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BJP's Piyush Goyal: "Every morning during puja I recite [the Shahada]: La ilaha illallah Muhammadur rasulullah.

["There is NO god but the Allah, and Muhammed is His messenger". Also translated as, "NO one has the right to be worshipped but Allah"; 37:35] (h/t @manakgupta)

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Has anyone told him that this is all you need to say to become a Muslim?
Dear @PiyushGoyal you showed the reason why India was subjugated, raped, and pillaged for 900 years.

Btw you forgot to detonate 🤣
This is a sinister ploy by BJP to take the center left space happily vacated by Congress under the stupid ineffective inefficient family.

I ask all Hindus: Can you believe this party anymore? Can you have faith in them that they care for you?

The answer is loud & clear
Welcome to our community, Mr. Piyush Goyal. 😋
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Whether it is 2016 video or 2019, IMHO you don't need to praise what fundamentally against #Secular fabric of India- Exclusivism- NO God BUT Allah, Only Muhammed, none after M - to win Vishwas of other religions. They will respect U if U respect your faith & are clear abt theirs
He says that during Puja. Hope he does realize, that he is telling Hindu Gods that they are all false Gods and don’t deserve worship.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Unbelievably confused & that’s scary.
During history, apart from Mughal invasions, Hindus of India gave shelter to Muslim traders from Middle East in India which was brotherhood. By chanting #JaiShriRam Indian Muslims U give respect to Rama whose followers let your ancestors live in India in 1st place. #Fact 🙏
Dear @narendramodi ji, if your Minister like @PiyushGoyal believes that there is no god but one god, why’s the government supposedly supporting #RamTemple
Piyush Goyal just proved that if you are hell-bent on doing it, you can shoot yourself in the foot and the mouth, simultaneously.
Of course, he is doing taqiya. But the problem is, for taqiya to work you've to deliver first for your base with actions and then try to fool others with sweet words.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Dear @AmitShah @narendramodi Ji 🙏 1. Pls organise 10 days @RajivMessage workshop for all your leaders, starting with ministers. 2. Make #BeingDifferent & #BreakingIndia compulsory reading for all your leaders 3. Stop being @INCIndia Pseudo-Secularism SUCKS ! @PiyushGoyal pic.twitter.com/yvd7szgYA4
In reply to @ARanganathan72
What is this??!! I am getting sick of people playing to the gallery like this.
None wants to hate Muslims or Islam

But, needn't apply butter to please them

I haven't so far seen any Muslim reciting Vedas or Purushasookthas while praying: don't expect him to

Meanwhile, haven't seen any Hindu uttering "Layillah"!

Appeasement should at least 1% true!
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Trying to understand. @PiyushGoyal starts his puja by committing to worship only allah but continues puja worshipping a number of gods/goddesses he has installed in his mandeer. Am I missing something?
In reply to @ARanganathan72
ख़तना और करवा लो, कलमा पढ़ ही रहे हो ताबड़तोड़ विश्वास जीतता कमल !
In reply to @ARanganathan72
That video is old, but this new version of BJP. pic.twitter.com/yT1fslVz2K
BTW, how does this ‘Kalma during Puja’ work?

Like you are facing Krishna and telling him that ‘Allah is the only God’?
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Har har Allah...ghar ghar Allah - bjp slogan in 2023
In reply to @ARanganathan72
I think this from the year 2016.
It takes a lot not be affected by the epidemic called Indian secularism. Very few, I mean very very few people are immune to it. The day BJP goes full secular, we will all be begging for Congress Party’s secularism.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
So many of us are trying to revive Hindu culture and Bharat's own leaders are completely undermining it. No other religion and no other country in the world would do this.
I know this sounds terrible but to trample a guy who you all have adored for 5 years being the best & brightest is lame!For heavens sake, isn’t it one off & years ago?We all know politicians get carried away mouthing all sorts of nonsense when they see a mike & a crowd! Move on!
In reply to @ARanganathan72
मंत्री महोदय को अनफालो कर दिया,पद और प्रतिष्ठा सबको जल्दी हजम नहीं होती है,इनको जरा सा भी आत्मसम्मान है तो मंत्री पद से स्तीफा दे देना चाहिये..पूर्व में अडवाणी जी से #BJP और #RSS ने शायद इन्ही किन्ही कारणों से बीजेपी अध्यक्ष पद से स्तीफा लिया था #piyushgoyal @AmitShah @JPNadda
A great way to celebrate 50 days of this government.
Allah O Akbar ... no wonder the party and The organisation which backs it are opposing Panun Kashmir & have been using few drunkards to negotiate with Hurriyat & bargain the dignity of community ..
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Islam qubool karne par mubarakbaad @PiyushGoyal ji. Allah nek raah pe chalaaye.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Is Piyush Goyal stupid? I thought he was very intelligent person. For appeasing Muslims he blabbers any bull shit.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Nobody would object to this utterance if it were reciprocal. On the other side leave aside chanting Hindu puja verse, even a maang and mangal sutra by Nusrat Jehan is proclaimed a sin. Owaisi says Vanday Matram is kufr. In this background this is nothing but pseudo secularism.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
If it would be RG or any opposition leader, all media channels and bhakts would have ignited fire for him/her.
I am told this is 3 year old video. Why in circulation now?? Kaun कर रहा है बदमाशी?? Gupta ji??
In reply to @ARanganathan72
So entire BJP start trolling @PiyushGoyal What's wrong if he said so? @nusratchirps also worships Lord Jagannath, if that’s fine (For me very fine) this too is very fine.
BJPians know how can they win trust and confidence of Modi.
The more anti Hindu you show yourself the more Modi will be impressed.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
मंत्री जी ये बताना भूल गए कि इसके अलावा वो खतना भी करा चुके हैं। एक दिन ऐसे ही किसी सभा में सबूत के तौर पे दिखाएंगे।😐 twitter.com/ARanganathan72…
In reply to @ARanganathan72
मंत्री जी ये बताना भूल गए कि इसके अलावा वो खतना भी करा चुके हैं। एक दिन ऐसे ही किसी सभा में सबूत के तौर पे दिखाएंगे।😐 twitter.com/ARanganathan72…
In reply to @ARanganathan72
इसी तरह के दोगले हिन्दुओ ने ही हिन्दुओ को मुर्ख सबित किया है ये तो कलमा पढा पर इनसे पूछो किसी मुल्ले ने जय श्री राम कह इसके विश्वास को जीतने का प्रयास किया @narendramodi जी हमारे विश्वास से जीते हो चने पे हमने चढाया है तो ऐसा करते रहोगे तो उतर भी दिए जाओगे सुधार करो अपने मे😡
Bravo! Peddle hate against Muslims 24/7, subject them to nihilistic violence, implement draconian programmes to strip them of their citizenship and then claim you recite the Islamic shahada.

Syncretism is no antidote to bigotry and state sponsored persecution of minorities.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Evolution: 56 in, 56 cm, and 56 mm.
Old hai to kya hua shows how serious BJP is for hindutva they are now fast becoming congress
Piyush "Ahmed" Goyal ??

No wonder they are in silence when the girl #RichaBharti got arrested
Why are ppl shocked even... I am not one bit... Funding Missionaries, Trip to Jerusalem were clear outliers few years back 😅
.@narendramodi govt has forgotten the "Miyan Vajpayee" SMS that went viral in 2003-04, a perception that led to the downfall of that govt. Can't figure if a global Chrislamic mafia sponsored this LS poll or BJP has by providence lost it. Horrible economics! Horrendous sociology!
In reply to @ARanganathan72
True character of a person can only be tested when he is given power. Does @RSSorg and @BJP4India also have the same prayer?
I don't need to ruin Anand's Monday today. He has ruined it himself.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
CONgress ecosystem playing SM game to prove BJP has betrayed Hindus voters become Muslim Appeasers. It can only win now turning PM @narendramodi ji's SM strength vs him turning his own Hindu supporters vs him. Idiotic followers falling in that trap. THREAD
I am practcing HINDU and not required to say what you are reciting every day just to be politically correct
Shame on you @PiyushGoyal
Looks like We made mistake by electing your goverment.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
The great leaders of so called Hindutva party also prays for Allah. 😂🤣🤣😂🤣 When they don't understand true Islam nor they know about essence of Hindutva, this is what happens - Kichidi Vichardara.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
He is violating both religions in the name of pleasing devotees of both. Top grade dhimminess.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
बीजेपी की पुनः वनवास की बेला निकट है ..
In reply to @ARanganathan72
is ensuring that this term is their last one. They are hell bent on not coming back to power in 2024
In reply to @ARanganathan72
संभाजी महाराज,गुरु तेग बहादुर जैसे करोडो बलिदानियों ने दे दी जान पर नहीं पढ़ा कलमा,पर बीजेपी नेता अब बड़े गर्व से पढ़ रहे कलमा,😡
What a colossal disappointment @PiyushGoyal has turned out to be. A party which imperils Hindu lives for voting them into power, cannot stop prostrating before Muslims. Congress appeased them for votes, BJP does it merely for some scraps of validation. Level of self-loathing: 💯
Ye kaese karlete ho @PiyushGoyal G.. 🤔🤔 Ye appeasement ka Naya formulae samjhaiye jara😐
In reply to @ARanganathan72
मुझे तो ये समझ नही आ रहा कि पीयूष गोयल का वायरल वीडियो 2016 का है और 'सबका विश्वास' वाला कांसेप्ट 2019 में आया है तो 3 साल पुराने को आज इससे लिंक करने का क्या मतलब है। पुराने वीडियो को ऐन इसी समय वायरल करना कहीं SP विधायक 'नाहिद हसन' के वीडियो के लिए COVER FIRE देना तो नही है। 🤓
In reply to @ARanganathan72
's good friend @zafarsareshwala who unearthed the video from his archives to post it on twitter to spite RWs who were enraged over the Ranchi judge's order to #RichaBharati to distribute Quran. BTY Zafar is the main 'Education' advisor of @narendramodi @PMOIndia .
Our ancestors happily embarrassed death but neither accepted Islam nor cited the verses from Quran.

This is too late now for us. @BJP4India @PiyushGoyal all are doomed. We are hopeless.

There will be no Hindus in this country after 50 years or less..
In reply to @ARanganathan72
“La ilaha illallah Muhammadur rasulullah” is the only thing you need to say to became a Muslim.we don’t give you 303 seats for this abomination,warriors like Sambhaji died but didn’t say that #Modi2.0 is #NewKhangress @RSSxve @DrAVSriv 1/2
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Dhimmitude at it's worst!
In reply to @ARanganathan72
मां कसम, विश्वास जितने में ये लोग पैर में ही ना गिर जाए। मंत्री ने जो बोला, ठीक है लेकिन इनका हाल ये होने वाला हे की जिनका विश्वास जीतना है वो तो नहीं मिलेगा पर हा मजोरिटी कोम के वोट जबरदस्त कटेंगे @PiyushGoyal @narendramodi @AmitShah @BJP4India लिख लेना।
In reply to @ARanganathan72
जी मैं आपका बहुत सम्मान करता था । ऐसे बोल कर मुल्लों का विश्वास जीतने के लिए आप मोदी जी के तरहा मुल्ल का चाचा निकले ।
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Have they gone completely insane !!!!
In reply to @ARanganathan72
God! Dr Mr Piyush Goyal @PiyushGoyal, FYI positive energy can't be compatible with negative energy. When U invoke negative energy, positive energy will drop you like a hot potato. The choice is yrs. If this is yr mindset (&of yr party), then U r worse than the Conwoman & her men.
This is @BJP4India in new avtaar. Something like this by a @INCIndia leader would have created a SM tsunami. Why this posturing?
कलमा पढ़ने के बाद नुंनी कटवानी जरूरी है?🤣😂
In reply to @ARanganathan72
plse give him post of madrasa teacher why vote for them
In reply to @ARanganathan72
As long as his actions are for Hindus then I don’t care what he does at home !
In reply to @PiyushGoyal
मगर आप जो रोज सुबह पूजा के साथ पढ़ते हैं वो कलमा तो कहता है कि अल्लाह के सिवा कोई पूज्य नहीं है! या फिर बिना उसका अर्थ जाने ही पढ़ देते हैं?! twitter.com/ARanganathan72…
In reply to @ARanganathan72
ye galat hai. He should speak entirely in Arabi. These Al hind muskin (Doyam darje ke peacefool) have polluted our koum pic.twitter.com/xFlQT7tgPf
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Hey @PiyushGoyal you are becoming like Rahul Gandhi .Please do not shame your voters
In reply to @AkshayKatariyaa
Being a minister if he doesn’t know meaning and seriousness of what he’s saying then we are doomed. Train network is for future Mughalistan ?? twitter.com/aranganathan72…
In reply to @ARanganathan72
There is a competition among ministers who is more secular.i will not be surprised if some lady ministers come to parliament with full burkha.Modiji want akhand bharat he had to get votes from pakistan and bangladesh you know.
मैं भी सुबह नाश्ता करने जाता हूं तो वेटर को बोलता हूं
ला जल्दी म्हम्मद रसगुल्ला

पहले टर्म में वीसा माता थी जिसको मुल्लो से बड़ा प्यार था अब २.० में ये बावला आ गया.
जहा भाजपा के रजिस्टर्ड ५५० सुलतानी कार्यकर्ता थे वहां इनको ५० वोट नहीं मिले.

पता नहीं bc वो संसद की इमारत क्या है.
This isn't a mistake BJP. It is a catastrophe.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Hahaha... looks like @BJP4India is mentally preparing itself for Ghazwa-E-Hind.
Nothing in the world compares to Indian politics. Nothing.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
I have no issue saying @PiyushGoyal a Shameless person demeaning #Hindu and his Party @BJP4India #Shame on Such BJP leaders. #PiyushGoyal
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Not sure if piyush Goyal knows what's he saying.
In reply to @PiyushGoyal
Why this foolery being a fake-Hindu ?? Do you know the meaning of what you are chanting in Pooja 👇
In reply to @ARanganathan72
I am telling you ....... BJP is new Congress, hindus should watch and get your mind clear why #RamMandir is pushed in back. साहेब विश्वास जीत रहे हैं ये जनाब कांग्रेस की राह में साहेब से भी आगे हैं। #Vote_Against_BJP
& dear @ARanganathan72 ji blames me for invoking Ram Bhakth Mahatma Gandhi once in a while ;-) 🙏🙏
In reply to @narendramodi
@narendramodi @PiyushGoyal Is this the new Bhasmasura avataar of @BJP4India ? R u completely disinterested in ur core Hindu voter sentiments? Auto selff-destruct much?
लोगों की जेब फटी पड़ी है, बैंको का NPA सातवें आसमान पर जा रहा है,व्यापार ठप है,अर्थवैवस्था चौपट है!ये भाजपा वाले देशवासियों को बेवक़ूफ़ समजकर कॉमेंडी से बाज़ नहीं आ रहे है! 😂😜😷@KPadmaRani1 @VazeIndian @Fekoslovakian @ManojMehtamm @SonalMehra_ @sonamJain001 @ShilpiSinghINC
In reply to @ARanganathan72
To the best of my knowledge that single line is enough for one to become a Muslim. New name - Piyushullah Galiba
So Honourable Minister @PiyushGoyal Ji, Do you believe with conviction that Sri Ram is false God, Mahadev is false God, Durga is False goddess??? Krishna is false god & Gita is story book??? @IskconInc
@BJP4India @RSSorg @BajrangdalOrg @SureshChavhanke @ThanksBharat @pGurus1
In reply to @ARanganathan72
If it is a secular country why is the minister proud of proclaiming there is no other God but one?
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Mr. Piyush Goyal Ji, Hon'bl Railway Minister, need not to recite Prayers from other faiths/religions. Hindu already recognizes all faiths & religions & their mode/form of worship/prayers ! Any one praying in what ever form & mode, reaches to Almighty Lord Vishnu ! Virat Roop ! pic.twitter.com/jl6Fq2qPkX
Hoshiar! Khabardaar! #BJP is up to something real nasty in the near future. Muslim Nations, please do not be fooled by this sweet talk. Somethings definitely fishy going on in the #RSS camp.🤨😠
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Whole NaMo cabinet it seems is vigorously trying hard to win the "Sabka Vishwas " only problem is they are slowly but surely losing the Vishwas of the majority, who made it possible for them ...... twitter.com/ARanganathan72…
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Whole NaMo cabinet it seems is vigorously trying hard to win the "Sabka Vishwas " only problem is they are slowly but surely losing the Vishwas of the majority, who made it possible for them ...... twitter.com/ARanganathan72…
I m just tired of these appeasements by Hindus

There is a difference betwn respecting religions other than own religion n appeasements, specially whn we don't hear ppl frm other religions chanting Vedic Mantras 2 make Hindus happy

Do they want India 2 become an
!$l@mic country?
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