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Area 51 Facebook event has hit the news, I'm weak 馃槀

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In reply to @AkinolaGG
That's how you know the meme is on it's deathbed
We must ban together x'D
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Hearing a newscaster read this in a serious voice is the highlight of 2019, gj internet 馃憤
In reply to @AkinolaGG
This is just part of the chuunin exam this year.
In reply to @AkinolaGG
it would seem that my tweet has popped the h*ck off the only thing i have to promote is, I'm trying to pop off in esports/entertainment hosting reel: twitter.com/blakinola/stat鈥 announcer reel: help a brother find success and have a wonderful day! pic.twitter.com/6y41eZXeMW
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Oh my god they used the footage from the London Naruto run event I hosted through Facebook back in 2017
Le MEME des fans de Naruto qui vont dans la Zone 51 va tellement qu'ils en parlent aux infos haha !

PS : J'y serais cosplay茅 en Obito-
Yo Japan, they used anime clips.
Why aren鈥檛 you claiming the news right now? Smh.
Meme magic is real lads

We can naruto run into prime time tv
In reply to @AkinolaGG
In reply to @AkinolaGG
How can they stop all those ninjas?
In reply to @AkinolaGG
I'm dead... They actually used Naruto footage...
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Help I've watched this same clip 400 times, I need someone to help me
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Bruh this shit has me weak I can't believe this is really legit LMFAO 馃槀馃槀馃槀. Weebs are powerful man
In reply to @AkinolaGG
I鈥檇 like to see the Military stop all of us Naruto running
In reply to @AkinolaGG
I鈥檓 fucking crying from laughing so much, my lungs are on fire!
In reply to @AkinolaGG
I wonder what will future people say about this after 30 years.
naruto has the biggest impact in our society i鈥檓 so proud
Me dio pena esto jajajaja
In reply to @AkinolaGG
If it's on the news it must be true!
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Honestly glad the news people spelled Naruto right and showed off a clip of it in action.
In reply to @AkinolaGG
The ones who mades it becomes hokage?
trying to make everyone forget about Epstein
In reply to @AkinolaGG
This newscaster pronounced Naruto very correctly I think he's one of us
"Si corremos como Naruto podemos esquivar las balas" para entrar al 脕rea 51.
馃槀馃憣 What a world we live in
In reply to @AkinolaGG
this is the best timeline.
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Facebook peeps: Let's do the weird run to avoid bullets!!! Area51: We don't use those around here..... Good luck getting though the invisible shield....
In reply to @AkinolaGG
I love all the Area 51 jokes but the biggest joke here is the Military taking this seriously lmfao
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Lmao I thought the laugh was the newscaster
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Man they made the NEWS!?!? Man, sometimes it feels like the news just wants to bank in on current trends that flood the internet and want to comment on it. I mean this now feels like a big joke, just to get news anchors to talk about weeb things all over again.
You motherfuckers. You've got the news talking about this shit now.
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Gotta give Credit for spelling Naruto right 馃憖
In reply to @FreeMemesKids
Fuck content theft. Here's the original: twitter.com/blakinola/stat鈥
In reply to @AkinolaGG
Watch it this morning and I can鈥檛 believe this happened. pic.twitter.com/pjCjK1vud9
Me imagino al ej茅rcito metiendo a los aliens en las duchas
In reply to @AkinolaGG
i fucking love this generation
America isn鈥檛 real man looooooool they鈥檙e in a black mirror simulation
this area 51 thing makes me laugh so hard like kfkdkd idk we all just run outside to see aliens or catch that Pok茅mon two streets away with Pok茅mon go. i mean we go feral for some weird stuff sometimes, dumbassery is amazing
Toda la gente con sillones apenas abrieron las puertas para las jornadas de baile
Storm ICE instead and free all the fucking children they have locked in cages
In reply to @AkinolaGG
We live during the best era and no one can change my mind pic.twitter.com/dWjTHevHrJ
Lol I'm so happy Naruto on the news. I use to get roasted for minding my business in middle school. This is amazing
the way this is promoting naruto, yasss
when someone said that naruto is the universal language theyre exactly right
Finally some sensible people emerging......
BEHOLD! The power of memes and possibly the funniest thing you'll see on the internet today.
Imagine going to college for journalism then having to read "If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets" on national television
Life is full of gifts sometimes 馃槀

It鈥檚 being covered by NEWS OUTLETS?
Holy shit did you see how fast they ran?

Trick Question you can't cause they are faster than bullets.
95% of my sense of humor is voices of authority saying insane nonsense with a straight face and this is MY BRAND
Bro this getting more ridiculous with every post 馃槀
Naruto running is one of the most viable means of transportation
the fact they had to explain what the naruto run was using footage makes me so happy
In reply to @AkinolaGG
I'm crying. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.
I want this to happen, what else are we doing? Let鈥檚 live fucking life, & let鈥檚 go see the next life.
If the world really wants to uncover some secrets they should really be running up on the Vatican
Darwinism in full effect. Thank goodness these turbovirgins鈥 bloodlines will end here...
asjdkdhajdkdhkdja all these boomers are gonna think this shit is rEAL
Jsp si vs vs rendez compte 脿 quel point les animes vont r茅volutionner la plan猫te, aller, mtn aller faire aussu l'op茅ration "Storm Area Pentagone et Champ 脡lys茅e" si vous faites des mudras le destin sera avc vous oklm
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