggas will tolerate ANYTHING for a whiff of coochie perspiration
Blocc the number like anyone with common sense?
Guess I found my little Bonnie to my Clyde have me cackling
Guess I found my little Bonnie to my Clyde
Mans got put on blast for having game smh
This deadass is me ignoring all of the red flags that pop up when talking to guys on grindr
it really be like this 唐
Guess I found my little Bonnie to my Clyde
My little Bonnie to my Clyde Im dead
not the Bonnie to his Clyde
Guess I found my little Bonnie to my Clyde
I would say "I killed the previous guy who wouldn't stop texting me lmao but don't tell anyone k" in a hearbeat.
In reply to @belheir_
In reply to @belheir_
You know what really scares away men? Being loyal and kind they hate that shit
LMFAOOOOO he said we can BOTH be about that life 打不不
I guess I found my little Bonnie to my Clyde no sir no you did not
LMFAOOOO I need to try this
In reply to @belheir_
In reply to @belheir_
Why would you give him your number in the first place if this is the energy you giving
This seems like some sh*t I'd say 唐唐
Guess I found my little Bonnie to my Clyde
Definitely using that one
Why would this happen to @ashleal5246 lol
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