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There’s a new Top Gun movie coming out. And Maverick is wearing the same leather jacket - only this time it’s Communist Party of China-approved, so the Japanese and Taiwanese flag patches are gone (screenshot on right is from the new trailer)...

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China makes them do this for access to the Chinese market. If Hollywood doesn’t comply they don’t get to sell to their 1.5 billion people. Imagine who else they’re doing this to and the subversive power they wield. Remember this when you think anything they do is “fair.”
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"Mystery" solved. China's Tencent Pictures is one of the main producers of Top Gun Maverick: pic.twitter.com/FE4Xq5qKwN
Remember when Beijing pushed airlines to stop naming Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong as separate countries?

Whoever controls the words controls the narrative. Whoever controls the narrative controls its outcome.

International corporations shouldn't capitulate so easily.
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That’s a great catch.
日の丸と青天白日旗が背中にある1986年のTop Gun 捍衛戰士のトム・クルーズさんのジャンパーは、1963-1964年に西太平洋を巡洋したUSS Galveston CLG-3のものだそうです。Top Gun 2は中国側からの論争を避けるため消失したと台灣でも話題です。
Interesting and instructive exercise: contrast how aggressive Hollywood is towards American states that pass pro-life legislation with how pathetically weak & compliant Hollywood is before the Chinese dictatorship.
新作“Top Gun: Maverick”で行われている「検閲」。性器に入るモザイクや海苔とは異なり、この手の「検閲」は実施されていること自体が分かりにくい。より高度にやるならば、前作のジャケット着用自体を避けるだろう。だから謎の国旗となったジャケットは、制作者側の抵抗の現れとも言える。
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Better question, why is there a new Top Gun movie?
More tools of Chinese soft power coercion: the jacket worn by Tom Cruise with the Taiwanese flag -present in the original Too Gun - was scrubbed in the new Top Gun. Why? Because the movie was produced by a Chinese company.
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I would be interested in a naval fighter pilot explaining this but they are clearly different patches. The differences could imply where they are flying out of and possibly what their patrol is. #notafighterpilot pic.twitter.com/yUPT03WxVf
Hollywood will bend to Chinese demands universally and completely.
I really wish reporters would ask the stars and directors questions about this shit instead of goading them into making some controversial comment about toxic fanboys or why Kelly McGillis isn't the love interest in this one and isn't that sexist and ageist?
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It can't be helped. China bought up all the Hollywood studios. Movies that violate the will of the Chinese Communist Party will be blocked. It is a comedy that a dictatorship that massacres its own people and purifies minorities interferes with the culture of a free country.
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James Bond movie took 20 million from the Mexican gov't to portray Mexico City in a positive light. Everyone is a sell out trying to influence the minds of people watching.
A really bad case of what I call "Panderin."
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Would be awesome if like half of the movie was Cruise taking a “maverick” joy ride around the Paracel Islands, buzzing a Chinese destroyer, running out of fuel and getting rescued by a Filipino fisherman played by Al Pacino.
The next one will be called Top Gun: Preserving the Integrity of the Nine-Dash Line
boy do i hate how having to pander to china effects eve the smallest things in media
Yet another reason Top Gun shouldn’t be remade...
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Movie ends with Maverick joining Space Force, calling it
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No way any modern picture is going to write off the Chinese market for the sake of a patch.
As pointed out here, Tencent Pictures, a major Chinese film company, is one of the production houses behind the movie.
Weird things can happen when Chinese-owned studios take charge.
If this is intentional how pathetic
Iconic American military hero censored by Chinese money in Hollywood.

This is not new, and this will only get worse unless we stop Chinese investment in the US.
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It looks like in the original movie, the patch is his father's from his Vietnam tour while the second patch is his own. The second say 85-86, when the original came out, and says Indian Ocean Cruise, where the dogfights at the end of the original happened.
Lost that lovin’ feeling.
Well no shit, of course this would happen because Tencent Pictures is involved. Most of the big movies tend to pander to China.

I don't understand why this would affect your enjoyment of a movie when it's a small annoyance.
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🖕China. 🖕 globalism. And 🖕 Hollywood.
#TheFlyingTigers were American pilots flying under the then flag of China against the Japanese empire. Is Hollywood now ashamed of that effort? Are we to disrespect their effort for fear of offending today’s PRC? It’s disgusting! Feel free to keep your $s and give this pic a pass
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Also, the Chinese Communist Party insists that, along with the jacket, this is the new Kelly McGillis. pic.twitter.com/Z8vysooZ9T
I remember when the remake of Red Dawn changed Chinese invaders to North Koreans. How did that movie do in the Chinese market?

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China owns quite a bit of Hollywood now. Watch the credits.
Many stupid idiots on the right foolishly consider Hollywood "un-American" just because its movers and shakers will gleefully fellate despotic Beijing brass at the drop of a hat for access to 1.3 billion potential moviegoers so weird. twitter.com/markmackinnon/…
This is some horse-💩 right here.
Wow. Who's China's bitch? Uh-huh.
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as you probably expected from a movie financed by Tencent
למי שחשב שלכסף אין אידיאולוגיה, ובעיקר שאי אפשר לקנות בכסף אידיאולוגיה או ערכים...
Maverick's Taiwan Strait sorties in the 1996 crisis were clearly under Title 50 authority.
This is so ludicrous and yet so not surprising sadly
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Oh we wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings would we?
Hollywood is censored by China or self-centered?好萊塢新版top gun, Tom Cruise 的夾克後面的日本和台灣國旗不見了,好萊塢是被中國審查還是自我審查?
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Not explained--why LT Pete Mitchell c. 1986 would have been wearing a cruise patch from a CG deployment that occurred when he was a toddler.
What?! A ‘Top Gun’ movie - Top Gun! - without a 1980s-style red-blooded American a**-kicking of our top global opponent? An American carnage! I thought we were making America great again? Where’s Donald Trump when you need him? At least we’ll always have ‘Red Dawn’...
Notevole: nel nuovo Top Gun non c’è più la bandiera di Taiwan sulla giacca di pelle di Maverick. Il film è prodotto da una compagnia cinese.
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Good thing the Betsy Ross flag isn't on the jacket
Tell me more about Hollywood’s brave stand against Georgia.
Pathetic. For that reason alone, I will be skipping this film.
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Closet commies in Hollywood or politically correct method to enlarge profits at the expense of American ideals?
This is corporate complicity with insidious historical revisionism. U.S. pilots in the WWII Flying Tigers wore the flag of the pre-Communist Republic of China (lower right of the left photo). The fact that it remains #Taiwan 's flag makes this a twofer for Chinese censors.
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Great catch in the new Top Gun movie. And a kowtow to Tencent money backing with the removal of the Taiwan patch?
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Lower left means he now pilots for Delta.
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they're literally different patches, the first is his dad's patch, in the sequel he wears his own patch commemorating his tour shown in the first film, of all the political issues with a top gun sequel, this seems like an extraordinary reach pic.twitter.com/B0Kdp3HNjh
امریکوفیل‌ترین فیلم هالیوود در برابر چین کمونیست زانو زده. در قسمت قبلی پشت ژاکتش پرچم تایوان و ژاپن بود، اما اندفعه حذف شده. چون شرکت تن‌سنت چین سرمایه‌گذارشه و قراره تو چین اکران بشه. اگه میتونستن پرچم خود آمریکا رو هم حذف میکردن. واسه لیبرال‌های هالیوود مشکلی نداشت.
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They also took away "USS Galveston" along the bottom and replaced it with "United States Navy". The USS Galveston aided in the anti-Communism efforts in South Vietnam in the mid 60s... 🙄
Wonderful catch on a small detail that illustrates a bigger problem in Hollywood...
In case you’re wondering at what stage in production the distribution execs start China-proofing films.
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Apparently one of the production companies is Tencent Pictures. It's being funded with Chinese money.
This is a great tiny detail about how China continues to influence U.S. military-themed film plots. Biggest other example is arguably the plot change in the 2012 "Red Dawn" remake.

En la primera película de #TopGun, Tom Cruise vestía una cazadora con las banderas de Taiwán y Japón. En entrega que se estrenará el año que viene, #TopGunMaverick, la cazadora es la misma, pero esas banderas ya no están. El efecto de una China cada vez más poderosa.
This again speaks to my question yesterday. Assuming this movie involves some sort of a dog fight, who is the adversary?
There’s been some talk recently about “cosmopolitanism,” and whether the word is inherently a dog-whistle. I don’t believe it is, and this is a small example of the risk the word is intended to describe: the inability of cosmopolitan culture to handle severe difference.
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This really bothered me until I looked further. I think we’re jumping to conclusions. The patch now reads “Indian Ocean Cruise 85-86” which implies where the movie left off. I don’t have an issue with this. I think the old patch was his (Maverick’) dad’s. pic.twitter.com/5kEOb2nLiD
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Different tours as well though. TopGun 1 - FAR EAST CRUISE 63-4 (Probably his Dad’s) TopGun 2 - INDIAN OCEAN CRUISE 85-86 (from TopGun 1 plot) pic.twitter.com/781x3zS6g4
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China is gonna be a creative drain on our movie industry, on top of every other current problem...
Los chinos ahora también son dueños del cine y cambian los detalles de antes.
Por ser los dueños del cine es la misma razón por la que no vemos a Richard Gere en muchas películas debido a su activismo pro Tibet
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Scientology have a Chinese office?
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😂 Born in the USA, funded by China
Taiwan (ROC) and Japanese flags removed form Maverick's jacket for the new top gun movie. A sign of the times.
A Tale of Rebalancing of Powers
'Top Gun' was released in 1986.

In 1986:
China's GDP : 300.8bn$
US GDP: 4.5trillion$
[US = 15 x China]

In 2018:
China's GDP : 13.6trillion$
US GDP: 20.4trillion$
[US = 1.5 x China]
Dastardly CCP forced Top Gun to transfer from Far East Cruise to Indian Ocean Cruise thereby no flag of Japan and ROC!

Why don’t corporate Media start a campaign to ask Hollywood stop taking Chinese funding? (New Top Gun partially funded by Tencent, owner of Wechat) 🤪 pic.twitter.com/f1U3FMMVJO
wonder if the Tifa Boob Defense Squad will get outraged over this
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GDI! Can't we have anything to love without licking China's communist bollocks? 🤬
#Geopolitics in #Hollywood. #TopGunMaverick.

Maverick lost it, turned in his wings. China gave him a loan, and he surrendered his manhood.

Of Belts, Roads and Jackets :)
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