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Gamers are still convinced that there are only:

Two races: white and "political"
Two genders: Male and "political"
Two hair styles for women: long and "political"
Two sexualities: straight and "political"
Two body types: normative and "political"


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In reply to @emmahvossen
With this sort of take (and I've seen many takes like this in the past day about BOTW2 and Animal Crossing alone) gamers are claiming they against "pandering" But let's make it clear: Gamers fucking LOVE PANDERING but only to who they perceive as gamers: straight cis white men.
In reply to @emmahvossen
The most frustrating version (for me) of this "white (etc.) male is default" is the argument that "well I'm fine with a gay character but there has to be a story-based reason for it otherwise just make him straight." As if anything but straight white dude needs justification.
In reply to @emmahvossen
gamers can scream, they can boo-hoo, but games are political and they're art, too.
In reply to @emmahvossen
Don't forget Two types of gamers: Real and "political agents pretending to play games in order to destroy the hobby or otherwise screw over real gamers".
In reply to @emmahvossen
Know a guy personally who was doing this shit. Tried to get him to explain how this stuff doesn't pander to HIM, and he did some mental aikido to deflect from admitting he sees straight white cis men as the default. It was some very "no, it's the children who are wrong" energy.
In reply to @emmahvossen
This this Soooooo much this. I left a gaming community of over 12 years because my saying, "Having down to earth female representation in games is not bad," was considered too political. I wasn't going off the rails. I just said more women represented rationally in games is good.
«Los gamers siguen pensando que hay:

2 razas: la blanca y "la política".
2 géneros: el hombre y "la política"
2 peinados de mujer: Pelo largo y "político"
2 orientaciones: Hetero y "política"
2 tipos de cuerpo: Normativo y "político"».

(los gamers y muchos otros señores)
Well, that's a perfect summary.
In reply to @emmahvossen
But make the skin tone random and unchangeable and they all explode about potentially having to be black.
In reply to @emmahvossen
My favourite MMO character was a rabbit with swords. I am a white male human every fuckin day. I play games to get away. Let me be a girl. Or an elf. Or a 4 foot tall, dual wielding, kickass tank bunny swordsman. If escapism is political I should be running for office.
In reply to @emmahvossen
So if I'm x5 political do I unlock some kind of stat bonus or skill tree?
I'm confused how you have a "PhD" in gaming and can come up with a take like this. From the sounds of it, you need to play with better people, because this is complete and utter bullshit

Sincerely, someone that plays a bob cut badass lesbian chick in every Fallout.
In reply to @emmahvossen
Okay who said that in the replies because there’s no way someone is trying to ruin something as wholesome as Animal Crossing for people. *Looks at current social climate and hears a distinct honk* Nevermind I hate people in general now....
No one who liked this or retweeted this is a real person. They're all bots. They have to be. No one can be this baited.
In reply to @emmahvossen
If the game doesn't prominently feature a white, straight, grizzled man then it's labeled political.
In reply to @emmahvossen
fr like bro its animal crossing
Esto merece localización y comentario::

Los gamers siguen convencidos de que sólo hay:
Dos razas: blancos y "progres"
Dos géneros: hombres y "progres"
Dos tipos de pelo para mujeres: largo y "progre"
Dos orientaciones: hetero y "progre"
Tipos de cuerpo: normativo y "progre"

Whenever i see stupid comments like this getting so many likes i lose a part of my soul.

I then remember that this only happens in their small but well connected bubble and everyone else in the world hates them, but still it erodes my soul
Who is this person? Who does she think gamers are? Why is it always people who actually know nothing about Gamers talking about gamers?
In reply to @emmahvossen
Assigned “political” at birth
In reply to @emmahvossen
I wouldn't even call the body types normative, we are *still* on the "supermodel/bodybuilder or political" thing
In reply to @emmahvossen
This comment is just as ignorant as the people you're describing in it. True, there are plenty of ignorant "gamers" who have beliefs like this but you're generalizing and doing the same thing your enemy does. I'm a girl myself AND a gamer. Generalizing a group of people is evil😞
In reply to @emmahvossen
Oh don't forget hair colors - anything not natural is "political"
In reply to @emmahvossen
I like to call those types of gamers "dudebros". Feels like they're more numerous than the rest of us sometimes :/
In reply to @emmahvossen
I stopped associating with the gaming community for that very reason. Gamer forums (in general) are a dumpster fire of complaints that the "SJWs" are ruining their games with diverse characters—and it's all a conspiracy to oppress straight white males, the Real Gamers (tm).
How is this tweet somehow the best video essay I've ever seen taking on Apolitical Gamer Culture?
In reply to @emmahvossen
Yes. All gamers are the same. Same as all men are the same, as all women are the same and so on. Thank you for these wise words.
So other gendered, non-white short haired, LGBTQ, other body typed gamers don't think they, themselves, exist?

You're saying either we don't exist to you, or we're not gamers.

Either way that's severely racist, sexist, homophobic, and body shaming of you.

Every time I read takes like this I'm reminded
1. there are a lot of people who don't seem to actually talk to "gamers"
2. there are a ton of people who really like strawmen instead of actual discussion
In reply to @emmahvossen
And this is why, while I play some games, I never interact in the gaming community, too toxic
In reply to @emmahvossen
Minorities are "optional" to them.
In reply to @emmahvossen
Can’t wait for Animal Crossing. I played it with both my kids on the Game Cube and my son learned to read with its help. So glad they’re making it a welcome game for everyone.
Dudebros are still convinced that there are only:

Two races: white and "political"
Two genders: Male and "political"
Two hair styles for women: long and "political"
Two sexualities: straight and "political"
Two body types: normative and "political"
This kinda thing is just conservatism/white supremacy in general.
Anything that is even slightly different than The Norm defined entirely by them, is political/degenerate/deviant/SJW/etc.
In reply to @emmahvossen
Did they forget that you can pick the skin color in Pocket Camp, or does that not count being a phone game?
In reply to @emmahvossen
My political friend hates politics.Jokes aside,I'd say its very much a loud minority, Most people dont seem to actually care but the ones who do are loud and as a result end up serving as the ones representing the community to the rest of the world. Its rather sad, in all cases..
In reply to @emmahvossen
And yet WERE the ones obsessed with politics... hmmmmm...
Checking in as a political political political with political hair and political body type!
Please stop using the G word to bully a disabled minority.
I don´t think you have any idea of how dumb it reads all you posted here.
In reply to @emmahvossen
Never understood the “political” argument. Somehow being straight character is not political but anything else is? 🤨
Imagine unironically grouping together people who play video games into these parameters
C’est marrant parce que ça marche aussi pour d’autres domaines, comme la critique culturelle par ex, comme Crazy Rich Asian qualifié de film « communautariste », ou quand Scènes de Ménages refuse d’avoir un couple gay ou lesbien parce que ça déclencherait trop de débats.
In reply to @emmahvossen
I’m just a cis white dude and your list here really means a lot to me. I’ve always been on the more liberal and progressive side. But I still don’t always “understand” but this. This is perfect. You made a perfect tweet. You really did. THANK YOU
It's not the gamers.

It's the assholes.
This lady has retreated from twitter as she's worn out the block button due to her horrifically bad take.
Terribly surprising.
Anyone not white and straight = political.
In reply to @emmahvossen
Goodness, the “But Not All Gamers!” replies to this, lol.
This allll daaaay lolololooo
In reply to @emmahvossen
They can’t imagine anyone choosing anything but those default options you listed. Therefore, by their “logic,” any media choosing any of those other options must be FORCED to do so, usually because “heh agenda”
This sums up well what I’m thinking when a devs says their game isn’t ‘political’.
In reply to @emmahvossen
I, too, can draw vast conclusions based on what one git on a Twitter account says.
Less than a day after this tweet and game "journalists" are currently foaming at the mouth over a transwoman being featured in an advertisment in Cyberpunk 2077.

Meanwhile, the evil Gamerz™ are just admiring the world building and don't bat an eyelid.
Delicious projection.

As a gamer....

We sometimes REALLY hate other gamers.

Diversity in games is not political, it is inclusive! Thank you Emma V PhD for bringing this up.
No, you're the one convinced of that exact view and politicise EVERYTHING.

From fucking Pokémon gym leaders, to Cyberpunk 2077 V being "too white and male" on cover, to the size of Tifa's boobs...

In reply to @emmahvossen
I don't know what you talking about but I'm a Gamergirl for 20 years and I'm not like the way you describe us
In reply to @emmahvossen
God, video games are escapism. Not everything has to be social commentary or anything. Let me just play animal crossing in peace. pic.twitter.com/uKcCgfED0d
And not just gamers — a lot of your fave intellectuals and activists on here.

Men and “identity politics”
Straight and “identity politics”
Normative and “identity politics”
Alternatively: replace "political" with "tumblr"
This is the most succinct example of why everything in games is "political".
In reply to @emmahvossen
This weird agenda from random headasses online claiming that skin options or gender options existing is "political" is silly. It's basically the same annoying crap as the handful of loud individuals claiming the new Animal Crossing is colonist crap and "political" because of it.
In reply to @emmahvossen
Why this human being just enjoy the game? I miss the times when people don’t feel offended by every shit
This is basically my Games & Society class
Not just gamers, of course. This is what happens when white, cisgender, heterosexual men have held power for so long that any attempt to redress that balance feels literally unnatural to them. (I say ‘them’; I’m them too, mostly, and not without sin in this.)
In reply to @emmahvossen
What happened to people just enjoying games man? Like why do people's existence have to be political? Gamers don't deserve rights
You should demand a refund for that PhD. It's not doing you any good.
All three tweets are cringe. *mic drop* ;D
In reply to @emmahvossen
Woof! (Wow a PHD in Gender and games! Do they print that diploma directly onto toilet paper? That would make it more useful.)
In reply to @emmahvossen
"Gamers" Also just means someone nowadays!
Be specific cuz you know exactly who does this ridiculous shit 😂
In reply to @emmahvossen
Two outfits for women: basically nothing and "political"
SJWs are still convinced that propaganda is the same thing as a political theme.
In reply to @emmahvossen
Holy shit shut the fuck up
In reply to @emmahvossen
Two female armors: skimpy or "political"
See also: anime gatekeepers
In reply to @emmahvossen
The problem is not that it's pandering to people that want female characters. The problem is acting as if this is a new milestone on social progress. It isn't, you are just noise. The pandering is acting as if thanks to your ideology the weight on someone shoulders was lifted.
In reply to @emmahvossen
I beg to differ on one point: There only those two genders: pic.twitter.com/e8bSWWPiB5
The same goes for big movie franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek but by far, gamers are the worst for this...we really are and I don't get WHY...
In reply to @emmahvossen
I miss being able to say I'm a "gamer" in polite company for fear of being linked to what the people who are like this are like. It's sad, but they're stuck in that loop to complain rather than tolerate, much less accept.
This is so fucking true BIG RETWEET
In reply to @emmahvossen
“bating on social political issues” Ah yes, back when my mother owned a hair salon and tanning salon it was SO controversial. People held debates over the safety of non-organic hair color. There were protests over one’s right to tan. Parties were divided over anti-balayage laws.
In reply to @emmahvossen
This is one of the best most succinct ways I’ve ever seen someone phrase this issue.
In reply to @emmahvossen
These people need to spend some time in the Saints Row character editor...
In reply to @emmahvossen
man i’d hâte to see what they think about the sims
Naturally this is wrong! There is only ONE race gender sex- POLITICAL! That's why we must agonize over it constantly and figuratively lynch these bigots trying to exclude these Political from the Political. Please by my book.
Basically, this entire thread, all of it.

Look at the vitriol and anger in the hate group and harassment campaign Gamergate, and how they were bound and determined to drive any anyone who wasn't a straight white man, as well as a few straight white women who parroted them.
In reply to @emmahvossen
absolutely idiotic take OP but from someone with a "PhD in gender" and who co-wrote/edited something called "feminism in play", something this brainless is completely expected and in character but go be stupid in another community, please
Intersectionality strikes again. It reminds me of a cockroach, really. One that's dying. The last moments of its life only consist of violent, meaningless throws of it's legs in the air, until it too, has passed away. 🤔
In reply to @emmahvossen
okay: 1) its made by japanese game devs, who arent even that political, save for maybe Kojima... 2) its a fucking RPG/social-sim, of course its gonna have a wide range of character customizations.
In reply to @emmahvossen
“Baiting” aka actually realizing there’s a wide audience you should tailor your game to rather than just the one glorified in media
In reply to @emmahvossen
Two abilities: No disability and “political”
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