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A Hindu principal in Ghotki, Sindh has purportedly been accused of committing blasphemy by extremists, who have vandalised his school. Hindu community in the area is in danger. They must be provided with protection immediately! Video & report via Shankar Meghwar

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What it means to be #Hindu minority in #Pakistan Where is Shriman Dim the Im? This is what @ImranKhanPTI means when he blathers about minorities.
Alarming reports of accusations of blasphemy in #Ghotki and the outbreak of mob violence.
Hindus r facing worst state sponsored persecution in Pakistan
&This terror nations PM @ImranKhanPTI has d audacity to go to @UN to spk about Kashmiri Muslims?
Why is no world leader questioning this hypocrite?
Sir @narendramodi it's time u exposed Pak PM on his double standards
Govt must provide immediate protection to local Hindus in Ghotki. Blasphemy accusations are almost always followed by violence in Pakistan.

Standing in solidarity with Pakistan’s Hindu community & against Sunni extremists who seek them harm. #PakistanForAll
Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Yeah, this country still wonders why no one takes its narrative on Kashmir seriously. 😁
Accusations of blasphemy being used once again to further a political or material agenda. Still waiting to hear details in this case, but I have no doubt this is true. The state must protect the Hindu community in Ghotki and prevent the situation from escalating further.
You can share all the feel good videos, mountain pictures and puff pieces you want, but nothing will change the fact that this is the true and actual face of Pakistan.
So will supporters of blasphemy law demand prosecution of those who vandalized a Hindu temple? Or will they stay quiet about this?
In reply to @bilalfqi
Notan Lal, Principal, is social and political activist and this issue is apperantly, seemed to be politically motivated or personal grudge.
149 pe tera rona band hua ho toa ye dekh lo @BBhuttoZardari
Hey @RoKhanna and @PramilaJayapal. Have ever you talked abaou what’s happening to Hindus in your ‘South Asian’ neighborhood?
Guys this was the propaganda that i was indicating in beginning of August
Sudden sectarian violence, religious issues,PTM connect the dots
RAW is behind
So stay United
We all r Pakistanis
Those who have done this
Will face consequences
With the hate being systematically generated by @ImranKhanPTI , Hindus are more unsafe in Pakistan as they were ever.

Talibani Imran Khan is Osama Bin Ladens mind in disguise
All Musanghis who praise Pak day and night must see this, every religion has bigots
The state of Hindus in Pakistan (horrifying state, that is) has long been hidden. But the truth keeps slipping out.
Supporters of the blasphemy law in Pakistan, is it not blasphemy to insult other religions and destroy their buildings?
Absolutely shameful stuff. #Ghotki
Criminal charges have been booked by the police against 50 members of the extremist violent mob that had attacked the Hindu community in Ghotki yesterday. I’m proud of you Pakistan.
Its not INDIA where out loud you did worst in Kashmir & everyone was silent as gr@ve
In reply to @bilalfqi
یہ ہے اس قوم کی اصل شکل.... ایک آدمی کے فعل جسے ثابت ہونے کے بعد اسکی سزا اس ایک آدمی کو ملنی ہے پر پورے اسکول کو تباہ کردیا....
یہی کام یہ کراچی کی تعلیم کا بھی کرہے ہین ...

There should be case registered against #MianMithoo.
Charging the mob and vandalizing temples these are insane and heinous acts. #Ghotki
In India he would have got a Show cause like the professor in Allahabad and become Prime time panelist for taking on the Hindu nationalist party ‘in power’.
In reply to @bilalfqi
It must be deliberate attempt to persecute Hindus here. I am 100% sure No Hindu would ever DARE to criticize Islam that too in #Pakistan .....Not even a duffer one as well. Interestingly hypocrite Islamic Pakistanis wish #India to be a secular country and here they do this ..
In reply to @bilalfqi
India should give all hindus citizenship before they die there.
It is reported that the Hindu Principal is also a social activist and has been vocal about atrocities committed against Hindus in Pak.

Definitely there's a sinister attempt to forcefully arrest him.
In reply to @bilalfqi
More and more i am convinced that Islamic republic is a bad idea, when even shias are getting gunned down, very little hopes remain for non-muslims.
In reply to @bilalfqi
will fight for Hindus this time.. Ok, that was joke.
In reply to @bilalfqi
Evacuate Hindus from Pak ! Sindh , Birthplace of Hindus , Sindhu river... Is now reduced to this... @MEAIndia , @PMOIndia please intervene..
In reply to @bilalfqi
यही सुलूक इन मुस्लिम आतंकियों के साथ पूरी दुनिया में होना चाहिए
Sooner or later the Motive behind #Ghotki mob will be disclosed, we demand #SindhGovt should endure the life, property, dignity and security of Hindus of Ghotki.
Rest in Peace secular Sindh.
In reply to @bilalfqi
Its all drama against hindu and christian communities sometimes seems like scripted 🤦🏼‍♂️
In reply to @bilalfqi
Miss @Malala where are you now? Where are your crocodile tears? @UN @UNGeneva @UNHumanRights @hrw आंख है तो देख लो पाकिस्तान में रह रहे हमारे हिंदुओं के प्रति अत्याचार।कुछ कर सकते हो करो वरना भगवान भरोसे ही रहेंगे। Mr. @ImranKhanPTI Plz save our #Hindus.
In reply to @bilalfqi
Another opportunity to add to your cause of Peace in the world @Malala
In reply to @bilalfqi
In a country wherein Schools, School Principals, Students aren't safe, image the progress in down the line. Pakistan everyday goes deeper & deeper in a hell.
In reply to @bilalfqi
Heinous is the Pakistan's Political crime. Unacceptable, you are cornering every Hindus under every pretext. @narendramodi @AmitShah @ArnabGoswamiRtv @majorgauravarya
Unbearable and inexcusable! Save the white in the flag! The misuse of blasphemy law must be stopped.

Immediate action required. @BBhuttoZardari @ShireenMazari1
In reply to @bilalfqi
Wo Racist Sindhi Baji kidher gain jo keh rahi thin K a bunch of immigrants won't decide the future of Karachi, ultimate silence over targeted prosecution of Hindus over their religion. PPP and Bhuttos are curse for Sindh and Pakistan.
In reply to @bilalfqi
And then Pak starts giving lecture to India on how to deal with minorities. @majorgauravarya
Dear PM @ImranKhanPTI and President @ArifAlvi we demand strict action against those who accused this man and have taken the law into their own hands. We must protect our minority religions.
In reply to @dravirmani
Any body watching...????
@BBhuttoZardari ... kuch sharam kar lo ... thori si hi sahi ... our Hindu families must be provided immediate protection n support.. hosh pakar lo ghairat walon ... @SMQureshiPTI @BakhtawarBZ
@SindhCMHouse @MuradAliShahPPP @ShireenMazari1
Where is District & Provincial administrations? Most cases of blasphemy are on hearsay and need to be authenticated first. At this juncture such like incidents affect our National cause and stance on Kashmir
If we do not speak for them today, we don't have a right to speak for Indian muslims when they get the same treatment from hindu zealots.
یہ وہ دہشتگرد منافق قوم ہے جو بھارت میں مسلمانوں پر ہندوؤں کے خود ساختہ مظالم ہچکیاں لے لے کر بیان کرتی ہے
In reply to @bilalfqi
What a cursed, violent,destructive,vengeful nation: #Pakistan, the Brits carved out of culturally rich, beautiful, diverse, tolerant land of #India where search & seeking ultimate Truth & Liberation is the highest goal of an ancient civilisation still thriving & living the Dharma
Saain @essel1 Ji @PTIofficial @PTISindhofficia pls do smthg abt this. #Hindu s d world over look up at Shri @ImranKhanPTI for his direct intervention to put an end to such incidents 🙏🏼 CC @PakHinduSabha @HinduAmerican @HINDUINDONESIA @HinduismToday @sindhisangat @Sindhi__Sangat
What the hell
@fawadchaudhry what is going happen, You don't save your people, #humanright violencetion in Pakistan
We know that there is a direct link between blasphemy laws and mob violence. When will these laws be amended or better yet rescinded, @ShireenMazari1?
As usual, no outrage from PPP Twitter and Sindh MPAs.
All they care about is control over Karachi and its population, but will never care about Sindhi Hindus being targeted in Sindh by Mullahs.
In reply to @bilalfqi
Is pak govt. Work against blasphemy of temple. Now Human rights definition will get changed in Pakistan.
In reply to @bilalfqi
I'm laughing at Indians who still believe in human rights, justice, although its sad incident and must condemn but in comparison to India its nothing really nothing mob lynching , gaoorukshak ,pellets, j & k ,forced slogans of jay shi raam ..laughing again
In reply to @bilalfqi
May I please ask when were they safe
In reply to @bilalfqi
How they treat their ancestral land and religion. Abrahamic religion is a black spot for all humanity be it Islam or Christinas.
In reply to @bilalfqi
پاکستان اور بھارت میں مذہبی اقلیتوں پر تشدد میں یہ فرق ضرور سامنے رکھیں بھارت میں یہ انفرادی فعل ہوتا ہے ریاست کا اس سے کوئی تعلق نہیں ہوتا پاکستان میں مذہبی اقلیتوں پر تشدد کیلئے ریاستی قانون سہارا بنتا ہے
तो ये है पाकिस्तान का सच. सिंध के घोटकी में फिर तीन हिंदू मंदिरों में तोड़फोड़... घरों और स्कूल में भी तोड़फोड़. हिंदू दहशत में... दंगाइयों पर कोई कार्रवाई नहीं....

#PakistanQuitSindh ##PakistanQuitBalochistan
@narendramodi @shuklapinku
It’s just SO easy to terrorize minorities in Pakistan. Just accuse anyone of blasphemy and give yourself permission to vandalize. It’s not like there’s any due process in the country for such charges, like there’s any rule of law there! Land of the Lawless! #Ghotki
Yeh log blasphemy ki aar main apni nafrat nikaltay hain. I hate religious people so much.
Hey @Malala this is Pakistan.

Waiting for you to tweet 😁
In reply to @sufirushk
اس واقع کی تحقیقات ہونی چاہیے، اور جو قصور وار ہے اسکو سزا دی جانی چاہیے،
ہم ساتھ کھڑے ہیں اپنی اقلیتوں کے.
بلکل ویسی ہی جیسے مدینے کی ریاست میں "یہود " کو انصاف دئے جانے کی مثالیں پڑھیں.

اسلام جبر و زبردستی نہیں سکھاتا،نہ ہی انتہا پسندی.
اس طرح کی violence قبول نہیں.
In reply to @bilalfqi
Any word by @Malala against the barbarian attack on the minorities and especially the SCHOOL & the poor children of the school
In reply to @bilalfqi
No one expects any action from the state or federal governments. No hope for Pakistani Hindus except to run away to India.
In reply to @bilalfqi
This is real face of Naya Pakistan
In reply to @bilalfqi
pls remove these minds from this from our communtiy
Yet @Malala couldnt see that side of Paxtan while she herself was victim of ISI backed Terrorists organisation Taliban. She is a child of Terrorists Organisation to support em universally
In reply to @bilalfqi
And then we speak of harassment of Muslims in India!
In reply to @ImtiazAlamSAFMA
I think all journalist of your status and experience should be discussing this twitter.com/bilalfqi/statu… instead of .. تنقید برائے تنقید
In reply to @bilalfqi
do you turn a blind eye when it comes to HR issues in Pakistan?
Eagerly awaiting to hear the Pakistani government's response to vandals smashing up a school and terrifying the local Hindu community after a school principal was accused of blasphemy.
What kind of society have we turned into? Why are people not protesting against it the way they protest about Kashmir and Palestine. This is happening in our own backyard please.
Persecutions in the name of religion at any place by anybody must stop. It is against humanity. Act of Satan.
In reply to @bilalfqi
Transparent investigation of the incident should be done. No one is allowed to take the law. Government provides protection Hindu community
In reply to @bilalfqi
Madam @ShireenMazari1, sir @ImranKhanPTI @UN @UNHumanRights human rights issue only for Kashmir or home also you take care??
In reply to @bilalfqi
شرمناک ملا گردی ہے ۔۔افسوس صد افسوس
In reply to @bilalfqi
Look at this inhuman heinous merciless brutal planned communal massacre of minority & their schools are being smashed by RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS deployed by @Malala @ImranKhanPTI. twitter.com/bilalfqi/statu…
In reply to @bilalfqi
Why indian goverment is silent ?? Why @MEAIndia not responding on hindu genocide in pakistan ?? @PMOIndia @narendramodi @AmitShah
In reply to @bilalfqi
Look at this inhuman heinous merciless brutal planned communal massacre of minority & their schools are being smashed by RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS deployed by @Malala @ImranKhanPTI. twitter.com/bilalfqi/statu…
اور یہاں پر سب محفوظ ہے مکمل مذہب کی آزادی ہے
مثبت رپورٹٹینگ پاکستانی میڈیا
وزیراعظم صاحب دیکھ لیں ذرا ۔ بتائیے گا تمام دنیا کو کہ کتنا خیال رکھتے ہیں آپ اقلیت کا ۔

تبدیلی آئی گئی ۔۔۔۔۔

@Dr_FirdousPTI @ShireenMazari1 @hrw @FaithMattersUK @ForeignOfficePk @Malala @FarhanKVirk

ورک جی ترین سے پوچھنا کہ اسپر ٹرینڈ بنا لوں ورنہ تنخواہ نہں ملنی
Deeply angering sights. Test case for the government and judiciary -- how effectively will these dangerous, petty criminals be prosecuted and punished?
The state must act fast and furiously to protect minorities and fix the extremist elements, who most probably are using blasphemy as a tool to settle personal vendetta / take over property.
@ImranKhanPTI @OfficialDGISPR @KDSindhi
In reply to @bilalfqi
Hey @Malala .. look at what your people are doing to Hindus in Pakistan. You first address that and then think about your Muslims brothers in Kashmir.. also you can ignore out Jammu and Ladakh..
More purity emanating from the so-called land of the Pure.
First Christians (AasiaBibi) now Hindus in #Pakistan are being lynched for blasphemy.

2% from 14% in few decades.
This is the country that is crying about internet connectivity loss in Kashmir.
And BBC CBN NYTIMES are carrying their stories without verification.
In reply to @bilalfqi
Very sad to see - still no change if it comes to #alleged #blasphemy #Pakistan and #mobs rule ?
In reply to @bilalfqi
क्या कीजिए पाकिस्तान में तो मुठ्ठी भर नमाज़ी थोड़े से हाजी और बाकी अव्वल दर्जे के पाजी है
In reply to @bilalfqi
wouldn't notice this because her handlers asked her to ignore such content.
In reply to @bilalfqi
They should had left Pakistan in 1947 . Why did they stay there? ..In fact population transfer should and been done 100% . No Hindus Christians and Sikhs in Pakistan and no muslims here in India ..Wasnt population done on religion basis ?
Hindus are very much a part of Pakistan. They are Pakistani and must be protected. As for these monsters, these actions against religious minorities are far more blasphemous to God.
In reply to @bilalfqi
I feel sorry for the Hindus of Sindh as they are left at mercy of PPP´s Sindh Police and PPP´s Sindh Govt. If investigation conducted I won´t be surprised if I hear the main culprit is a PPP Gangster or wadera politician!
In reply to @bilalfqi
अरे भाई, ये बेशर्म, दरिद्र, गन्दा व आतंकवादी मुल्क पकिस्तान उर्फ पोर्कएशैतान (सही नाम) है, यहाँ तो प्रतिदिन अल्पसंख्यक हिन्दू और सिखों पर अमानवीय अत्याचार होते ही रहते है, संयोग से इस बार एक वीडियो आ गया है। विश्व के मानचित्र से इसका नाम अतिशीघ्र मिट जाना चाहिये।
Hey @Malala are you busy with halala or will raise voice for these people in your country.
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