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Trump rally crowd launches into "send her back" chant over Ilhan Omar trib.al/Jxsf3a2

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For the record 鈥渟end鈥 is a massive leap forward from voluntarily 鈥渓eave.鈥 For the president to bask in the chant while his race rally calls for the removal of a sitting congresswoman from the country is a historical moment you should remember.
This is the sound of illberalism, intolerance. Listen closely: it's a danger not just to immigrants and minorities but to all Americans. Put politics aside. Time for leaders from all parts of society, people from all聽walks of life, to step up and say: enough.
Remember when journalists got upset over 鈥渂asket of deplorables?鈥
Every single person who gave even a second's credence to the idea that Ilhan Omar harbors antisemitic beliefs or speaks in antisemitic "tropes".... come collect your prize!
Simpletons will think that my rejection of this despicable behaviour by a President & his supporters means that I endorse Ilhan Omar鈥檚 own past racist statements about Jews. That鈥檚 because simpletons treat politics like a football game.
We must hold our sister @IlhanMN in our hearts. This man has no empathy. He feeds his own narcissism with hate and fear. #IStandWithIlhan
The Hilter school of singling out the minority and inciting normal people to hate ....this blokes got a dose of the 1930s Germany in his blood . A disgrace.
As a North Carolinian, I apologize to America. Millions of us Tar Heels find this behavior reprehensible.
His entire re-election is going to be racism and nothing else.

Just you wait.

The man is a monster.
This is one of those moments that will roll in the museum that documents his atrocities a generation from now.

Count on it.
In reply to @thedailybeast
In 20 years time the people at that rally will be compared to this........ pic.twitter.com/1VC12jNYKa
Is there any version of reality in which this kind of behaviour is acceptable?!

(I can give you the answer right now, it's: 'no').
I鈥檓 going to go ahead and say that we need to call this what this is: inciting racism. If you鈥檙e tired of hearing about our president making racist statements, that is regrettable. He does not care if you are fatigued. And so we should not cease calling evil, evil.
North Carolina, the state I call home, the state I love, is so, so much better than this.

I鈥檓 disgusted.
May our outrage at evil be loud. And may our love be even louder.
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Trump is White Nationalist in Chief. Trumpers are either racists, bigots, or assholes.
You. Need. To. Pay. Attention. To. This.

A 鈥淪end her back鈥 chant directed at a member of congress, here legally since she was 6 years old, telling her she should be 鈥渟ent back鈥.

This isn鈥檛 about criminals.
This isn鈥檛 about illegal or not.
This is racism.
This is fascist.
I watched this again and feel saddened, angry and worried.

Worried is now my main emotion.

Worried that this is becoming more and more acceptable across so much of America.

And especially worried that he'll continue getting worse and will still win a new term next year...
In the same address he also repeatedly 鈥榡okes鈥 about staying in office for more than 8 years. I make one reference to him in a novel & describe him as a 鈥榩re-fascist鈥. Need to get the word count down so glad to have lost three letters and a hyphen.
This is chilling stuff. Can鈥檛 wait for the hot takes from certain sections of our media. No doubt they鈥檒l tell us not to exaggerate the dangers of white nationalism, and that anti-racism is to blame
War vor 12 Jahren erstmals in den USA u. habe mich in das Land verliebt. Hab mich f眉r amerikanische Muslime gefreut, die stolze Amerikaner waren, so, ohne Zusatz, und f眉hlte mich erstmal in meinem Leben als Deutsche, ohne Hintergrund. Trump zerst枚rt alles, was Amerika ausmacht.
This horrifying chant does not make America great. In fact, it is eerily reminiscent of a darker time in our nation鈥檚 history.
This video is going to play in documentaries that high school students watch 30 years from now.

We all want to believe we鈥檙e on the right side of history. Now is one of those times you have to make a choice. I pray we all choose wisely.
As dangerous a moment as they come, for America and more widely, as he invites dinner party racism to mingle with violence.

Watch Trump bask in the crowd chanting to 鈥渟end back鈥 a sitting Congresswoman.

First they came for 鈥渢hem鈥.
Look, I鈥檝e acknowledged before that many people who follow me on here support this, and I鈥檝e engaged with some of you, but for fuck鈥檚 sake.

If you still - STILL - support this, after *everything* else, you鈥檙e either dumb as a bag of spoons, a racist cunt, or both.

Fuck off.
This racist bullshit puts minorities everywhere in danger. White allies - if you see something, step in. If you hear something, say something. We need to unite against this.
In reply to @thedailybeast
Only thing missing now are the brown shirts, I鈥檓 waiting for our own krystalnacht
I have a golden rule not to do 1930s comparisons: but still, the sight of this, while migrants are held in inhuman internment camps & children separated from parents, amidst rising far right violence, is bloody terrifying.
When asked about the 鈥渟end her back鈥 chant from his angry mob, Trump said he didn鈥檛 like it and that鈥檚 why he started speaking immediately to stop it. Watch the video below. You be the judge. Another Trump lie.
In 1938, this was followed by Kristallnacht.....

Never has there been a bigger threat to our world than the alt right. Lets us be blunt - THIS, this is fascism, it starts with populism, it is fuelled by hate against a group. Like brexit.

We beat it before, we will again.
We don鈥檛 really comment on the president at all, but this is just breathtakingly racist and it would not be this coordinated without media and social media ecosystems that pushes this bigoted crap out 24/7 to ensure full adoption.
Trump is a cunt, an insecure wanker, a feckless bully and a mushroom dick spaffsock. Too much?
In reply to @thedailybeast
THIS is who you decided not to start impeachment hearings on. Unbelievable...
As an American who is also East African I鈥檓 horrified by this chant against @IlhanMN just to be CLEAR this is racism at the hands of a dangerous man pic.twitter.com/nMH5dbHsbV
In reply to @thedailybeast
America is being destroyed from within just President Lincoln said would happen. pic.twitter.com/aqtVpQ7FxT
Some days, I just want to slap the shit out of every tRump supporter

Today was one of those days馃槧

#TrumpIsARacist #VoteBlue
In reply to @thedailybeast
If it wouldn鈥檛 cost weeks of pay, I鈥檇 toss this phone through the GD picture window. What in God鈥檚 name has happened to my beloved America?
Hope is a moral act and it is a posture I am choosing tonight by the grace of God. I pray we all have an abundance of it for the days ahead, because they will be dark.
1. The conservative base鈥檚 OBSESSION with Omar has fueled her base to the point where she has a SQUAD.

2. 鈥淪end her back鈥 chants feed the Left鈥檚 racist narrative.

3. Conservatives suck when it comes to dealing with racial issues and the optics.

4. Hire @VibeHi for help.
How interesting that of the 4 Squad members, he鈥檚 zeroed in on her. Ilhan Omar is his new Hillary Clinton. This is just the beginning.
Hey perhaps we can start finally saying that Trump supporters are actually racist
also good to remember that this strategy started after that misleading leaked poll. so thanks to the dem leadership
In reply to @thedailybeast
Can鈥檛 wait to hear the Republicans explanations for how this is not racist.
I see children at this rally where the crowd is repeatedly chanting: 鈥渟end her back鈥

It will take decades to undo the damage being done as the President continues using his megaphone to attack duly elected women of color. This rally is dark, ominous and chilling in every respect
In 16 months, we鈥檒l be able to send a clear message to @realDonaldTrump and his GOP enablers: America is better than this. It is incumbent on all of us to make the man who inspired this racist chant a one-term president.
I get reprimanded for talking about politics, but sometimes I can't hold my tongue. If you are 18, please when the time comes VOTE. Gen Z can be the strongest voting group there is as long as we aren't apathetic about it like everything else. We can't let this happen again.
To see this live in my lifetime is something I can鈥檛 fully describe. I can hear the stories from my grandfather in my head, as I see that same hate emanate from the White House today.

This is scary. This is serious. We can鈥檛 play politics or look the other way.

My God.
Just a reminder that our Prime Minister praises and admires this man......this is absolutely disgusting.
Trump knows he radicalizes his base.

Trump knows white supremacists are empowered by him.

Trump knows his supporter sent pipe bombs to people Trump attacked.

He knows and doesn鈥檛 care.

It you support Trump, you are enabling a dangerous maniac.

Enough @GOP.

Hoogopgeleide vrouwen met migratieachtergrond en een mening moeten 鈥渢eruggestuurd worden鈥. Beangstigend.
If something happens to Ilhan Omar *god forbid* , Trump needs to be prosecuted. He鈥檚 literally egging these psychos on. She needs 24/7 security
This is racist and islamophobic. This is disgusting. This threatens families like mine and families across America. I disagree with Rep. Omar on many things.... but we can disagree on policy with civility as AMERICANS. The President's behavior is racist and morally repugnant.
Trump is racist
Trump's base is racist
Trump's broader electorate is ok with racism
Vote for Trump is vote for white supremacy

These are facts. Majority of Americans accept these facts. Many are already mobilized against Trump. Others want to know what vote for Democrats means.
I wouldn't count on our country ever coming back from this twitter.com/thedailybeast/鈥
The zeal with which they vocalize their white supremacy (and their pride in being able to do so) now has a forceful political conduit in a president and political party. No matter what happens in the 2020 election, you cannot unring bells.
#Fascism in 2019 America. The #RacistPresident attacking a member of a visible minority-motivating the crowd to chant "Send Her Back, Send Her Back." If #Republicans wish to own this, history will not be kind, nor should it be.
How many more scenes like this do the class-reductionist/"economic anxiety" types need to see before they grasp that these aren't victims to be saved (from themselves?) but a problem to be overcome?
This is not my country.
This cannot be tolerated.
It goes beyond politics now.

It鈥檚 more than Trump鈥檚 rhetoric. His behavior has real and dangerous consequences.

#TrumpIsAMenace @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems
I saw someone tweeted 鈥淭his is how N.C. feels鈥 and as someone who has lived in this state my entire life I would like to reiterate that this is NOT how the fuck we feel
I honestly really thought we were better than this, and the disappointing thing is that I know many people are still going to make excuses for this. It isn鈥檛 okay, and this isn鈥檛 what conservatism is about.
Een menigte Trump-aanhangers die 鈥淪end her back!! Send her back!!鈥 scanderen, en Trump die laat begaan. Een nieuw dieptepunt in een lange reeks van dieptepunten. Scary.
Sure content is important. Sure grades are important. But what are we doing to ensure that our students never end up in a place like this? What are we doing to ensure our students never chant this? Lives are at stake. And that is not hyperbole. Lives are at stake #BreakRank
Dear people from other states: these chants do not represent the opinions of all of NC. We are not all hateful, racist bigots.
There鈥檚 no coming back from this. Pick your sides. America won鈥檛 be the same for a long time.
When you see this on TV it鈥檚 even more chilling and more terrifying. So grim. It鈥檚 intolerance. It鈥檚 racism. And it affects all of us. So it鈥檚 up to all of us, whatever our background, to call it out. Wherever and whenever.
I have always admired the US for being a country where the first question is Not "Where are you from?".
Nightmare to see how President #Trump destroys this with his open racism.
#IStandWithIlhan #RacistInChief #RacistTrump #RacismWillNotWin
In all fairness, it doesn't sound as bad in the original German.
y鈥檃ll haters corny with
that islamophobic mess
This is what I want to vote for.
If this doesn鈥檛 scare you, you need to crack open a history book.
Hi fellow Republicans, we are better than this. This is vile behavior. Do better. Be better.
Puur en onversneden racisme.

Kunnen we alle 鈥榟ij valt best wel mee, het is maar een strategie, stop met overdrijven.鈥 vergoeilijkingen eindelijk achterwege laten?

Woorden zijn niet onschuldig en deze man gebruikt ze als vergif.

In reply to @thedailybeast
How much coke has he snorted before this? The sweating is rampant 馃槼
We are deeply disturbed by what all appearances comes across like a KKK mass rally. #IlhanOmar has our full solidarity. #trumprally @IlhanMN
In reply to @thedailybeast
In reply to @thedailybeast
I am ashamed of how many in this country are reverting to past bigotry. I thought we had evolved as a society.
In my book 鈥淔rom Fascism to Populism鈥 I explain why trumpist racism makes his populism closer to fascism than ever before
Ilhan Omar has been a US citizen longer than Melania Trump has so if y鈥檃ll wanna send her back you gotta send Melania back first you ignorant animals
In reply to @thedailybeast
鈥淪eig hiel. Seig hiel. Seig hiel鈥. Different chant,same effect.
It鈥檚 happening here.
I am ashamed of my countrymen and women.
Well, this is disgusting.
Voor wie dacht dat het allemaal om 'illegale immigratie' ging. Omar kreeg in de jaren negentig op legale wijze asiel en de Amerikaanse nationaliteit.
Ik hou echt mijn hart vast voor de dag dat Omar koelbloedig zou neergeschoten worden door 1 of andere gek die zich heeft ge茂nspireerd op dit soort haat.
This is right down with child separation as the nadir of this presidency. It shows the darkness he is happy to unleash, encourage, and exploit. Depressing degradation of the office of the president.
Te walgelijk voor woorden: je komt als baby legaal het land in,krijgt de Amerikaanse nationaliteit, integreert en klimt op tot parlementslid. En vervolgens plakt je eigen 鈥減resident鈥 een kruisje op je voorhoofd zodat alle gewelddadige gekkies weten waarop ze moeten mikken.
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