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Mohamed Rafiq, a 65 year- old disarmed a heavily armed 21 year-old who begun shooting in a Mosque in Norway WITH HIS BARE HANDS

Your stereotypical terrorist (Brown, turban, long beard, Muslim man) is actually your HERO.

REMEMBER THIS next time you stereotype

Don't Stereotype.
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In reply to @_SJPeace_
He tried shooting up Muslims in a Mosque while they were celebrating a holiday. Ended up w/ 2 black eyes by UN ARMED Muslim Grandpa ❤ (Also if you don't know a Muslim or have a Muslim friend, you do now. Follow. Ignorance isn't bliss. Hate is not ok) independent.co.uk/news/world/eur…
let me reiterate: the man was a RETIRED AIR FORCE OFFICER. tackled an armed assailant with his bare hands and no weapons. 65 years old. what a fucking badass
Why haven't I seen this on the news?
Imagine thinking your race is genetically superior only to get your ass whooped by an unarmed brown elder three times your age lol
In reply to @_SJPeace_
All this "good guy with a gun" rubbish doesn't wash. A good guy without a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.
Good guy without gun beats guy with with lots of guns.
REMINDER: A gun doesn't make make you a badass.

Putting your life on the line, against the odds, in defense of your family & community...
THAT makes you a badass.
Wow!!!!! This thread ♥️
In reply to @_SJPeace_
This man was willing to sacrifice himself to save his community and the people in his local mosque.. can those who judge him say they would do the same?
So proud of you Mr Rafiq
In reply to @_SJPeace_
In reply to @_SJPeace_
The man is a hero. The man also has a great beard!
YES YES YES. This is what western media doesn't show!!
Rafiq is more Norwegian than that man will ever be.
Ah, a good guy with a fist stopped a bad guy with a gun. Imagine that?
In reply to @_SJPeace_
He looks fierce and proud! He is a hero!!!
In reply to @_SJPeace_
And those bare knuckles left some very distinctive calling cards on the smug young face.
THEN read description...about this terrorist attack.

Friend from the middle east told me:
"Remember movies growing up. Arab person with darker skin was always the enemy. Don't let that get in the way."

To re-pattern from stereotypes takes persistence.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Mohamed Rafiq is extremely brave and definitely a true hero. His name and brave actions needs to go viral.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Honestly, my stereotypical terrorist is 21 and white at this point.
Y’all know babas don’t play 👊🏾
Mohamed Rafiq is a hero.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
How do you say "Total Badass" in Arabic?
Bapu Ji beat the mess out this terrorist leh hor pangeh puttra
My man Mohamed should had ended his life but he believes in peace so the little dirt bag is lucky
Stereotypes only benefit oppressors.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
A hero is a hero no matter what he or she looks like! I’m glad he did what he did praise the Lord! He’s a hero!
In reply to @_SJPeace_
That's not just heroic, that's super badass!
In reply to @_SJPeace_
I’m more afraid of young white men! My Turkish husband and his family were so welcoming and loving when we visited! 💗
In reply to @_SJPeace_
This grandpa reminds me of the great Libyan rebel Omar Mukhtar played by Anthony Quinn in Lion of the desert. pic.twitter.com/ntVJyeW6cr
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Thank goodness he was there and no one was hurt. Mr. Rafiq is an example for the rest of us.
Can I get a YEEHAW for this based grandpa who saved the day.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
I’m gonna start this off by saying this man is BRAVE. He must love his country dearly to put his life in danger like this and protect his people. But where did this take place? This doesn’t look like America 🤷🏾‍♂️
Got his ass BEAT. And rightfully so. 💗 Good on Mohamed.
We need more heroes, and this good man is one. Let's give him a standing ovation!!!👏👏👏👏💙💙💙💜
Lmfao look at buddy’s face, that nigga Rafiq got them hands
The sad thing about posts like these is that the people who need to see it the most will not
You already know based grampa has seen some real shit in his lifetime.
An incel with a gun is simply cakewalk.
Did it without a gun. Seems the good guys don’t necessarily need guns. Change the narrative.
They finally beat the shit out of a shooter 😂😂😂😂🙏🏻
they should make a movie on this to hurt yt people's white saviour complex
Shout out to the brave man for saving lives.

I wonder what kind of gun control laws they have in Norway 🤔
And beat the breaks off that clown!!
Remember all those people who were squeamish about the idea of punching Nazis?

Mr. Rafiq heard their concerns and his elegant solution was to choke a Nazi out instead.
Dat jij, een twintiger met een geweer, een Dapper en Waarlijk Strijder voor Onze Cultuur, wordt overmeesterd door een ongewapende man van 65. En dan achteraf nog zo trots grijnzen. Gênant.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
My name is Rafiq. Mohamed Rafiq.
mohamed rafiq is a total badass YES but

has anyone else thought that the shooter looks like a beat up brie larson 😭😭😭 no hate FR but the resemblance tho 👀
Seriously, if anyone should be concerned about stereotyping, it should be us white American men. Our data does not look good.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
And we didnt see this screaming as a headline cuz a Muslim man prevented a terrorists attack by a white man
In reply to @_SJPeace_
May we know Mr. Raciq's story ?
In reply to @_SJPeace_
While this is nice... It is also rare and should never be propagated as some common occurrence that blurs the line of the typical Muslim/Islamic culture. Again you can find heroes in the large batch of bad, but at the end of the day, it's still mainly a bad batch of people.
White people legit became the terrorists they were supposedly scared of.
Actually I don’t picture terrorist with brown skin... 👀
A “heavy handed” parental approach to supremacy, now every one wants to know more about the Muslim uncle healthy life style!
words can’t describe how evil the white dude looks
if a 65 year old disarms you you're not really trying are you boooo get out retard
In reply to @_SJPeace_
that dude is true badass. courage!
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Was he lost, a Sikh in a mosque or did it happen outside?
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Old guys know how to get shit done.
Hey @CNN how about you show this real news instead of the shitty opinions you choose to display every day
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Florida ,u.s One man kills 50
Muslim, Jewish, & Black Christians should not live in fear of going to their place of worship or any community gathering.

Mohamed is a hero, but he should have never had to do this in the first place. We must fight to put an end to white supremacy.
Just look at their face we can know they bad or good.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
But you just called him a stereotypical... ah, forget it
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Damn...Feel sad for the young guy 😒
Good guy WITHOUT a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun, Go figure
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Not to stereotype, but the dude on the left looks to me like a white racist.
In reply to @_SJPeace_
He must be Grandma Chiyo’s husband...🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
For all the anti Arab ini Taelan,
Terutama gerombolan siberat @GunRomli @sahaL_AS @yusuf_dumdum @BamsBulaksumur

CC Om @helmifelis dan ustadz @eae18
Heeos come in all shapes and colors.
tRumps Amerika should remember that but they won't
In reply to @_SJPeace_
Sorry but in this case im do not agree with you,because you use the "stereotypical" for your reason,this man with turban was a target and when somebody want kill you or some your friend or parents,you have 2 choise, die without fight or fight for survivor for help your parents...
Hey @7NewsMelbourne ! How was this not considered,newsworthy?
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump just so your supporters see this.
Age is just a number.
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