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There is currently a blackout in Sudan
-500 killed
-723 injured
-650 arrested
-48 women raped
-6 men raped
-1000 missing

No western media has reported on the massacre. Copy/paste this tweet or RT to spread awareness and stop it being suppressed

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In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Why do we still rely on the West for affirmation of our facts & our struggles, Cant we, Africans tell the world our story .I’m just few countries away and i barely know what’s happening over there . How do we expect them to take us serious when we aint doing it ourselves.
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
chng.it/YBBT74ggXQ you can sign a petition here to help the people in sudan!!! pic.twitter.com/LCe7LcWrCR
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Western media? How's this their problem? The situation is disheartening. But, only the Sudanese will solve Sudan's problems.
This is a horrific crisis and yet we only seen it on twitter.
PRAY FOR SUDAN 🙏🏻🇸🇩 💔🇸🇩🙏🏾
There is currently a blackout in Sudan
-500 killed
-723 injured
-650 arrested
-48 women raped
-6 men raped
-1000 missing

No western media has reported on the massacre. Copy/paste this tweet or RT to spread awareness and stop it being suppressed

#SudanUprsinig #SudanCivilDisobedience
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Western news has been covering it. stop spreading further misinformation for an already horrible situation. Change your primary news source. CBS News covers it. The Guardian, Al-Jazeera, BBC, are all easily accessible. It wont show up on your local new broadcast.
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Sudan... Sebuah negara berpenduduk mayoritas Islam tp apa yg dialami rakyat Sudan, spt yg dialami jg oleh rakyat Yaman, tidak menarik perhatian muslim di Malaysia, Brunei maupun Indonesia. Kenapa? Karena yg membantai rakyat Yaman dan Sudan bukan Yahudi. twitter.com/Adry_Curvy/sta…
Please. My heart hurts for this. Where them medias at? This is the kind of story you shud be covering instead. And come on mates, staying silent is not gonna help our brothers and sisters there.
#SudanMassacre #BlueForSudan
no news stations have touched this subject... not even on social media or anything... please try your best to spread the word and donate #blueforsudan
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
The BBC’s been reporting on this since December. The other day WSJ sent me a notification about it. Literally every western news outlet has reported on this, which is how I know that death toll is off by several hundred.
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Continue waiting for western media...we African should start being responsible for our problems
et c’est grâce à des pp bleues que j’apprends ça, aucune couverture médiatique c’est abusé
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Not questioning the fact that media is very selective on what it covers, but I’m literally watching extended coverage of the Sudan crisis on Sky News in the UK right this minute
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
There’s so many issues like this happening in the world that aren’t being acknowledged, yet in America we’re busy focusing on making laws about what a woman can and can’t do with her body.. actually disgusting. pic.twitter.com/uRGngd2WYY
Feeling like a terrible human being because I know sharing or reteweeting this won't improve or help the situation. I can only hope someone with the means see this and it influences them to do the right thing. 🙏🏾
The same western media should wouldn't want power rise and prefer an unsettled asia. The same who covers pro congress issues and term us as "Hindu Terrorists"
They never want us to be nationalists.

Prayers for Sudan. 🙏
I have no idea what I can do but people should at least fucking know about it. Wtf western media
Ya Allah, bring back peace in sudan, and let it come out this as a better place. Ameen🙏🏽
Jesus..... this is the first time I am hearing about this.
Sudan is currently in a media blackout, let’s do our best to build some awareness. #PrayforSudan
S/o to Haf for using her art to bring awareness to this tragedy
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
That's incorrect. We will still retweet anyway. Every life is important. The Sudanese deserve peace.
REAL NEWS. This country has been facing a massacre for days & the media is barely covering it?

My prayers go to all the families who are being affected from this & who continue to live in fear.
Porque no generará ni la atención ni la indignación como Notre Damme.
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Yes they have, why can't you guys look stuff up pic.twitter.com/uEbclDg4Lp
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
a media blackout or like no electricity?
수단 상황도 굉장히 심각하다.....
Just to put things into perspective!
My heart is in tatters from what's happening in Sudan.
We the international community has a responsibility to stop this. Our fellow humans are standing up for themselves and paying the price, they need us to step up for them and pressure those in power to do something about it. If not then it will go same as the Arab spring
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
It is so appalling to observe that only some lives (richer, fairer, in progressive countries) Are considered dearer. Life is life, everyone’s is equally important. I stand with humanity.
Pray for Sudan 🇸🇩
To those seeing what’s happening to my people and are still silent...... I DONT FUCK WITH YOU!
This semester, I did a project on Sudan. Though it has worsened, this is not new. Violent internal conflict in Sudan has existed for decades — 100s of thousands dead, millions displaced. We care now. I urge you to care always, including what we can offer the nation & its refugees
Rarely do Americans look past our own borders. Daily, thousands die across the world (mostly men, women, Christians) yet most Americans do not even blink.

This is disturbing. smh
I have a Sudanese friend. It's making me sad bc h's currently worrying about the situation of his friends and family there. #PrayforSudan
we NEED to be talking about this
ppl are still surprised when i mention that my cambodian relatives died at the hands of the fifth deadliest genocide in history, which few know about b/c it's the deadliest involving non-european poc. we must make an active choice to care about the lives of ppl of color #sudan
why isn't any government trying to stop this massacre??
why can't we stop killing each other? wars should be a thing of the past, not in our present or even future, we won't survive and evolve as a species if we keep destroying ourselves and the planet we live in
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
It’s amazing what this world has become
Here we go again with the ‘this is not being reported’ line
اللهم اجبر كسرهم وضاعف صبرهم صبرًا واجعل الأجر حليفهم
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Western media have absolutely reported on this, quite a lot actually
I don't know if you guys have been reading about the #SudanMassacre or not but please do! There is very little Media that's reporting it! Daily I get more reasons to lose faith in humanity! This might be one of the biggest! It's heartbreaking and scary!
Can we please spread awareness for what’s going on in Sudan #PrayforSudan #BlueForSudam
Wtf is going on. We aint even got no real leader in the US letting us know what is going on
Horrific news. Hoping journalists in the region can get more insight into this massacre and it gets the media coverage it deserves. #SudanMassacre #pressforall
Why has this not been on the news yet??? #BlueForSudan
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Excuse me, the “Western media” is here in force, and has been the whole time. The BBC, FT, Guardian, Sky, Economist, NYT, all here. Sudan has been on the main BBC evening news 7 out of the last 8 nights. I know because we put it there. But sure, we aren’t covering it.
Hey @FoxNews @CNN @MSNBC @OANN @HLNTV where's the coverage? Us Americans do care about the rest of the world. #FakeNewsMedia #Sudan #News1st
Send us please. Let us help. Let us do something.
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Shocking. Sudanese deserve better
See? This exactly what I’m talking about all you people who ungrateful for what yo parents can and cannot afford!! LOOK AT THIS!! Our own people dying and suffering while we having fun in life😢 ITS TIME TO WAKE TF UP‼️ More where that came from!!
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
GUYS! You can text your member of Congress. Takes less than 5 minutes! Tell them to #SupportSudan. Text RESIST to this number 50409 and ResistBot will send your letter
my heart is breaking again and yes as much as I enjoy watching love island THIS IS WHAT SHOULD BE GETTING COVERAGE😭 these are human beings living in the same world we live in and their lives being turned upside down more cruelly than we could ever imagine🤯😓💔 #SudanMassacre
Hay 1 bloqueo informativo sobre Sudán.
500 asesinadxs
723 heridxs,
650 arrestadxs
48 mujeres violadas
6 hombres violados
1000 desparecidxs
Ningún medio occidental ha reportado esta masacre.
Copie/Pegue este TW o RT para crear conciencia y evitar el bloqueo.
Praying for our brothers and sisters in Sudan 🇸🇩
Nobody cares now.. it’ll catch up to us if something isn’t done about it
Sadly because it doesn’t involve a mass shooting and fit an agenda 😤
What's happening in the world?

Let's pray for Sudan. Lets peace and love prevail
I will keep sharing this until I see it everywhere , if you think it’s pointless posting on social media please block me X
This is how bad the blackout is. We’ve been seeing the same numbers for a week now as there aren’t consistent updates
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
Screenshotted these from @goodgoodgood. These are some practical action steps we can take to support positive change in Sudan. It’s not much, but being informed, communicating, and advocating are good tools we have and can use to spread the word. 💙 pic.twitter.com/T0oSQkcxrS
En el museo Memoria y Tolerancia hablan mucho acerca de la falta de cobertura de este evento

Desafortunadamente no puedo hacer nada salvo compartir y ayudar a que más personas se enteren

En Darfur hay petróleo y China ha financiado genocidios de tribus nativas por extraerlo
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
My prayers are with sudan. I hope only for the happiness of those effected by this tragedy.
In reply to @Adry_Curvy
How is this a western media problem... Africa should report it's own stories and issues... we should build a reliance on our own media and let it shine as a credible source of information
Pray for our people in sudan 🇸🇩 🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩
Changing your profile pic won’t take any effort but it will let the world know how the sudanese people are fighting for freedom🕊
Spread awareness and Share news about Sudan
let’s do it💪🏽🇸🇩
#IAmTheSudanRevolution #SudanUprising
Je ne comprend pas pourquoi les gens veulent tellement que les « occidentaux » soient impliqués. On sait qu’ils s’enfoutent lorsque leurs intérêts n’entrent pas en jeu. Ce n’est pas une nouveauté
let’s all continue raising awareness💔🇸🇩 #SudanMassacre #BlueForSudan
#SudanMassacre #Sudan
My friends in #Khartoum asking why a #Notredame fire 🔥 that doesn’t injure a person gets all the media coverage and billion dollars aid; whereas 1000 sudanese lives don’t even pinch the world @washingtonpost @HuffPost @nytimes @khaleejtimes @AFP @9NewsAUS
Horrific . Please share. Raise awareness.

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