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Piers Morgan is actually hilarious

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if you find this funny unfollow me.
In reply to @masondrfc_
He’s definitely watched this. pic.twitter.com/fFHPM9pXaR
In reply to @masondrfc_
Aw the “I identify as I microwave!!!!” jokes were never funny to start with but imagine how brain deed u must be to still be absolutely pishing ur pants at them 🥴 ew
If you really think a grown man calling himself a penguin is funny you need to take a look at your transphobic self
don’t think i’ve ever had a straighter face in my whole life watching this
how is this in any way funny? you’ve gotta be beyond braindead or painfully ignorant to correlate gender neutrality to identifying as a penguin ... ugh humans are a disease
this joke is beyond dead. straight people just aren’t funny
* Is actually a massive fucking bellend.
i see p*ers m*rgan, the patron saint of straight boys on twitter with footy accounts, is having a great morning using one of the four jokes that he knows
Why is Piers Morgan such a dick. They arent hurting anyone by having a different gender, just call them by the pronouns they want and respect them. Its not that hard
Haha keep fighting the fight son
He is a cunt but I love it when he lays in tae these attention seeking pricks
All of the fuckin gimps with two brain cells wetting their pants because Piers Morgan said he was a penguin. Biggest bunch of melts going
football & brexit twitter finding this funny while the rest of us with a braincell are 🤨😷🤢
do none of you realise you’re being told the same joke over and over again. are your brains actually that slow
how dry must your humour be to find this even remotely funny
How do people find a grown man not understanding the basic concept of gender - that more than two exist - hilarious? You’re an absolute gimp if you find ‘I identify as a penguin’ funny, pls I beg grow the fuck up
just say your transphobic n go
Piers got this country on strings, love to see it
i find it funny how "i'm not actually transphobic" people use the excuse that there are crazy people who identify as trees as their reason to disrespect us but when literally GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to learn they start talking over us and making "i iDeNtiFy aS a pEngUin" jokes
Why does he look like a young version of Jim from Friday night dinner hahahahahah
Unpopular opinion but I love piers 😭
the fucking igNORANCE of these cunts man ... why’s he so arsed abt other ppls lives what a massive melt
Such a stupid and childish way to talk about the subject, Morgan is a prized wanker and that “I identify as... (insert something random)” patter isn’t and has never been original or funny.
Piers Morgan is a national treasure and I won’t be told otherwise.
Fuck me piers Morgan iconic
Piers Morgan is rapidly becoming the voice of reason, and I’m not sure if it’s good or bad 😂
when will transphobes realise identifying as a different gender than the one u were born as is not the same as identifying as a different species or inanimate object
when piers dies I’m gonna dig up his dead body , cut off his dick and use it as a strap to fuck my non-binary boo
There’s two genders if you think otherwise you’re delusional
When Piers Morgan was found to have allowed phone hacking during his tenure as editor of the Mirror he was public enemy #1 — interesting how that’s all conveniently forgotten when he’s ridiculing LGBTQ+ people and cracking jokes at their expense, you fickle transphobic pricks
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 unreal 🙌🏻🙌🏻 so funny 😫 sides hurt 🤟🏻
Can you IMAGINE being so ignorant and dumb to not only find this hilarious but to also think that this is a good rebuttal in an argument against gender identity. IMAGINE. Whew, I’m glad I’m educated with a functioning brain.
It makes me so angry that producers contacted the guests for this segment and made animations like this, thinking it’s hilarious to have someone with an opinion in and let Piers bully them?! It’s almost as if trans and non-bianry people aren’t dying every day 🤷🏻‍♀️ absolutely vile
i do get what Piers is tryna say but its just not that deep, if i wanted to sexually identify as an attack helicopter no one should care. how does this even make tv when the planets gonna die
how can people find him funny, he’s being so small minded 😡 gender identity is a spectrum and if u feel like u identify more w male or female traditional gender based norms whats wrong with expressing urself and labelling urself however u want, why does it matter MR PIERS MORGAN
why does this have over 60k likes? was this supposed to be funny???
Yes Piers😂🤣
i rly don’t understand how identifying as a specific gender that is nobodies business but ur own and doesn’t affect anyone but u, can be compared to identifying as a penguin like what ???? a penguin is literally an animal a fucking different species not anything to do with gender
uv literally got to have about 2 braincells to think that has any sort of comedic value whatsoever like..what
In reply to @masondrfc_
the icon of the straight white boy making the same joke that they all make!!!! hilarious!!! what about identifying as a microwave or a helicopter ha haHA comedy gold!!!! man do a funny!!
‘I am a transgender penguin and how dare you say that I can’t identify as that’ hahahahahah
wow comparing LGBTQ identities to.... animals? that’s fucked up. what a grim bastard. can’t believe itv broadcast this? if you think this is funny please do me a favour and unfollow me x
Possibly the least funny thing I’ve seen. So closed minded and pathetic. Loads of wools replying ‘spot on mate😂👍🏼’ got no words for how many imbeciles there are in the world
If I identify as a murdered 13 year old girl maybe piers morgan will hack my phone & delete messages causing my parents to that think I’m still alive all in order to sell more newspapers
No Piers, you can identify as a hacker of a dead girls phone.
Piers Morgan is a national treasure
don’t agree with piers much but this is bang on, i now identify as an ironing board and i won’t be classed as anything else am sorry
see lot of people posting about how important mental health is. the amount of LGBT youth who commit suicide is 3x higher than that of heterosexual/cisgender youth. people who arent cis arent hurting ANYONE but you are if you support this type of abuse.
Imagine how dead life must be if piers morgan doing this is hilarious to you
😂😂😂 is right put these fuckin multiple gender idiots to bed
In reply to @masondrfc_
This is absolutely disgusting.
Is that fucking Nicole
Wank of a guy, but he’s got a point
Take this in. You don’t overrule science. None of you are gender neutral. I’m not sorry.
Piers Morgan's a wank but he's class at taking on this mob every time😂
some people really don’t deserve to own a mouth uh
Despite him being a twat he makes a point
the guys a fuckin wet wipe but av got to agree with him there like they’re ripping the piss now
bloody hilarious invalidating the existence of an entire community and belittling them on national TV, absolutely top quality banter from Piers there sign him up for his own stand up show x
Fuck sake what a bloke
Man said how dare u offend me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
can’t cope with all the ugly local rats retweeting/quoting/replying to this saying how funny piers is etc.. like are you actually stupid? 🥴 how are ignorance and bigoted backwards views funny? piers is a cunt and so are the ones who agree with him aka You Mason!
As much shit as Piers Morgan gets, he pretty much says what we’re all thinking anyway 🤷‍♂️
how does this have 54k likes.... y’all are disgusting
Got the gender freaks on strings 🤣🤣
this guys taking the piss 😂😂😂😂😂😂
if you actually found this remotely funny you have the mental age of a 3 year old
“HOW DARE YOU SAY I CANT IDENTIFY AS THAT” 😂😂😂😭😭 swear you gotta love Piers Morgan sometimes
least funny and original thing i think ive ever seen
no, he’s just transphobic. this is so actively damaging to the trans / nb community.

{i don’t know WHAT my mutuals are doing liking this so it’s on my tl but we are not mutuals, anymore}
This is not actually hilarious. This is harmful. Trans people are being killed. Stop with your transphobia and need for attention because you don’t fundamentally understand these issues.
is that matt from twosync
😂😂😂 he’s a huge troll
This just in- idiot enjoys idiot
If you’re going to like and retweet this don’t go on pretending you care about mental health. “Check on your friends” “don’t suffer in silence” yet go on to support an individual purposely mocking others.
I love this guy 😂 pingu piers.
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