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EXO-SC The 1st Mini Album 'What a life' – Album Details

#세훈 #찬열 #SEHUN #CHANYEOL #EXO_SC #Whatalife #엑소 #EXO #weareoneEXO

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stop complaining about the album cover/design/color scheme. we cant let this debut be surrounded with negativity just from the album design. i havent seen ONE person talk about the tracks, the collab with gaeko, or how excited they are to get some details finally.
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"Não julgue pela capa, o que importa é o conteúdo."
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So finally we got to see our #EXO_SC Albums Covers 😍!! Eries order your copie quickly 🔥🔥💕 Waiting for you impatiently TT #CHANYEOL #SEHUN #WhatALife @weareoneEXO -M pic.twitter.com/nPh8nREpQ1
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A 10 years could have done better but at least you gave us individual covers and a group cover that way their bars will compete on sales
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Best Duo of the century is coming. 👑
190711 | تحديث تويتر اكسو الرسمي مع تفاصيل ألبوم EXO-SC المصغر الاول "What a Life".

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can we get a statement of how yall came up with this design like what went on with the thought process, the minutes of the meeting of the graphics team??? i need an explanation. chanhun deserves better album design.
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มันเยอะใช่มั้ยวรรณ มาอัดในเดือนเดียว เบลอบ้างไรบ้าง เลาเข้าใจ /ตบบ่า
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who tf made this, i wanna know what thought process (if any) went into it
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Okay thanks for bare minimum
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me deleting my tweet that i wrote a word wrong
190711 | تحديث تويتر حساب اكسو الرسمي بتفاصيل البوم 'What a Life' للفرقة الثنائية EXO-SC.
the colors are a pass cuz neon in still trendy but the logo? its so boring,, this could be literally any other artist but not exo when they are known for mind blowing designs... makes no sense to me
Naiiyak na ako talaga exo nako nako nako
mais pq vous êtes des incapables comme ca jcomprend pas
I know some people didn't like the album and that's ok, we all can have different opinions but don't you think people are being really rude? I mean the concept, the colors, the logo etc literally brings a funny, retro and stylish vibe... Like EXO-SC unit / members are.
ยังดีมีหน้าชานฮุนอยู่บนปกนะ...ไม่งั้นฉันจะแจ้ง จะแจ้ง!!
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You're so lucky that i love exo 😭
Caramba, nunca achei que fosse dizer isso, mas que coisa horrível
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why'd you delete the first tweet? looool
Tá feio sim.

E podem falar que ninguém é design e blábláblá que não muda nada.

Pode ter um PUTA CONCEITO de design. Mas isso é um produto. E se não agrada o comprador, não vende.

Não falo de fãs. Falo exatamente das não-fãs que poderia ajudar nos números de vendas.
ah individual album covers thatll pacify akgaes for sure sm be Knowing
گاااااد😭😭😭😭چقد مکش مادره البوووومشووون
آقا فلسفه این کاور چیه لامصب...اولا ک گفتن این نیس عوض میشه گفتم خداروشکر بیخود فک میکردم خنگم...الان ک باز دوباره همونه🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂...من مغزم کار نمیکنه قشنگ
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ياويلاتاااه تراني بفلس جمعت حق بيكهيون وهادولي الاخوان وش بنسوي فيهمم #MGMAVOTE #EXO @weareoneEXO ياخي شكلي بسوي تحدي الريتوبت مع بابا واحطه تحت الأمر الواقه👽 pic.twitter.com/DIqvDdhqth
Graphic design is my passion
Matou as vendas do album com esse treco feio
Мне это жизненно необходимо
Sau anh Byun các chị lại tiếp tục seri " không ngủ trước 10h " với unit SC #MGMAVOTE #EXO @weareoneEXO
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22nd, come sooner. So SC and Baek can meet on the charts. #MGMAVOTE #EXO @weareoneEXO
Когда потратился на альбомы Бэка и денег уже нет
Остаётся поплакать в сторонке
Я хочу зелёненький💚😩
jsuis mort un packaging si HORRIBLE
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Sm k cho ví chúng tôi nghỉ ngơi tí nào #MGMAVOTE #EXO @weareoneEXO
ب چ زبونی بگم ک ورژن چانو میخوام ب چ زبونییییی😭😭😭😫😫

exo santa cruz
It’s the way they know we would still get it that they don’t even bother to put much effort. Chanhun deserve way better.

Hello Kuantan EXO-L!! Ada sesapa nak order album EXO-SC? Can choose version based on FCFS. Only open for 5 slots

RM75 exc local postage

Only available for meet up at ECM/KCM

พี่มายคะ 607 หรือ 706 ดีคะ พี่ฮุนอยู่บนเลข3ตัวพอดี 55555
twitter.com/weareoneexo/st… — 607 ไปเลยจร้าาาาา มีร้อยใส่ร้อย มีล้านใส่ล้าน 5555555555555 lap78.ask.fm/igoto/45DKECPW…
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These are ugly and you’re the worst, SM.
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Who designed the logo and the cover I wanna talk
Saíram as informações dos álbuns SC 🥰 P-pink sehun G-green chanyeol e Y-yellow grupo
Nós erramos no form, mas quem já reservou, iremos levar em conta a escolha por membro e não por letra! Quem quiser trocar sua escolha entre em contato!!! Irei comprar os álbuns segunda~
musze to kupic jestem bez pieniedzy ale to kupie
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highlighters of the year
Let's flood the comments exols
Sechan are so excited.

#EXO @weareoneEXO
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The colors is so ugly but good thing Chanyeol and Sehun can pull it off
[Oficial] 190711 | Actualización de las cuentas oficiales de EXO con #Chanyeol y SeHun🍃 | #Whatalife #세훈찬열 #EXO_SC @weareoneEXO

🗨 EXO_SC 1er mini álbum 'What a life' - Detalles del álbum.

Cr: weareoneEXO
Compartido por: Chanyeol -Two Moons EXO Argentina-

I don't care whatever the design is. If it's Chanyeol, Sehun or other EXO members I will support it.

I can't wait to get a hold of the albums.. ❤😍

I will love it for sure. 😍

#EXO @weareoneEXO
#EXO_SC #Chanyeol #Sehun
[190711] @weareoneEXO Twitter update with SC 'What a Life'

Album details are out everyone. 🎉
Tell us what do you think about the album.

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