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Trump mentions Ilhan Omar, and the loudest boos of the night break out. Trump's speech is then interrupted by a protester. "He goes home now to mommy and he gets reprimanded and that's the end. 'Sorry mommy. Sorry mom. Didn't mean to embarrass you, mom,'" Trump says.
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Trump fans eventually break out in "send her back!" chants directed toward Ilhan Omar, a Somali refugee who serves in Congress who Trump viciously smeared.

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This is racist. If you鈥檙e chanting this, you鈥檙e a racist. If you鈥檙e a journalist asking white people if this is racist鈥攜ou鈥檙e an idiot.
If 20 high school students chanted this at a classmate how many would be expelled? If 20 employees yelled this at a colleague how many would be fired? If 20 Army soldiers aimed this at a platoon mate how many would be discharged? How much of US will accept this as a new standard?
I don鈥檛 talk politics on here but this isn鈥檛 political, this is obvious: This is abhorrent, obviously racist, dangerous rhetoric and not calling it out makes you complicit.

The 鈥渟end her back鈥 chant + the 鈥済o back to where you came from鈥 are so antithetical to what we should be.
As an American, as a Jew, as a descendant of refugees and the wife of an immigrant, as a mom of the next generation and as a human fucking being 鈥 the hate that this man traffics in and stokes is downright terrifying.
Last night, all but 4 Republican members of Congress endorsed this racist authoritarianism as America鈥檚 future. History wasn鈥檛 kind to slave owners, segregationists or those who turned back the St. Louis. She won鈥檛 be kind to him either.
Do me a favour, next time any one of you feels like writing a 鈥淭rump and his supporters aren鈥檛 racist鈥 piece, just have a watch of this and shut the fuck up.
Trump rallies are now completely indistinguishable from KKK rallies.

This angry, racist mob is attacking an American citizen at the direction of the President of the United States.

If that doesn鈥檛 make you sad as fuck, you鈥檙e probably a racist.
Please watch him, his face. You can literally see him sucking up his life sustaining narcissistic supply. He needs the power, the control, the attention, the adulation, like most people need oxygen. He鈥檚 a drug addict, & a tolerance develops. He needs more to get the same effect.
excited for the op-eds explaining that anyone who points out how fucking disgusting this is is actually helping trump
Disgusting. Any rhetoric of 鈥渟end her back鈥 is rooted in racism and fear. This is repugnant and it certainly is not making America great.
Hard to top "lock her up" for irresponsible demagoguery but I think they've done it
Dear America,

What have you become? This is beyond repugnant. I am speechless.


A Worried Citizen
Racism crawls out from under its rock when leaders model it.
This crowd is not saying she should (voluntarily) LEAVE.

They are saying they want to SEND a member of congress to another country against her will.

This is very dangerous.
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Trump on AOC: "I don't have time to go with three different names. We'll call her Cortez. Too much time. Takes too much time."
What really bothers me is knowing that Trump doesn't care one way or the other about Omar. Or AOC. Or The Squad.

He doesn't give a single damn about ANY of this & it's obvious. He just likes this feeling of being cheered/adored, so he does/ says whatever to make it happen.
This is disgusting.
This is in Greenville.
These are your classmates.
I鈥檓 disgusted.
I'd like to know what the people who insist "It can't happen here" think is going on right now
the genuine lack of empathy and understanding these people have towards people of color is absolutely terrifying and if you don鈥檛 see how dangerously similar this man and the blind hatred he is evoking is to that of a fascist dictator....... you鈥檙e not paying attention.
Trump supporters: "We don't hate ALL immigrants, just ones that move here illegally."

Also, Trump supporters:
It鈥檚 like a combo of Jerry Springer and Morton Downey, Jr. except both those hosts and their audiences had way more class.
hi anyone that denies that he鈥檚 a fascist is complicit
Mouth breathers in the crowd, led by a man who doesn't have the depth to understand how his words, posture and tone matter a great, great deal....not because of who HE is, but due to the office he HOLDS. Americans deserve better than this. So does the world. This is sickening
Le public scande: "Send her back!" (Renvoyez-l脿 chez elle!) 脿 l'adresse d'Ilhan Omar, une Somalienne naturalis茅e am茅ricaine. Trump fait une pause et approuve. C'est au-del脿 du racisme, c'est une posture fasciste qui repose sur la calomnie, la haine et le rejet brutal de l鈥檃utre.
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She pushed us too far & so has the media. You can defend her all you want, call us whatever names you want and we STILL don鈥檛 care. We are going to re-elect the motherfucker and watch you cry again. #MAGA2020 #KAG2020 #Sendherhome
Can someone please get dick Cheney to take this idiot quail hunting??
We spent a few days debating the definition of racism, though it should have been clear.
We should spend a few days debating the definition of fascism, which is historically complicated... but becoming more clear by the day.
.@GOP anyone who remains in service of this fucking GHOUL at this point is as disgusting as he is. So many lines have been crossed. How you do you sleep? How do you look at yourself in the mirror? You are ash, you are history鈥檚 shame, you are a pox, and no one will forget 鉁岎煆 SEND
This makes me sad for America. It鈥檚 not who we are. Our generation has to be better than this.
2003'te Br眉ksel'de avukatl谋k yaparken adres kayd谋na gitti臒imde "art谋k avukat olarak da m谋 geliyorsunuz, biz sizi tuvalet莽i biliyoruz" diyen memurun bo臒az谋na sar谋l谋p karakolluk olunca, yolda polis arac谋nda s枚yledi臒i "眉lkene d枚n" s枚z眉ne de ceza verilmi艧ti. Art谋k bu normal mi olmu艧?
It takes a lot to terrify these days...but this? Genuinely chilling.
I would hope every American would stand up in an apolitical way and say that this isn鈥檛 right ... but I鈥檓 not holding my breath
Hey remember how Hitler had the Nuremberg rally, where the Nazis officially came out as homicidal monsters intent on genocide?


America just reached that point 馃憞馃徑
The President wants to deport an American congressperson.

For no other reason than she is foreign-born.

We don't history books to tell us this is the lowest the US presidency has ever fallen.

What a shonda.
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To all of my white friends, I鈥檓 glad you鈥檙e able to see this because THIS is the America POC have seen all along. It never went away, it just hid itself from public view. Now, it鈥檚 comfortable showing itself for what it is in the age of trump.
Trump is actively inciting violence against Ilhan Omar, allowing his crowd to shout 鈥淪END HER BACK鈥 and repeatedly calling her antisemitic.

It鈥檚 disgusting and dangerous.

We cannot be silent. Our Jewish community has @IlhanMN鈥檚 back 鈥 and we reject this monster of a president.
If you鈥檙e a Trump supporter, you are a racist.
Can't wait to see the panel of experts on CNN debating whether this is racist enough to be called racist
鈥淭hat Nazi bastard. He should only burn in hell鈥, every Jewish Bubby
He lied about her being married to her brother earlier today too...he鈥檚 a sick, sick man

He won鈥檛 be happy until more American blood spills in the streets
All of the monsters I had nightmares about in my childhood are actually real people. These people are monsters.
They鈥檙e chanting 鈥楽END HER BACK鈥 and he鈥檚 nodding sagely. When will this end?
L'info de la nuit US鈥 en meeting dans le Sud, en Caroline du Nord, le pr茅sident #Trump vilipende encore les 4 茅lues progressistes et en particulier Ilhan Omar. 1 chant guttural inonde alors l'ar猫ne...SEND HER BACK (Renvoyez la chez elle). #avoir
Just a reminder that Omar was VOTED into the position she currently holds. She represents a great deal of Minnesotans of whom you are also shitting on. Im proud of Minnesota and Im damn proud of Ilhan Omar!
Reminder: @BernieSanders sent a tweet just days before the election saying Trump鈥檚 supporters were not racist or sexist. He knew EXACTLY who they were and wanted to cater to them.
芦Send her back,禄 roper presidentens tilhengere taktfast om den somaliskf酶dte kongressrepresentanten Ilhan Omar som har ytret seg kritisk til Israels okkupasjon av Palestina. Tilhengernes hyllest av Trump som ba fire kongresskvinner forlate USA hvis de ikke liker hans politikk.
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And many of them will be in church Sunday telling Jesus what a good person they are.
Besides the fact that the Democratic Party wants nothing to do with Ilhan and co., their moderate politics will fail miserably against Trump鈥檚 racist strategy. The only way forward is convincing people they鈥檒l address their material needs and actually doing it
Three years ago members of the ECU band knelt during the anthem and I remember thinking how impossibly hard that had to be there
Yesterday, b4 this rally, I asked @KamalaHarris, Can he get any lower? Harris: 鈥淭here is so much that is disgusting about this. Could it get any worse? Apparently yes, it just did. How low can he go? I don't know, but he needs to go back where he came from and leave that office.鈥
just a causal reminder that congresswoman omar has been an american citizen longer than melania trump.....
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The crowd didn't spontaneously "break out" in abusive chants. Trump's rally organizers put shills in the crowd to start them. All Fascists do the same thing.
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The crowd didn't spontaneously "break out" in abusive chants. Trump's rally organizers put shills in the crowd to start them. All Fascists do the same thing.
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I am completely baffled by his appeal. I just don't get it.
Now do all the Trump supporters, all the Border Patrol and ICE agents, and the President himself being viciously smeared as Nazis you pathetic hack.
I hear the echoes of "Jews will not replace us."
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Ilhan Omar is not a Somali refugee now. She is an American citizen serving her country as a member Congress. Words matter.
Hello, we have just arrived at the normalization of the idea that we should *deport citizens of the United States* if they aren't the 'right kind' of citizens.

The racism is not the distraction. It is the main goddamn event. The reason for the season. That's what this is ultimately all about, and it always has been.
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Televised klan rallies minus the hoods. Yikes
This is racist, un-American and absolutely fucking disgusting.

You guys really just keep ignoring this kinda shit and just 鈥渟ticking鈥 to your little bubbles? Keep living in your little bubbles, this is where we are now. Stop pretending everything is ok.
america is the single worst country on this planet, parading around like the most liberated, enlightened, and progressive nation state, when its riddled w overt (violent, and institutionalised racism), poverty, and fraud. land of incarceration and fear.
It will never happen here, they said.

I don鈥檛 know how much clearer or more overt he can make it. This video should be humiliating.
We are looking at dictator in training who is literally inciting white people to force people of colour of his country. If you don't see that as racist that's because you are too close to being it.
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Wait. House parliamentary rules crafted by Thos. Jefferson forbid calling the president a racist but he is allowed to do this at his rallies?? This is a clear violation of his oath of office and an affront to all Americans ..
Let me be clear. Trump is adored by racists. His rally鈥檚 are stocked by racists. TRUMP IS A RACIST. If you are chanting along Or supporting him after this, you鈥檙e a racist. You can be a republican and call on higher behavior, you don鈥檛 need this in your party. A stain on history.
He is going to get her killed. On purpose. @SpeakerPelosi, your censure did nothing to stop him. IMPEACH NOW.

This is horrifying. It shows why Trump's words matter and must be condemned universally. His years of degrading norms created this moment - one in which many of his supporters believe it is acceptable to spout vile, racist language in public.
Throw all of these people into a volcano
With all due respect to all of them - because this IS all the respect they're due - Fuck you.
Apologies to my mother for the language but lemme be very clear.

If you support him fuck your dumb ass
If your parents support him fuck your racist ass parents
If your grandma supports him fuck her old ass too

I don鈥檛 care what reason you think you have, fuck you lmao
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This is straight up Nazi shit right here.
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This is HORRIFYING. The children are chanting with them. @SpeakerPelosi, this has gone far enough. Open the inquiries.
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Every elected official who is not utilizing every tool at their disposal to get him out of office is a disgrace. This is not complicated. He is a racist who is purposefully stoking violence against a political opponent. This is not the time for calculus. It鈥檚 the time for action.
Dette er veldig m酶rkt p氓 ekte. M酶rkt at vesten har kommet hit igjen. Dette kan man ikke v忙re likegyldig til
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Deplorables was way too kind a word.
I鈥檝e never been one to get into politics on social media but the fact that he stood there and let the crowd chant 鈥渟end her back鈥 is absolutely repulsive. He creates such a hateful atmosphere, my heart hurts for those who are targeted by his unkind heart.
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Reporters have to start interviewing these 鈥淪end Her Back鈥 chanters on TV Let their neighbors and friends see them
This is absolutely disgusting.

I stand with @IlhanMN.
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America now = Germany in the 30s
What a vile, racist, small minded, hate filled man child.
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You know he had people prepped in that group to get this started. This is sickening.
Nuremberg, North Carolina.
Damn these KKK rallies look weird without white robes
Imagining thinking racism doesn鈥檛 exist anymore smh, this is disgusting. The look on his face says it all. Scroll through the thread and realize what the fuck is going on.
Repugnant 馃
Repulsive 馃
Reprehensible 馃
.... RACIST!!!!!
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Knew it. G.dammit. He is inciting violence doing this.
disgusting. shes an american citizen being told to go back to a different country. gross and if you support this you are too. how he can be blatantly racist and people still defend him for it is insane.

鈥濿ir haben es nicht gewusst.鈥
In reply to @atrupar
This is just heartbreaking. 馃嚭馃嚫馃挃
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