Kamala Harris did not equivocate after leading a walkout during Kavanaugh’s hearing, saying it was rammed through because Republicans have “power as opposed to the integrity” to have a transparent investigation. #KavanaughLied #ImpeachKavanaugh #Kamala2020

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This is the moral indignation I want in my next President!
You know, white woke folks LOVED Senator Harris when she was calling out Kavanaugh but now she's a cop?
In reply to @flywithkamala
#KamalaHarris was right about the Republicans and right about #Kavanaugh.
This is speaking with integrity to those who abused their power.

This is why Kamala would beat trump to a pulp, she has the righteousness and genuine integrity.

Some of the other candidates pretend to have it. They don't. She does.
I had loved Kamala from her CA days before this, but this was a moment in the Senate that solidified my support & admiration of her.

Junior Senator, most junior member on the Judiciary Committee, lead a walkout to oppose Kavanaugh. Leaders lead. She's been a leader from day 1.
She kicked some ass !!!
In reply to @flywithkamala
Republicans have “power as opposed to the integrity” That says it all, and confirms why congressional Republicans have turned a blind eye to Trump. They're complicit cause they want that POWER
In reply to @ZerlinaMaxwell
Kamala’s been in this fight since day one. twitter.com/flywithkamala/…
I’m voting for @KamalaHarris who was on the right side of history.
In reply to @flywithkamala
Harris sees and speaks TRUTH. She’s who we need to defeat Trump and restore justice in our country!
Tell me again about that electability thing though...
In reply to @SaneSophisticat
29sm1. #SCARs🌒 #SexismMisogyny's foundational in most civilizations; it's enshrined in the bible, Constitution, Koran & more ~ if #WeThe51PercentPplCitizenMajorityPpl want #DemocracyInPractice, vote🔵bc Dems R #AntiRapeIsGr8 & strives4 #ERA2BHumanRights
In reply to @flywithkamala
Sure wish @alfranken would have been at Kavanaugh hearings.
Kamala Harris: This is the uncompromising moral leadership we will need in the post-Trump era.
This is the president who will show us how heal.
In reply to @flywithkamala
Thank you for posting this!! Damn right...! This is WHY YOU WANT Kamala Harris in the Whitehouse.. Hell YES..!! #Kamala2020 pic.twitter.com/2FH0KcZVdC
In reply to @flywithkamala
I probably would have walked out too. A sexual predator has no business being a justice in the Supreme Court. #KavanaughLied
this is Not just what I want in the White House
This is what we need!
In reply to @flywithkamala
Personally I'd like to see Kamala on the SCOTUS, more than just a few years as POTUS. I think it would be a better "fit" and more beneficial to the nation in the long term.
Kamala was spot on with Kavanaugh and Sessions! She’s POTUS46 this is leadership! #ImpeachKavanaugh pic.twitter.com/PV4dEFKpJ6
In reply to @flywithkamala
LMAO, you are once again without any evidence but that of a woman who continued to attend parties where “gang rapes” were supposedly held, without reporting them. Now you are listening to a Killary Clinton associate that wasn’t even proven to be there. Stupid fails to capture it.
In reply to @flywithkamala
It is so apparent that people don’t like women who have strong opinions who have Moxie who got classes and who got answers look out boys it’s a new day
In reply to @flywithkamala
She looks emotionally unstable when she's trying to be strident. Like one of those people who can't be cordial to someone she disagrees with because it "hurts too much."
In reply to @flywithkamala
You guys are hilarious. It’s just been proven that Obama’s Iranian payoff funded the oil attacks on Saudi and you’re railing about fake news.
In reply to @flywithkamala
A detail omitted in the Times’s ‘bombshell’. ‘The book notes, quietly, that the woman Max Stier named as having been supposedly victimized by Kavanaugh and friends denies any memory of the alleged event. Seems, I don’t know, significant.’ You think?
In reply to @flywithkamala
Perhaps if Feinstein and her hit squad reported the allegation when they were made aware it could’ve been investigated in a different manner. They choose to hold onto the allegation until they ran out of time knowing kavanaugh would get confirmed.
In reply to @flywithkamala
Every WOMAN has a story when it comes to the DJT administration even I will sell them all out Susan Collins who least we forget voted for Brett K and could have stopped him dead in his tracks But all the men need not be forgotten either Ted Cruz Kennedy Grassley Graham Hatch glty
In reply to @flywithkamala
You mean after the extensive background check and investigation which found exactly ZERO evidence to support the accusations and ample evidence that support #Kavanaugh story.
In reply to @flywithkamala
humm so you want yet another fake investigation? over FAKE NEWS never the less. good job little hitler
In reply to @flywithkamala
A lot of ppl in jail would take umbrage with her
.@IanSams the Kavanaugh hearings were one @KamalaHarris' shining moments fighting #ForThePeople

Time to remind America who was right from the very beginning. Put up some ad now!
Wow. Shame on those who can't or won't see the truth about this woman. She was and is the one person who will take on the Orange and wipe the floor with him. #KamalaForThePeople
Make this woman president.
Thank Ms. Harris, keep fighting for us. You have my vote. Love the Dem field but you are a shining star.
McConnell’s power has corrupted the final equalizer for “justice for all”
Kamal. Lies. That’s why she has deflated ratings for candidacy
"Republicans have power as opposed to the integrity" Kamala Harris
👩🏽‍⚕️Foget not!
Kamala Harris is a whore; it's no secret she slept with the CA governor for power, money, & influence. She has no integrity; you need to find a better spokesperson if you want to slam the Republican party. #NEVER KAMALA
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