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It doesn’t look as though Brett truly comprehends or appreciates the compassion and hurt in Jon Stewart’s voice...This was a giant slap across the face that will echo for a very long time....
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Jon Stewart is a bad comedian, treat him as such
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Democrats had a super-majority for 78 legislative days. Yet, somehow, this bill wasn't on their list. I guess both parties are just waiting for all responders to die.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Dear KY, I love horses, I love horse racing, I love bourbon but @RandPaul @senatemajldr have got to go. An embarrassment to your state. Thank you @jonstewartbooks. You ROCK!!!
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Jon Stewart is my hero. Thank you for your voice. I'm so ashamed of our government.
No he would do away with the fund all together if he could
I never thought I'd RT a Fox News segment, yet here we are. Jon Stewart has tirelessly supported first responders. Rand Paul's vote should be appalling to people of all party affiliations.
Dude this is all you need to know about the fake Republicans in office today. They don't care. It's all about 💰. This isnt a Republican-Democrat issue. This about people lying and misrepresenting a group of people. Step into a grey area. We are American's. Love each other.
These people have made Jon Stewart straight up goddamn scary. I watched this hoping 4 a joke or something Idk its jon stewart, u know? Damn u, #RandPaul
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Never Trump only cares about trump. The 9-11 people are not even in his mind.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
I used to feel for the NYC Victims, UNTIL they ELECTED THE DE BLABIO and QUEERMO. Now I do not give a CRAP. START SUPPORTING AMERICA and I will start caring again.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
I’m completely done with #JohnStewart after this partisan performance. Give them no money, @RandPaul. New York can pay.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Paul has a point and he's steady as a rock every time. If you are spending more money, how will you pay for it. He's not signaling out this bill. He asks that of every dime spent.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
I can’t believe this shit is still going on shame on congress, those first responders should be taken care of they shouldn’t have to go in and out of court. That’s disgusting shame on our congressional sadness.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Since 1946, in every year, more people get injured and die at work than in all the wars around the world combined. Cops and firemen have jobs far safer than people in factories or meat plants and dozens of others.
In reply to @nemalki
No need to be when Jon Stewart feels the same…
Guess which one has balls??
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Tax cuts (AKA not taking money from the people) is the same as being conscious of how you spend the taxes you do collect. The only person virtue signalling here is Stewart.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
This was nothing but a flat out Klan rally encouraging hatred & violence!
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Hope so He's not a fan of Paul as you know
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Easy for a retired millionaire to play victim like Jon Stewart
In reply to @realcoolcam101 <--if you haven't spent time there yet you've got some catching up to do. Pay special attention to the sealed cases/indictments section...
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Great speaking for Jon Stewart - and he is undeniably right in everything he says
In reply to @realcoolcam101
Paul is an ass, but Stewart is a vulture. This is a gimme issue. What about ALL workers and support of unions? I tire of hearing about First Responders as if their lives matter more than the rest of us.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
This is a perfect example of both the Right and the Left being assholes. Paul and Stewart both need to fuck themselves.
In reply to @realcoolcam101
He’ll probably award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. If he can remember such a foreign-sounding name as ‘Rand Paul’. #NarcissistinChief
In reply to @RandPaul
@RandPaul it is time to do the right thing! Find the 9/11 Victims Fund.
Must Watch Video 🎥...👇🏾
Jon Stewart put Rand Paul in a blender
Waw Fox News is now speaking the truth what a time to be alive !!
Whilst Trump tells everyone to fuck off home, here’s another horrible saga to tell you they barely care for their own anyway - what a shambles!
As a New Yorker, why has Trump been silent on this? These victims are the equivalent of veterans - laying their lives on the line for fellow Americans. As much as the talk about 'take care of our own first' you'd think this would not even be a debate. Pathetic.
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