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‘My daughter died, slowly and painfully.’ — Watch this emotional exchange between @AOC and a mother who lost her daughter in ICE custody

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THE REAL QUESTIONS THO: What did she die of? Was it directly related to her horrific travels through desert wilderness with coyotes? Was it preventable? What responsibility do we put on the mother for recklessly exposing her infant to these risks rather than immigrating legally?
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Why do I always feel as if @AOC is exploiting the pain of other to create viral moments then published by @nowthisnews and @voxdotcom ?
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Why don’t you meet with the Angel moms - American mothers like @mamendoza480 who have lost children to horrifying illegal alien murders AOC? Stand up for Americans.
Yazmin’s story is that of thousands of women coming to this country. We must fight in the name of Marie’s and demand #JusticeForOurChildren
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Jeez every time I watch @AOC my soul lifts, that here is leadership; young wise passionate consistent and long after I'm gone she and her generation will change this place. What I most feel is relief
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The mother had a risk vs reward situation. She risked her and her childs life. The mother should take some responsibility...no?
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Y eso es todo.
FUCK YOU TRUMP! I hope you rot in fucking hell. And fuck all of you that support him. BLOCK ME BITCH.
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Thank God she could afford to get her nails done!
So many comments under this video are pointing out the fact that the mother came here “illegally” & “took that risk”.
A child is dead, MULTITUDES ARE DEAD, and there are people still thinking this is a political issue you can argue? This is inhumane, I’m sick to my stomach.
In reply to @nowthisnews
She killed her own daughter, and blames ICE. It's a clown's world at best
In reply to @nowthisnews
How many dead children does that make now in the Concentration Camps? Children dying in US custody. Children dying in Gun Massacres. This doesn't even touch on the rapes and molestation going on at these camps. This is the new soul of America.
This is so heartbreaking. I can't believe we are living a modern day holocaust scenario and people are STILL DOING NOTHING.

Children are in cages and are dying. This is heart wrenching.
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The illegal immigration raids are expected to take place in at least 10 cities, will occur "over multiple days." We found @ocasio2018 out and about today as ICE is about to enforce our laws across the country 😂keep up the triggering @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump @VP pic.twitter.com/ZAZYnV2adr
Politicians must the same empathy for African Americans. I am pro immigration. The only "illegals" are white ppl. Immigrants are here b/c the US is f*cking up their homelands. As a Pan Africanist I am committed to building solidarity w/immigrants b/c we have the same enemy
It’s honestly so gross that people faved that girl’s tweet about how they can’t be expected to “shit out houses” for asylum seekers. They’re living in insanely cruel and unsanitary conditions and y’all endorse that sort of thought process? Disgusting.
I don’t believe this Spanish - Blasey Ford - for a second. She was scripted and coached by AOC & Squad. Nails, Hair, Make-up sure looked like a grieving mother to me. Right.....um hum. She said: “I was coming for better life = $”. AOC said: “escaping unspeakable horrors”.
Als het jouw kind was geweest. Wat had je dan gedaan....
Maar het is jouw kind niet. Dus waarom zou je je er druk om maken. Het zijn migranten. Gelukzoekers. Profiteurs. Barbaren. Toch...
Absolutely heartbreaking.

Yazmin Juárez is brave to share her story, one that thousands of asylum seekers are facing daily.

Her daughter Mariee should still be alive. We must #CloseTheCamps and end these attacks on immigrant families. #JusticeforMariee
Bir kongre üyesi bilinmeyen bir dilde konuşarak bir göçmene sorular soruyor. Bir göçmen yine bilinmeyen bir dilde verdiği cevaplarda ağır acılardan, ağır suçlardan bahsediyor. twitter.com/nowthisnews/st…
Gracias Alexandria por abogar por los derechos humanos para los migrantes, principalmente los niños, niñas y mujeres
Painful, but necessary watch. Immigrants are being vilified and treated with unfathomable cruelty. It’s time to #AbolishICE
DO NOT LOOK AWAY. Contact your reps. End this. End this. End this.
I want my Mexican people to thrive in this country so badly. They are more than deserving of a better life than they live. This hurts my heart
Idk how people get so triggered about the burning of a piece of cloth but are okay with children dying in cages 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔
History is repeating itself and if you can’t see that, I suggest you do some serious reevaluation of your morals and values
I just don’t care what side you’re on at this point. Children should never be in the middle of any political conflict. When children are abused, mistreated, and dying, there’s no excuse for not taking action. Donate to help at the border at raicestexas.org
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Oh but let's trust government with our healthcare though! #Sarcasm
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This just makes me so sad. What have we become as a Nation? I can't believe there are actually people who are okay with this.
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Sounds Like Drama Queens On "Days of Our Lives" Soap Opera?
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From Holland: The self-proclaimed "greatest country in the world" has 30-40 million uninsured, 600K homeless, 2.2 million imprisoned, 10's of millions on drugs/medications etc. Now there is a humanitarian crisis. Who is not on the fortunate, richer side has to die basically?
USA is committing crimes against humanity at the border. Another atrocity added to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Trans Atlantic slave trade, Guatemala, Grenada, The Philippines and Iraq among many more. How can anyone still trust this country be the arbiter of anything in the world?
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This was going on during the Obama administration.
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From this side of the pond, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex represents the best of America. Long may she prosper.
This is sad beyond belief. America did this. Trump’s America. Trump is a cancer on our nation. He must be removed.
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This woman killed her own daughter. Period. She should go to prison for criminal negligence.
In reply to @nowthisnews
This is why she needs to be president. She feels without political theater... she’s a human being fighting for human beings FIRST... unlike many in similar positions of power
Dit is volksvertegenwoordiging. Met lef, daadkracht, verstand en empathie.
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What’s even more disgustingly heartbreaking is that she even has to talk to congress about this Shame on our administration
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Thank you, AOC, for defending fundamental human rights. The U.S created unliveable conditions in Cent. and S. America, and now blames women and children for fleeing. It's the ultimate gaslight, and it has to stop.
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This is out of control/we are all immigrants/ whether we came here 300 years ago or 3 days ago-The only indigenous people were those with red skin and those with brown on the west coast-Oh wait and the fur trappers of French Canada on the east coast and Viking(ie Norwegian)
In reply to @nowthisnews
She should be in jail for child abuse
In reply to @nowthisnews
Land of the free. The great USA!
In reply to @nowthisnews
has the power to effectively deliver a message and clearly that is one that ICE and border patrol employees do not value American beliefs of opportunity and freedom. They praise and bow down to the almighty Trump.
In reply to @nowthisnews
Heart broken. Thank you for bringing these stories to light. We must do better!💔
In reply to @nowthisnews
This is exactly why family separation is dangerous, this is one of many consequences of family separation, dehumanizing immigrants is like playing with fire, it is dangerous and people, human beings, even children get hurt or worse in the process, #CloseTheCamps
I am really sorry what this lady has gone through. I would like to share some points from her speech.

A better and safer life for my daughter

My daughter died, slowly and painfully.

The world needs to know what is happening.

With so many children in detention.
In OUR country when you choose, as a parent, to endanger your child by walking hundreds of miles to willfully break the law while endangering your child we call that "Child Endangerment" and you would be charged and Social Services would remove your child from your care.
In reply to @nowthisnews
I can’t watch any more of this. Seriously America, wake up and end this senseless humanitarian crisis. The rest of the world is watching and are disgusted.
In reply to @nowthisnews
😢😢😢 no family should ever have to go through this, no matter what your circumstances are. But the fact she died in a concentration camp is a crime against humanity!! #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW #ImpeachmentInquiryNow
In reply to @nowthisnews
And queue the tears.
In reply to @nowthisnews
Hey pro-lifers, babies are DYING in the custody of ICE. What’re we gonna do about it? Maybe prosecute the officers who’ve turned a blind eye to sickness? Or the officials who deny clean & livable spaces?
In reply to @nowthisnews
It’s just so tragic that this woman put her baby in this dangerous journey without good food or water. She was certainly weakened by this trip, making her susceptible to illness . #childabuse.
In reply to @nowthisnews
This seems quite staged. If what happened is true then by all means justice should be served but it's hard to believe this when the left has been so pushing a narrative.
This is truly heartbreaking that a mother came here to get a better life for her daughter and they separated them and her daughter DIED in custody of ICE. At the end of the day, immigrants are HUMANS like anyone else and not animals. They deserve to be treated like everyone else.
This was painful to watch and I pray this baby & mother’s story would be heard and soften hearts.💔
Detention of migrants needs to end, in the US & here in the UK.

Full stop.

#EndDetention @LARAFLabour
In reply to @nowthisnews
Hang in there - this is important.
In reply to @nowthisnews
is a actress playing congress women😂😂😂
I wasn't aware that @ICEgov forced ppl to cross thousands of miles in treacherous and unsanitary conditions, often subjecting them to assault and rape. All for the hope of breaking into someone else's country.

Sounds to me like the mother KILLED her daughter.
Not the ICE Agents.
These mf b raping the lil kids dude and doing god knows what else to them . This shit needs to stop .
Seeking asylum is not against the law. This woman lost her baby. Her baby. Seeking asylum.
I can only RT - for now - vote for later. But this is a deep deep deep upseting unacceptable situation. We need more AOC to raise up awareness. Because this will have to be fixed.
In reply to @nowthisnews
So sad and so preventable. At least the racist scumbags are identifying themselves in the thread. If they’ll just keep the red hats on when the fight starts, it’ll be great. Red coats, red hats... no difference. Both are highly visible.
In reply to @nowthisnews
So sad.....why isn't anything being done TODAY to reunite these families and get those children out of the detention cells? Washington DC....Politicians.....DO SOMETHING!
In reply to @nowthisnews
WHY don't people believe women? WHY don't people believe anyone who speaks another language? Yet they are willing to believe a fool who talks about airports during the Revolution. SMH
Dear god what have we become? How can we justify this? I am ashamed that our country would allow this and heartsick for this mother. @AOC @Alyssa_Milano @DanRather @TheRickyDavila @johnpavlovitz @Amy_Siskind @AmyMcGrathKY @inclusionchick @katherinefugate @KayKosmos @kazweida
This is heartbreaking. Thank you @AOC for using your platform and position to address this crisis within the scope of humanity and common decency.
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AOCs solution is opening the border. And she’ll use anyone to that end.
In reply to @nowthisnews
It's the fault of the parents who put their kids in difficult situations like that. If only they came here legally and not illegaly, tragedy like that wouldn't happen.
In reply to @nowthisnews
Heartbreaking! 💔I can’t imagine that kind of grief! The pain I feel, can anyone imagine as a parent! It’s all to painful! Keep speaking out AOC!
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I bet AOC is loving every minute of this. Her and the Dems love this because they can further their anti law enforcement and anti Trump agenda. They have no interest in fixing this. At least not until after 2020.
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How can we get @SpeakerPelosi to resign as speaker! Her inaction is shameful and dangerous! She is doing nothing to hold trump accountable! She has to go!
So, let me get this straight...she makes the dangerous journey with her small child, illegally breaks into our country then her daughter dies from an illness transferred by other illegal immigrants and has the audacity to sue the U.S for $60 million?
With properly enforced immigration laws and a border wall, this would not occur
OMG heartbroken for this mom
In reply to @nowthisnews
And what about the AMERICAN citizen in North Carolina who died by the hands of the illegal immigrant, why don’t they matter? You say you’re for the people how about the people that were born here and are citizens , and ultimately constituents!
In reply to @nowthisnews
Not only did you commit campaign finance violations, but you also have blocked numerous conservatives on Twitter, which is illegal. Please explain yourself and this double standard.
In reply to @nowthisnews
Reparations for ALL those put in concentration camps should include full citizenship, no questions asked. The current policy must have repurcussions for all those who support it.
In reply to @nowthisnews
Nobody can say they did not know what was going on. If we fail to act now, shame on us!
In reply to @nowthisnews
Thank you @aoc and your Congressional colleagues for continuing to shine a spotlight on the cruelty.
In reply to @nowthisnews
After Sunday what will we call Immigration Detention Centers?
This should have never happened! This is not who we are. We are putting people in concentration camps. This needs to stop now!
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