Nice work by this vendor at a ren faire creating a clear, contextual, and complete explanation of why people who like runes need to be wary of neonazi associations

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Interesting turbo history lesson
I'm happy to see that people involved in Norse mythology and rune stuff are aware of this; those things are too beautiful and interesting to let nazis and friends use them as identifiers...
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Can you post the name of the shop? I quit my ren fest job because my ex boss was fash, I鈥檇 love to connect with people on the circuit standing up to white supremacy
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Wait I just thought of an idea: 釟犪殺釠 釟踞毃釠夅泚釠 ^A runic #FCKNZS sign.
This is a very smart and responsible thing to do. Also, to say it again, fuck everyone who appropriates medieval European history for alt-right hate purposes.
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when I was a teenager I was super into norse myths and history (I still am to an extent obviously) and I literally had a shirt with a valknut on it and looking back it's like, yikes I really hope nobody got the wrong idea
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This is really important to me a practitioner of Forn Si冒r (Norse Paganism including 脕satr煤 and Vanatr煤)It was difficult as a lesbian to find a group of fellow queer practitioners without unwittingly falling in with Neo-Nazi groups. I am grateful for the efforts like the vendor!
The past is not gone! People regularly pick up symbols from the ancient world and put them to their own uses.

Before you do the same, be sure you are aware of what signals you might be sending!
White supemacy can fuck right off and get the HELL away from me and my babies.
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The holding it down with a big iron spike is such a nice touch
Bless. You have no idea how weird it can be for a norse mythology (+ viking/ medieval) enthusiast in Germany when it comes to runes.
It's funny tho when you think about how many norse gods were non binary, etc. 'cause Nazis have no fucking clue 馃槀 Bottom line: Fuck nazis man
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I recognize that text and the leatherwork in the photo! That was written by a friend of mine. The fierce and wonderful Hannah Storyteller.
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I've been informed that this is the artist's Etsy page!鈥
growing up norwegian, viking mythology and stories is an inherent part of our culture. Becoming an adult and realising I can't wear a Mj酶lnir necklace without people assuming I'm a nazi

fuck nazis

they ruin everything
Nazis rot everything they touch. I still hate that a lot of symbols from my history and culture is used by monstrous evil.
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They do the same thing with the Iron Cross, which dates from the wars of liberation against the French in the 1800`s
If you're into eurocentric medieval shit and not a dirtbag you might wanna read this to inform how you do your things
I could cry, this is so good.
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I have a rune tattoo from college, my result from a divinatory reading you're only supposed to do once in your life. The past several years I've been so wary whenever someone notices or asks about it :c
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That鈥檚 a really good atitude. We need to give white supremacists no space and appropriate back everything from them.
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Was a rude awakenin for me when fledgling friend showed interest in bone runes I was making. I made 1of his choice for xmas &it was Othala. After, he explained "the high importance of blood family" &felt comfortable sayin racist shit around me. I ollied out fast but felt so gross
If you're yt and into Norse runes/culture it's on you to clearly reject Nazis(m) because if you don't it is very reasonable for marginalised people to assume you're unsafe because 1) we can't afford to take the risk and 2) if you aren't disavowing Nazis you're gonna attract them
A great sign! Well done.
This is part of why my ancient and medieval history courses always have a day dedicated to the modern appropriation of SPQR, Futhark, crusader imagery, etc by hate groups.
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The heathens in my life are having to be so belligerent about this. I feel for them, but am also in awe of their vehemence <3
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I'm considering myself as a witch and started carrying an Algiz-Rune talisman on my bag for protection. But i'm going to add my pride-pins and a "FCKNZS" as well, so no one's confused. Didn't knew that Algiz also has the same problem as Sowilo, so many thanks for sharing this!
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Who knew? I didn't. Now I do. Thanks.
My medieval lit Prof. confessed to me on the second day of class that she thought I might be a Nazi because I recognized and could read the Franks Casket in her slides. "At this point any pre-existing interest in the language or culture of the middle ages is a red flag for me."
Also if you're Jake from Alabama and you've got no connections to anything remotely Norse and yet are absolutely obsessed with this arguably cultural bastion of white purity, you should be questioning yourself as to why.
Fuck yeah. Don't let Nazis have any ground to appropriate runes, pagan imagery, Norse/Celtic imagery, metal/punk. Make sure they know they're not welcome in our scenes. Make sure others know of their tactics. This is rad.
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It really sucks they鈥檝e taken over Celtic and Nordic tattoos etc
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This is so perfect. We need something like this for Punisher merch now too 馃槶
All of last week鈥檚 @yabseminar students will be thrilled to know that THIS is what I was talking about when I said the booktrade could do better:
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Really happy to see this right after that. Restored some balance to my Twitter world.鈥
As someone who has studied (and for a while, followed) the Nordic traditions, and wish to use some of that in my books, I worry about these associations sometimes.
I like this. Educate on both the historical as well as modern context while pointing out caution due to the unfortunate hijacking by neo-nazis.
As a native born Norwegian I'm deeply offended said vendor associates my culture and heritage with actual nazis, and how the fuck do you spot a neo nazi at a medieval fair?
90% of the fair goers are most likely white and unless they show up in full Waffen uniform i don't see how.
this is why everytime i start listening to a metal band that seems really into vikings, i have to scour their social media presence to make sure they aren't neo-nazis
Would love to see more and more info displays like this about the whirling log for Din茅 reclamation of our sacred symbol (check out Melissa Cody aka @/codyedgewater on Instagram)
Certainly interesting context that I did not completely know about in such clear terms. I appreciate that it is spelled out this way.
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This is really cool. Why do Nazis have to ruin all the cool symbols though
someone make a mj枚lnir replica that has "this machine kills nazis" stamped on it in runes
I love wearing handcrafted rune jewelry but I worry about Nazi associations. Thank you to this thoughtful vendor for explaining some of the pitfalls of displaying runes.
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As a norse pagan this is a real struggle. You have to constantly be careful of where you get your information with anything to do with the culture. I dosnt help that most published work is done by white supremacists.
I think about this constantly.
Oh look! Someone who fucking gets it!

It鈥檚 almost as if people legitimately invested in these things know what the hell they鈥檙e talking about!
It's our responsibility to make our allyship to targeted groups and hostility to racist appropriators known as we fight to reclaim these symbols.
additional shoutout to the viking village folks at the ny ren faire who made a point to bring up neonazis and racists and denounce the way they appropriated viking imagery. its really important to talk about these associations explicitly!
This is the way to do it, folks
So macht man das: man zerst枚rt Sachen nicht, man schlie脽t sie nicht weg, man schreibt sie nicht um, man 眉bermalt sie nicht, man gibt ihnen nicht neu ausgedachte Namen - man schreibt eine f眉r intelligente Menschen nachvollziehbare Erkl盲rung und 眉berl盲脽t ihnen ihr Handeln selbst.
This is an excellent example of responsible white people-ing and you love to see it.
*points enthusiastically* ah yes the topic of my potential phd research
Oh well done!

Re. Pagans, Runes, and Nazis.
I spend a lot of time thinking about this situation, and it makes me so mad and sad.
This is cool but also the swastik is literally a Sanskrit word referring to a holy symbol associated with Ganesh. That's nice it's similar to a Norse rune and it's 100% a Hindu symbol / semi-common boy's name.

Anyway this Ren Faire booth is boss.
I love this because most ren faire folks I know don't put up with shit, and also, fuck Nazis for co-opting my heritage.
As a person of considerable Scandinavian heritage (as well as Germanic and Celtic), I have much respect for vendors like this.
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I got some metal fans in Norway that are really upset that neo-nazis are stealing our runes.
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This is really important, I鈥檓 a pagan who primarily focuses on heathenism in my worship, and my 鈥榩atron deity鈥 of sorts is Freyr. The runes are obviously pretty important to me, and while as far as I know Ingwaz hasn鈥檛 been coopted it鈥檚 still important we keep an eye out.
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Now I want to parse out how to say Nazi Punks Fuck Off in Old Norse . . .
As someone who also sells norse rune jewelry, this is a constant concern. Props to them for putting it out there so clearly.
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We were in Bali and Indonesia. Swastikas were all around. It's sad these peaceful people have had their history stolen from them.
馃挅 this.
I nearly had an anxiety attack when a crystal vendor in northern GA was selling runes. I didn't see a sign like this. I left in fear
#釟犪殺釠a毦釟ㄡ泬釠佱泲 : a runic #FCKNZS sign.
I got a Celtic cross tattoo almost 20 years ago during a "metaphysical phase" and thought twice when a checker at Harbor Freight a couple weeks ago said "Nice tattoo." with a smirk.
It's cool to see people drawing hard lines between honoring their culture and nazi appropriation.
This is great cause I've used runes in a few chapter covers and I had no idea this was a thing.
Thanks for the learning, I don't know how I'll adjust for the future but we'll see.
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Do they have an online store - a few of my friends and myself do Vikings for LARP and I'd LOVE to be able to buy from a vendor I know 100% is not a white supremacist.
So fucking simple. This is really well done.
How does Immersion in digital spaces compare with immersion at fairs/cosplay events? World building indeed! #meadlounge_MRU
Important as a Norse person. I despise how the asshatts have corrupted these runes.
none of the symbols that have a existed for thousand of years before the nazis are a lost cause when it comes to spiritual practice but unfortunately you always gotta be extra careful how you display them
Ok tbh...yes. I need this assurance lolol
My husband is like 99% Nordic and loves ren fairies and reenactments, but he knows that Nazis have appropriated the symbols of his culture and he will not wear them because of how it could harm others. Symbols matter, especially when used for fear.
as someone who's really into norse mythology/folklore/etc, this is really good. I do have a norse viking symbol tattoo, and while it's not a rune, I'm sure it's occasionally used by neo-nazis/white supremacists --
"Gee, Tim, why aren't you all that interested in the German heritage of your name?"

TLDR - too many people interested in German heritage are nazis and I don't want to deal with them.
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I鈥檓 Hispanic and very much not light skinned. Definitely going to have to look into the meanings and lore behind some Norse symbols. See if maybe I can incomporate them somehow (respectfully) into clothing or something to help out. Guidance is appreciated
sadly very true :(

I learned briefly about runes at university (while studying Old Norse!), but the only time I've seen them in 鈥渞eal life鈥 is, alas, on a Nazi dogwhistle sticker at a bus stop (I tore it down, by the way)

In reply to @AClooForYou
Wait this was a thing? Fucking nazis ruining all historical symbols as fast as they can.
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The swastika isn't necessarily a Norse symbol. It's much older, dating back to the Bronze Age. Also, the German Bundeswehr uses insignia resembling odal runes for the ranks of Haupt, Stabs and Oberstabsfeldwebel. Does this mean Nazis flock to them, just because "Muh roons"?
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Well done to this person/shop.
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what's the rune best suited to antifa adoption
People like this are one of many reasons why I love working seasonally at Ren Faire.
I don't mind sharing this as ironically, getting into the mead brewing and following a more traditional Norse brewing method brought me along similar notes.

It's as teachers taught us.

Always verify your sources.
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