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Captain America is black. Thor is a woman. the new Blade got two Oscars. 007 is a black woman. And The Little Mermaid bout to have locs.

Shit. Just. Got. Real.

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In reply to @LenaWaithe
We also have @LaurenRidloff as the first deaf woman of color superhero in Eternals!
And women getting harassed on your set
In reply to @LenaWaithe
They see the power of the black dollar. If you give us some one who looks like us and a story we like,we show up even more. Wish they value our life just as much as our marketability,talent and culture .
None of these are produced by black studios... yea a few black elite actors/directors may get a check cut but i still dont understand how white companies capitalizing off of black consumption equates to a win for black people in general??
In reply to @LenaWaithe
throw in Pose’s Emmy nomination! 🙌🏾 Black folks are here! pic.twitter.com/EvNYBNNxi8
And we got Asian and Deaf superheroes!!! CMON!!!
“Capitão América é negro. Thor é uma mulher. O novo Blade tem dois Oscars. 007 é uma mulher negra. E a Pequena Sereia vai ter dreadlocks.”
<white people frantically putting raisins in their potato salad> Oh god!
In reply to @LenaWaithe
In reply to @LenaWaithe
I for one welcome our black female overlords. It's time to turn things inside out, so we can all move forward together.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Valkyrie is black and queer! Also, Regina King in Watchmen. pic.twitter.com/zkWuVT4wo0
In reply to @LenaWaithe
hope there are black people behind the scenes too
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Now if we can change the narrative of being a black man in America, and free up some of these non-threat criminals in the system, life would be a little better!!!!
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Now it's time to recognize Juneteenth as a national holiday!
In reply to @LenaWaithe
It’s a shame that in this context black folk are only visible/validated in pop culture when occupying roles written about and portrayed by white people bar Blade. I love the opportunity / visibility but why not existing black characters or even better, new groundbreaking ones...?
What did @strongblacklead say last year? It's not a moment, it's a movement?

It's starting to look like they were right.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Managers are being spoken to all across North America.
The new Blade is a Black Muslim lol we love erasure
In reply to @LenaWaithe
And I’m 100% ok with this. Just give us good stories and execution and it won’t matter who plays what. That’s all us fans should really ask for. I’m all for this stuff. They all have my money anyways 🤷‍♂️😂
I pray all this positive representation opens up the door for my Black thot pot mom comedy. “This isn’t the image we need to portray” won’t work as an excuse anymore ☺️
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Everything you just mentioned is literally fantasy.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
So much Black excellence, but you’ve yet to substantively address the harm to Black women on the set of your show, that you knowingly let ride. I’m not rooting for you to fail, but you should have to address it and not just slide back into normality like it never happened.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
In reply to @LenaWaithe
And don’t forget Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are black guys in the most popular musical of the last forty years
...and Black women still don’t trust you to care for, prioritize and protect other Black women no matter how many “Blickety Black” soundbite tweets you send.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Now if we could get some Mexicans in there too that be great. pic.twitter.com/ECyaXQ5mTI
None of the investors are black.

None of the companies involved are owned by Blacks..

The brand extensions via toys, video games and TV shows will not be in the hands of Black folk.

But here you are giggling because you have a Mermaid with nappy hair..

You don't get it.
THIS. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
As AMAZING as this all is, I ask... why are LatinX always invisible on the small and big screen?
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Just wait for the white men to lose their minds, cause it’s coming any minute now. Everybody ready a juice box for the poor things in anguish!
man if you don’t shut the fuck up
...and, somehow, niggas STILL can't find affordable housing in DC.
None of those people are real.
And you’re a bitch that sold a black woman out to let cheesy e keep harassing her. You don’t give a fuck about black people. You wanna be one of the guys so you selling out the group that supported you first. Can you get real about that?
"And a white man get paid off of all of that." - Kanye Omari West
Love This!! Ready for the next plus size super hero now! Come on @MarvelStudios 👩🏾‍🎤🦹🏽‍♀️
Captain America did a gay episode for his initiation and will be parading around with American flag on back 🇺🇸

Thor is a Jewish Superwoman ✡️

007 is gonna be a bedwench or lesbian 🏳️‍🌈

Little Mermaid will have a white love interest (Miscegenation)

🗣 You aren’t paying attention
Cast @tyraaross as Storm and we got us an ERA!
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Don’t forget Regina King as the lead in Watchmen or the all black cast for Scream season 3
In reply to @LenaWaithe
How many black people behind the scenes? How many black people will have owner ship?
Can't wait for black people and women to get their own badass and ORIGINAL characters based on stories from writers who are black and/or women.
White owners making the money.
Keep being stuck in fiction
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Now waiting for a woman president
In reply to @LenaWaithe
I'm always glad to see more diversity but I really think women and non-white people deserve their own heroes. Not just reskins. Cap being Falcon is great, makes snese and Blade has always been awesome but some of this stuff is just "the black/female X". Kinda lazy.
And it's gonna keep getting realer. Die mad, 'Gaters and all your nasty little ilk.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
and white people across America are having a nervous breakdown. LOL!!!
In reply to @LenaWaithe
I loved how they did the Captain America passing of the torch thing, not just some random new actor taking over, but someone we knew through the movies that fit well within the universe
In reply to @LenaWaithe
S┣━┫IT. JUST. .GOT .MORE .REAL SEEING YOU ALL ACTIVISTS-( TALK- THE -TALK ) but DON'T -( WALK- THE -WALK ) -( why) because you all,don't EVEN "SUPPORT" YOUR OWN KIND,that he's fighting the Fight..AS YOU"""""""!!!!!!!!!!??????? Shame,shame ln.is/www.youtube.co…
In reply to @LenaWaithe
That is how you MAGA 😎
Trump is pResIdENt, shit's been real since November of 2016.
The "new blade" when receiving his first Oscar said, "I'd like to thank Idris Elba and David Oyelowo for leaving me a job", why did he say that Lena? Was it because producers like you erase Black American actors from their own films like you did for your film, Queen and Slim?
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Blade is a two time Oscar winning black muslim man. The Eternals has the MCUs first deaf character.... the MCU is doing soo good right now.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Now if we can only fix that whole “President” part...
In reply to @LenaWaithe
What is this doing for the state of black America Lena? Little black kids can grow up, knowing they too can be mermaids?!
In reply to @LenaWaithe
And the all Father of the eternals is a mexican woman
In reply to @LenaWaithe
It only makes sense that we have more black superheroes, because judging by the reactions, white people are increasingly fragile af
Entertainment = black progress

Political Hispanics out here pushing bills specifically for Hispanics to close a wealth gap to white folks which is narrower than the gap we have. But you idolizing god damn entertainment.
Or..... And hear me out on thia.... 👏Original 👏Black 👏Characters.👏
Stay mad.
Or adapt to a new reality.
Now lets get these movies put out by Black Film companies so shit can get really real.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
I think Hollywood is finally understanding that BLACK SELLS
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Wouldn’t it be ten times more impressive and culturally significant if we created new character that from the beginning are black? none of these movies are gonna change the historical representation of these character being white. in some ways i feel like we are being pacified 🤷🏽‍♂️
Tbh it doesn’t mean much cos it’s still a bunch of white men cashing out on the emotions of the black and feminist struggle. We want original characters developed by black people/women whose stories and struggles we can relate to and have black people/women cash out too.
And fuck whoever is mad about it
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Black Panther was about us. Slaves were the real life #vibranium that created the wealth technology and military might of America. #ADOS
Why don’t I see any brown/Asian superheroes in these movies? Disgusting racism
You let one of us in and we’re telling every nigga to pull up - Niggalations 6:4
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Can’t wait for these movies to destroy box office records while the basement dwellers cry about white rights and boycotts.
Who. Gives. A. Shit.
I was just thinking how funny it would be if James Bond turned to Jane Bond and little did I know.......this tweet blew my mind.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
I'M LOVING IT!! It's about damn time!!✊🙌 Waiting for the fragile whiteys whining in 3....2....1...😂🤣😂🤣 pic.twitter.com/s3axf93qOO
In reply to @LenaWaithe
I mean I have no problem with these things, but you have to admit that most of these characters are forced into diversity.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
Gonna be a lot of white boys in basements sobbing into their Monster energy drinks.
In reply to @LenaWaithe
In reply to @LenaWaithe
This current trend of retooling male roles to feature females is annoying and unnecessary. We don't have to turn male characters into women. Let's just create more female characters and make the story fit those female characters. smfh
Get Lena Waithe in the MCU YESTERDAY @MarvelStudios
This is nice but I’m with master p on this one. When we produce is the real win.
...the white man get paid off all of that.
I am so excited for the future generations of fans this is going to inspire by seeing heroes that look just like them. And not just fans - scientists, developers, medical professionals - representation has a truly immeasurable impact!
In reply to @LenaWaithe
I am SO HERE for the fragile white masculinity meltdown that’s occurring right now. pic.twitter.com/6wq2aHMmGC
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