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When They See Us has been the most-watched series on Netflix in the US every day since it premiered on May 31

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Still haven’t found the right time/mental willingness to watch this cause I know how much it will upset me.
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On behalf of all the artists who made this series, thank you for watching. pic.twitter.com/f0FAhiHN53
Major key. Congrats @ava. Thanks for changing the narrative.
Oh say can you SEE. 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿
Is there anyone else who isn’t prepared to watch this? 💀
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The first time a show made me feel sick to my stomach. What happened to them is disgusting.
It’s one thing to tell a story... but it’s quite another to compel folks to tune in and talk about it! Thanks to all who have joined us on this journey! @ava THANK YOU!!!
I really want to watch this but to be honest I think I might have an emotional and mental breakdown

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The series was so good a d necessary. It was painful to watch but I'm happy I did. Episode 4 had me crying like a baby, excellent actors and great writing.
Not surprising.
Watch this; it’s incredibly acted and directed and photographed and scored and...
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المسلسل الأعلى مشاهده في امريكا منذ عرضه على نتفلكس

when they see us
This is amazing!!!! 🖖🏼🖖🏼🖖🏼 #WhenTheySeeUs. @ava
oh so now that it's popular you want to tweet about it? lmao
Let this be confirmation to all brands that not only is there a GLOBAL audience for black/brown stories but they are told BEST by US. S/O to the writers, location scouts, casting agents, cinematographers, groomers & stylists (and more) of color that created @WhenTheySeeUs.
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NOW THEY SEE YOU Congrats @ava
بنا به آمار نت‌فلیکس، سریال When They See Us از روزی که منتشر شده هر روز پربیننده‌ترین سریال بوده.
این سریال در مورد سرگذشت واقعی چند نوجوان رنگین‌پوسته که قربانی پاپوش سیستم پلیسی قضایی می‌شن.
The truth is a beautiful thing ❤️ #TheExonerated5 @ava
“An artist’s duty is to reflect the times” Nina Simone
넷플릭스 <그들이 우리를 바라볼 때>가 5월 31일 공개 이후 13일 간 넷플릭스 미국 내 일간 시청자 수 1위를 기록하고 있다는 소식.
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as it should be!! all our love and congrats to @ava and her team 👏🏾
And the hardest to watch 😭
We see you, queen! @ava 👑👏🏾
If you haven’t seen it. Please watch
Thank you for watching... even when it's hard. For giving these (now) men a chance to have their truths shouted from the rooftops, for seeing their beauty and grace.
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Worth every minute of your time even though it was hard to watch.
Yusef Salaam, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise were wrongly accused in the Central Park Five case.

In 2015, Santana sent a tweet to director Ava DuVernay suggesting that she make a documentary on the case. wired.trib.al/BnNUxjI
Getting these films this type of recognition is why we have to continue to support them regardless of "what you can stomach".
This is amazing. People should also see the Central Park 5 doc from 2012 done by Ken Burns, Sarah Burns and David McMahon.
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Korey Wise passed through a lot of abuse, mental stress and torture. Episode 4 is so emotional and touching.
EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDC WHAT YOU ARE DOING, THIS IS ONLY 4 EPISODES AND YOU CAN BINGE (although it’s rough and so hard to watch) IT!!!!!!
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It’s a must-see. Ever since I watched it, I think about this story every day, it literally haunts me. It says a lot about our place in this world, how we are perceived, how, us black people, and poc in general, are so unworthy of justice solely because we are more melanated.
Congrats @ava. You are changing the world with everything with everything you create.
Unbelievable! So great that people are watching, talking, activating and agitating for good! Keep spreading the word! #Netflix #WhenTheySeeUs
I still can’t seem to bring myself to watch this but I really want to
Watching little black boys be traumatized, beaten, and falsely accused is being rated the highest watched in the country. Black trauma is always profitable, especially when our black boys are concerned. This was a necessary watch though, unfortunately.
Frustrating, infuriating, haunting, beautiful, powerful - one of the best things on Netflix. Go watch it.

Brilliantly done @ava
As hypocritical it is that 🐍Oprah is part of #WhenTheySeeUs complete w/ another "Oprah Presents" special to exploit the innocent men she previously condemned...

Here's hoping she recognizes the very strong ratings & public interest from WRONGFULLY ACCUSED specials.

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Thank you @ava #WonderWoman Thank you to the Exonerated 5 #weseeyou Thank you @netflix Thank you to all who have watched and continue to encourage others to watch Thank you to the families, the activists and the believers #whentheyseeus #GameChanger #
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Me trying to explain my friends and family why is so important for them to watch this show pic.twitter.com/MvUCFcS6WE
S’il vous plaît regardez cette série, c’dit super important
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I lost sleep after watching it. Episode 1 and 4 were the hardest. Other than that it was a great Series.
I'm still tryna finish episode 1. It just boils my blood 😑
I advise everyone to watch it. Y’all scared cuz it’s heartbreaking when the truth is that the pain still remains whether u watch it or not because false accusations are currently happening. It’s an eye-opener & a lesson for those that are unaware like these young men were.
as desgraçadas racistas que incriminaram os meninos não tinham sido punidas em NADA e agora que a série fez barulho uma delas foi demitida pela empresa e outra foi EXPULSA pelos próprios alunos de columbia

ava duvernay pra mim vc é DEUS e pronto
Esperando o.que pra ver??
Wow. This is pretty amazing.
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To everyone internally who worked to get alignment on publicizing this stat-- thank you. To make an exception re: silence on viewership numbers to highlight a series of this subject matter + quality is really something special. Thank you.
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I just started an hour ago and want to become a lawyer
I’m still so not ready to watch this, but I feel like I have to.
Tell us the numbers
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Would be cool if you released the numbers for all your shows so we could see what an impressive achievement this is!
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This injustice is still happening. Watch making a murderer. pic.twitter.com/jAV9Wkoyu7
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It's not just a must-see series. It's a call to action!🙌✊ pic.twitter.com/HKYfTBBNS0
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Just finished part 4 😭😬
I still haven’t watched, just cause i know the outcome isn’t a happy one and i don’t know how to channel that energy without me wanting to go beat up white ppl
The people love black trauma
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It is not a story of back then either. It is a story of always was. thegrio.com/2019/06/07/cle…
Never let anyone tell you art has no value or power. Thank you @ava #ExoneratedFive
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Now do this with the Mueller Report.
That’s crazy considering how many of us HAVENT watched yet
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I totally support the victims of #falseallegations. What i do not support, is #hypocrisy and double standards - which are typical of Hollywood, and also the people behind this movie, sadly. pic.twitter.com/DmCEqJ29co
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I'm just in the last episode
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Un film de dingue, j'en ai pleuré. Dire que ça c'est passé fin des année 80 et que malheureusement c'est encore possible aujourd'hui. Merci Netflix pour tous ces films
✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 and don’t forget to tune into @OWNTV TONIGHT at 10pm, to watch @Oprah interview the Exonerated-5: Yusef, Antron, Raymond, Korey and Kevin. #TellBlackStories #UntilJusticeIsReal
This makes me so happy. Well-deserved @ava!

Watch it, weep, wail, whimper! Do everything you have to do but watch it!!
Nah fr tho Netflix y’all did y’all thing with this one 👏🏽
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I’ve just finished watching this, this evening. It’s a sickening story to watch....innocent lives ruined by so called ‘justice system’ that was so corrupt and so hell bent on closing the case that they were prepared to destroy innocent boys. How horrific 😢😢😢
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I’m glad that some truth is being shed on the “Exonerated 5,” but Oprah still doesn’t get a pass! She partook in the lynch mob that originally arrested and jailed these men, and then did the same to Michael Jackson by joining the Leaving Neverland lynch mob! 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
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I’m sorry I can’t bring myself to watch it. I lived in Brooklyn and remember it all too well
Since this series dropped:

- Linda Fairstein exited Vassar College's board & was dropped by her publisher

- Elizabeth Lederer left Columbia law school

- 5 men got to tell the entire world their stories

Whoever said @ava made this to exploit Black pain owes her an apology.
Can’t lie. I’m really not about to watch this
I know so many of y'all are waiting until your spirit can handle it. I promise Ava will leave you in good spirits. Angry, but seeking justice, seeking better answers than we were given yesterday. When They See Us serves a high purpose.
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I’m too scared to watch it, I don’t think my heart is ready
The only reason they got out was because the real rapist had more compassion than the whole New York police department.
Netflix shares a sliver of info about the popularity of When They See Us
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I’m glad America is seeing it. People tend not to care about things until it affects them directly. This show brought the sad reality of how easy it is for people of limited means to be lost in the criminal justice system, it could happen to anyone 😰
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It was actually breathtaking. i did not think it would move me as much as it did but here i am crying hours later lmao
Have to get it together and watch this
wishing this was screened in cinemas so everyone is aware of the innocent men in the Central Park Five documentary.
This series deserves a Oscar or Emmy or whatever, shit da hit me hard
What I want, for all of those doubting the “heterodox” position of criticizing #IceonFice, is for you to consider the power and importance of @ava’s work here in *changing the story* and redressing violation.
Y’all keep watching, this story needs to be told.
Honestly afraid to watch this show.
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