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Redskins CB Josh Norman is out here JUMPING OVER bulls in Pamplona 😧

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Olé is usualy his tackling technique
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Suns C Aron Baynes is out here DRAWING A CHARGE on a bull in Pamplona 😧 pic.twitter.com/obyFnKYLzi
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Skins front office and ownership after seeing this video pic.twitter.com/3OdxpVxGef
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Offseason work-outs are getting insane in the NFL!
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Redskins front office calling his agent right now pic.twitter.com/8GSa5I05Yh
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Washington’s coaching staff and fans right now: pic.twitter.com/Zapvs85lTD
Let’s see. NFL teams don’t allow players to play in pickup basketball games but this is OK?
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How To Get Your Contract Voided 101
1) Josh is an adrenaline junkie. This isn’t surprising.

1a) Can guarantee he doesn’t care what you think of this.

2) Team could not pay him if he gets hurt not playing football. He didn’t get hurt. Play on.

2a) Yes, I checked with someone on that.
You see how fast he jumped up in those stands after he jumped over that bull though 😂....he ain’t no dummy
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I feel like there’s definitely somewhere in his contract that states he cant jump over bulls
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Welp... he’s gettin fined by the team
You can tell which NFL players are for real paid on their off-season adventures. 💰 💰💰

Back-ups be in the club, on private Island vacations, Shopping Sprees

Starters are jumping off of elephants, over bulls, out of planes.
Doing ladder drills on Mt. Everest 😂😂😂
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His agent and coach just had a minor heart attack watching this!
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Redskins are about to fine the fuck out of this nigga LMFAOOO
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That poor, terrified animal.
Yes, I’ll take “Things You Wouldn’t Want A $75 Million Cornerback Doing” for 800, please.
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All those people deserve a gore..... Can we come out of the dark ages....
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I was rooting for the bull.
He probably learned the technique watching Zeke film against the NFC East
I’m sure the Redskins love seeing this

I’m sure most contracts don’t allow running with the bulls 🤷‍♂️
Contratos de esportistas de alto nível têm algumas proibições, como andar de moto, por exemplo.

Agora tem que incluir: "Proibido saltar um touro bravo.".
Our guy got hops!

PS -#TEALnation don’t try this st home! #chantsup
There’s gotta be a clause in that contract that restricts that...or not!
bfd. Khalil Mack would just pick that bull up, put him in his back pocket, and walk home. twitter.com/espn/status/11…
The bull was probably as confused by what @J_No24 did as Norman was by what @DezBryant did to him. pic.twitter.com/t8VVV1FCWw
Patrick Mahomes can’t play basketball but Josh Norman is leaping over bulls in Pamplona 🤔
This seems like a perfectly normal offseason activity.
Somehow finding it hard to comprehend how agitating a scared, innocent animal is viewed as entertaining. Miss me with this one, thanks.
I ran with the bulls once. I never came close to this though.
Wow. All the wows.
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He found a loop hole in the contract im sure dodging bulls was something they forgot to add 😂😂😂😂
There are dudes that can't ride a motorcycle or even play pickup basketball thanks to their contracts
Josh Norman la pasó muy bien en la Pamplonada 😱
Josh Norman en San Fermín. Yo creo que, a estas alturas, a Jay Gruden ya le tira del pijo todo.
This is crazy...Redskins can't be happy
So josh Norman skipping redskins otas to do this nonsense ?
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This dude is risking his whole career for some bullshit, but that was pretty sick though. At least he didn’t get hurt🤷🏽‍♂️

“Please don’t try to jump over any raging bulls”
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This is not a sport this is a cruelty this not a football 🏈 or anything like that at the end of the day this poor bull will lose his life for a stupid tradition this should end and forever pic.twitter.com/oL6DtKqqs4
Jeito saudável de passar o tempo às vésperas do início do Training Camp
Holy 👀! One flick of that bull’s head and Norman’s career is over. Good.
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How someone can jump that high but get mossed by 5’11” receivers in man coverage is beyond me
All future contracts with guarantees will now disallow jumping of bulls.
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Yay! Animal torture!
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Highlight of the Redskins 2019 season
How can you jump over bulls but can’t even cover Cole Beasley
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Virgen santa. Josh Norman en Pamplona
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Hope he gets impaled with the rest of them.
I’d imagine this is in violation of something in his contract, surely? Gotta think the Skins FO is thinking about getting money back here somehow
I’m sure Bruce Allen & company love this. I mean it shows his athleticism!!! #redskins #Bulls
I see the Redskins are trying to get a jump on the injuries before the season starts this year
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Washington immediately combs through his contract to see if "jumping over bulls in Pamplona" is included in the extracurricular activities prohibited section.
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It’s safer than Skins camp the last couple of years. #httr
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Infinitely cooler than Kobe's Aston Martin video because it's real
too bad he can't cover anyone
NFL players don’t have activity restrictions In their contracts? 😂😂😂
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And this is different from dogfighting how, @NFL @peta ?
Love this, soaking in culture.
Josh Norman has already done more running with the Bulls than Jabari Parker ever did.
Once nfl players try to jump over bulls it’s clear the cte has seeped in
His agent probably passed out..
Any clause in contract for, "If gored by bull....
I gotta do this at least one time😂
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Lol and OBJ wanted to fight this man 🤦🏼‍♂️
Redskins got the wildest injury history ever and he does this
I swear if I saw Harden, Hopkins or Altuve doing this. I’m calling up the GM ASAP.
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I'm sure Washington's front office loves seeing that
Yooooooo😭😭😭 i know his agent pissed on himself
stuff like this is how half our team finishes the season on injury reserve
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Very sad for the bulls. Heartbreaking anyone would participate in this.
Die Freizeitbeschäftigung von @Redskins-CB Josh Norman ist mehr als fragwürdig. #NFL #ranNFL
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