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“Please love all 7 of us without leaving any member out” — Taehyung, 2016.

🐯: An ARMY said “they’re all precious to me.” That made me feel so warm inside (2019).

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In reply to @VANTESKIM
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Somewhere super ultra Suga is dying....
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Can we talk about how he messaged someone without then knowing it was him???
Istg it’s me whenever someone says they only like 1 member out of 7,,how could y only like 1? ☹️☹️☹️
In reply to @VANTESKIM
In reply to @VANTESKIM
In reply to @VANTESKIM
He out here trying to trick people and gets a positive response, that’s what you get son!!!! pic.twitter.com/kzPG1OtIb7
In reply to @VANTESKIM
V be catfishin us all on Twitter istg
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Can we just thank that awesome fan that he talked too lol, also I can’t believe he is doing this to us I sksksksk
In reply to @VANTESKIM
whoever that person was, i wish her all the best in life, for making our TaeHyungi happy. I hope she would recognize herself and see how happy she made him....💜🥺
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Can we talk about how he siad min suga jjang jjang man bongo bong btw I'm glad he found an OT7 😁😂
In reply to @VANTESKIM
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Tae wanna say something to Hard SOLO stans. I'm a pure Ot7 stan💜
In reply to @VANTESKIM
From now on i should be more carefully. Maybe there's a hater who's actually a member pic.twitter.com/g3W0dWETmT
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Omg that girl is awesome and all Army should be like that 💜🥺
In reply to @VANTESKIM
I believe they have secret fan accounts pretending to be army, they could've messaged us before but we never realised it. Yeah those internet friends we have could be a member 😳😳
In reply to @VANTESKIM
ok but the fact that anyone could be tae. we ain’t safe anymore guys😂
In reply to @VANTESKIM
omg i wanna shove this video up solo stans faces 😭😭💗 bless that girl
In reply to @VANTESKIM
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Wait hold on!? Did tae really just reveal that he has a secret account he uses to interact with us without us knowing it's him pic.twitter.com/89mTkIRbF5
if that wouldn’t be your response, unfollow~
In reply to @VANTESKIM
super ultra suga reveal yourself
I'm so proud as a suga stan because of that girl she raised ot7 yoongi stans, focus more to yoongi but loving all the 7 of them are the most important part while stanning BTS
#SUGA #슈가 #민슈가 #민윤기 #BTS
so... does that mean tae is having an account... watching us... texting us... istg if oomf is tae.. COME OUT
THIS. You can have a bias or a soft spot for a member but this doesn’t make u stop loving and respecting all 7 of them 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
In reply to @VANTESKIM
So... Which one of you is Don Taehyung? Reveal yourself! pic.twitter.com/u8AmAO46CC
In reply to @VANTESKIM
In reply to @VANTESKIM
That ARMYs deserves all the love 💜💜💜
In reply to @VANTESKIM
RM: "Our taehyung-ah is unique" You're right leadernim. He is an intelligent person coz the way he talk his words are so meaningful and deep. The way he says he loves us(armys) it's so special, something like your hearts really want to hear. I love him so much😭💜
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Me in hope of talking to V in a video game pic.twitter.com/07e3R3qGfa
In reply to @VANTESKIM
his solo stans 🤪🤩
He knows about this dumbass haters 💀🤢
C bon même si c pas moi je le dis tout le temps mdrrr j'vais continuer à le dire ksksks
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Girlll I'm glad he didn't massage me that I would fight him to the moon and back if he told me he hates V 😂😭
Bene ragazzi, io già immagino la quantità di Army che hanno bloccato TaeTae pensando fosse un anti o un ot6 oppure gli insulti che si è preso. Questo ragazzo non si da pace ahahahahaha
In reply to @VANTESKIM
From now ..... Anti : I hate taehyung 😑 Me : taetae is that youuu 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Heureusement que j'étais pas la meuf je lui aurais démarré ses grands mort à Tae mdrrrr
Taehyung: This is an OT7 event ONLY!
In reply to @VANTESKIM
In reply to @VANTESKIM
YEAH I do do that Taehyung!! But I love you the most Tae, and love the rest the same so can I really call myself and ARMY?? I am still an ARMY!!-sorry
In reply to @VANTESKIM
That army represented the whole fandom. But oppps I'm talking about the real ones. Coz a real army won't left a single member behind nor love a single member. They are group, they are BTS. We should be thankful for that. 💜
i think the ID or @ with name " SUGA " likes and supports all members unlike some stans as i have observed 🙂😏 i am glad she made him feel happy

In reply to @VANTESKIM
That's the real ARMY! Spread love everyday but especially today for #BTS6TH_BIRTHDAY 💜 #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS #BTS6thAnniversary #BTS6th_with7boys
What if all the anti’s we be suspending is actually a bts member..
SuperUltraSUGA is somewhere being really happy
#teahyung #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS
Isnt this proof that they have secret accounts...
In reply to @VANTESKIM
This is very2 important message
In reply to @VANTESKIM
I LOVE YOU ALL 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Where is she...i wanna kiss her forehead for that. pic.twitter.com/h0SJgEpges
huhuhu pls exit kung solo stan ka
Guys look out for a BTS anti account because that might be a BTS member. IM SCARED
They are all so precious to me too.
I need them all 💜
this close to crying
Imagine talking to THE Kim Taehyung and not even knowing
The clowns we are today
Ok mas eu posso tar a qualquer altura a falar com o Tae e não sei é isso? Oh wow we going modo aprender coreano custe o que custar ahvv
You can hve a bias, but you will always be OT7 if you stan @BTS_twt 💜💜💜
to super ultra suga who once played with taehyungie (anonymously) in a mobile game before, thank you for your heartwarming message which left a mark in his heart. 💜 #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS
Si ça tombe on a déjà drag un solo stan et c’était taehyung 💀💀💀💀
In reply to @VANTESKIM
An intellectual ARMY!!💜 And omg he messaged someone without her knowing that it was him! IMAGINE🤯
In reply to @VANTESKIM
crying... Always purple you 💜
In reply to @VANTESKIM
In conclusion they have a fake fan acc... they see everything 💀 they know everything.. y'all we ain't save 😂💀
In reply to @VANTESKIM
wbk you catfishin us
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Anyone who doesn’t love all members doesn’t really appreciate BTS
In reply to @VANTESKIM
Imagine if that army ended up being a toxic solo stan and said “I hate him too” 💀💀
In reply to @VANTESKIM
You are all precious to every army 😭😭😍💜💜 #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS #2019BTSFESTA @BTS_twt
Lmao they do stalk us after all😂 i can imagine him posing as a tae anti and army dragging the shit out of him😂 i wonder how many times we have suspended taes stan account🤔😂 #6YEARSWITHOURHOMEBTS #ipurpleyouBTS
Congratulation my boys. 6th year anniversary... We r still together 😛💜💜💜💜💜
it’s sweet and all but what we should take out if this is that Tae poses as a V anti to see our reactions 😱😱😱 any thoughts????? 😂😂 #ARMY #BTSFESTA2019 #BTS6thAnniversary
Where is the girl now please, let's find her!
So the members have a fake account and go around Twitter disguising themselves
imagine if you talked to a stranger that says they hate taehyung...... manz I'll probably start scolding that person BUT WHAT IF IT TURNED OUT TO BE GAE
She was gentle bruh the amount of death threats id send him if it was me just nod and smile yall
He ever say that to a twt army he getting dragged all the way to hell lmfaoo
so.... you mean to tell me.... they disguise themselves.... to talk to us.... i- oh my god
I love all 7 of you!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
M Y H E A R T 🤧 This ARMY represents the best of us~ also can’t get over Tae posing as his own anti tho 😂
TAEHYUNG REALLY IS GOING AROUDN AS A TAE ANTI ... if really it was me im gonna ab*se bts anti ... idk no what tae think about me...then i gonna slaps my fu*kin self
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