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james cordens carpool karaoke just won best technical direction.... a camera taped to a windshield just won an emmy over this

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The cameraman had one shot only one to get it right and this kind of makes me sad but he did such a beautiful job capturing what is one of the most legendary show to ever go down in music history
Proof that awards don’t mean shit. Do your thing. Do it damn well.
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Once she started making music for and about us, the awards dried up quick
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all credit to the amazing 📸 @BenRealVsWorld for capturing this shot, you all truly deserved better
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James corden won over the fucking flawless transitions from weekend 1 to 2, I can’t...
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Homecoming was black as hell, of course it wasn't going to win
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a lot of mediocre white men are winning emmys for breathing...at this point throw the voting system away
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The skill and teamwork it would take to shoot, light and mic this... much less choreograph... and it doesn’t win?
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Lol I didn’t even notice the camera guy and I watched it in person 💀
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I’m disgusted but not surprised
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I really don't get what y'all expect from award shows when year after year after year they recognize as little poc as they can. Honestly big poc players shouldn't even show up and should start supporting BET more 🤷🏾‍♂️
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She lost to carpool fucking karaoke ?????!
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I'm a Beyonce fan and I can't justify this... That docu-concert made me download the album, meanwhile an email was awarded to someone for videotaping himself do what everyone does in traffic
eu era mais feliz 5 segundos atrás quando eu não sabia disso porque agora eu to consumida pelo ÓDIO
That steadicam operator must be an athlete
This is very telling to black creatives. This really shows OUR work/visions are not respected to the masses and that’s shown time and time again. They nominate US to say “hey we nominate black ppl” but refuse to give us our DESERVED AWARDS in MAJOR CATEGORIES!
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The Emmys are a fraud and we all know it.
This one & costume were the actual snubs tbh
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I think this qualifies for oscars, not emmys.....
So many people are trying to justify it like you don’t even have to be a Beyoncé stan to realize that she got fucking cheated from all those awards
Cause once Beyoncé started making her music & videos about black empowerment she started losing them awards 🤷🏿‍♀️
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Did the Queen win any?
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All of the award shows are cancelled until further notice.
Imagine training for months only to loose to James Corden. I would lose my mind.
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Why do people still take academy awards seriously when they pull shit like this all the time
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This scene alone deserves a technical achievement award
Carpool karaoke is wank but this wasn’t exactly ground breaking either tbf
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Lol these old white men ain’t impressed by black folks singing and dancing better than everyone else anymore, they wanna see more lol
The more I think about Beychella losing to JK the more pissed I get.

There's no WAY those voters watched this and then voted for that.

I like JK and Carpool Karaoke, but this was a different league entirely.
Claro que numa disputa entre Beyoncé e James Corden sou 100% Beyoncé. Agora... tem q acabar o fã que acha super revolucionário um cinegrafista descer uma escada com uma câmera.
O nome disso???? R*c*smo
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And everyone was mad at Ye when he went on stage and claimed Beyoncé video was best of all time
misogynoir is a disease omgggggg
Quando as premiações esnobam trabalhos assim, são elas que perdem prestígio, pq além de tecnicamente impecável, o Beychella teve impacto cultural, logo, o azar é TODO do Emmy 🤷🏻‍♂️
e os gays zoando o homecoming por ter perdido os EMMYs como se nao soubessem o motivo pra isso ter acontecido.. ignorantes ou igualmente racistas?
EXACTLY!!!! Ben could’ve died. and fun fact! the bottom vid is my video!! 😭 it’s one of my fav things ever because ben was so excited about it.
Como li nos comentários: desde que Beyoncé começou a fazer músicas pra negros e sobre negros, ela parou de ganhar prêmios. Engraçado né?

O homem que tem uma câmera no para-brisa ganha de uma coisa dessas, incompreensível isso
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In reply to @angryonce
I mean, it's a dude walking down stairs with a gimbal. While much more technical than cameras mounted in cars, certainly nothing award winning either.
Unsurprised because, just like Lemonade, the ppl voting for this are overwhelmingly white which allows them to ignore the cultural impact of things like Homecoming and Lemonade and vote for something YouTube girls did before it got on TV
I'm telling y'all... these academies HATE Beyoncé
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I love Bey but her DocuFilm was exactly that a film, not a docu series where there are episodes. The Emmys are for Television not Films, that’s the Oscars. Don’t @ Me but this camera crew really worked the Show to make it much more spectacular!
C’est chaud comme métier, imagine tu loupes une marche tu fais comment? 💀
Beyoncé should guest on his show and sarcastically say “maybe i can win an emmy now that im singing on your car show”
Gjjfgjkfkf if that were me with the camera I would’ve fell on the bleachers💀💀
Someone get kanye
the fact that they were even put in the same category is sooooo disrespectful.
In reply to @angryonce
Mediocre White men win everyday, are you all really surprised?
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🤔🤔🤔 That's ridiculous. Don't have to be a member of the Beyhive to see it either.
Erro IMPERDOÁVEL emmy chacota demais esse documentário todo merecia uma premiação só pra ele de tão maravilhoso que é apenas homecoming, meu filho, venha cá essa gente não te merece
award shows truly never wanna see beyonce win
nobody talk to me for the rest of next week
over a cameraman walking down stairs?
This man was PERFECT filming this. Incredible.
Yeah that makes absolutely no sense.
I’m really truly and utterly pissed off they would disrespect Beyoncè and her team like this. The #Emmys did not win a Beyoncè and I feel bad for them.
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This is lazier than Bohemian Rhapsody winning the Oscar for sound editing and putting Queen's songs in a Queen movie.
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white mediocrity> Black excellence, I suppose 🤔 And people were really out here thinking Kanye was crazy pic.twitter.com/kVMjPHcGR3
What the fuck??? Seriously??? How the fuck??? Whoever votes for those #Emmys is insane. Clinically.
Beyoncé continues to be slept on by these award shows
they literally created an experience for us ... AN EXPERIENCE
This and the leaving neverland tripped me out the most.
We already know what's happening here. BeyLegion aka BeyHive we already know what they're doing to the Queen, fuck em.
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What if maybe just maybe y’all hype Beyonce up to much
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Maybe it was a camera man taped to the windshield...
Technical direction has nothing to do with direction or camera operation, so what exactly is the comparison?

Meanwhile, Corden won an Emmy for THAT? LMAOOOOO. CBS Executives must be the judges.
Vcs tao realmente chocados q uma mulher negra fazendo um show com varias referências a negritude iria ganhar algum emmy???? Como falaram nos coments "homecoming was black as hell"
Y’all love white people and their white awards.
If Beyoncé ever spoke her mind the industry would be in shambles. Ridiculous
les emmy’s sont tellement trash
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