When Trump says, If you don’t like, it leave it,” people I know say it reminds them of a sign like this from 1971 in NC county near where I live.

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In reply to @RevDrBarber
"Anerica, love it or leave it!" was the standard reactionary bumper-sticker slogan responding to the anti Vietnam-war movement. The standard reply slogan was "America, change it or lose it!" It's still good.
"help fight communism & integration"
This is why we must know and teach our history.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Here is a sign from Polk County TN in 2016, a few miles from where I live. The guy who put it up understood the subtext of "Make America Great Again." pic.twitter.com/WkmJniDODS
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I hated that sign every time I went to Raleigh, but God gave me the opportunity to later see the Grand Dragons face when I told him a Black Nurse Dave his life!
In reply to @resistbot
Yes, actually. This is why we need more history taught in school. twitter.com/revdrbarber/st…
In reply to @RevDrBarber
.@BreeNewsome was just teaching about the "Communist" code speak among conservatives yesterday. twitter.com/BreeNewsome/st…
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I grew up in this county. Sadly, this wasn't the only KKK sign.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
This was wrong then and it is wrong now.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Yeah, Reverend, NC remains the leading Bible Belt laboratory of exploratory hate, I still remember Pat McCrory as a proto-Trump, such a destructive governor...
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I've said so many times when we forget the past we are destine to repeat it. Our President is taking us there
If you don’t like it here, just leave. What racists have told people of color for generations.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
As a black child born and raised in America I was told to "Go Back to Africa..." with other slurs attached, on many occasions. All of it was intended to be RACIST! What was said IS and was meant to be RACIST by our #RacistPresident @realdonaldtrump and his enabling @GOP crew. .
Lara Trump tonight led the MAGA crowd in in chant of "If you don't love it, leave it!", then Trump himself said the same thing.
Blatant & open racism, Circa 2019
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Soon Trump will come out wearing a white robe & say I had nothing to wear, then a white hat & say what it's freedom of fashion.
No this ain't Klan Kountry.. This is our country and we ain't going nowhere!
In reply to @RevDrBarber
One of the @TheDemocrats ads should just be a montage of historical signs like this one, with current gop catchphrases but in thier chilling context. Ppl will get it
Smithfield???? This is 20 minutes from where I grew up. I feel sick knowing this is NC’s history and present day.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I drove by that sign as a teen and needless to say I did not stop in Smithfield.
My grandmothers house wasn’t far from where this sign was.. there were many others like this one. This has ALWAYS been the America I know.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
And why didn’t THEY leave when Obama was in office? pic.twitter.com/hBipAOZTcU
In reply to @RevDrBarber
And notice how communism has been replaced by socialism (and occasionally anti Semitism) but the message remains the same.
Some people in that rally last night are probably old enough to remember seeing these signs. They're old enough to know what this language means.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
In the Midwest, we had "sundown towns" like Hutchinson, KS. truthdig.com/articles/resid…
In reply to @RevDrBarber
The “don’t let the sun set on you” sign came down in Selma, NC in 1993
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Are you sure that wasn't an ad for the Klan rally @realDonaldTrump led in North Carolina last night?
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I remember lots of signs like this in Indiana when I was in college protesting the Vietnam War.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Now he had riled up his base with a new chant to send her back. I feel like I'm in the 50's and I wasn't even born then.😡
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Having grown up near that area I would unfortunately not be surprised if that sign was still there. I love this state but man do we have some reflecting to do on our shameful history.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Here's a picture I took going through Wilson NC in 1973. A shameful legacy. pic.twitter.com/Py9H6jQsNr
I don’t understand how humans can have so much hate for each other based on something they can’t even help. To make someone hate themself for how they were born, to tell them that because you’re a different shade you don’t deserve the space you occupy. It’s heart breaking.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
If we don't learn from history, it WILL repeat itself:
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Happening still today - astoundingly from the "Friendship church" 6abc.com/community-even…
In reply to @RevDrBarber
The same rhetoric as the Klan. But, “it’s not racist”....🙄
About 25 miles from where i grew up. Taken down in 1978 I believe.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Isn't it funny that whenever people talk about the KKK they have to look up old pictures (sometimes in black and white), but if you want to see a far-left hate group in action you just have to turn on the evening news.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I feel physically illl from watching even the little clip I saw and hearing about his rally. I'm also afraid. Afraid for those Congress women and afraid for this country.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
This photo is a stark reminder of a shameful past that 45 is resurrecting and I worry about the amount of people who will be harmed by unleashing this kind of bigoted hatred.
North Carolina Trump Rally today chanting “Send her back”
It’s representative of what they mean by MAGA
As an immigrant & mother of an American citizen, I’m heartbroken & angry. Racists are again, destroying this land.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
And the other parallel there is that instead of using communism as the cover, it’s now socialism. They won’t say kick out the people of color, but they’ll claim they hate America. It’s disgusting.
I was born in 1971. It wasn’t “that” long ago.
Don't usually talk about current events... but you know, racism is racism and it should be called out.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I’d say “a stain on America” but it’s more like gangrene, isn’t it? Threatening to rot the whole body. The stench already has other nations avoiding us
In reply to @AJCGlobal
Reminiscent of this time, I would hazard to say...
CC: @gehrig38. Curtis, would you classify this as racist?
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Ooh! I remember the bumper stickers from the early 70s. Thank God I never saw the bottom one. Being a youngster at the time. What was always so confusing was the bumper sticker on the other side saying Jesus is Lord. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs much?
It's the same people.
A throwback pic, we assume, from right here in North Carolina. #AltRightDelete
In reply to @RevDrBarber
And the sign reminds me of @LindseyGrahamSC referring to the Congresswomen as “communists.”
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Hard to comprehend how a sign rooted in overt hatred could be legally posted and was considered acceptable by the highway commission or the state government, even back in 1971!
Read the signs, Trump’s words have a history. He knows this, you should to. #AltoTrump
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Yea, you should find out the Democrats name that put that up way back when.
I never would have believed it, but Republicans have completely lost any sense whatsoever of decency. The GOP is now just one angry out-of-control mob lead by cowards too afraid to lose an election.
“we learn from history that we learn nothing from history.”- george bernard shaw

trump’s “america” looks & sounds horrifically familiar
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I am a transplanted North Carolinian and so ashamed of my state right now @RepMarkWalker @RepTedBudd @MarkMeadows @SenatorBurr @SenThomTillis need to step up and make it stop
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Trump fails to understand the Constitutional right to debate and dissent. These rights are at the core of the doctrines of democracy. Hitler hated democracy also because it empowered the peoples right to self direct and self thought.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Sadly that wasn’t the only sign in Smithfield. pic.twitter.com/WjXVs7gHdD
In reply to @RevDrBarber
We need you to condemn DJT’s comments.
In reply to @LisaMei62
Best of luck organizing your local Klan chapter. twitter.com/revdrbarber/st…
I remember seeing this sign as a child 🤬
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Look how that worked out for them😏 Ain't nobody scared of that foolishness Preacher.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
I remember that sign. Didn't anticipate a return to those days.
Well that's terrifyingly on-point
I joined the Air Force Reserve in 2003, and drove from Raleigh to Goldsboro monthly for drill, passing by this sign off 70 in Smithfield each time... This is not even RECENT past—it’s not past at all. It’s our present, and will be our future if we don’t stop it.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
we all should stop this now...by getting this Racist out of the White House........and our lives pic.twitter.com/vTv67lXA3C
In reply to @RevDrBarber
It seems a majority of his slogans are directly lifted from other overt white supremacists.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
And note "Communism"... the scare-word of the party of Putin.
In reply to @RevDrBarber
Whoa! I had no idea such billboards existed. And in my lifetime. I imagine these hateful people professed to be Christians.
A man in my college alumni Facebook group told me that Democrats shouldn't complain about Trump's racism because he's just trying to save us all from socialism. I saw this immediately afterwards. God, so little has changed.
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