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I am heartbroken to announce that Lorraine and I have split. I wish her nothing but the best. We may have rushed into things but that’s what happens when two young people fall in love. Please respect our privacy at this time

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Somehow I feel like this is my fault.
In reply to @DavidDobrik
Next video.. “SeatGeek paid for my divorce”
In reply to @DavidDobrik
Who gets custody of Jason?
In reply to @DavidDobrik
Do you need someone to talk to? We are here for you
In reply to @DavidDobrik
love is dead. love doesn’t exist anymore
In reply to @DavidDobrik
this made me believe true love exists...now...i’m not sure...
David.. I’m so sorry man.
Sometimes you need to spread your wings and fly alone in life 💙
I wish you both all the best 😘
In reply to @DavidDobrik
head up man. you can get through this
In reply to @DavidDobrik
I’m so sorry and really upset to hear this ❤️ sending love at this difficult time.
In reply to @DavidDobrik
good job lorraine
In reply to @DavidDobrik
I’m completely heartbroken
In reply to @DavidDobrik
awh :( it was my favorite couple! we wish nothing but the best for you and lorraine :(
In reply to @DavidDobrik
i cant tell if this is a joke anymore
In reply to @DavidDobrik
‘two young people’ ur not young david 😂🤚🏼
This is a just a reminder that fairy tales aren’t real😭💔
In reply to @DavidDobrik
if this relationship can't last, then true love doesn't exist
In reply to @DavidDobrik
In reply to @DavidDobrik
make a breakup video or it didn’t happen
In reply to @DavidDobrik
It happens man, you’ll get with Natalie soon🤣💀
I hate whoever put this on my tl.
In reply to @DavidDobrik
Sending our thoughts and prayers for you guys during this difficult time 😔😔🙏
Would John Waters describe this as 'A mockery of a matrimony?
In reply to @DavidDobrik
I will marry Lorraine in your stead. We will have much love, and lay eggs in each other. She will put a baby inside me. #pineapplesummer #pridemonth
In reply to @DavidDobrik
I just want to know who gets custody of Jason
In reply to @DavidDobrik
In reply to @DavidDobrik
👀 natalie got that divorce done fast ☕️
Me trying to secure a green card but failing:
In reply to @DavidDobrik
i wanna be his friend so bad 😂😂
STRAIGHT PEOPLE LITERALLY SEE MARRIAGE AS A JOKE and we can't even get married in most countries? Fuck you
In reply to @DavidDobrik
Jesus David 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Read the first part and my heart stopped a bit...i thought smth bad happened 😅 I mean im so sorry for your divorce ofc @DavidDobrik
In reply to @DavidDobrik
i swear to fuckign god if u don’t make the next vlog title “we broke up” and have a pic of u and lorraine crying u can throw the whole youtube channel away
In reply to @DavidDobrik
wish nothing but the best for you both 😔😔😔😔
y’all really have the lowest standards when it comes to comedy
In reply to @DavidDobrik
we wanted “we broke up: part 2”
david dobrik is a single man once again laid ease
True love doesn’t exist 😔💔
Oh my god shut the fuck up
This is worse news than your break up video with Liza
I really thought this one was Forever
In reply to @DavidDobrik
ok now marry natalie for funsies
now is my chance
So gay marriage is still an issue up for debate in many areas of this country, but all those "sanctity of marriage" people see this shit and don't bat an eye??
these news outlets are so judgmental 😥😥😥 don't they know that this is davids personal life they're talking about 😤😤😤 omg leave him alone 😡😡
i can see clearly now lorraine has gone
Who tf is this? Why do ppl give a fuck? And why is this on my TL?
the lorraine era has ended. it’s now the rise of @lizzieyafeel
David Dobrik truly runs the internet
he’s a fucking idiot, he’ll do anything to still be relevant LMAO
idk how anybody could possibly NOT LIKE david dobrik 😂
In reply to @DavidDobrik
You’re so fucking trash! he still loves her guys dont be fooled he’s just confused
In reply to @DavidDobrik
I hope she got half of your money
In reply to @DavidDobrik
i’m sorry david😔😔😔😔😔
This finna be me with Terri 😢😭
Bro I freaking love David 😂
i’m devastated this was his best idea
I fkn lovee this dude😭💀
In reply to @DavidDobrik
can u keep up this tweeting streak we miss u
i’m frkn dead 😂
David Dobrik is the best fucking YouTuber don’t @ me 😤
Gay people have to fight for the right to get married because it's so 'sacred' and straight people out here getting married and divorced for the lols
straight people: gay marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage
also straight people:
nothing has broken me like this
And they say the gays are the ones ruining the sanctity of marriage
In reply to @DavidDobrik
true love doesn’t exist
ok so marry @lizakoshy now 🤷🏻‍♀️
was this a real relationship lol im so confused
the fuck is this?????
In reply to @DavidDobrik
looks like you have another chance with @jasonnash’s mom 👍🏻🥰 pic.twitter.com/SpUms6dXXz
This is the greatest thing that has happened in 2019 and now it's over....
In reply to @DavidDobrik
why is this tweet reminiscent of d**a
In reply to @DavidDobrik
liza was only your girlfriend and got a full breakdown video, she’s your wife and this is all your doing!
i thought this was all a joke???
please marry me next
In reply to @DavidDobrik
Welp there goes my faith in finding love 😢😂
There’s plenty of other fish in the sea David. It’ll be okay❤️
I’m worried about @jasonnash now.
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