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Please stop saying "You can't joke about anything anymore". You can. You can joke about whatever the fuck you like. And some people won't like it and they will tell you they don't like it. And then it's up to you whether you give a fuck or not. And so on. It's a good system.

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Ricky Gervais has been rewording the same tweet every day for 83 years
The biggest mistake the left is making is ceding comedy to the right

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Again, as last time...not true. You can be fired from jobs now for saying a joke. A multi-millionaire such as yourself is somewhat untouchable/or wouldn't care, but there are people out there determined to ruin lives because that person offended them and they often succeed.
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Agreed. But I think there鈥檚 a big difference between making a joke about something and using casual racial slurs without actually making a joke, simply because you think it鈥檚 鈥渆dgy鈥
Palabra de Dios. Te alabamos se帽or.
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Fine for the near untouchable and rich but most people have to watch every line they type or speak because they can lose their career and be shamed out of working society for a joke.
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The system has changed though. Comedy clubs used to stand behind their talent and there were countless outlets that would continue to invite even the most controversial comedians back. Now you can lose your job and get black-listed for telling a joke. That's not cool.
You live in a country where making the wrong joke literally puts you in prison.
You haven鈥檛 met Bob and Shirley, have you sir?
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Some cool guy I know once said something like "You can joke about bad things without being a bad guy" so, here you are!
I love you Ricky Gervais
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Making offensive cancer jokes is how I've gotten through dealing with ovarian cancer. 馃憤
You can still joke. But the people who don鈥檛 like it have the power to entirely ruin your career / life.
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We have become a society of politically correct zombies. We all need to lighten up
Nobody means "You can't joke about anything anymore" literally.

They mean if they do, they risk being ostracised for it. Sometimes unfairly so.

Which is fine if you're a comedian whose brand is being offensive. Less so if your career is practically anything else.
This is true for Ricky.

It is not true for 99% of other comedians and for anyone else who doesn't have F U money.
you guys have backed me into quite a fuckin corner (forcing me to agree with ricky gervais)馃槧
I dont know a man did get arrested and dragged through the courts for telling a nazi pug joke.

(And I know you know this)

I think there is some weight to saying

"You cant joke about anything anymore"
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Agreed. However, people are no longer content changing the channel. They want to boycott, force your sponsors to drop you, and blast you in social media. It takes significant courage. Cheers to you for fighting.
i agree. but when jokes are made maliciously to hurt groups of people that already face so much hatred, that isn鈥檛 comedy, and people have every right to be angry
Yeah! Listen... to... Ricky... Gervais? That can鈥檛 be right
Friends! Please stop saying "You can't joke about anything anymore". You can.

You can joke about whatever you like. And some people won't like it, and will report you to Our Police. And then it's up to you whether you pay a hefty fine or go to prison.

Talk about a good system!
How the fuck did everyone fuck up so bad that Ricky Gervais is woke now
I wish I had 13 million followers so I could make completely untrue statements with 100% confidence that it will take off.
Oh come on. People can be de-platformed, kicked off social media, hounded and harassed, have contracts cancelled and work dry up simply for 'offending'.

Don't try to deny the power of the witch hunt simply because you aren't being hunted (yet).
Se recomienda que no te importe y mandar al que no le gust贸 tu chiste a chingar a su madre.

See. Kohli jokes and failed Indian military raids are in.
El sistema es cojonudo salvo cuando a los que no les gustan tus chistes quieren callarte, que te echen del trabajo o te montan protestas en la puerta del teatro.
Joke about anything, agreed. Sometimes it鈥檚 just lame, been done before or is just lazy as fuck. Say what you want, content never offends, but lack of quality, insight, and originality however is a comedic sin.
Honestly mate, shut up. Number 1 sign of a dying comic is repetitive material, and this is literally all you talk about. We get the point, everyone can make whatever jokes they want, please just write something funny about Down syndrome children and move on.
Yeah when you're a rich comedian and actor.

For the average white working man, telling the wrong joke can put you in the direction of a woke justice mob and have you fired from your job. You end up on your way to the poorhouse with righteous fury from limp-wristed bugmen.
And then those people who don鈥檛 like it will declare you a _-phobe and try to destroy your career
Surprisingly cogent commentary from Gervais, who has a history of disability slurs in his comedy, some of which he鈥檚 apologized for. But this is correct: you don鈥檛 get to decide whether I鈥檓 upset, only whether you care.
If I try to dance but am so bad at it that I kick you in the face, I don't get to use my right to dance as a defence.

The issue isn't free speech, it's shitty jokes by unfunny men.
Did Ricky gervais actually make a good point or am I hallucinating ?
In reply to @rickygervais
Preach brother!! 馃
Al fin un claro de luz en este actual oscurantismo cultural progresista
In reply to @rickygervais
Nah, that's only partly true. For instance many colleges (esp. in the US) has become hyper-sensitive to even moderately mild jokes. Ask your friend Jerry Seinfeld for instance. But in general I think you're right.
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Why does every comedian have swear liked comedy from the50d andearly no sweaonh maybe theythink iy is funny bit tuns me off
SEE? Even THIS idiot gets it!
In reply to @rickygervais
Never apologize for comedy. Apologies are never good enough for the outrage mob that demands them.
Didn't a dude get arrested in your country for making a dog do the Nazi salute?
In reply to @rickygervais
Tell that to Dankula
In reply to @rickygervais
In the world of Ricky Gervais, hate speech laws do not exist.
In reply to @rickygervais
Tell that to Count Dankula!
Comedians complaining how they can鈥檛 be transphobes anymore is among the lowest forms of comedy

Hmmm. I can because I am self-employed & will not probably not fire myself unless I get really out of line. Also, I didn't make any pugs do Nazi salutes so no-one arrested me. I think the system is a bit off but agree we should not catastrophise this while trying to fix it.
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If only it were that simple, if only people could just say 鈥淚 don鈥檛 like that joke鈥. Instead, cancel culture happens. People try to ruin someone else鈥檚 life because they have a different sense of humor
You just can鈥檛 joke about wether you can joke about stuff anymore
This is exactly what I say.
You are free to make your 鈥渆dgy鈥 jokes, and people are free to comment on them.
You are the sensitive one for wailing incessantly about your rightfully earned criticism.
If you can鈥檛 take the criticism, then shut the fuck up.
"Por favor dejen de decir "no puedes hacer chistes sobre cualquier cosa". S铆 puedes. Puedes hacer chistes sobre lo que te de la gana. Habr谩n personas que no les gustar谩n y te lo dir谩n. Queda de tu parte si te importa o no. Y as铆, es un buen sistema". @rickygervais
In reply to @rickygervais
Comedians who tell jokes for a living never feel the need to say it, only 鈥渃lassical liberals鈥 and 鈥渇ree-speech activists鈥 who want to spread hatred in the world.
In reply to @rickygervais
A lot of bullies think insults pass as humor because it makes them laugh to be so cruel.
In reply to @rickygervais
This sounds awfully familiar Ricky! ;) pic.twitter.com/FMe0vlBxqH
In reply to @rickygervais
I see what you're trying to say but the problem is people want to destroy you if you say the wrong thing. Like going after your employer, doxing... You may have enough money etc to don't give a fuck, but others don't have that luxury. The "system" is broken.
In reply to @rickygervais
Whoops, you just made @DebraMessing blacklist. 馃槸
I have bought out a sheep farm. With the help of 100s of compassionate people I am planting the first nut forest in the Scottish Highlands. We must pull out all the stops to save our earth.
We created globalvegancrowdfunder.org to help fund change

Please share this @rickygervais
Fun part of this is all the fanboys who feel betrayed and insist that they could be fired from their middle management jobs on the spot just for 鈥渢elling a joke.鈥
Fuck me, I agree with Ricky Gervais.
This is why I DNGAF about being canceled.
In reply to @rickygervais
You obviously haven鈥檛 been keeping up with the hate crime laws, but you鈥檙e a rich man now Ricky, so why should you?
Scolpiamolo da qualche parte.
Dale TRADUCIR TWEET y entender谩s que se puede hacer humor con CUALQUIER TEMA. Y los que no est茅n de acuerdo tendr谩n que convivir con ellos mismos sabiendo que lo que hacen es fascismo y censura, aunque no quieran.
Not everyone has your current financial security and Britain鈥檚 laws Ricky, you can lose your job and get arrested for a joke in most places...
In reply to @rickygervais
What about Alabama leading the USA in both marital infidelity and clinical depression. Thats not funny, it鈥檚 just a sad state of affairs.
In reply to @rickygervais
But can you really make a joke about high profile #pedos with them as the main target? 馃挕#sorrynotsorry 鈿旓笍 #challenge 馃槇 pic.twitter.com/rrh5Sbmn7C
Re to the fucking Tweet
Hey remember when Stephen Merchant rightfully said there's no way you could make the office today? You know the entire thing that made your career? Stfu idiot
In reply to @rickygervais
unless you want to eat.
Hmmmm.....have you explained that to your local law enforcement on cuck island?
In reply to @rickygervais
Would love for you to chit chat with @AndrewYang about this topic. Do you play 馃弨? We need to reflect on the direction we are going... And what to do about it Hope people are answering this question: #1KaMonthWould ....
This applies to "you can't listen to this band anymore", "you can't watch this film anymore", etc.
In reply to @rickygervais
Ricky, best you have that conversation with Sheriff Derek O'Carroll of the Scottish Courts, context is no longer important to them apparently
But that would be enabling hate speech and hate jokes! That is not a good system to me, in fact I'd go as far as to say it's pushing fascism.
Exactly 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦
There's a lot of people in this who don't seem to get what he's actually saying here.

There's plenty of things I don't laugh at & go "nah that's even too sick for me". I just don't laugh & move on. You can't control what people laugh at, but you don't have to partake in it.
In reply to @rickygervais
The difference is that today, the people who don鈥檛 like it feel justified in reacting with physical violence.
Coming from the guy they said n*gger five times in less than three minutes last year? Lmao. Sit this one out.
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